15 New Moms Describe What Nighttime Is Really Like With A Newborn

Nine months of pregnancy has now come to an end, the little bundle of joy has finally arrived and it is time to enter Motherhood, putting a tiny newborn baby before oneself and catering to their every need. The first few weeks are full of ups and downs but one of the hardest things to adjust to is the sleepless nights that new mothers aren't used to.

Most women think they know what to expect or feel they have prepared themselves for the exhaustion that will follow after childbirth and into motherhood but until they have actually gone through it or are going through it there is really nothing that can get them ready for the experience.

Running on no sleep, feeling emotional, still recovering from the pain of labor, and the baby crying, are all things a new mother must deal with and in this article, we are going to get real as several new moms describe what night-time is really like with a newborn baby. Whether your children are older and you want to look back on what you have dealt with in the past, you are a new mother and want to read something you can relate to or you are none of the above and the title of this article has simply caught your eye, I am sure you will enjoy reading the stories of these 15 new moms as they describe exactly what nighttime means with a newborn in the house.

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15 Emotional, Very Emotional

"I cried as soon as it hit bedtime just knowing I will be up through the night, it is a highly emotional time"

, one new mom told me about her experience. This goes for both Mom and newborn baby... and maybe even your partner, tears are to be expected in those sleepless nights in the first few weeks with the new little person in your lives.

The emotions tend to be higher due of course to the exhaustion and the hormones but also because of the massive change that has just happened in your life as it is definitely a big adjustment becoming a parent. Your baby needs to adjust too because they were just in the womb and now, they are in the world. Everyone is going through a bit of stress and getting used to unknown territory, but not to worry, all of you will get through it. The crying won't last forever and neither will the sleepless nights.

14 Overwhelming Is An Understatement

This picture says it all, there is not a Mother in the universe that has never looked like this before especially during those long, sleepless nights and difficult bedtimes. As much as you love your little one sometimes the crying, the lack of sleep and all the other struggles of being a new parent can get to you and feel very overwhelming. However, do not feel guilty if you need to take a moment to breathe or ask for help, the early stages is perhaps the hardest.

"One night I just told my partner I MUST sleep and I passed out on the sofa, the next day I awoke scared I had slept through the baby crying but thankfully my partner had it all under control. Daddy to the rescue!",

revealed yet again another exhausted New mother.

13 A Mombie In The Making

Ever heard the term 'Mombie? If you are a Mother and reading this you will know exactly what that term means and how it feels. For those of you who may have no clue what I am on about the term 'Mombie' is a mixture of 'Mom' and 'Zombie' and it has become a slogan for all exhausted Moms who spend their nights walking round like a Zombie because of how sleep deprived they are. There is no better way to describe the feeling.

"I am often scared my toddler wakes up and see's me walking around like a Zombie at night trying to make a bottle for my newborn, it must be a frightening sight. The sleep deprivation really does turn you into a creature of the undead"

a fellow 'Mombie' revealed her feelings about nights with a newborn.

12 Just Stay Asleep Already

"I love my little one to the ends of the earth but oh my goodness being woke up in the middle of the night is very annoying"

a truthful confession from yet another New mother.

Of course as mothers, we love our little ones so much and would do anything and everything for them. We want them to be happy and would never hurt them but that does not make them waking us up at night any less annoying or irritating. If it was your partner waking you up at night most people would have a reaction which would be unpleasant. However when it is our babies because of their innocence and cute button noses we let them off and get up out of our beds to tend to their needs but let's admit it, Moms, it is still a bit annoying because you really want to sleep.

11 The Theory Of Everything & Nothing

"Being awake so late through the night I always started to re-think my entire life and the big questions of the universe. Sounds crazy but when you are exhausted but have to stay awake for your little baby, your mind wonders"

another new mom confessed about her inner thoughts during her experience at night time with a newborn.

What this new mom has shared with me is very true for a lot of people not just new mothers. When you are up late or through the night many people start to think over all the details of their lives, unanswered questions of the world and conspiracy theories, this in turn keeps you awake even longer unfortunately because you feel as if your mind will not shut off. When it is a baby waking you up however a lot of these thoughts are more baby related as you would expect.

10 In It For The Long Haul


"The struggle is real. Enough said", a short and sweet phrase from yet another sleep deprived new Momma that puts the whole night time with a newborn baby thing into perspective: it is a struggle.

This can mean many things- it is a struggle to stay awake, to stay sane, to stay positive and so on.

The whole ordeal of being woken up by your little one, although you knew these long nights with no sleep where part and parcel of becoming a Mother, is a struggle. But as many people like to say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and your baby boy or girl will certainly appreciate their Mommy and Daddy getting up in the middle of the night to tend to all their important needs.

9 The Diaper Goes Where?

Between baby brain and being a new Mother, the big change that is bringing a baby into the world can be rather confusing and sometimes the smallest tasks such as changing a nappy or getting baby dressed can seem like rocket science then you throw the sleep deprivation into the mix and it all becomes a mess of uncertainty.

Through sleepy eyes many new Mothers find themselves putting nappies on the wrong way, baby grows on backward and forgetting how many scoops of formula they have put in the bottle. All because of how confused your body gets because of the change in a sleep routine. One example of this confusion was given to me by a New Mom when I reached out for her experience,

"Once I put the nappy on over my baby girl's pajamas, these things just happen when your brain is lacking in rest",

she said.

8 No Sense Of Time

Majority of people have a routine of getting up in the morning, having breakfast, lunch, dinner and then going to bed in the evening to get some sleep before the routine starts all over again. We look at the clock to know what time it is and at what time we should do what but that all goes out the window when a little new born comes into your life.

"I have found myself having breakfast in the afternoon and dinner in the early hours of the morning. I have fully lost my sense of time, my baby is my alarm clock now"

shared a Mother who understands what it is like to lose her ability to tell the time. Of course eventually when routine is established you get your sense of time back but those first few weeks through the night, your baby is in charge even if that means they want food at 1am.

7 Sometimes Worrying

"There are normal sleepless nights and then there are the sick baby sleepless nights which I can tell you are so much worse because then you are not only exhausted but worried. These are the sleepless nights that I dread"

warned a Mother who has experienced the sick baby nights.

Every night at the start with the newborn can be a bit of a struggle as I have mentioned but if your little one catches an illness even just a mild cold this can be incredibly stressful and worrying for us new parents as babies are so fragile and you do not want to go to sleep even if they are sleeping just so you can make sure they are okay. Of all the sleepless nights these are the ones that can really take there toll and please remember to seek medical help if you think it is needed.

6 It Can Seem Like A Dream

"Sometimes a dream and other times a nightmare but either way I think when your body is so tired that it wants to just drop but can't because you are looking after your little one it feels like you are in some sort of sleep state, or it does for me anyways"

a tired new mom told me.

As you have most likely gathered from the other entries this article so far, nighttime with a newborn makes new moms very tired and having to get up in the middle of the night can make you very confused, emotional and zombie-like. Another description could be that it feels as if you are in a dream as when being woken up through the evening you are most likely not fully awake giving the illusion the next day that it was a dream.

5 You Do Some Funny Things

Linking to the entry above because of feeling confused and as if you are dreaming/still asleep when you get up to tend to your newborn's needs in the middle of the night, you can end up doing some incredibly funny things that you will laugh at the next day and surely tell as humorous stories to your child/children in the years to come.

I reached out to a New mother on social media and she told me this funny story, "

I went to make a bottle in the middle of the night and instead of scoops of formula I put in coffee. Luckily I did not feed it to my baby but the story still makes me and my husband laugh when we tell it now".

That just shows that the night time part of Motherhood isn't all bad, there are some hilarious moments mixed in.

4 Taking Turns

One for the Dads, grandparents, co-parent, partner, friends or anyone else who gets up with a newborn through the night. Yes, Mothers do a lot of the work but sometimes you can take turns.

"My partner does all the nappy changes through the night as he cannot feed the baby because I breastfeed, that is a big help because then for those 5 minutes I get to rest",

I was told about these parents jobs through the night with their baby.

Taking turns whenever possible through the night is an amazing idea because it gives one of you a break for even just a couple of minutes and that can make the world of difference when you are feeling overly sleep deprived. Some parents even take a night each meaning one night Daddy gets up and the next its Mummy, just depends on what works for you.

3 Takes Some Adjusting To

I mentioned this earlier that it is an adjustment period for all and that adjustment can take some time to get used to because let's face it being awake settling your baby for hours only to get to sleep at 4am is not what our body is used to and really messes with our sleep schedule. Hopefully, you will adjust to the routine soon enough and who knows your baby may catch on to the whole bedtime routine and you can get a full 8 hours of rest at night but for now you will just have to be extra tired.

"It has been 2 months and I am still now adjusting to the sleepless nights but I am keeping my fingers crossed I will get there. Until then caffeine is my best friend",

a fellow Mother shared with me about how she is adjusting.

2 Full Of Love

Now for the nice parts. I know this article may of seeming like all us Mothers are complaining or moaning about having a little newborn but that is far from what we really feel. Being a Mom is hard and so is everything that comes with it, especially the sleepless nights as we have pointed out but above all this those nights where we are awake with our babies and the sole reason we get out of bed when we hear those cries is because of how filled with love we are for our little people.

"I get so exhausted but I know when my baby is bigger I would trade hours of sleep just for one minute of cuddling with them again. They do not stay tiny for long",

a statement that I am sure all Mothers of the world can relate to. We really do love our babies.

1 Moments That Will Last A Lifetime

And lastly, that love we have for our babies shines through their whole lives and no matter what these memories, the ones of the tired eyes, night time feeds and sleepy cuddles, will last a lifetime!

So to all the expectant mothers I just want to say you are about to go through one of the hardest transitions but every second will be worth it.

To all new Moms going through this transition now, I know it is hard but soak in every second of those midnight hugs from your babies and to all the Mothers whose kids are grown up, enjoy those memories because I bet those are the best ones. Night time with a newborn baby it really is tough as I know through my own experience and from those new Mothers that helped me with this article, they all told me reasons it was hard but above all that, every single Mother said that she would not trade it for the world.

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