15 Newborn Friendly Outings

After childbirth, you may have a hankering for both fresh air and an actual social life. But you may be wondering if you can take your newborn on one of your outings. After all, your doctor will have advised you to avoid crowds, polluted areas and places where your little one might inhale toxic fumes.

Crowded malls and concerts, as well as salons that reek of hair dye and nail polish, are definitely out. But that doesn’t mean that your options are all that limited. After all, there are tons of other places to take your newborn.

Here are fifteen outings that you and your brand new little baby are sure to love.

15 A Stroll in a Park or Garden

One of the best and most classic of newborn outings is a simple stroll at a local park or garden. Most neighborhoods have at least one park or public garden within walking distance. Bring along both a baby carrier and a stroller so that you have the opportunity to carry your baby close, as well as put her down if you need a bit of rest.

As with any other outing with the little one, don’t forget to bring a diaper bag complete with all the necessary implements so you don’t have to worry about an accident in the middle of your stroll!

14 A Visit to the Zoo

There may come a time when your local parks and gardens get a little bit old. If you’re looking to a little bit of change, then you’ll be pleased to know that a visit to the zoo is perfectly fine for your little one! To keep her from catching the sniffles while you’re there, try to come at non-peak hours so that you don’t catch the crowd.

Zoos are not only great places for a walk, they’re also surprisingly interesting, especially if you take the time to learn more about all the animals and where they’re from.

13 Groceries at the Farmer’s Market

Taking your newborn when you’re out buying groceries may be fine, again as long as you steer clear from crowds. An even better place to take her when you’re looking for the ingredients of your next casserole is the farmer’s market!

Farmer’s markets are a great place to get some fresh air, not to mention find healthy, organic ingredients that simply taste better than their grocery store counterparts. They’re also a treat to the eyes and you might even pick up some unique and area produce that you’ve never seen before.

12 Chilling at the Coffee Shop

If you’re looking to catching up with your friends in a relaxing, cozy environment, then you can feel free to head over to your local coffee shop for a warm latte or some tea. Coffee shops tend to be spacious and non-crowded. They might also even offer open-air seats which are great places for the baby for as long as you steer her clear of secondhand smoke.

They also tend to be baby-friendly areas as most guests won’t mind the occasional crying when your little one needs a diaper change. Best of all, it’s pretty easy to breastfeed relatively privately here as long as you bring some sort of covering.

11 A Private Movie

Taking your baby to a fully-packed movie house may not be recommended due to the crowd. However, nowadays, private movie rooms have become more and more popular. Here, you can rent a room alone or with the family for an hourly rate. You also have the freedom to pick from the house’s selection of movies, whether you’d like a good old classic or something more recent.

Alternatively, you can organize a movie sleepover at yours or a friend’s house and just load up your choice of movie on Netflix. The best part about this? You can have fun while lying around in your comfy pajamas all night.

10 Reading at the Library

A library may seem like a scary place for a newborn, where people hiss at you for even the slightest noise. However, most library-goers really don’t mind the occasional baby cry. But if you’re super conscious, there are usually relatively private less-visited spots where you can hang out without disturbing anyone. In fact, some libraries even have baby-friendly areas.

You might be surprised at the diversity of books you find at your local library. You can simply pick anything off the shelf and immerse yourself into a completely different world each time. Best of all, reading aloud to your baby may even help her develop her speaking and listening skills!

9 Browsing the Local Museum

If you’re a fan of arts and culture, you’ll be happy to know that museums are often friendly to newborn babies. You can opt to take a tour or just look at the displays at your leisure. Unless the museum is a particularly popular for international visitors, it also probably won’t be too crowded.

Museums are a great way of discovering bits and pieces of your city’s past. You might be able to explore how ancient animals or people used to live. Other museums, might show you glimpses of masterpieces of local and contemporary art. A real treat, if you have one nearby, is a trip to a science and technology museum, where you’ll find the most fascinating new developments in tech.

8 A Mothers’ Meetup

If you’re really looking for a social event with people who really get what you’re going through at the moment, look up local organizations and support groups such as the La Leche League. If none are available where you are, you could even organize your own!

Mothers’ meetups are a great way to talk about the struggles of motherhood, not to mention share some useful advice. They’re best when there’s a mix of mothers with children of all ages so that you have veteran moms who can handle any problem with both hands tied behind their back, as well as newbies who can help you look at motherhood with fresh eyes.

7 Camping

A camping trip with a newborn may sound stressful, but it’s actually pretty fun! You probably don’t want to go to locations that are too far and inaccessible, though. And make sure that it’s not just you and the baby. You will certainly need a helping hand with all the things that need to be done.

One important consideration when going out camping with a baby is warmth. Your little one may not be able to regulate her temperature properly yet. So if you’re going out somewhere cold, make sure you pack plenty of thick clothes, swaddles, caps and mittens to keep her warm. Once you have that covered, you’re free to enjoy a beautiful night under the stars roasting marshmallows in the fire!

6 A Cruise

Yearning for something a bit more luxurious? You might want to splurge and board a cruise ship! A good old cruise is a wonderful, relaxing adventure for you and the family. In addition, these ships usually have enough space in the cabin for a crib for your baby. Some ships even offer nurseries where you can opt to leave your baby for an hour or so. They may even come well-stocked with diapers, baby wipes and all the supplies you’ll ever need! Check with available cruise ships beforehand to see if they have these amenities.

This is a great way to reward yourself for all the aches and discomfort of pregnancy, while still looking after the little one.

5 A Joyride

If you want to explore the countryside on wheels with a friend, pretty much all you need is a car seat and a diaper bag stuffed full with diapers and wipes. A joyride is best if planned ahead of time. List down all the great baby-friendly views and stops along the way, as well as nice places to eat some local delicacies. A quick search on the Internet should help you put this in order.

You will, of course, want to leave a bit of room for spontaneity. If you chance upon a seemingly interesting place along the way, don’t hesitate to explore! You might discover a new must-see spot where fellow moms might want to explore.

4 Exploring an Aquarium

Consider yourself lucky if you live somewhere with an aquarium. Aquariums are, of course, pretty much like zoos in that they’re an opportunity to learn about wildlife. But there’s something just mesmerizing about being surrounded with vivid blue waters and the rainbow colors of fish all around you. You and your little one are likely to find it an oddly relaxing experience, almost as if you’re in a completely different world.

As with zoos, try to visit during non-peak hours to avoid the crowd.

3 A Meal at a Cozy Restaurant

While fancy restaurants are probably not the best places for a newborn baby, you might want to snag a meal at a cozy, more relaxed one. After all, you and your family will probably want an occasional dinner out to try some fun new food, as well as treat yourselves to a night without any dishes to wash!

Your newborn will not be able to hold her head up until about four months so you may not want to keep her on a high chair. Take turns with someone else to look after her while you’re eating or keep her in the stroller by your side.

2 A Day at the Beach

A day at the beach means plenty of fresh air, sand castles and good old family time. It’s also a great place to take the newborn, so long as you take the right precautions.

The main thing is that she will need sun protection. Most sunscreens aren’t recommended for babies below six months old, so you will instead want to cover her up with proper clothing, a brimmed hat and maybe even sunglasses. Yes, baby sunglasses do exist and they’re adorable. It’s also best if you keep the little one mostly under the beach umbrella.

1 A Picnic at Nature Parks or Preserves

One great outing with the baby is a trip to a nature park or preserve. Nature parks allow you to explore local flora and fauna, not to mention give you a fresh experience of nature. If you’re not into an entire camping trip, a picnic will do. Practically all nature parks have benches and tables, as well as designated picnic grounds, depending on your preference.

Some parks also offer the opportunity to rent out a cabin, allowing you and your little one to enjoy the beauty of nature with comfort and convenience.

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