15 Of The Dumbest Moms Out There (Sorry, Not Sorry!)

We all have our dumb mom moments—like that time you put the baby’s diaper on backwards, or when you handed your five year old the baby’s bottle and gave the baby the big kid cup… No, that never happened to me…whatyoutalkinbout?

It’s difficult to be the perfect mother every second of every day. In fact, it’s not only difficult—it’s downright impossible. Still, there are some moms who are just a little bit dumber than the rest of us. Sometimes, moms are so dumb they do things that endanger the lives of their children—like leaving them in hot cars so they can go get a drink at a bar, or allowing a stranger to babysit their kids. Sometimes they do things that are wildly inappropriate—like taking selfies naked with the kids around—because some of these moms are stupid AF.

“Well, everyone makes mistakes!” I hear you shouting. True that. But there is a difference between a few harmless mistakes (forgetting an extra change of clothes, for example), maybe even a few not so harmless ones—like when your kid face-planted while pretending to be Superman (it happens), but these moms take dumb mistakes to a new level of dumb that makes them a danger to their children, and at the very least—extremely bad influences on them.

Here are 15 of the dumbest moms out there. You let me know what you think of them. Perhaps you can tell me stories of moms that you think are even dumber than these…

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15 If You Kids Misbehave, It's The Trunk For You!

One mom got pulled over for a broken taillight and things just went downhill from there. Was this mom smoking something? Not only did she put her kids in the trunk, but also she's so dumb she pulls them out of the trunk while the cop is still standing there. How dumb can you get? She's not even smart enough to wait until the cop is gone to pull them out. Was it some sort of punishment for the kids, or was she really just trying to fit a shopping purchase in the back seat, because it wouldn't fit in the trunk? Really, this video makes absolutely no sense, and there is only one explanation for her behavior—absolute stupidity. I truly hope those kids somehow find a way to escape from their batty mother, or they will end up just as dumb as she is. If they're not dead from suffocating in a trunk, that is.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IdDFgJkU68

14 I Can't Find The Paci. Here, Suck On This.

I have to believe that photos like these are meant as some sort of twisted joke, because I can't see any other reason for a mother to allow a baby to play with a gun. I have seen other images of mothers pretending to shoot their kids, or mothers putting guns in their young children's hands. I don't get it. Not only is this sort of behavior repulsive, but also it's stupid. I'm assuming that these parents have some sort of love for their kids, or else why the heck do they even have them, or pose in pictures with them? If that's the case, they are truly risking their children's lives by playing these kinds of 'pranks'. "I was just joking around, when my kid pulled the trigger and killed himself!" If they hate their kids so much just give them up for adoption, don't torture them! That makes you evil.

13 Mother Tattoos Her Son

This, surely, has to be one of the dumbest mothers of all time. What could she possibly have been thinking, tattooing her baby? I also think the tattoo artist must have been missing several brain cells to agree to something like this. The story is that this mother was part of a religious cult called "Growing With Grace". They tattoo the number 666 on adults as well as children, to identify themselves as 'God's Chosen People'. The cult began in the 80s by founder Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, or 'Jesus Christ, The Man' as he apparently calls himself. The sect is based in Miami but the mother and her child live in Havana, Cuba. They chose the 666 because it comes from the bible and has many meanings that this cult identifies with, such as the apocalypse. I don't care what these people call themselves, or what they believe in, they are dumb as rocks to be tattooing babies.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgfdvuN8qIw

12 Just Hangin' Around

I've seen a lot of mothers who are pretty careless with their child's safety, and it bothers me endlessly. I'm sure this mom thinks nothing of the one-handed carry she's employing, but dropping a baby on the head is no joke. Sure, babies are tough and they can withstand a fall or two, but a direct fall on the head can't be good for them. This mom is taking a risk by carrying her baby around this way, and quite frankly, there's just no reason for it. It would have only taken her a moment to pick up the baby properly and fling the backpack over her arm. These dumb moms are the first ones to tell the emergency room that it was 'just an accident', but I'm here to tell you that if you are taking unnecessary risks with your child, that is not an accident. Some people just should never have children, and I hope that this child is never harmed by its mother, but that seems pretty unlikely with what I'm seeing here.

11 Motorcycle Baby!

Seeing as how the leading cause of death in most parts of the world is car accidents, it would seem to be the one thing you would be most cautious about. I don't understand why people would ever do anything to jeopardize their child's life, especially while on the road. Pictures like this just make me want to snatch that child and take it far away from its dumb AF mother. There is absolutely nothing safe about rigging up a chair on your motorcycle/scooter for your toddler to sit on. Take the bus. Walk. Hail a cab or buy a car, but this is just ridiculous. What is this mother thinking? I hope that a police officer sees this and throws this woman in jail. I got pulled over once because my daughter was sticking her head too far out the window, and she was fully strapped in her booster seat and everything, so please tell me that this woman will be punished for her horrible parenting decisions.

10 Bootylicious.

I can't think of many things more inappropriate than taking naked selfies with your kids around. There is nothing sexy about a girl stripping down in front of young children. It's just gross—and sexualizing children is illegal, by the way. This mom is so dumb. Did she not notice her child in the room when she was taking a picture of herself? Did she not care that he was there? Or, did she actually like him staring at her butt? These dumb moms are all over the Internet, and so are all their raunchy photographs. It's just so sad that children get stuck with parents like these. No one is perfect, and children occasionally do walk in on a naked parent while they're changing or bathing, but that is innocent, and hopefully rare. These moms are likely taking these kinds of pictures on the regular, and I can guess that their kids will grow up and take the same dumb selfies.

9 Lazy Moms Have No Bounds

All of us have a lazy moment or two. There are times where we might try to think of ingenious ways to save ourselves some much needed energy. But when does laziness become criminal? When you begin endangering your children's lives because you can't possibly walk a few blocks, that's when. Segways are cool an' all, I'm not arguing that you shouldn't use them. But, I don't think you should be using them when pushing your kid in a stroller. Anytime you have too many things to control, bad things are bound to happen. This mom only needs to lose control of that segway once, and things may end badly. Especially when she's attempting to cross a busy street. Moms have got to use their brains when engaging in behaviors that might be dangerous. Pause a moment and think about whether this is a good idea, before you do something you'll regret.

8 Who Needs Carseats??

Now here's a really bright mom. She's got a toddler crawling around the car with no seatbelt at all, and her baby is sharing a seat belt with her. Really safe, and smart! I can't blame the guy who filmed this woman and posted it on YouTube, I would have done the same thing…if only to draw awareness to the utter stupidity that some mothers can't seem to overcome. There are so many laws against this sort of behavior, and one has to believe that these laws are completely necessary to deter stupid people from endangering others. Well, at least she has herself strapped in. She knows who's number one in the world, and it's not her kids. She doesn't want to die in a car crash, but who cares about the little ones? Obviously not their own mother. Moms, if you are this stupid, then by all means die in a car crash, but do strap in your children. That way, maybe they will have a chance to get an adopted mother who will actually keep them safe.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYKJATien_Y

7 Still Breastfeeding?

Dumb behaviors aren't limited only to dangerous ones. Many moms do things that are so inappropriate they will really influence their kids in the worst possible ways. This mother is creating some future Gropey McGees or rapists, if you ask me. Boys who believe it's okay to be grabbing their mother's breasts will have no trouble believing that other girls' privates are theirs for the groping. Why wouldn't they think that? They have a mother who seems to think it's perfectly acceptable for them to show no respect for women. Perhaps this mother just thought it was a big joke, but that's why she's so incredibly dumb. Sorry, not sorry. This woman should not be raising boys. The younger one on the right is acting like mom's boobs are tasty, licking his lips. This picture is just disgusting. Mom, you may have thought this was a great joke, but your boys will think respecting women is a joke also.

6 All The Bad Things In The World...Put Them Around Your Kid

Some behaviors such as drinking and smoking are considered adult behaviors. While they aren't always inappropriate in all situations, they are definitely wrong in some. Mothers like this one, who can't tell the different, are dumb. Drinking and smoking around the kids is not a great idea. Not only that, but this mom thought it would be super funny to pose in a picture with alcohol and cigarettes, as though her two year old was engaging in these behaviors. With this mom, I wouldn't put it past her that she would actually force her child to take a sip from her drink, or blow smoke in his face. She should be arrested. The sad thing is, there are probably a lot of mothers who do this sort of thing. I hate to think about it, because it turns my stomach, but behind closed doors they probably abuse their children in all sorts of horrible ways.

5 Curse At The Police In Front Of The Children

Oh my! This mom is dumb and crazy! This mom was stopped for speeding in a school zone, and then she begins to denigrate and threaten a cop. She threatens to kill the cop numerous times, even saying that if she had a gun she would use it on the officer. If those ain't fighting words, I don't know what words are. I am actually flabbergasted that the officer didn't take this woman into custody, and take away her children. The officer even warns the woman not to speak that way in front of her children, as the mom is repeatedly cursing. The joke of the situation is how she keeps telling the officer that she 'never speaks that way in her life'. Yeah. Riiiight. I think this mom deserves to go to jail, and she deserves to have to fight tooth and nail to get her kids back. Maybe that would teach her to not be such a dumb mom.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EfjvljBsJY

4 Give The Kid Botox

This mother is so dumb she's actually convinced herself that giving her daughter Botox is totally fine. She even defended her actions to the media, saying that she's a good mom, and her daughter Britney is all good with the beauty treatments. Britney is a beauty pageant kid, and she needs to look her very best if she wants to win those pageants. Critics believe that mom Kerry is damaging her child, both physically and psychologically, but Kerry believes she is doing absolutely nothing wrong. That's why she's so dumb. When I was reading this story, I couldn't believe that this woman is getting away with this behavior. Where's CPS at? I know they are overworked but come on! This mother also waxed her child's legs for the sake of beauty. How far is too far? Who is going to stop this dumb mom from damaging her child for life?

3 Bring The Kid To An Adult Party

Hello, dumb mom. What exactly are you doing? Having an adult party with your little girl watching? Are you trying to teach her proper technique? She may be too young to really know what's going on, but this is still incredibly inappropriate. If this mom is willing to do this sort of thing in front of her kids, what else might she be doing around them? We moms really have to think about the behaviors we model for our children, and sometimes you just have to spring for a sitter, because otherwise you are damaging your kids for life. Seeing these kinds of pictures really help me feel better about my own failings as a mother, that's for sure! This mom is trying to win an award for Dumb Mom of the Year. She takes the cake in my opinion. Poor kid—she drew the short stick when it comes to mothers.

2 Show Off Your Lady Mound With Your Daughters

Try as I might, I cannot even fathom what this mom is doing with her two daughters. Please, someone, explain this to me! Are they showing off their tan lines? Are they accentuating their mounds for the camera? What is it? This is just so dumb, and weird. And creepy AF. Again, there are some things that just aren't appropriate to do in front of, or in this case with, your children. Just no! These little girls are too young to be focusing on their lady bits. The little one, especially. And by the way, who's taking this picture? I'm imagining some creepy boyfriend of mom's getting off on this. This is so wrong on so many levels. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Mom, you are so dumb to be doing this with your little girls. Please go to brain camp and beg the camp counselors to give you a few more brain cells.

1 Pole Dance With Kids

Apparently, kids are doing a lot of pole dancing these days. It's all the rage, and while I fully believe it's a good workout, I'm not so sure it's appropriate. Maybe others will feel differently, but pole dancing still brings to my mind strippers, and all things sexual. All things sexual just don’t coincide with innocent children. The mom on the left has even dressed her baby in stripper clothing, and seems to be joking around as her baby girl straddles a lamp, while mom pretends the lamp is a stripper pole. Pretty sure that's not appropriate. Just sayin'. The mother on the right is dancing with her little toddler present. Again, we each have our limits, but it just doesn't seem right to me. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way though, so feel free to enlighten me on all the ways stripper poles are great for kids. Seriously. I'm curious.

Sources: Huffington Post, ABC News

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