15 Nastiest Teen Moms Who Are Actually Easy On The Eyes

Between navigating their journey toward adulthood, plus mastering the art of keeping kids alive, fed, and entertained, we give props to the teen moms who get it all done. That’s why we bag so hard on the terrible teen moms here- they’re making other teen moms who take care of business look bad by association!

Plenty of teen moms beat the odds, and get their act together for the good of their children. But unfortunately, an even greater number of them remain irresponsible, neglectful and just downright nasty. Between MTV’s Teen Mom show and shady moms in the news for all kinds of crimes against their own children, there’s no shortage of bad parenting examples out there, teens or not.

Each and every one of the teenage mothers featured here have their own unique problems and struggles. From sexualizing their children to neglecting them to the point of death, these teen moms have been involved and even caused heinous acts. It’s surprising how easy on the eye these women are considering the nasty things they have been involved in.

It’s not because you’re beautiful on the outside that you are beautiful on the inside. You may recognize names like Farrah Abraham and Kailyn Lowry from the docu-series since those young moms now star on Teen Mom and have become household names (and tabloid sensations). But there are other moms on this list who have had difficult challenges and even done shocking things that you may not remember.

15 Amanda Hawkins: Deadly Negligence

Teen mom Amanda Hawkins of was more interested in hanging out with her friends than taking care of her children, two girls, 1-year-old and a 2-year-old. The mom left her two daughters unattended in her vehicle for 15 hours- overnight- while she was inside a house with friends. When she finally came back to check on her girls, it was around noon the next day. Strangely, instead of taking her poor children immediately to the hospital or calling paramedics, the teen decided to give her girls a bath to try and revive them.

By the time the Hawkins took her children to the hospital, it was too late. They both died the following day. According to news reports about the case, Amanda and her estranged husband were investigated by CPS the year before the girls’ deaths. We sincerely hope that she never gets out of prison.

14 Antonia Lopez: Throws Baby Out The Window

Despite the fact that many teen moms beat the odds, stories like these are why teen moms get a bad rep, as this is yet another horrifying case of a shocked teen killing her baby. 16-year-old Antonia Lopez apparently didn’t know how to handle giving labor, and once she gave birth at home, she panicked and threw the newborn baby out the window of the family’s second floor house. Antonia’s mother performed CPR on the infant until paramedics arrived, but it was futile as the poor newborn did not survive the fall (at least one family member had some sense).

The issue here goes beyond this teen’s insane reaction to giving birth. The penalty for her crime isn’t even jail time, because she was tried in juvenile court. The teen has to live in a group home, attend therapy, perform community service, and delete her Facebook account. Way harsh for killing her own child, right? Way to go judge, now all the angry commenters won’t be able to carry out vigilante justice.

13 Bristol Palin: Preaches Abstinence After Getting Pregnant

If you’re going to talk to the talk…you should also walk the walk. You shouldn’t be like Bristol Palin and walk in the other direction. After shocking the nation with her teen pregnancy at 17, Bristol went on to promote abstinence over safe-sex methods. Then she got knocked up a second time, by another guy.

"Seriously, in today’s world, having kids outside of marriage isn’t a big deal. It’s not even that big of deal for a teen or young woman to be having babies. What is a big deal is trying to use your own experiences to pressure others into making certain decisions. Bristol acted all high and mighty, using her experience to teach other girls what not to do. Then she went and did the same thing again, against her own advice. Maybe she thinks it’s ok this time around since she later married this baby’s dad, and then had her third child with him."

12 Briana DeJesus: Taking Cat Fights To A Whole Other Level

Last winter Teen Mom 2 Nation was shocked when MTV made an unprecedented move and added a fifth cast member in Briana DeJesus. It's still not entirely clear why the network decided to recycle the 16 & Pregnant alum, but the other teen moms were not happy about it. Dejesus has an incredible talent for bringing the drama. The now 22-year-old teen mom frequently clashed with her own mom, Roxanne, on Teen Mom 3. "DeJesus also feuded with the father of her five-year-old daughter Nova, Devoin Austin, a guy who can make Adam Lind look saintly."

Already, DeJesus has feuded with Jenelle Evans and pissed off several of the other ladies - and she hasn't even made her debut on the show yet. Now, it seems Briana is butting heads with a mom who's not even associated with MTV's most popular franchise anymore. Mackenzie McKee openly expressed her shock and surprise after learning that producers chose Briana instead of her to joining the cast of TM2. Seems Mackenzie McKee is just jealous she didn't get the job, having gone out of her way to start drama, spam social media and stay relevant.

11 Alexandria Sekella: Emotional Wreck

Alexandria Sekella has been an emotional wreck since we met her in her episode of 16 & Pregnant. She seems to experience her emotions very intensely and has no qualms about sharing it with everyone….perhaps this is why she later starred in the failed attempt of Teen Mom 3. Alex is definitely a hypocrite. She has always maintained that her and then boyfriend Matt were indeed using protection, using both condoms and the pill, but that the condom broke and thus resulted in her “whoopsie” baby. She even explained that they had contemplated getting the morning after pill, but then didn’t because it was too expensive. If she couldn't even afford the contraception, then you have to wonder how she thinks she can handle a child.

While pregnant with her daughter, Alex acts really foolishly and irresponsibly while she tries to decide what to do about the baby. She goes back and forth about what she should do, yet she only considers adoption as a possibility 2 weeks before her due date. Knowing that Alex’s mother can’t have any more children, a close friend of Alex’s brings up the idea of her mother adopting her child, this way she can still be a part of its life, but not have the financial burden. But Alex continuously resists the idea and is even bitter towards this friend for even mentioning it. Plus, we often see Alex screaming and losing her cool while she goes through an emotional rollercoaster with her daughter’s father, even going so far as screaming at him in the middle of the street.

10 Jennifer Del Rio: Got Pregnant At Sixteen To Be Famous

Even before her episode aired, there were rumors floating around about controversial teen mom Jennifer Del Rio. It was reported that the teen got pregnant on purpose so she could be on the show. Jennifer’s episode revolved around her tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Josh Smith, and the birth of their twin sons.

The teens’ families had no interaction, and it was clear Jennifer’s parents were not fond of Josh. The teens were unable to reach a compromise over how to raise their twin boys, Joshua and Noah. Things escalated quickly when cameras showed Jennifer and Josh getting into a physical altercation on the side of a highway. Josh was later arrested for domestic violence, and the two eventually filed restraining orders against each other.

I wish teenagers understood that children are not a hot commodity to bargain with. They aren’t a new pair of shoes that can be returned. This is a lifetime commitment and should not be used for fame and fortune.

9 Emily Mckenzie: Dead Beat Mom

I’m sure we all remember Emily McKenzie as the sweet young girl who had it rough from the beginning. Emily was kicked out of her house when her super traditional mom learned that her daughter was pregnant. Emily refused to have an abortion so she could no longer live there, as per her mom’s rules. Luckily, her dad allowed her to move in with him and so Emily moved more than an hour away. But her father was just as disapproving of his daughter’s choices. And on top of that, she was also kicked out of high school for having too many absences even though they were related to her pregnancy.

But ultimately, it was Emily’s attitude that threw many fans off. She never took responsibility for her pregnancy and instead resented her boyfriend for going off to school. We often saw her complaining about her situation and that she wanted a life beyond changing diapers and doing laundry. Well toughen up little girl, it takes two to tango, and the reality is that someone needs to stay home with the baby. And these are things that she should have thought of before deciding to engage in sexual intercourse at a young age. Making this kind of adult decision comes with adult consequences that she was clearly not ready to handle.

8 Kailyn Lowry: Caging Her Son

We loved Kailyn for her support of breastfeeding moms, and we were rooting for her when she married now-ex Javi, since they seemed so sweet together! But we’re not impressed with the way she handled her separation from her first son’s dad or the way she cheated on her husband while he was deployed.

Kailyn has been in the spotlight since becoming a teen mom, but she quickly realised that the spotlight also exposes your flaws. The latest was about Kailyn’s parenting style. After posting a picture of her son Isaac playing in a dog cage on her Twitter account, fans were outraged. Fans couldn’t believe she would allow such behavior and even called her a bad parent. In typical Kailyn fashion though she told them all to mind their own business:

“Well I’m not gonna say no. He is having fun and nobody is getting hurt. #sorrynotsorry,” she tweeted, later adding, “Why would I tell him no? He’s using his imagination! He’s not doing anything wrong. You & I just parent differently.”

Although we’re impressed that she didn’t just plop her son in front of the TV, there is also something to be said about letting your son play in a metal cage and posting it to Twitter. She clearly didn’t use her best judgement, and it appears that she was just casting her son off so she didn’t have to play with him.

7 Aubrey Wolters: Dancing To Make Ends Meet

Fans really liked Aubrey Wolters after seeing her step up and care for her son Austin, during her episode. It really seemed like she would beat the odds. From the beginning it was clear that she would be a fan favorite as she was very outspoken and didn’t take any trash from anyone else. However, by the time she gave birth she quickly realised how hard it was going to be and she decided to delay college and started working instead. And while her relationship with her boyfriend, Brandon, didn’t survive until the end of the episode, they shared joint custody of their son and appeared to co-parent amicably.

Eventually, Aubrey and Brandon got back together and married, but divorced shortly afterward in 2011. After her divorce, Aubrey’s life quickly spiraled. In 2011, Aubrey was arrested at a local Wal-Mart for shoplifting while her son was with her. She allegedly tried to steal $29.66 of cosmetics from the store. To make matters worse, they found medical drugs on her for which she didn’t have a prescription. Rumors are also circulating that she now dances to make ends meet. This is definitely not where we saw the young mom going.

6 Ebony Jackson: Welfare Fraud And Child Endangerment

We thought that Ebony Jackson had her life somewhat together during her season 1 appearance on 16 & Pregnant. While the teen originally had plans to join the air force, she had to make some changes when she discovered she was pregnant with her daughter, Jocelyn. She eventually married her boyfriend, Joshua, and they settled down on a base in Little Rock.

"Fans got to see them again during MTV’s first “Where are They Now?” special, and the couple seemed to be adjusting to parenthood pretty well. However, things haven’t been all roses and daisies for the young mother. In the fall of 2012, TMZ reported that Ebony was expecting her second child. At the same time, she and her husband had been arrested for welfare fraud and endangering her daughter who was two years old at the time. The couple was still working to regain custody of Jocelyn at the time of their second pregnancy. To make things worse, Ebony was reportedly pregnant for a third time in 2015 after suffering a series of miscarriages, this time with her boyfriend, James Baldrick (who also has a daughter of his own). There is no word on whether Ebony has custody of her children."

5 Mackenzie McKee: Fan Funded Plastic Surgery

A couple years ago now, Mackenzie McKee (Teen Mom 3) made headlines when she started an online fundraiser to raise money for breast implants. TMZ was the first to report that McKee wanted to go under the knife for a breast augmentation and best of all wanted fans to pay for it!

Since we first saw her on 16 & Pregnant, it was clear that having a fit and healthy body was important to the young mom. Well this self-proclaimed fitness nut now feels like her body is disproportionate and is preventing her from winning fitness and bikini competitions. McKee, who wants to go far in the fitness industry, says her breasts were left saggy after breastfeeding her babies. Although there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, it’s a whole other thing asking fans to pay for your breast augmentation.

4 Leah Messer: Cheater Cheater

Leah Messer has not only been accused of neglecting her twin girls, but cheating rumors also swirl during every relationship she enters! She got pregnant with the twins super early on in her relationship with their dad, and then impulsively married him even though things were rocky.

Then came the accusation that she was cheating on Corey with her ex-boyfriend, who she had previously invited over to meet the twins. If that wasn’t weird enough, she seemed to hang onto this guy through her next relationship too. She later married Jeremy Calvert, but they ended up divorced too. Leah was also slammed for having what looks like a lit cigarette in her hand while driving with her kids in the car. Between her three kids and all her ex-husband drama, she must need that fix more than her kids need fresh air.

3 Amber Portwood: In Prison For Physical Violence

We know Amber struggled with depression after filming the Teen Mom series, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she got mad at her then-boyfriend and baby-daddy, Gary, and started punching him as the MTV cameras rolled. Most shocking though is that she abused Gary in front of her daughter. Amber later went to jail over the altercation, and wasn’t part of daughter Leah’s life due to that and ongoing drug issues.

Amber has always gone from one extreme to another, so it’s no surprise that she’s now engaged to be married and pledges to be involved in her daughter’s life again. Unfortunately, part of her life goals apparently includes selling an adult film of her and her fiancé. Not exactly the kid-friendly personality we hoped she’d have after missing all that time with Leah. But what did we really expect from a mom who started wailing on her boyfriend in front of toddler daughter?

2 Farrah Abraham: Objectifying Her Young Daughter

This train-wreck of a teen mom has never impressed us, but the older her daughter, Sophia, gets, the worse her parenting seems to get. She had plastic surgery when Sophia was just a baby, so grandma had to take care of them both while Farrah recovered. She left Sophia to attend culinary school, but later decided that making a porno was a better career choice. She even brought her young daughter to the meeting when talking money about her big cinematic debut. She later decided to add a lone of adult toys.

As if that isn’t enough reason to dislike Farrah, she’s also admitted to plucking Sophia’s eyebrows, since apparently her little girl didn’t meet mom’s excessive beauty standards. Then there’s the fact that Farrah has dressed Sophia in grownup outfits for risqué photo shoots. There’s plenty negative to say about Farrah, but we’ll stop there.

1 Jenelle Evans: Forever Screw-Up

Surprise surprise….Jenelle Evans is number 1 on our list because come on, she screw’s up at every turn. She’s never truly taken responsibility for her first son Jace. She hardly gave him any attention the first few years of his life. She fought with her mom constantly, which wasn’t surprising, given that Barbara wanted Jenelle to grow up and be responsible for her baby. Instead, Jenelle went out every chance she got, or invited various unsavory friends and boyfriends around the house.

Now that Jenelle’s out on her own, we’re not sure she’s changed much. She has been in and out of jail for various DUIs and drug possession. She has a very short fuse and often goes off on the closest person to her and after her third baby with a third man, we don’t have much hope for her either. We’re not sure she cares much anyway, since she doesn’t seem to have made any attempts to change. Based on what we’ve seen on the Teen Mom shows, Jenelle’s parenting doesn’t impress us.

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