15 Of The Baddest Baby Names

Having a baby can be one of the most eventful, exciting and sometimes stressful things women and men experience in their lifetimes. There are many moments throughout the journey of pregnancy that are considered milestones, some of which include hearing the growing child's heartbeat, feeling their first movements, and finding out whether you will be decorating the nursery with feminine or masculine colors.

Another of these moments is the time when you and your mate discuss naming your child. This is a very important step, because it not only is the name he or she will be using to introduce themselves to others for the rest of their lives, but it is also a huge deal because their name is the first thing loved ones will learn about them. Some couples already have names picked out before they even conceive, while others may not choose until the little girl or boy makes their grand entrance.

Additionally, some couples decided on a name practically as soon as they find out they are expecting an addition to the family! This can be an exciting thing for you and your partner to do together, and here are a few badass names to pick from.

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15 Roman

Nothing seems more badass than someone named Roman. We can learn a lot from history, including some very awesome names for our future children. If you are looking towards giving your child a unique name, but not something so obscure that they will never find it on a keychain, than this, among some others on this list, is a great one to choose.

Roman is a variation of the late latin name, Romanus. This is a particularly good choice for a male, as it has a masculine background. However, if you are having a girl and would like to name her something similar to this one, there are female versions of it.

One of the feminine forms of this name is Romana. This name has a very diverse background including Polish and Croation. The male version of the name is also used in Germany and Ukrain, as well as Croatia.

14 Ezra

Ezra is a great choice for both girls and boys. There are many other awesome names with well known backgrounds. This one in particular has a powerful history attached to it.

Ezra is a name which is taken from the Hebrew word meaning “help.” It is also the name of someone who was talked about in the Bible, so it has a religious background as well.

Ezra was a religious reformer, as well as a prophet, back in biblical times. You can learn a bit about his history and prophecies in the Old Testament. This name is one that can be used for a girl or a boy, as it is considered a unisex name that fits well with both genders.

If you choose to name your child Ezra, he or she will also have other famous namesakes aside from the man mentioned in the Bible. These include actor Ezra Miller, who starred in the film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” as well as poet Ezra Pound.

13 Skyler

Skyler is also unisex. A lot of names seem to only be for girls, or for boys. However some of these names are somewhere in the middle, and therefore can be taken by a male or female.

One such name is Skyler. While the meaning of this one is not completely clear, there are some who believe this name could actually be based off of the word “sky.”

Others think it may have a different background. Their idea is that it might have come from an island near the coast of Scotland. This island is called the “Isle of Skye.”

No matter the origin of the name, the word itself has a German background meaning. If you like this name, but you would rather name your child a variation of it, there are a few to choose from. These include Sky, Skye, and Skylar, which is just a different way to spell it.

Skyler also has ties with the entertainment industry. Actress Minnie Driver played a character named Skylar in the film “Good Will Hunting,” and actress Skyler Rose Samuels appeared in the television shows “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Scream Queens.”

12 Axel

Axel is unique, and also badass. We don't hear this name often, and perhaps that is what might draw some parents towards giving it to their child. Typically, this is not one of the names that is given to both girls and boys, as it tends to have more of a masculine sound.

Axel has many origins and ties to lots of different backgrounds. Some of these include American, Swedish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, German, and Danish histories.

If anyone needs to be a little more convinced about how awesome the name Axel is, it sounds similar to that of rockstar Axl Rose. There is not much that is more badass than naming your child after a pretty well known and talented rock and roll star. Also, in addition to the super coolness of your baby sharing a name with the lead singer of the band Guns N' Roses, in many languages the name means “father of peace.”

11 Silas

Silas is another option for males. Some names have a certain magical essence that comes along with them. This means we mentally envision something great in our minds when we hear them, or see them written somewhere.

One of these is the name Silas, which is yet another choice for baby boys. Silas saw some popularity in the 1990's, and has stayed on the map ever since then. However, just because it had a recent boost does not mean it does not have a rich history attached to it just as these other names do.

According to some, St. Silas was a man who lead an early Christian community in biblical times. He also is said to have accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey. Additionally, the name appears to be based off of the Roman god of trees. His name was Sylvanus.

Silas also has connections to the world of entertainment. There was a character named Silas in the film “The Da Vinci Code,” as well as in the novel “The Rise and Fall of Silas Lapham.”

10 Selena

Selena is a popular name for girls. Many of the names we know and love today have some sort of connection with ancient Greece. One of the more beautiful sounding names for females is no exception to this case.

This name is Selena. While some think it is of Latin origin, there is reason to believe that it has more of a Greek history than anything else.

The meaning of this popular name for girls is said to be “the moon,” and it may or may not have been derived from the name Marceline, or another name, Celia. The masculine versions of this name include Seledy and Seleeno.

This name also has a story attached to it, which makes it all the more interesting. Selena is a prominent character in Greek mythology. She was the moon goddess, and sister to Helios. This name also has ties with famous people. If you plan to name your child Selena, she will also share her name with late Latin singer Selena Quintanilla, as well as actress and singer Selena Gomez.

9 Marceline

Marceline also has a certain charm. If you are looking to give your baby girl a name that is not hard for others to spell, and is easy to remember at the same time, there are numerous choices for you to pick from. Of these names, many of them come from Latin names and words. One such name is Marceline.

If you are having a boy, but you like this name, Marcellus is one of the male versions of it. Others include Marcelimey and Marcelile. There are also other variations of the name that include Marcela, Marcell, and Marcile.

This particular name first made an appearance as early as the late 1890's. However, it seems that it did not reach it's peak until the mid to late 1920's. So if you would like to name your girl or boy something that is not like other common names and has a long history, perhaps this is name for you.

8 Lois

The name Lois has an interesting background. If you and your mate decide to choose a name that has a rich biblical history here is another choice for you. Also, there are other backgrounds behind it as well.

Lois is a name that is primarily used for baby girls, and it has various meanings in different cultures. This seems to be the perfect one to give your baby if you want her to be knowledgeable about different cultures, because you can teach her about the variety of histories attached to her name.

Lois is said to be a Teutonic name that means “holy.” Additionally, it is also a French, German, and American name. In France, the name is a form of Louise. In Germany, it is said to mean “feminine female warrior.” Talk about a name that will make your daughter feel tough and awesome!

The name is also connected to a very well known fictional female character. In the story of Superman, his girlfriend is named Lois Lane, and she works as a reporter at The Daily Planet.

7 Elizabeth

A popular name today is Elizabeth. If you and the baby's father choose to pick a more common name than the others I have mentioned this far this is a great choice for baby girls. It also has a rich history, so perhaps this would give you the chance to talk with your daughter in the future about the historical figures that share her name.

Elizabeth is a name that continues to stand the test of time, and it's popularity does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Though it was replaced on the list of most popular baby girl names most recently by another beautiful name, Charlotte, it still stays ranked pretty high amongst those who are looking for names for their future children.

The name has a great biblical history, as well as ties with Hollywood. In the Bible, Elizabeth was the name of John the Baptist's mother. The name is also very well known for because of the actress Elizabeth Taylor, who was arguably one of the most beautiful women to be captured on the silver screen.

6 Shakira

Another beautiful choice is Shakira. This is perhaps one of the most unique names on this list. The name is familiar to many, yet not so common that you want to stray away from giving your child this name for the rest of their life.

Shakira is primarily a name that is chosen for girls. One of the things that makes this name a little more different than the others I have listed before is the fact that none of them appeared to have an Arabic origin. However, that is what the background of this name consists of.

If you would like to give your daughter a name that sounds beautiful, yet has meaning, than look no further. This name, in it's Arabic origin, means “grateful.”

Shakira is not a name so uncommon that others will have trouble pronouncing it. Also, it seems to be one of those names that easily rolls off of the tongue. This is a great choice if you do not want people to have any difficulty pronouncing your child's name.

5 Alexander

Alexander was a historical ruler. While we are still on the topic of names mentioned in history, there is this one. Alexander is a name many have today, but it started centuries ago.

This name is rich with colorful backgrounds, some of which include English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Others are Icelandic, Hungarian, and Slovak. This is also a name that has a prominent history with Ancient Greece.

In Greek mythology, this was the alternate name of a man named Paris. Also, the name is mentioned a few times in the Bible.

However, possibly the most notable person with this name was Alexander the Great. He was the king of Macedon, and he built a big empire out of Egypt, Greece, and some parts of India. This empire also spread across Persia, as well.

There are female versions to this name, also. They include Alexandria and Alexandra. There is nothing cooler than naming your baby after a famous warrior.

4 Marilyn

Marilyn has a certain essence about it. Earlier, we discussed the name Elizabeth, and it's history. A name that is just as beautiful as that one, yet a bit less common, is Marilyn.

Marilyn does not have as lengthy a background as the other names here do, but it has definitely been around for quite a while, and shows no signs of going out of style just yet. This name has an English history, as well as Israeli and Hebrew. It is thought to be a combination of three other well known names for females. These names, in no particular order, are Marie, Mary, and Lyn.

If you like the sound of this name but would prefer to go with a different version of it, there are plenty to pick from. Just to name a few of the alternate versions of Marilyn, there are Marlee, Marilin, and Marilynne.

Just like Elizabeth, Shakira, and a few other names on this list, there are ties between Marilyn and the entertainment world. One of the most famous women in Hollywood history was named Marilyn Monroe, and she was known for her glamour, as well as her films and multiple marriages.

3 Lauren

Lauren is a very cultural name. This is a very common name, and many of us have known someone with it or known someone who was given a variation it for their name. However, that does not take away from it's beauty.

Not only is the name Lauren beautiful, but it is also fairly common amongst many people. This means that if your baby is named Lauren, other people may have an easier time pronouncing it and spelling it out. Also, it will not soon be forgotten.

Lauren is a feminine and a masculine name, and can therefore be used as a name for little girls or boys. Due to it's versatility, it is very widespread and rich in culture, just like many of the other names I have already listed.

Some places that use the name currently are the United States, England, Canada, Australia, Belgium and France. Others are Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Scotland.

2 John

Many great people have been named John. A lot of names are extremely common, and some stray away from them because they want their child to walk around with a unique name. John is no exception to this, as it is still a very popular first name for young boys.

However, there are reasons not to skip over this name just yet, especially if you want to name your baby boy after a historical person. As far as religious history goes, John is said to mean “God is gracious,” and it was very popular in biblical times as it was one of the names of the twelve apostles. Also, it was the name of John the Baptist.

Famous actors named John include but are not limited to John Wayne, John Cusack and John Goodman. Former presidents who shared the name are John F. Kennedy and John Quincy Adams.

1 George

George is also very historical. On the topic of historical and presidential names, there is George. Though it seems to be a little less common than John these days, it is still pretty well known.

Like many of the names above, it has a Greek origin. The meaning of the name George is said to be along the lines of “farmer,” and it is derived from the name Georgos.

George is a name that has connections with medieval times, as there is a story from around that era about a man named Saint George. He became legendary when a story surfaced around this time that was about him and his struggle with a fire-breathing dragon.

The name also has ties with history in a different way. Perhaps one of the most famous men named George was the first president of the United State, George Washington. This name, among others, is a very cool choice for your child if you want him to share his name with prominent figures in the world's history.



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