15When Baby Has A Skull Injury

Cephalohematoma, a condition when bleeding occurs between the baby’s skull and the thin membrane that covers the surface of the bone, occurs in approximately 1% to 2% of births, so it’s quite rare. A hematoma is a swelling of clotted blood between tissues; cephalo

means “relating to the head or skull”; so a cephalohematoma is a blood clot on the skull. It usually occurs due to damaged blood vessels, most commonly from birth-assisting tools used during delivery, but it can also indicate an underlying skull fracture. Other causes are if the baby’s head is larger than the mother’s pelvic area, or if the labor was particularly difficult and long.

The spread of the blood clot can be contained with sutures, and cephalohematoma doesn’t affect brain cells or function. It is considered a minor birthing injury, but complications can occur, so catching it early is a must. Symptoms include anemia, jaundice, or visible bulges on the baby’s head.

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