15 Nasty Things That Are NOT Ok For Women To Do Even If They Are Pregnant

There are plenty of nasty things that women do that are not considered socially acceptable. However, if women are pregnant they can sometimes get away with certain things, but that does not necessarily make these nasty behaviors okay. Pregnant women tend to get away with so much more since they are bringing new life into this world and a majority of people, especially other mothers, understand how much of a challenge that can sometimes be. People understand the uncomfortable aches and pains, and the late night food cravings.

Some women may not even realize they are doing things that other people see as not being okay since everyone has their own opinions about what behaviors are acceptable, and what isn’t. Other women may just not care at all, especially when they are pregnant. They may look at it as an opportunity to be able to finally get away with doing disgusting things, and they can just blame it on pregnancy hormones. So where do you draw the line from what is considered normal, and what is just downright nasty?

Here is a list of 15 nasty things that are not ok for women to do even if they are pregnant.

15 Passing Gas In Public

It has never really been seen as okay for a woman to pass gas in public (men either for that matter). However, it may be something that is uncontrollable for pregnant women, but it is something that can be done without attracting too much attention. Passing gas can either come out as belching or farting. Some women, especially while pregnant, will pass gas nonchalantly in the middle of the pasta aisle at a grocery store and keep on walking. This can be very nasty for everyone that is in the general vicinity.

Passing gas out in public casually, and not caring, can also become a nasty habit even after the pregnancy has ended. No one really wants to smell what someone else has been eating lately. When a person is alone, passing gas is fine, but when in public it’s not such an attractive thing to do.

14 Not Keeping Up With Grooming

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Women are supposed to keep up with their grooming. That includes showering, washing their hair, brushing their teeth, and shaving. Pregnant women sometimes let a few of these things go from being chronically fatigued all day. There is a limit to how long you can go without keeping up with personally grooming.

Once in awhile, it’s okay for a pregnant woman to get away with not washing their hair or shaving because that is what dry shampoo and long pants are for. Even every other day, or every three days at the absolute most is fine. Any longer than that, and it’s just not acceptable. Most women have to be around other people at some point during the day, so that should be more than enough reason to keep up with grooming. Other people don’t want to have to smell someone else’s stench after a few days of not showering.

13 Picking A Wedgie

Sometimes those boy-shorts can be uncomfortable, but it is never ladylike for a woman to pick her wedgie in front of a crowd of people in a public area. Half the time, even when you think no one is around, there is usually someone looking. While some women do care if other people see her try to pick her wedgie out, pregnant women sometimes seem to care less.

This could be because all they want to do is try to stay comfortable when everything else about their body is making them uncomfortable. That still does not make it okay. Try other tactics to make the dreaded wedgie pick less obvious, like squatting down and trying to remove it that way.

12 Bra Adjustments

Adjusting a bra is something that women do all the time in public. Pregnant women do it even more, especially the further along they are, but that does not make it okay. It can become a very nasty habit that almost all women have been guilty of doing at least once. Adjusting a bra strap is one thing, but actually adjusting the whole bra itself because it’s not fitting right is another.

Pregnant women tend to adjust their bras more often due to the fact that their breasts are changing throughout their pregnancy and are not always wearing the right fit or size. Pregnant or not, adjusting a bra in public tends to make certain people nervous which really isn’t okay.

11 Vomiting In Public

Even drunk, it’s never okay for women to vomit in public and that includes pregnant women. It is understandable that with morning sickness and the increased sense of smell, that sometimes what you’ve eaten just comes up. But that never makes it okay to do it in the general public. People don’t want to see that. Some people are very sensitive to seeing other people puke and, in turn, they end up doing it too.

It’s just not fun for anyone that has to watch the process of regurgitation. If a woman, pregnant or not, knows that there’s a good chance that they will be sick they should try to carry an extra shopping bag in their purse for the worst case scenario, so at least if it does happen, it is not all over a public sidewalk.

10 Binge Eating

Women are told that they are supposed to watch what they eat, so when they binge eat it is seen as nasty or disgusting by many people. This includes women who are pregnant. Binge eating is where you eat abnormally large amounts of food in one sitting, which has been a cliché for pregnant women for a very long time. Although being pregnant consists of eating for two, there is a line between normal pregnancy eating and binge eating.

Binge eating while pregnant is just not healthy for mother or baby. It can cause birth defects and make labor last longer which can cause difficulties. In general, binge eating is just a nasty habit and should be avoided at all costs. It also adds on those extra pounds that everyone is always trying to lose.

9 Creative Food Concoction

Women are creative at heart and like to try new things and recipes. Pregnant women like to try adding some odd things together sometimes. They like to come up with some pretty creative, but rather nasty, food concoctions which are not always okay to eat in front of other people while dining out. If a pregnant woman is at home and wants to dip her pickles in some cheese sauce that is perfectly fine, however, if she is at a dining establishment than that may not be so great.

Some people have very sensitive stomachs and can’t tolerate looking at things that may make them feel sick. People, in general, should try to be more understanding of others. So if a woman that is pregnant knows that something she is about to create may make someone else sick, she may want to keep in mind that she could always wait until she gets home to try it out. What she likes, others might find pretty nasty.

8 Constantly Complaining

Women tend to be overly known for their constant complaining and nagging, which can get nasty real quick and isn’t exactly okay. Pregnant women can sometimes get much worse with the changes in hormones that their body goes through when they are pregnant. Sometimes women complain when they get what they want, and again when they don’t get what they want.

At times, it may feel like there is no way to make them happy. The constant complaining is not something anyone really wants to hear. When we think about it, people tend to zone out when they hear other people complain about life or anything in general. That goes for pregnant women too, although, some people are way more sympathetic because they understand the changes that are going on for soon to be moms.

7 Sloppy Eating

Women are supposed to be graceful in everything they do, and that includes eating. Women are not supposed to stuff their faces full of food and talk with their mouths open. To some people, that is considered very nasty and distasteful. The same rule applies to pregnant women. While there are times we all might be starving and feel like shovelling bite after bite into our mouths, it is always best to still take our time.

Nobody really wants to see what we are eating as we chew. That is just disgusting and unfortunately, way too many people do that. It’s just as bad to talk with a mouth full of food because everyone is still getting a full view of half eaten food. Everyone should remember to swallow their food before they begin to speak.

6 Not Wearing Shoes

While this isn’t nearly the worst thing on the list, not wearing shoes can be seen as not being socially acceptable or even okay for women. You never really know what you could be stepping in, especially if you cannot see the ground properly for whatever reason. It is understandable that pregnant women, especially those in their later months, won’t want to wear shoes because their feet and ankles swell.

Let’s face it; walking barefoot on the ground really is a nasty thing, especially if you live in an urban area. Women do it all the time. If their heels become uncomfortable, or even if they are just running outside to get the mail, they will run outside without any shoes on. For safety reasons or even to avoid stepping on bugs, just a simple pair of flats or slippers is acceptable for a quick trip outside.

5 Not Washing Bras

This is a very common, and nasty, tendency of women everywhere. However, that does not make it okay. Women talk about men for wearing the same shirts day in and day out, while they do the same with their bras. The truth of the matter is that women’s breasts do sweat, which tends to make the bras become very disgusting in a short amount of time. This can be even worse for women who are in the later stages of pregnancy due to lactation.

This can cause the bra to become increasingly disgusting at a much quicker rate and need to be washed more often. Unfortunately, for some women, this still isn’t enough to make them want to throw the old thing in the laundry bin. So, to avoid having bacteria grow in places that it shouldn’t, switch bras every three days or so.

4 Public Urination

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When most people hear about anyone going to the bathroom outside, they either assume the person was camping or intoxicated. For women, it’s very unladylike regardless of the circumstances. Pregnant women sometimes cannot hold their bladder due to the baby putting extra pressure on it, and they fear if they don’t go that they will ultimately wet themselves. So, instead of having an accident they will pick a nice secluded spot to relieve themselves.

Unless you really are camping, this is not okay at any time. Public urination is also disgusting, and at times when you think you are alone, you never know when someone might just pop up out of nowhere. This is a crowded world, and there are people almost everywhere. It is always best to stop and try to look for a bathroom. If you know you are going somewhere that does not have many restrooms, try to go as many times as you can beforehand.

3 Swearing

Swearing, or cursing, is everywhere. It is heard in movies, on TV, in songs, and even on the radio. But it is still not socially acceptable for women to swear like a sailor, especially women who are mothers-to-be. Since soon they will have little ears that will be listening in. It’s better to cut out the swear words now, so that when the new baby arrives it is easier to clean up the foul language.

It is never okay to use inappropriate language in front of an impressionable, young child who, as we all know, will eventually repeat everything they hear. Kids also tend to repeat things at the worst times too, like when they are at school or out in a public area. When a child says a bad word, the first person everyone looks at is the parents.

2 Taking Mood Swings Out On Others

Women are known to be a little moody sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily make it okay to randomly just start yelling at people. All women have been there at one point or another, where stress just builds up and they yell at the first person that says the wrong thing to them. Unfortunately, it usually happens to be someone that lives with them.

All women can go through hormonal changes depending on what part of their cycle they are going through. It’s a normal part of life. There is no exception for expectant mothers-to-be. Their hormones and emotions are all over the place, and pregnant women can sometimes have exceptionally bad mood swings. They can go from loving to nasty without warning. That still doesn’t give someone a reason to be nasty towards another person though. There really is no excuse to be mean to someone else.

1 Ingesting Inedible Items

This one is a rare one, but it happens to women, and it is not exactly okay but it does happen. It is called PICA, and it is more common in women that are pregnant than women who are not pregnant. PICA is when women crave unusual items during their pregnancy such as dirt, burnt matches, stones, soap, and even charcoal. People should never really ingest items that aren’t meant for human consumption for basic health reasons.

PICA during pregnancy can potentially be hazardous to the baby and even the mother, and it can become a very nasty and dangerous thing. PICA is sometimes thought of as the body’s way of saying it needs vitamins and minerals so it is always best to make sure that prenatal vitamins are being taken regularly.

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