15 Must-Have Baby Items (And 5 Mom And Dad Can Pass On)

Expecting parents have a lot to do before a baby is born. This is the case for all mothers and fathers, not just the new ones.

Pregnancy used to be considered a waiting period leading up to the birth of the new little boy or girl. But, that is simply not the case. There is actually a lot that needs to be done before a child is born, whether he or she is the first for their parents or not.

One of the things parents try to do before the baby is born is to buy the products they think they may need. Furthermore, some of these items may be given to them as gifts.

But, something that is very important (and also a bit of a money saver) to think about is exactly how useful some of these things will prove to be once the baby comes. There are a lot of incredibly useful items that have become essential to mothers and fathers of new babies, and there are also a lot of items that have turned out to be less than useful. Here are just a few things that are helpful to have when the baby comes, and some that are not.


20 Diapers are definitely needed

One of the things even non-parents know about babies is that they use diapers. They use a lot of them, actually. So, they are certainly an essential item for the parents to invest in.

There is an interesting bit of history about what parents used in place of diapers many years ago. In ancient times, babies wore things like animal skins, as well as leaves.

One thing parents in warm areas did years ago is still practiced in some places to this day. It is referred to as “elimination communication,” and it basically involves parents trying to anticipate when their little one will need to eliminate the waste in their body.

However, diapers have become much more advanced since then. Now, there are very absorbent ones that come in different sizes to fit different babies of various ages.

19 Babies like to have toys

It is no secret that children have always loved to play with toys. This is because toys keep their minds from becoming bored and it also stimulates their brains. Therefore, some toys can be used as educational tools for the boys and girls playing with them.

This is no different when it comes to babies, whether they are just a month old, or nearly a toddler. There are quite a few good toys made for little ones that can be fun for them to play with while also helping them develop their motor skills.

18 A changing table is a good idea

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A lot of things people buy in preparation for a new baby are not actually needed, but they can make things a bit easier on mom and dad. One of these things is a changing table, which, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a place to change a baby’s diaper.

This is not something that is required once the baby arrives. But, there are a few really good reasons to at least consider buying one.

One of the great things about them is that if it has wheels, it can be moved from room to room. Furthermore, there are plenty of drawers in them, which means a lot of areas to store other essential baby-related items.

17 Wipes will keep mom and baby clean

Sometimes these are called “baby wipes.” Other times, however, they are simply referred to as “wet wipes.” These wipes are definitely a must-have, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

The bottom line, however, is that baby wipes kill germs. This is good for both the baby and the person cleaning him or her up. The use of these wipes can help prevent the user from becoming sick.

One of the good things about having baby wipes is the fact that they can be used for many things other than keeping mom and baby clean. They can also be used to remove stains from clothing, and to clean surfaces that might otherwise hold germs.

16 One piece outfits that snap at the bottom are convenient

When it comes to buying baby clothes before the baby is born, there are some important things that one must consider. Babies are notoriously messy little people, and therefore they will probably get quite a few stains on their clothes.

When buying clothes for the new addition to the family, it is a good idea to think about that, as well as how often laundry will get done. Figuring this out can help parents decide not only what clothes to buy, but also how much of it they will need.

Something that seems very convenient in this department are the one piece outfits that have snaps at the bottom of them. They are convenient when diapers need to be changed, and they are like comfortable little pajamas for the little one to sleep and play in.

15 A bin for messy diapers, because there will be a lot of them

There are a lot of items that cause some debate about their usefulness amongst consumers. This is especially true when it comes to products parents will or won’t need for their new baby.

One of the things that falls into this category is a bin for messy diapers, which is also referred to as a diaper genie. Diaper genies are considered helpful by many parents.

If it sounds like just any old bin, it’s not. Diaper genies keep the smell from escaping the bag the diapers are in, and they are also pretty easy to empty once the bag needs to be refilled.

14 Pajama sets are nice for the baby to have

There are a lot of things that are good to go ahead and purchase before the big day comes and your baby arrives. Clothing is one of these things, and in most cases, between the parents buying them and relatives giving clothes as gifts, newborns will have a lot of articles of clothing by the time he or she is born. In other words, it’s best not go overboard, but at the same time it is good to buy some clothes to be prepared.

One thing newborns will certainly need a few pairs of is pajamas. This is because they are comfortable, and they are easy to take off in the case of an accident. Though, parents should buy a few pairs in newborn sizes, and then buy a few pairs in bigger sizes. This is because babies tend to grow pretty fast.

13 Nursing bras are helpful

Some women tend to question whether or not they will even need a new bra or two at some point during pregnancy. The answer to that is yes, as our bodies change a great deal during those nine months, and our older bras simply won’t do. But knowing which bra to get for what time period is crucial.

For pregnant women, maternity bras are suggested. For ladies who have already given birth, nursing bras are a good item to have. For those who do not know, the difference between the two kinds of bras is that the nursing bras have certain features that make it easier to nurse the baby.

12 Washcloths are needed


There are a lot of small, and sometimes cheap, items that are good to have, especially when a newborn baby joins the family. Some of these things are receiving blankets, pacifiers, and special towels designed for the sensitive skin babies often have, which usually have hoods attached to them.

Another thing many parents will suggest is having a lot of baby-friendly washcloths. These are usually good for their skin, and are therefore good for preventing rashes.

Furthermore, one of the plusses to having these washcloths is that they will remain useful even after the child gets older and uses the regular ones. Once the child no longer uses these washcloths, the fabric can be used to make something else.

11 The baby should have special shampoo

There are some products that parents do not use every single day. But then again, other products are things we have to use quite often, as they are items that are used to keep children clean. That is a pretty hard job all on its’ own, because of the fact that children have a tendency to be quite messy at times.

Bath time can sometimes be stressful. A great product to help add ease to the process is shampoo that is designed specifically for babies. Typically, these types of shampoo are different than regular ones in the sense that the foam is less likely to get in the child's eyes, as it tends to stay in one spot easier than the foam from other types of shampoo.

10 A thermometer is good to have

One of the facts about children, no matter their age, is that they seem to get sick fairly often. This is even more true when it comes to newborns because of how susceptible they are to germs.

When older children become ill, they are usually able to talk with their moms and dads to let them know what is going on. But that is not the case for new babies, which is why parents should always make sure they have a thermometer.

But, one important thing to know is that there are various kinds to choose from, and picking the right one is a big deal. Age is also a factor that needs to be considered when it comes to buying a thermometer that will be used on a child.

9 Mild soap is important for washing the baby’s clothes

It is no secret that new babies are very vulnerable to things that would normally not be that big of a deal for older children and adults. It is for this very reason that parents often seek out special items that are made specifically with babies in mind. Detergent is definitely one of these items, and that is because regular detergent could be inadequate for the baby’s skin.

Instead of using regular laundry soap, babies need a mild one. These are typically less harsh on the skin because they contain less chemicals than other types of detergent do.

8 The baby needs body wash

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While talking about soap designed for babies, it is nearly impossible not to also include soap that will be used when they’re having a bath. There are a lot of soaps out there that are made for sensitive skin, but that does not necessarily mean that just any soap will do when it comes to choosing one for a baby to use.

In fact, sometimes it is advised that parents not use soap on a new baby's skin at all. But there may be times in which parents prefer that, and in this case, it is best to buy soaps that are made specifically for babies.

7 Mom needs a rocking chair

There are a lot of essential items for new parents and newborn babies, especially when it comes to items that will be in the nursery. One of the items that falls into this category is a piece of furniture that has been known to appear in nearly all nurseries for a very long time, and it is a rocking chair.

There are numerous reasons why this is a much needed part of the child's nursery. One reason is that it offers a comfortable place for the mother to sit while she bonds with her little boy or girl. Another benefit of a rocking chair is that the rocking motion itself can often be helpful in lulling the child into a nice, peaceful sleep.

6 A portable playpen is good to have

There are not very many ways to make sure your child does not get hurt while he or she is running around, exploring his or her surroundings and playing. But one good way of doing that is purchasing a playpen, which will keep them busy for a little while without the parents having to stress about whether they could get into something that could be detrimental for them.

Plus, there is the added benefit of the parents being able to get some things done around the house while the child plays. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing one of these is how much room the child will have to play and move around. Some are more spacious than others.

Could Pass On

5 Parents don’t need a wipe warmer

A lot of expecting parents, especially those who are new to parenting, may not know which items are going to prove to be essential, and which ones might actually be a bit of a disappointment. Thus, they may buy a lot of things that, later on down the road, they discover they don’t really need. One item that is talked about when it comes to things parents do not need is a wipe warmer. The fact of the matter is, babies will probably not care if their wipes are room temperature or a bit on the warm side, so in the long run this is not a must-have item.

4 A baby timer is not a must-have

There are a lot of things parents of newborns need in order to be sure they are taking care of their child and themselves to the best of their abilities. Then, there are the items that can be a nice convenience, but are not necessarily a need and, sometimes, can even be considered a waste of money.

It is important that parents know how to distinguish between these two categories, so that they do not buy something that they will get no use out of. For instance, a baby timer, also known as a baby care timer or a pocket nanny, is something moms can pass on.

The timer is meant to remind parents of when the baby needs to be changed, fed, etc. While a reminder is nice to have, it is not needed. Babies will typically give off some signs that their diaper is dirty, or that they are hungry or tired.

3 Don’t go overboard on the bedding in the crib

While it may seem like a crib is a pretty safe place for a baby to be, there are cases in which it can be unfavorable to the child. However, it is not the crib itself that is known to cause a problem, but rather the bedding that is often put inside of it.

There are a lot of things put in cribs that can be potentially detrimental to babies. Blankets, quilts, sleep positioners, crib bumpers, comforters, stuffed animals and other toys are things that parents should avoid placing in their baby's crib.

In fact, it is best for the crib to have only a fitted shit and a size-appropriate mattress. A minimal amount of items in the crib will remove obstacles to breathing, as well as other risks.

2 There are alternatives to high chairs

One of the items that seems to be something all parents have owned at some point when their child was a baby is a high chair. Furthermore, a lot of parents invest in stand alone high chairs.

But, things like this are not required. In fact, there are benefits to buying the alternate version, which is often referred to as a space saver high chair. These chairs also have the tray in front, just like regular high chairs do. But, the benefit of owning one of these instead is that they usually take up less space.

Regular high chairs are rather large, and it can be difficult to find a place for them. Space saver high chairs are small, and finding a spot for them is not nearly as difficult.

1 Bassinets are not needed

There are a lot of pieces of furniture that have been owned by so many new parents that they seem like they are a must-have item. But, it turns out that even some of the most classic baby-related furniture is something mom can pass on. Passing up on these types of items can leave parents with more room for something useful, and it can give parents a chance to save money for something they might actually need.

One of the things that belongs in this category is a bassinet. They can be useful, but going without them is just fine.

Additionally, there are alternatives to using a bassinet. Parents can also turn a pack and play into a suitable sleeping area for their baby, or they can purchase a co-sleeper, which is similar to a bassinet but it also attaches to the side of the parents’ bed.

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