15 Of The Best Grandparent Reactions To A Pregnancy Announcment

A baby announcement is one of the most excitement inducing exclamations one can hear! Whether it's mom's first pregnancy, a friends, or close family member, it’s always a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Every announcement is unique as is every reaction. I remember telling my mother I was expecting for the first time, she nearly hit the ceiling with excitement when she found out she was going to be a grandmother.

I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard her scream with glee. There's just something special about baby news and the idea of have a cute little addition to the family or circle of friends.

Becoming a grandparent is extremely special, because it’s the sign of a new generation beginning and it’s also amazing to witness the younger generation having babies. Grandparents look forward to showering that grandchild with love, wisdom, encouragement and lots of presents.

I have had many experienced grandparents tell me that the best part about being a grandmother or grandfather is the fact that they can spoil the kids rotten and leave the discipline for mom and dad, clearly making grandparents an immediate favourite amongst the kiddos.

This is a thrilling moment for the new parents as well as soon to be grandparents as they watch the future unfold and the family tree grow. Today I’m going to share some hilarious footage of parents getting a surprise baby reveal from their children. Some of these reactions are just priceless as these couples discover that they’re about to become grandparents for the first time!

15 Family Game Night Surprise

This turns out to be one of the most eventful family game nights ever! The game is simple, while wearing headphones, someone tells you a phrase, you have to guess what they’re saying by reading their lips, since the headphones will hinder you from hearing anything. A very clever game choice indeed!

Little does this couple know that their son is about to tell them some very exciting news, using the game to get the message across. Listen as their son repeats over and over again “You’re going to be grandparents.” It seems that grandma is much better at this game since she’s immediately wearing a huge grin from ear to ear. She waits for her husband to get it, but it takes him much longer.

You can tell grandpa to be is very competitive because he does not give up, he gets as far as “You’re going to the beach?” but keeps trying until he finally understands the word he’s searching for is “grandparents.” Once he repeats the sentence a couple of times he understands that it was all a ruse and hops out of his chair with excitement.

14 A Prank Turns Awesome

There are some pretty clever announcements out there and this one is just epic! Blindfolding his parents, he decides to offer up a challenge that he claims is impossible to complete. The challenge is to tie a shoe backwards. The unknowing grandparents are first given a regular shoe to complete the challenge with.

The second shoe is much tinier, this time it’s grandpa that clues in first and removes his blindfold excitedly and chuckles as he waits for grandma to catch up. She understands it’s a tiny shoe, but still attempts to tie the laces, her son then chimes in saying, “You better learn to do this in about seven months.”

That’s when grandma goes silent with shock; she finally understands the true meaning behind the tiny shoes. Pulling off her mask she jumps and screams and embraces her husband. There’s nothing cuter than these two freaking out with happiness.

13 Hey Dads, Guess What!

There is no hesitation or time wasted with this announcement; the expecting couple went straight for the shock factor. After starting the video and having everyone say hello, their son quickly chimes in with, “So tell me what it’s going to be like, now that you two are going to be grandpa’s?”

There shocked expressions are simply priceless. One of the dads remains in shock while the other begins to scream and jump up and down with so much excitement that he might burst! Happy tears quickly come to both the grandpa’s to be as hugs are exchanged and absolute joy swells through the room.

The one dad in the white shirt continues to clap and cheer with excitement, jumping up and down several more times, even asking, “Why did you wait until Christmas to tell me?” One can only assume it’s because this is an extra special announcement and a gift to all.

12 Giddy Grandma

These adorably oblivious grandparent’s to be, receive a tiny little box containing a little apple seed inside. Grandma and grandpa still don’t understand what it all means until their son tells them that the apple seed is the same size as their grandchild right now.

Grandma bursts with excitement, screaming, “Really?” But grandpa seems to be a bit confused like it’s some sort of prank, that is until grandma really begins to squeal and jump for joy, asking how many weeks along they are, and they respond with, “Five.”

That’s when it dawns on him that it’s all real and that he’s truly going to be a grandfather! They’re both grinning now, one with hyper excitement and the other near tears, overcome with emotions. It’s a really precious video announcing they’ll be grandparents for the first time; you can tell they’re over the moon and they’ll be counting down the days until baby arrives.

11 Time For A Montage

It’s Christmas and these grandparents are about to receive the best present ever! The video starts with grandma opening her Christmas present, which happens to be an unmarked DVD that her son in law urges her to pop in and watch right now! The DVD is a sweet montage of family memories, filled with great footage and photos from over the years.

When the screen goes blank they think the thoughtful film is over, and that’s when the caption pops up, “But wait…there’s more…” The family waits patiently and the screen soon reveals all. Up on the screen pops the ultrasound footage, sending the entire family into a frenzy, they know exactly what’s going on now!

Grandma and grandpa nearly launch themselves at their daughter, who just so happens to be expecting her very first child. The excitement in the room resembles something like a Super Bowl win and grandma is the loudest cheerleader in the bunch.

10 Delayed Reaction

Apparently grandpas and confusion go hand in hand because this grandpa doesn’t quite get it either, which really just makes it all the more hilarious. The mama-to-be decides to “gift” her parents with a tiny onesie, which is a clear way of saying, “We’re going to need some of these soon!”

Grandma wastes no time in screaming with joy and hugging her daughter. While grandma is tearing up with joy, crying into the onesie with thankfulness, grandpa is still sitting there checking his phone? Even the dogs seem to be more excited!

Finally grandma comes over to show grandpa the onesie he clearly missed. It takes a second for it all to register, but he finally throws his arms up in the air with surprise and happiness. It’s a delayed reaction worth waiting for, now he knows what all the fuss was about, and he can share in the excitement.

9 What's A Pregnancy Test?

A giant present? What could it be? Well these lucky grandparents are about to find out! Convinced that it’s a welcome home gift, they begin to open it curiously, the paw prints on the box might be the reason why, perhaps they think it’s a cat. When they open the box they are shocked to find a couple of balloons floating out of it.

Grandma finds it all very “cute,” reading the first balloon which says, “Welcome home,” but soon noticing the other balloon that says “baby.” They’re still not fully sure what it all means, grandma keeps looking in the box and finds that the balloons are tied to something, a small stick that says positive on it.

Grandpa asks if it’s something meant for brushing teeth, which has the expectant couple howling with laughter. They grandparents fully understand now and are super excited, but what’s even more hilarious is there inspection of the pregnancy test, trying to figure out how exactly it works.

8 Stunned Great-Grandparents

It’s an amazing moment when you can watch the next generation in your family be born, but what if it’s the generation of your children’s children having babies? Well now that’s extremely special, because not all of us get a chance to meet our great grandparents. This video shows first time great grandparents and it’s just too precious for words!

They hand great-grandpa what looks to be a big case of beer, but it’s definitely been tampered with since he notices the box is a little light for holding some brewskis, so naturally he investigates. When opening the box a balloon flies out with something attached to it, a photo of some sort that great grandma and grandpa can’t quite make heads or tails of.

Their grand-kids giggle as they realize that they may have never seen an ultrasound picture before. It is hilarious watching great-grandma and grandpa pass the photo back and forth, still a little confused about it. Finally the couple reveals their news and the great-grandparents are thrilled!

7 Quite The Present

You can tell that the grandma and grandpa to be are a bit suspicious before the reveal even begins. The expectant couple insisted on a nice lunch out for a joint birthday outing, but they seem to know that something more is up, but they have no idea what just yet. They hand grandpa and grandma a gift bag each, asking them to open them at the same time.

Inside grandpa finds a mini hat that looks a lot like his signature hat and grandma finds tell-tale tiny shoes inside her gift bag. Their eyes immediately bulge out of their head when they realize they’re going to be meeting a new little one very soon, which is one of the best birthday presents these two could have asked for.

What makes it even more special is that the baby’s due date happens to land on the grandparent’s anniversary, making this little gift a true cause for celebration for grandma and grandpa!

6 Family Photo-Op

Christmas is a great opportunity for surprises, especially ones of this nature that are just as magical as the season. This reveal is very clever, Christmas involves lots of memories and family photos and the unsuspecting grandparents to be don’t even think twice about taking a family photo in front of the Christmas tree, because, why would they?

As they pose for their family portrait, they have no idea that they are actually being captured on film so that their reactions to the baby news could be recorded. They hilariously try to find their places before the fake timer is set, not yet knowing that their position won’t really matter, since it’s not really the point.

Just for added hilarity the couple counts down and asks everyone to say cheese before actually announcing their pregnancy. Once they spill the beans, the soon to be grandparents squeal with delight and embrace in a sea of happy hugs.

5 All The Feels

These grandparents are filled with so much emotion that it practically bursts out of them in this very simple yet effective announcement that was all caught on film. The camera rolls as the grandparents get ready to Skype with their daughter-in-law as their son films the entire thing. What pops up during their video call is ultrasound footage of their very first grandchild.

Grandma loses it right then and there, tears flood her eyes and run down her face as she attempts to cover her eyes and grandpa just can’t stop smiling and giving thumbs up. Just when it looks like grandma might pass out from all the excitement she begins to ask questions like, “Do you know the sex?” and, “How far along are you?”

To which her daughter-in-law replies that the gender is still unknown, and that she is only two months along. The tears keep coming as her excitement overwhelms her in the most adorable way.

4 Double The Fun

Being a first time grandparent is an exciting time, but what if it’s double the excitement right off the bat?

Such is the case for this couple who is expecting twins and is about to reveal that to the soon to be grandparents. The grandparents already know there’s a baby on the way and they were anticipating a gender reveal. Grandma asks, “Is it a girl?” clearly checking to see if her instincts were correct, but instead of an answer they bring in a makeshift mini crib holding two balloons labeled baby 1 and baby 2.

They instantly guess that it’s twins and nearly jump out of their seats! Grandpa is super happy because he had initially guessed twins as he points at his wife stating, “I told you!” The surprise doesn’t end there, the baby 1 and baby 2 balloons have small black balloons attached to them and grandma and grandpa will have to pop them to find out the gender of the twins.

The first balloon pops with blue confetti as does the second, making grandpa two for two, guessing that his daughter would have twin boys from the start.

3 The Writing's On The Wall

After just returning home, this couple walks into a room with a big surprise hidden inside, along with a hidden camera to capture it all. The grandparents to be discover some very clever wall art that hadn’t been there before. Pinned to the wall are tiny onesies and baby décor as well as a small sign indicating a due date for “Baby Hall.”

Grandma gets the wall’s meaning right away and has to hang up her phone call because she nearly drops to the ground with excitement. She begins screaming, “Sara are you pregnant?” as she goes off in search of her daughter to confirm the news. Grandpa stands there baffled a moment while he tries to understand if it’s a prank or a fact.

When he hears that it’s a fact, he dances something resembling a jig, but with a lot more flailing because he simply can’t contain his excitement.

2 Let's Hug It Out

Already beaming with excitement, these grandparents know something big is coming when the cameras start rolling and a special envelope is handed to them that they are to open and read out loud. They don’t seem to follow that instruction since screams of excitement are the only things they utter once the card has been opened.

Grandpa and Grandma scream equally as loud as they race to embrace the parents to be. The excited screams soon turn to tearful hugs as everyone shares their excitement at this beautiful news. They look at the card a few more times and then the grandparents embrace while grandma exclaims, “We’re going to be grandparents,” with pure delight in her voice.

Her daughter admits that it was really hard to keep the secret from her own mother for an entire week and it was such a relief to finally share the joyful news with them.

1 Merry Christmas Baby!

Christmas is the best time to plan a surprise, you can package nearly anything and no one would suspect that you’ve been hiding a secret inside their gift. Truly brilliant, I can see why many people chose the holidays for their big baby reveal.

In this video a joint present is given to the grandparents to be. They excitedly open their gifts at the exact same time as instructed so that their son can capture the entire thing on video. Inside the bags are t-shirts that say Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma begins scream, “What? What?” over and over with a blend of shock and excitement that cannot be contained.

There’s one more item hidden in the bag but grandma is much too busy squealing and hugging everyone that the next instruction doesn’t even register, she’s just on cloud nine. Grandpa grins as he digs into the bag to find the ultrasound photos and shows grandma who still can’t quite calm down.

In the last few minutes of the video we see that grandma is already in her new t-shirt and needs to sit down after all the screaming and excitement. Too funny!

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