15 Newly Uncovered Facts About Blake And Ryan's Marriage

Blake and Ryan are definitely one of Hollywood's most glamorous and popular couples. Their "Barbie and Ken" looks and success in films and TV mean that they're pursued by the paparazzi day and night.

Fortunately, Blake is used to the spotlight. She was Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl and that addictive television show captured the imagination of a whole generation (plus a lot of that generation's parents). Ryan also started acting at a young age. He first appeared onscreen as a teenager, when he played the part of Billy Simpson in a Canadian "teen soap" known as Hillside.

While Blake Lively was born Blake Ellender Brown on the 25th of August, 1987, Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born on the 23rd of October, 1976. Blake is 30 years old and Ryan is 41.

The age gap between this couple doesn't seem to stop them from being very similar and very close. They appear simpatico, to say the least, with Ryan often denying rumors that their marriage is in trouble.

These days, Ryan is red-hot because of Deadpool. Blake looked gorgeous battling a mammoth shark in the film, The Shallows, which grossed a very respectable $55,124,043. Everything that this A-list couple touches, seems to turn to gold, except perhaps for Blake's failed website, Preserve, which sold hipster items for upscale prices...and then went down the tubes.

Today, we want to share 15 facts about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's marriage. Enjoy the gossip as you learn true facts about these two hotties and their children.

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15 They Were With Other Partners When They Met

Via Nickiswift

There must have been instant chemistry between Blake and Ryan as soon as they met, but neither tried to take it further, because both were with other partners. It's only natural that Blake and Ryan would be attracted to each other. Both are funny, fashionable and sarcastic. Both are renowned for their clean-cut good looks.

According to Cosmopolitan, 

when Blake and Ryan met, Blake was dating Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. You know, Lonely Boy. Ryan was married to Scarlet Johansson.

Blake and Ryan met because both had roles in Green Lantern. They met in 2010, due to the movie, and Blake and Penn broke up the same year, in September. Ryan and Scarlet called their marriage quits the same year as well, but in December.

Blake and Ryan didn't get together right after their respective breakups. Blake moved on the Leonardo DiCaprio and it's rumored that she dumped him for Ryan. By October 2011, Blake and Ryan were finally together. They married in 2012. Their wedding was very private, so there aren't any pictures of Blake in her wedding dress out there. It's kind of nice that they managed to keep their wedding more personal and less public.

14 Their Wedding Was Hush-Hush

Via Ohnotheydidnt

Martha Stewart Weddings covered Blake and Ryan's wedding, but didn't post a single photo of the couple in their wedding finery. Instead, the team at Martha Stewart Weddings focused on the beautiful flowers and sweet treats that were used to make this very private wedding so special.

So, what goodies did Blake and Ryan offer wedding guests when they tied the knot in Charleston? Well, with the help of Martha's Stewart's wedding team (Blake and Martha are friends), they chose to offer cookie-and-cream espresso beans, S'mores bars, tartlets filled with blueberry cheesecake and fruit jellies (and so much more).

Pics of Blake's gown aren't out there online, but it was designed by Marchesa. The head of the Marchesa fashion house is Harvey Weinstein's ex-wife, Georgina Chapman. Blake's gown features lots of romantic tulle, as well as embroidery in rosegold thread.

Everyone deserves a private wedding if that's why they want and I'm glad Blake and Ryan were able to maintain their privacy during the big day, even if I would love to see what they looked like during their wedding and reception. Blake is heavy into baking and decorating, so this wedding surely had every possible bell and whistle. It must have been spectacular.

13 There Were Rumors About Ryan

Via: Daily Express

Did Ryan have an affair with his sultry Deadpool co-star, Monica Baccarin, who is known for getting pregnant with a Gotham co-star's baby while she was married to a non-actor named Austin Chick?

There were rumors that Ryan and Monica got too close on the set of Deadpool. However, Gossip Cop debunked the infidelity rumors. According to Gossip Cop, an article was published by Gamen Guide implied that Ryan Reynolds had more than a professional relationship with the beautiful, raven-haired Monica Baccarin.

Baccarin is gorgeous, but maybe not Ryan's type, so I'm a bit skeptical. Monica is, in a sense, every guy's type because she is very beautiful. But Ryan seems to marry blondes. While Scarlet Johansson has tried many shades of hair color, she's best-known for being an alluring blond. Blake is all about golden blond hair. Remember when Blair Waldorf called Serena van der Woodsen, "Sunshine Barbie" on Gossip Girl. It was because of the long golden hair and perma-tan.

Ryan did date Alanis Morissette, who has darker hair, but he didn't marry her, although they were engaged. He also dated Melissa Joan Hart, Traylor Howard, Kristen Johnston, Rachel Leigh Cook, a German model named Agnes Fischer and Charlize Theron.

12 There Were Rumors About Blake Too

Via PopSugar

According to Gamen Guide, Ryan and Blake's relationship went through a very rough patch because of Blake's ex-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio!

Reports claimed that Leo was the reason why Blake's marriage to Ryan was on the rocks. The same story told a tale of "constant fighting" between Blake and Ryan, which centered on Ryan's fears about Blake seeing Leo behind his back, as well as the fact that Blake was spending too much time with Taylor Swift's squad.

According to the tabloid report, Ryan even had a problem with Blake's parenting style.

Did Blake continue to have feelings for Leonardo when she was married to Ryan? Does she still have feelings for him today? We'll probably never know for sure. This gossip story was debunked, but some people still believe it.

It seems like Blake is really into Ryan. There were rumors she left DiCaprio to be with Ryan. Gossip abounds online. Only the people involved know what is true and what isn't. The fact that Ryan and Blake are still together, seems to underscore the fact that this gossip story was nothing but fake news. Most girls don't get the chance to choose between Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo DiCaprio, or to decide not to choose between them.

11 The Taylor Swift Thing Made Ryan Cringe

Via YouTube

In my opinion, Ryan made that famous "miserable" face in the shot of him with Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, on purpose. He wanted the world to know that posing for couple shots with Hiddleswift wasn't his idea...or his idea of a good time!

He's a smart guy and he would have known that his expression would be picked up on by the press. He was making a statement. I haven't seen him photographed with Taylor since then. Then again, Taylor isn't as into squad media promotion these days. She learned her lesson about oversharing during his short relationship with "Loki"!

Taylor's squad is always changing. According to Taylor's official Instagram page,

she's currently hanging out with Camila Cabello while they tour and is very close to singer Ed Sheeran. No recent pics of Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively are featured on her social media accounts.

I wonder if she was offended by Ryan's expression in the big Fourth of July party shots? Knowing Taylor, the answer is probably, "yes".

Taylor has had some ups and downs. When Kim K exposed Taylor's deviousness about Kanye and his "Famous" single, Taylor's formerly pristine reputation took a major hit. She used the scandal as the inspiration for her next record, Reputation, which is hugely successful.

10 They Do Everything Together

Via: Pinterest

Ryan and Blake seems to be conjoined, according to Blake herself. She has said that they do everything together. Ryan has also been incredibly complimentary about his wife in interviews. According to People:

“She always responds with empathy. She meets anger with empathy. She meets hate with empathy. She’ll take the time to imagine what happened to a person when they were 5 or 6 years old. And she’s made me a more empathetic person. I had a very fractured relationship with my father. Before he died, she made me remember things I didn’t want to remember. She made me remember the good times.”

If the rumors of marriage difficulties are true, and Ryan's heavy work schedule is pulling this couple apart, it's too bad. Maybe the rumors will encourage them to make more quality time for each other.

If the rumors aren't true, the rumors must irritate Blake and Ryan. Ryan did respond to the rumors on social media, so the rumors are everywhere. It would be weird to be in a happy relationship and then be subjected to this sort of smear campaign. There are people out there who don't like to see others happy. Ryan says everything is fine between him and his wife.

9 They Married At A Former Plantation

Via InStyle

This couple got some shade for marrying at a wedding venue which used to be a slave plantation! There are tons of ritzy and beautiful wedding venues available, which means that couples definitely don't have to tie the knot in places where slaves used to suffer.

The name of the place where Ryan and Blake got married is called Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens. According to a Grantland story, their wedding was a "creepazoid" wedding, because of the bleak history of the venue, which is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Marketing materials for the venue mentioned its "historic slave quarters". That's really kind of icky, isn't it? Would you want to get married in a place with "eight original [labor] cabins" on site? It's not really cool, but that was Blake and Ryan's choice. It was their big day. It's possible, but improbable, that they didn't know about the history of the Southern plantation.

Ryan reportedly wore handmade suspenders crafted from leather while he said "I do" on the lawn of Boone Hill Plantation. Blake wore a bridal gown by Marchesa. Wedding planners threw cotton over the rustic outbuilding on the plantation in order to shield it from paparazzi.

8 They Have Two Daughters

Via Thewrap

Ryan and Blake have two adorable daughters named James and Ines. James is a gender-neutral name, just like Blake is. Ryan is actually a gender-neutral name also! It makes sense that Blake would want to give her child a gender-neutral name like her own.

There is a famous fashion model, Jaime King, who modeled under the gender-bending name, James King. The name, Ines, has Greek origins and it means, "pure; chaste; island; holy".

Blake is very into fashion, so it's possible that she knows that one of Chanel's main muses is named Ines de la Fressange.

James was born under the sign of Sagittarius on December 16th, 1994, in New York City. She's reportedly named after Ryan's late father, who struggled with Parkinson's Disease. According to Famous Birthdays, Ines was born under the sign of Libra, on September 30. 2016.

Both girls are cuties, like Mom and Dad. James is older than Ines and seems to be a combination of Mom and Dad. To me, she doesn't look exactly like Blake or Ryan. With Ines, it's really too soon to tell who she looks like. Both kids will grow up with the best of everything, but they will experience the downside of having famous parents, too.

7 They Don’t Work At The Same Time

Via YouTube

Despite rumors that Ryan's heavy work schedule is taking a negative toll on their marriage, Blake and Ryan do try to take turns working, so that family life remains a priority. Maybe Ryan, who is currently so successful because of Deadpool, is working a lot more at the moment, while Blake holds down the fort and cares for the kids. Blake's career is in great shape, just like Blake herself is.

Does she resent having to work less because Ryan's career is on fire? Blake recently announced on her official Instagram page that she's lost 61 pounds since giving birth to baby girl, Ines. She did it with the help of a trainer. If you saw Blake in The Shallows, you know just how great she can look. Blake doesn't seem to be sitting around fuming because Ryan is a big success.

Blake has 21 million Instagram followers. It's safe to say that she's super-famous and beloved, too. Let's hope that this couple doesn't feel competitive with one another in terms of career, because Scarlet Johannson has said that competition was one of the reasons why her marriage to Ryan failed.

Maybe, when Ryan's doing better, he feels more secure. Couples shouldn't really be career rivals. Ryan has 20.4 million Instagram followers. That's actually fewer followers than his wife has. Then again, Ryan didn't star in Gossip Girl.

6 Blake Cracked Jokes During Labor


According to Self.com, Blake was a real trouper in labor. She cracked jokes to keep the atmosphere light! I don't personally remember cracking any jokes during labor, although I might have. Probably, Blake was in amazing shape before and during pregnancy. Maybe she had an easier labor or is just tougher. It's possible she was able to pamper herself a bit more during pregnancy and this helped her to prepare for a happy labor.

Ryan pranked his wife during labor by putting on some sensual Marvin Gaye during the proceedings. It was inappropriate and that was the fun of it.

Blake was reportedly not too happy with his playlist. But he said that Blake was very tough during labor and handled things like a "mercenary".

Men don't feel labor pains. I don't think they could handle them. Just kidding.

Anyway, Blake sailed through labor cracking jokes. She chastised her doctor for taking a personal call while she was having her baby, but in a joking way. Labor isn't easy for anyone. If Blake was able to crack jokes, kudos to her. There were probably some times during labor where she didn't really feel like throwing zingers at Ryan and other people. Just a hunch.

5 Ryan’s Tweets Are Often Fake News

Via: Buzzfeed

Ryan likes to joke around and play with people. He's not mean-spirited at all, but loved comedy. That's why he was so great in Deadpool. He was able to bring his own personality into the role. It was a part that Ryan Reynolds was born to play. Bear in mind that some things that Ryan posts on social media about his own family are not one hundred percent accurate. He sometimes posts just to get a laugh. In fact, he almost always posts to get a laugh, unless he's posting to support a worthy cause.

According to Elle Australia, Ryan's tweets about the fam are often fake news. In the Elle article, Blake reported that Ryan "may as well work for the Enquirer". She said that he posts about his daughter, but it never really talking about his daughter. He just makes things up. Sometimes, he tells Blake what he makes up before he posts it.

Blake personally loves the warped humor and wouldn't change a thing. She often jokes with Ryan on social media and it's fun for everyone to read.

Why not use social media to have a good time. Some people use it to wound others and that is wrong. I like Ryan's approach.

4 Did Jude Law Get In The Way?

Via Gossipcop

Gossip Cop debunked a rumor that Jude Law got in the law of Blake and Ryan's marriage. Jude is obviously very handsome and also has a reputation as a bit of a player. Did Blake fall under his spell while they made a movie together?

According to them, Ryan and Blake did not hit a rough patch due to Jude and Blake working together on the film, The Rhythm Section. There weren't any trust issues or jealousy problems. An unnamed source told OK! Magazine that Blake and Jude got close during filming and that Ryan didn't handle it well, because Ryan was five thousand miles away. It was also reported that Ryan didn't try to spend time on the set in Ireland, and that Blake and Ryan led separate lives at that point.

Blake is still with Ryan.

We'll probably never know if there was a flirtation between Jude and Blake on set.

Couples who work in show business need to let go of jealousy when their partners are filming with other people. Otherwise, they'll go nuts. There will always be another attractive co-star and another love scene. Jude Law is reportedly dating a woman named Phillipa Coan.

3 Ryan Denies The Marriage Problem Rumors

Is there any celebrity couple that doesn't get hit with "relationship problem" rumors? I don't think so. According to International Business Times, Ryan's work schedule has made it hard for the couple to enjoy quality time together. Apparently, Blake stays home with the kids most of the time and the couple have grown apart.

Ryan took to his official Twitter account to debunk the rumors, in his usual deadpan Deadpool style. He tweeted that he wished the rumors were true, as he's in need of some serious "me time".

I think this couple is ok. Blake wore a lavish gown to the recent Met Ball (2018) and, according to Time.com, she accessorized her red-and-gold dress with a clutch purse that featured a Reynolds family crest. The crest was adorned with the initials of Blake, Ryan and their two kids.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 07: Blake Lively attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

While Blake could conceivably be doing "damage control" with the personalized clutch purse, because the marriage trouble rumors got out of hand fairly recently, she could also be honoring her husband and that does seem more likely.

Marriage is hard for everyone sometimes. Ryan does work a lot. It's difficult to say for sure if Blake and Ryan are fighting because of their schedules. Ryan says no, Blake carries a purse with a Reynolds family crest. These are good signs for the couple. However, it has to be said that Ryan did not attend the 2018 Met Ball with Blake.

2 Their Marriage Works Because They're Both Actors

Via: Brit + Co

Blake has said that her marriage succeeds because she and Ryan have the same jobs. According to Elle, Lively thinks it's easier to make a relationship last when both people are in show business, because both partners must do love scenes while they are working, rather than just one.

When love scenes are being filmed, there are crew members around, such as lighting technicians, directors and camera operators.

Filming love scenes are actually considered work and Blake and Ryan know this. Someone outside of the industry might think that a love scene was more romantic than it really was and then get jealous.

Lots of thespians do choose to date and get married. Actors and actresses have the same lifestyles, which include long days of filming, breaks between projects, press junkets...and a lot of public scrutiny into their personal lives.

Blake and Ryan have been married since September 9th, 2012. They've got a couple of children. There have been rumors about marriage problems lately and Blake went to the 2018 Met Ball without Ryan, but he's been really busy preparing for the release of hotly-anticipated Deadpool 2, which hits theaters on May 18th, 2018. This movie is being aggressively promoted via social media.

1 They Were Friends Before They Dated

Via Daily Mail

Blake and Ryan joke around a lot, on social media and IRL. They were friends for two years before they started dating, so their relationship has a very strong foundation. According to Elite Daily, relationships need two things to succeed. One is likeability between partners and the other is desirability between partners.

Likeability is about friendship. It's about taking care of the other person and caring about them in a platonic way. Desirability is about challenging the other person and enchanting them. Dr. Jeremy Nicholson told Elite Daily that both elements should be present in a relationship. If the elements are not balanced 50-50, a relationship is likely to fail.

Since Blake and Ryan were buddies before they married and they've talked about their friendship to the press, they have likeability. Both are gorgeous, so desirability is probably not an issue. Bear in mind that desirability sometimes plummets just due to familiarity. Luckily, these two get to disappear into characters and they can intrigue their partners in a host of guises to keep things fresh, mysterious and interesting.

Hollywood marriages don't always work out, no matter how sweet and attractive the partners are. Will this one go the distance?

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