15 Of The Dreamiest Baby Photo Shoots You'll Want To Recreate

Children grow up fast and many parents want to capture special moments by scheduling a baby photo shoot. More and more moms and dads are hiring professional photographers to create memorable photos of their kiddos. Newborn photo sessions are becoming very common and many parents want fresh and original images that will make their baby stand out from the rest. Gone are the days of posing your child in front of a wagon wheel at your local department store. Photographers are pushing the envelope to capture stunning photos of kiddos.

With just a little imagination and a few props, a baby can be transported into a magical landscape. From recreating the whimsical world of their dreams to allowing them to become their favorite superhero, there are endless ideas to creating a dreamy photograph. If a little girl has always wanted to be a fairy, she can strap on some wings and become one. Maybe another little girl wants to be a pilot when she grows up. With a little bit of imagination, she can fly a plane in an imaginary world.

There are tips and tricks to capturing a beautiful photograph. A lot of time, simplicity is best. With just the right lighting, a wooded area can suddenly become an enchanted forest. Changing the vantage point can create a surreal image that will make people want to look twice. Looking for a little inspiration? Here is a list of 15 Of The Dreamiest Baby Shoots You’ll Want To Recreate.

15 Fairyography


Heather Lickliter Larkin is the genius behind Fairyography. She is based in Athens, Georgia and has been making little girls' dreams come true with fairytale photo sessions. A wooded area is quickly transformed into a magical forest through Heather’s camera lens. Fairy wings, glitter, flowers, and princess dresses set the stage for these whimsical images. From ice queens to baby wrens, little girls can indulge their imagination as they strike a pose.

Larkin has a knack for picking the dreamiest locations, from peach orchards to fields of lavender flowers. With a little bit of make up and just a smidge of fairy dust, your little girl will love playing dress up. The good news is that Fairyography will travel out of state for client requests and Larkin also goes to special cities every year. So, you don’t have to live in Georgia to have your daughter sit for a fairytale photo session.

14 Mermaid On The Beach


An adorable idea for a photo shoot is to let your daughter pretend to be a mermaid. This image captured by Time Worn Photography in New Orleans is just so dreamy. The beach is the perfect backdrop for a little girl who loves playing in the water. From the pretend mermaid tail to the amazing crown made of seashells, this concept is magical and fun. The ocean breeze acts as the perfect natural fan so that your little mermaid’s locks will blow in the wind.

You might even be lucky enough to find some props on the beach. A piece of driftwood makes a wonderful bench. The waves lapping on the shore in the background add to the atmosphere in the photo. Time Worn Photography not only serves clients living in the New Orleans area but Teena, the photographer, is available for travel sessions as well. So, she can totally bring her magic to you.

13 Woodland Creature


This photo concept is just precious. What’s cuter than a little baby dressed up as a woodland creature? This photograph was taken by Jessica over at Ten Little Toes Photography in Phoenix, Arizona. This idea is great because it would work for either a boy or a girl. The crocheted fox ears and tail are super adorable. Grab yourself a stump, some moss, a wooden mushroom, and you’re good to go. Other cute animals to recreate on your baby would be a bunny, bear, or even a deer with tiny little antlers. You could also use different backdrops that could be found in nature.

This photograph would probably work best for newborns so they can get all cozy and doze off, making it much easier to capture the moment. So, be sure to book your newborn photographer early on so they can shoot your session when your little one is fresh and tiny.

12 Grab The Moon


This sweet photograph of two little girls reaching for the moon was captured by Rhiannon Legsdon Photography located in Austin, Texas. This concept is simplicity at its finest. Taken during dusk, the lighting is soft and ethereal. It’s amazing that only one prop was used in this photo, well two if you include the moon. With just a ladder, the sky, and two girls, Legsdon created a magical image. I love how this particular photo plays on perspective so that it looks as if the girls are actually grasping that crescent moon.

Her other photographs are equally amazing. She often finds inspiration in the whimsical world that exists in the mind of a child. From a teenager standing in a fields of sunflowers to a cluster of butterflies hovering above a baby girl, Legsdon uses items found in nature, which is a great tool to help create unforgettable photos of your little ones.

11 Blackboard Dreams


Anna Eftimie of Cute Moments Photography is located in San Francisco, California. She serves the Bay Area and is the genius behind “Blackboard Adventures.” These surreal photos tap into childhood wishes and dreams. Eftimie illustrates an image with chalk on a blackboard to serve as a backdrop so that your baby came come to life as the main character in any story that you choose. This creative approach transforms photography into storytelling.

From a pirate baby seeking treasure to a mermaid washed ashore, if you can dream it, Eftimie can capture your child in the most fun poses. This is such a clever concept and it is amazing to see what can be created with a simple blackboard and a stick of chalk. Tapping into your fantasies and hopes for your little one can offer great inspiration and create images that will be treasured by your family for years to come.

10 Baby With Lovie


This sweet photo was taken by Summer Lynn Photography located in Long Island, New York. Just look at that pudgy little baby! Is there anything cuter than a naked baby? I don’t think so. The simplicity of this photograph is what makes it so special. Grab an infant, sit their bare bottom in the grass, and set a stuffed animal down in front of them. What do you get? Instant adorableness.

The concept really reflects the innocence of little ones. That little boy and bunny look like they love each other. These two could be best friends. I love how the stuffed animal almost looks alive in the pic. It could be even more special if you used your baby’s favorite lovie as a prop so their connection can be forever documented. Another cute idea is to line up a few stuffed animals on either side of your kiddo and click away.

9 Dream Adventures


Queenie Liao is a freelance photographer and mom of three little boys. She lives in sunny California and has the best hobby. Liao takes dreamy photographs of her son, Wengenn, while he naps. She uses anything from clothes to stuffed animals as props to create stunning images. Drawing inspiration from photographers Anne Geddes and Adele Inserson, Liao started experimenting with household items to create what she imagined her son was dreaming about. The result was whimsical and cute.

The floor serves as the perfect canvas offering plenty of space to create your chosen backdrop. Shooting the photograph from above gives the best vantage point to set the stage to capture the hopes and wishes of your little one. From a wild circus performance to riding on a hobby horse, there is no limit to the wild and fun adventures that your baby can go on in their dreams.

8 Tea Party With Daddy


This heartwarming photo was taken by Vita Podolyan Photography based in Moses Lake, Washington. There really are few things in this world sweeter than the love between a little girl and her daddy. This concept captures that innocent and charming connection. Set the stage by using the woods as your shoot location; the forest makes a wonderful backdrop. Grab a child-sized table and chairs, place a lace table cloth on top, and set up a tea party, complete with fresh flowers and cupcakes.

It wouldn’t be a proper tea party if everyone didn’t dress up so be sure that dad wears his Sunday best. What little girl doesn’t love playing dress up? Find the best princess dress for your daughter to wear and don’t forget to place a lovely crown of flowers on her head. The result is one dreamy photo that will be cherished for years to come.

7 Optical Illusion


Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer of Lolove are the creative minds behind these clever newborn photos. The couple are both photographers and wanted to do something different and cool for their daughter Emilia’s new baby photos. The surreal images make it look as though their little one is magically floating on air. The most impressive part is that they created the images without the use of photo manipulation.

Instead of using Photoshop, they took advantage of the vantage point. Emilia was placed on a mattress and the photos were snapped from above. Using a few props, her father laid down on the mattress that looks like a piece of drywall, and placed his legs on the wall. This trick created the illusion that he was sitting on the floor and their little one was floating beside him. This technique is really easy and the end result makes for quirky and surreal photos.

6 Superhero Photo Session


If you’re a parent to a little hero in the making, you might enjoy this photo taken by Chandi Kesler Photography based out of Bloomington, Illinois. Your little guy or gal will love dressing up as his or her favorite superhero. The props are so easy, just have them wear a Halloween costume and carry toys, such as toy shields or weapons. The setting is just as simple. Unleash your little hero in an industrial area, between downtown buildings or in the alley at a factory. If your child wants to wear a cape, you could get all sorts of action shots with them leaping off of railing and making that cape flutter in the wind.

This idea isn’t limited to boys, either. Your little girl would have a blast running around and pretending to be Wonder Woman. The sky is the limit when it comes to this photo idea. From Superman to Captian America, your kiddo will love it.

5 Dreamcatcher


This elegant concept was created by Eden Bao Photography located in Seattle, Washington. It would be worth the work to recreate this amazing brass loop dreamcatcher. With a swing made of rings and decorated with strips of fabric and lace, this prop would be perfect for cradling your little one. You could make the dreamcatcher simple or decorate it with flowers or ribbons. Some dreamcatchers feature feathers to honor Native American origins.

A nice backdrop might be to hang the swing from a tree and use the natural light of the forest. A tree branch would be the perfect prop to suspend the loop in the air. Other photographers use a simple white or black background. The sky is the limit when it comes to this fanciful idea. According to Native American beliefs, your little one will be given protection from the dreamcatcher. This will be a photo session to remember.

4 Beautiful Siblings


This photograph taken by Florida photographer, Trisha Jimenez, of TG Photography is simplicity at its finest. It’s very important to include siblings in newborn photo sessions and rather than make a big production of it, simply let your older child snuggle up to the baby. A big bed makes the perfect setting and a beautiful headboard makes for a lovely background. Swaddle your infant in a sweet blanket and snap away.

If you’re trying to capture the connection between siblings, their affection adds to the magic of why this photograph is so cute. Another good idea might be to buy a shirt for the older child to wear that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” so that they can feel important since most of the attention has probably been on the new addition. You will forever treasure the bonding time captured during those first few weeks of your new baby’s life.

3 Pose With Pets


Amy Smith Photography based out of Orlando, Florida took this precious photograph of a newborn snuggled up to the family dog. Pets are often considered to be members of the family too so a fun idea is to include them in the photo shoot. Once again, a bed serves as the perfect prop to lay your baby down on. A headboard covered with bright colored pillows makes a great background. The lighting is soft and natural.

I love how this photo isn’t fussy; it’s just a baby and their furry sibling. If you felt like your pet was your fur baby before you even had children, then this photo concept would be the best way to include your special animal in the shoot. I also really like how Smith captured the protective look on that bulldog’s face. This image will hold a special memory to the family of these two.

2 Milkbath


Cleveland, Ohio photographer, Brittany Gidley, took this amazing photograph. Placing your child in a milk bath creates a creamy and beautiful backdrop to photograph your baby. It’s an easy concept that results in surreal and ethereal images. You simply fill your bathtub up with water and then pour in 2 gallons of milk. You can even add powdered milk to add to the texture. The whiteness surrounding your baby will really emphasize their sweet little face.

Props for this photo include flowers, dried blooms, and organic decorations that will give the photo some contrast. You can select your color theme and even just use greenery for a dramatic photo. Shooting from above gives a great vantage point. If you want to use fabrics, sheer and lacy fabrics tend to look best in the milk. This idea creates a sweet and illuminated image for you and your family to cherish through the years.

1 Carnival Fun


This adorable idea comes from Bluebird Photography located in Spanish Fork, Utah. The idea is so fresh and easy for a photo session with your little one. What could be more fun than using a carnival as the backdrop? The colors are bright and cheerful. There’s blinking lights and rows and rows of excitement. From placing your baby on a merry go round horse to setting them on a stool in the game area, the simple location sets the stage perfectly.

It also captures the innocence of childhood and the magic to be found at the carnival. The great things about this photo session idea is that you really wouldn’t need to use many props. If your kiddo is older, it might be cute to snap a pic of them eating cotton candy or a caramel apple. It would also be fun to get candid action shots of your children enjoying a ride.

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