15 Of Craziest Pregnancy Discoveries Of The Last Decade

Technology has come a long way, and humanity has gone a bit to the left field! With a combination like that, is no surprise that all sorts of disturbing pregnancies discoveries have been recently unveiled. The last decade is full of all sorts of startling peaks at human kind. How many of them do you recall?

Some of them have stayed in the news for the long term, due to highly controversial subjects like vaccines, breastfeeding, and reproductive technology. But, even with all the negativity and social attacking, with some of it has come a bit of good. Can’t remember what? Keep reading to see the advancements and mistakes that have filled the headlines as of late.

Do remember the Octomom? Every wonder what happened to that bundle of 8 babies? Or how about Dolly the cloned sheep…did her existence lead to a world full of human robots? Did you know that just this year the first 3-parent baby was born? Have you heard about the discovery of a pregnant T-Rex? What about the Walnut Tree that was found to contain the human hormone progesterone?

Maybe you missed the new study, that proves unvaxxed kids are healthier than those who are. Perhaps you’ve seen the new Similac formula that claims to mimic an important hormone in human breast milk. Does this mean we shouldn’t vaccinate after all, that formula is just as good as breast milk?

How about the 22 lb pound baby, the Irish Twins conceived together in Utero? Keep reading to catch up on all the juicy news you almost forgot about!

15 Three Is Not A Crowd!

The recipe for baby making isn’t too complicated, right? 1 part Mom plus 1 part Dad equals infant. It might not take brain surgery to figure this one out. We all know about the birds and the bees. We have learned the intricacies in sex education, too. Until the recipe doesn’t work that is, and baby doesn’t come after “love and marriage”.

Leave it to science to throw all the rules out! In 2016, what we all know as Adam and Eve took a sharp turn for the strange. Now it’s more like Adam and Eve…and Judy, too. That’s right, just last year the first 3 parent baby was born. The complicated IVF procedure was performed in Mexico and included genetic parts from two women and one man. The concept was compiled as a method of preventing a genetical mitochondrial disease. The mother is a carrier for the disease that was responsible for four miscarriages and the deaths of two previous children.

14 To Vax Or Not To Vax?

Some days it seems like the debate will never end! The controversy in an ongoing social dilemma with very little middle ground to cover. The freedom of personal choice doesn’t have much bearing here, regardless of which side of the coin you are gunning for. Especially, for new Mamas, the decision is increasingly stressful!

But, just a few months ago the results of studying comparing the health of vaccinated children against those who are not, was leaked into the media. The results more or less proved that all the CDC jibber jabber about vaccine safety and herd immunity is just a big hoax. Vaccinated children might have an advantage against the diseases they are vaccinated against… just maybe. But, only in exchange for a higher frequency of other childhood illnesses. Unvaccinated children certainly do not spread disease, and in fact live overall much healthier lives than their vaccinated peers. How’s that for science?

13 Target’s “Mind Reading” Marketing Tattled On Pregnant Teen

In 2012, one under informed father turned into a red-faced frantic when Target stores started sending flyers to his teen daughter. The flyers weren’t just regular teen ager stuff, but were filled with products aimed at pregnancy and babies. Dad turned up a bit of a fit about the apparent promotion of teen pregnancy. Target was understandably stunned as well.

Just as investigations were getting under way, the disgruntled father called in to say he owed the company an apology. Indeed, his daughter was pregnant! What was strange was how Target could know, when the father did not! The company’s marketing techniques revealed how in-store cameras, previous purchases, and even online searches are all mysteriously compiled to predict a shopper’s next purchase.

We have all heard the rumors of mind reading properties of our cell phones…but, did we ever imagine that Target was stalking our every move, too?!

12 Breast Is NOT Best Anymore?

The evidence is irrefutable. We know and have known for a while now, that breast feeding is the best nutritional choice for mothers and their newborn babies. Formulas simply do not compare in value to the liquid gold that nature intended. But, all the statics in the world don’t change the fact that some mother’s still will not breastfeed their babies. While the reasons for abstaining vary wildly, every mother deserves to exercise the right to make her own decision.

Leave it to science to back up the Mamas who choose to say “No”. Breakthroughs in breast milk research have revealed a key ingredient that can be artificially added to the ingredients in manufactured formulas. Oligosaccharides, the immune boosters found in breast milk, are now being added to certain Similac formulas. The company reminds readers that there is not replacement for the real deal, but the advancement in an important breakthrough for formula fed babies.

11 Blame It On the C-Section

Surgical deliveries have been responsible for countless miracle babies in the past several decades. They have also become more than a precaution, and are quickly winning the race as the most common delivery method.

It is no surprise that the health of the newborn is often compromised after surgical delivery. C-section babies are known to be at greater risk for illness. Scientists just didn’t understand why. In 2013, a revelation was made about the bacterial exposure of an infant as he passes through the womb.

We learned that healthy bacteria called microbes, literally bathe the baby in a protective layer as he passes through the birth canal. C-section babies were previously missing out on this benefit. Today, measures are being taken to pass the cells from Mom to Baby. With a simple swab from the vagina to the newborn. Babies born surgically are now receiving the same benefits of those who pass through naturally.


One thing all new parents have in common? The proud chatter of the birth announcement! We can’t help but to ooh and ahh over every last little detail. We splash the boring statics all over Facebook, t-shirts, banners, and even cakes. In those first moments after birth we all seem to be completely obsessed with those numbers.

Nobody ever remembers how much our baby weighed or how long she was. Unless your baby girl is named the biggest baby in the world! Earlier this year, a woman in Germany gave birth to a 22 lb baby girl names Jasleen!

Can you believe this big beauty was born naturally?! And without health complications! Doctors say she her super-size was likely due to the fact that her mother had Gestational Diabetes. Shockingly, she still does not hold the record for the largest baby every born. That is still held by a 30-pound infant born during the 1800’s in the USA.

9 Irish Twins In Utero!

Have you heard the term “Irish twins” before? It is usually a reference to two babies from the same mother born within the same calendar year. So, if you do the math…it is a Mom who got pregnant again when her baby was only 3 months old or less.

Now if that wouldn’t be a shocker enough, how would you feel if you got pregnant while you were pregnant?! It seems impossible, but in 2015 an Australian couple was proof in the pudding. It is something called Superfetation. It is not uncommon in mammals, but is rare in humans. This phenomenon can occur when a pregnant woman continues to ovulate. And then by some miracle the egg is fertilized, gets past the mucus plug, and successfully implants.

Wham bam! Two separate pregnancies happening at the same time in a single woman. For the couple mentioned, their girls were born 10 days apart.

8 Remember The Octomom?

One of the most disturbing pregnancy discoveries of the past decade was when an American woman gave birth to octuplets. She had 8 babies in total; six boys and 2 girls. Her high order pregnancy was a result of in-vitro fertilization.

The incident spawned into a great controversy and flooded the headlines for months in the US press. The pregnancy was even investigated by the Medical Board of California, over ethical concerns on the practices of reproductive technology. The doctor who approved the unnaturally high number of eggs that were transplanted lost his medical license after the investigation.

The media and the public scrutinized mother, Nayda Suleman, for her choice to intentionally get pregnant with a high number of babies. At the time, she already had 6 children and was unemployed.

All eight kids are all grown up now, and appear to be typical, healthy children. They turned 8 years old in February of 2017.

7 Female Hormone Found In Plants

If you remember what we learned in high school biology classes, the facts are clear about reproduction. We learned that all living things have a reproductive process. This includes sex linked hormones and reproductive organs in all animals, humans, and even in plants.

What we were taught and what has always been believed, is that there is no biological similarity between plant and mammal species. Plants are an organic composition made in a completely different way than the rest of us.

But, in 2010, a discovery of the human female reproductive hormone, progesterone was identified in a plant species! This information stunned the medical community. Progesterone is a naturally occurring steroid that is released by the ovaries. It prepares the uterus for implantation and pregnancy.

So, why was its presence discovered in an English Walnut Tree?! The answers are not clear, but researchers on the case suspect it could some ancient form of evolution that hasn’t been noted in more modern plant species.

6 Post-Menopausal Woman Delivers Her Own Grandson

Reproductive technology has come a long way in the last decade or two. Stories of IVF and surrogate mothers are nothing new. It seems these days that just about anything is possible, whether it should be or not.

In 2011, a controversial yet heartwarming story emerged, when a 61-year-old woman gave birth to her own grandson. The woman who had already been through menopause, went through a series of hormonal treatments to reverse the process. She was then implanted with the egg and sperm from her daughter and son-in-law.

The decision was made when it became evident that her 35-year-old would never be able to carry a pregnancy to term. The grandmother stated that she felt it was her spiritual calling to be a surrogate to her grandchild.

As strange as it sounds, this scenario is not that unusual. Despite the medical, ethical, and emotional controversy; many interfamilial surrogacies have taken place in recent years.

5 Pregnant T-rex Unveiled

Dinosaur history is not doubt a mysterious and fascinating fragment of the history of the earth. But, one thing that the general public may not be aware of is the lack of sex identification. Even after countless years of research, scientists have never had a clear way to make a distinction between male and female dinosaurs.

A benchmark discovery in Montana in 2016, was in the first step in uncovering the mysteries. The first pregnant T-rex was unveiled. Researchers say that this will open the doors for further comparison and investigation of sex differences in dinosaurs.

Valuable information can know be found in regards to the evolution of the egg laying species. We might also be able to better understand specific physical characteristics. Paleontologists says that all of those horns, shields, crests, and frills probably have some sort a of sex-based significance.

Exciting discoveries ahead, as we can look forward to learning more about the reproductive properties and gestation periods of the ancient lizards.

4 Not So Dire, Dolly

Dolly the sheep was not born in the last decade, but rather 2 decades ago. At the time, the world fell into an utter panic. It was assumed that the successful cloning of a mammal would forever change the face of humanity.

People the world over, worried and prayed. Some celebrated and others trembled in fear. It was a scientific achievement of epic proportions. But, here we are 20 years later…thankfully void of any human clones. The cloned sheep also did not result in the rebirth of deceased children, or of the wiping out of common diseases.

So, what benefit did we gain, if any from Dolly the sheep? It actually led to the banning of animal cloning for the purpose of food production. While, human cloning was deemed possible, the overwhelming majority of the human race, have also deemed it ethically irresponsible.

3 Seriously Messed Up Toys For Tots

If you have a baby girl, or maybe even a baby boy, odds are that at some point a babydoll will become of interest. So, no big deal, right? Especially, if a new sibling is in the works, it might be a lot of fun to mimic the daily routines of Mom and Dad.

A little diaper changing, bottle feeding, maybe even bathing. It’s all in good fun, until an emerging toy creator takes it a bit too far! How would you feel if you opened the box to discover that your baby’s baby had stretch marks, cravings, and a pregnant belly!

If you said “Woah!”, you aren’t the only one. The toy that was intended to be a spin off from all of the teen pregnancy TV shows, was never approved for the market. This toy maker took it a little too far, and it definitely did not pay off!

2 A Wrinkle In Time

How old is too old to have a baby? Opinions vary on this touchy subject. Perspectives mostly differ with ethical concerns over using fertility treatments to achieve advanced age pregnancy. But, what if the pregnancy was natural?

We have all heard that getting pregnant after age 35 or 40, is associated with a wide array of risk factors. But, that does not mean that is impossible or even inadvisable to get pregnant at a late age. Such pregnancies can sometimes go on to be completely normal, with no concerns for Mom or Baby.

A woman from the UK, came forward in 2007, to reveal that she gave birth to her son at the age of 57. The baby was born 10 years ago, but the family did not come forward with the news wishing to avoid publicity. But, the story was leaked by another family member so the time seemed right to speak up.

1 Tying The Knot

We all have our fair share of pregnancy and birth fears. Some of them are completely void of any logic. Others, stem from the horror stories of others. Last thing anybody want is something to go wrong during the delivery. This may one determining factor of why so many women today are seeking elective C-sections.

But, something the story has a happy ending and the parents are proud to proclaim a miracle baby. This was for a Reddit Dad in 2016. His baby was born with a perfect know in his umbilical cord. Miraculously, the baby did not experience any complications of what could have been a tragic scenario.

Tangled umbilical cords are not uncommon, and can occur at any stage of pregnancy. Normally, if they are found in late term, C-section is recommended as a precaution. In case, nobody was aware of the knot. It was such a shock, that the doctors called the Dad over to take a photo.

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