15 Of The Funniest Mom And Baby Moments Caught On Film

To put it simply: kids are funny. Having a child guarantees that life will no longer be able to be so serious. Also, a sense of humor is a necessary characteristic of a parent. How else would these moms and dads survive countless sleepless nights? How else could a person sacrifice so much for someone who never intends to return the favor? Well, of course, love, and then it’s got to be a good dose of hilarity.

Children are constantly making adults laugh. They say things that don’t make sense, they wear ridiculous clothing, and they are overly emotional and selfish about just about everything, and we are only talking about older kids. Younger kids are even funnier. Even when they can’t talk yet, they make expressions or sounds or gestures or simply burst into laughter and anyone listening or watching can’t help but join in. The videos that follow illustrate the humorous nature of parenthood perfectly. These videos have received tens of millions of views because they are so hilariously worthy of sharing or re-watching.

Before starting this post be sure that it doesn’t need to be quiet and that beverages are not being consumed (especially hot ones) because this list of funny videos will have even the most serious person laughing out loud. There is also an increased risk of spitting up whatever is being eaten or sipped because of uncontrollable laughter, which is why the beverage warning was issued. So, buckle up, sit back and enjoy, these are 15 of the funniest mom and baby moments ever caught on film.

15 Sneaky mommy

This video is relatable to most moms. It happens all the time. After spending endless minutes, maybe even hours trying to get baby to sleep, they finally dose off, and upon leaving the nursery, boom. The baby wakes up. Either they heard the mom trying to sneak out or as they almost dosed they saw her leaving the room; regardless of why, the baby is up and usually a little angry that mommy is trying to pull one over on them. Well, this mom wasn't taking any chances. Using a reverse flat back crawl she is attempting to make it out of that nursery without being discovered. Anybody watching can see how hard she is trying not to laugh out loud because she probably can't believe what she has to do to get some peace in the house at night. The dad saw this funny moment on the baby monitor camera and decided to post it online for the world to enjoy. Well, they have, this video has been viewed millions of times. On countless websites. Around the world.

14 Daddy's Paper Trick

They say laughter is contagious and this video proves that point. We had to throw in one with a dad because you have to admit, dads can be pretty funny from time to time. Just take this dad, who found out the easiest way to do stand-up comedy with a baby is to tear paper. This baby shrieks with laughter every time his dad rips a little piece off the paper he is holding onto with his tiny little hands. This is one video where a person can't help but to join in with the laughter. This adorable tots laugh is truly contagious. As soon as he begins to giggle most people feel a tug on their heart strings. A child's laughter is truly one of life's greatest gifts. Any parent can tell you that it can make a good day better, and a bad day turn out to be pretty awesome.

13 Linda, Listen!

Most people cannot make it through this video without tearing up from laughing so hard. This three year old kid is the best debater the world has seen. The way he bargins with his mom for a cupcake is hilarious. Not to mention his repeated usage of his mom's first name. Linda (the mom) can hardly control her laughter as she continues to film and talk with her little boy. They discuss this cutie's attempt to get cupcakes at grandma's house even after Linda (his mother) told him he could not have any more cupcakes that day. He also shows his protective nature over his little brother, telling his mom he doesn't want the little guy to get a spanking. Hands down this is one funny mom and baby show down. Linda, Listen!

12 Scared Silly

This video is an obvious favorite on the web. This baby's "scared" face has been used in countless meme's and ads. It's hard to tell whether this baby, named Emerson, is going to burst out laughing or crying as his mother, Karen, clears her nasal passages. Emerson jumps and gets a case of the bug eyes every time his mother blows her nose. Then he kind of laughs, uncomfortable, because it seems he isn't quite sure she is finished with the loud obnoxious noise. This video alone, has been viewed almost 50 million times. It is obvious to see why, too. What is an average moment between a baby and his mum can really make someone's day. It's funny because parents never know what will cause their children to cry or to laugh. This little guy wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

11 One Too Many

Talk about a super mom! This amazing mom has some tremendous baby tousling skills. She has not only a set of triplets but also a toddler crawling around. This sped up video shows how she gets them ready for bed each night. Most parents are familiar with a bed time routine but not many parents wrangle so many children of such a young age at the same time. One toddler will keep any mom or dad busy in of itself, but when you add in three tiny triplets, things get silly quickly. The set of triplets are 8 months old and the adorable toddler is just two. The very best part of the whole video is the mom. Notice how the mom stays cool and calm the entire time? She is also wearing an enormous grin, which makes her a contestant for best mom of triplets and toddler of the year.

10 To Laugh Or To Cry?

Some people may not know what to do with their emotions on this one. It might make a person laugh at the touching way this baby responds to her mom's singing or it might make them cry. Heck, it might even make some people do both. This video captures a mom crooning out a sultry sad love song and the baby seems to be taken away, in an emotional sense. She grins like she thinks her mom's voice is beautiful but at the same time her eyes well up with huge tears. It's almost like the baby understands what the mom is singing about. This video is heart warming and illustrates the strong emotional bond between mother and child. This is a favorite in the viral world and clearly worth its tens of millions of views.

9 Double The Trouble

Can you say spy vision? This naughty twin duo is up to no good. The mom knew these two little tykes were up to something every time she would leave their nursery, so she set up her cell phone by propping it up on the dresser and using the camera app to catch the twins in action. Sure enough as soon as she steps out of the room, these two quickly begin to pull off an escape heist. The first one hops out of his crib, surprisingly easily and plays look out while the second one has a little trouble lurching his body over the side. Number two seems to want to play it a little more safe than his ballsy brother. The best part about it is whenever double trouble part 1 hears mom coming close, he signals for double trouble part 2 to be still and quiet. Talk about team work. It's no wonder this video easily topped millions of views within a short time. Double the trouble equals double the fun.

8 Not Mommy's Number One Fan

This video got so many millions of views, they actually made an app for tablets and smart phones. No wonder so many people like watching this kid. He is brutally honest with his mother. He let's her know that he likes her but not all the time. The time he likes her most is when she gives him cookies, but if she is not in the mood to pass out cookies, she shouldn't expect him to dote on her. The highlights of the little video are definitely the little boy's adorable chubby face and his baby lisp. How do you take someone this cute so serious. This video was filmed a few years ago, and recently this mom and son duo made part two of this video. The little boy (albeit bigger) is still adorable and funny. Its a win-win for us!

7 The Monster Slayer

The little girl in this video will have people rolling on the floor laughing time and time again. She puts a new spin on the whole "scared of monsters" thing that most young children go through. When asked what she will do about a monster, she answers straight up: she plans to kick his butt. While the expletives that this tiny girl drops are best for adult mouths (if anyone at all) her little lisp makes them adorable. She gets very candid with her mom discussing the possibility of a monster coming through the TV and trying to get her, and she says its not going to happen and that she will defend herself. The best part is the end where her mother reminds her that she should say "kick his butt" instead of kick his "ask".

6 Travelling Tantrum

What parent hasn't had to deal with a never ending tantrum? Most parents have seen epic tantrums but probably not in the way this one is carried out. The mom (who is filming) decided to show the world just what kind of toddler she deals with daily. This funny little guy refuses to continue his tantrum unless he has an audience. Every time the mom leaves his view, he follows her until she can see him and then (literally) flings himself on the floor to continue his pitiful show. Most people say their favorite part of this video is the family dog. This dog also refuses to watch the tantrum and moves room to room with the mom. This video was featured on America's Funny Video years ago, and it is very much one of America's funniest videos with millions of views and just as many laughs.

5 Brothers That Bite

This UK family video has definitely made its way into most homes in the United States. One funny dad captured on film one of the cutest moments every caught on film. The older brother, Harry, is holding his baby brother, Charlie, when Charlie decides to take a bite out of his finger. This video was never meant to gain some much attention, as the dad was just attempting to make a video about the boys growing up to send to his father (their grandfather) living in the US. The video was too large to email so he uploaded it to youtube. Well, it was not kept in the family. As of March 2017 this Youtube video has 847 million views, and was once known as the most popular video EVER on youtube. "Charlie Bit My Finger...Again" even has a wikipedia page. Talk about something going viral!

4 The Last Word

This video illustrates why people should never argue with toddlers and preschoolers. Its futile. Its a waste of time and energy. The child probably isn't listening, they probably do not care, and most importantly they probably don't understand a word coming out of their parents' mouths. This 11 month old little girl has found something with amusement value in the pantry and has decided that she would like to stay in the pantry to play. Her mother has other ideas and proceeds to get into a screaming match with her. After they go back and forth for a bit she decided to get the baby gate (a good idea) but then gets distracted and the little girl just takes the gate down and goes right on about doing exactly what she wanted to do, which is playing in the pantry. The only question is, why couldn't the mom get some help? Her sister was the one filming, maybe if she put the camera down and helped the busy mom, they could keep the baby busy somewhere a little safer. But then we wouldn't have this funny video, would we?


In order to continue the lesson on how to make a baby laugh, this video has been included on this list. Clearly making strange noises will also trigger a fit of giggles in babies. The laughter coming out of this adorable little boy could knock the blues out of anyone. Every time the dad makes a "beep" or "bop" or "zap" sound, this kid bursts out laughing like it's the funniest thing he has ever heard (which it might be). Wouldn't it be nice to have a laugh be a little more simple. All a friend would have to call up and say is "boop" and all would be well. A person could walk into work and see the boss and say "zing" and have the whole office laughing so hard their bellies would ache. Well, at least we have this video, just listening to this kid laughing is enough to make someone laugh out loud.

2 Doogie Howser Part 2

This little girl is either super smart or very well trained. As her parents quick fire her question after question she answers each correctly. The only thing some people argue is that she answers some of their questions before the parents are able to ask them. Causing many people to question whether she knows these answers or she is just repeating something she's been taught. Most two year olds do not know the president (or the vice president for that matter) but many two year olds can memorize anything if they are told it over and over again. Regardless of whether she knows the information or is just rambling off stuff her parents have trained her to say, she is adorable and funny. The best part is when they ask her what the rapper Lil John says, and she hollers "what?!?"

1 Pantry Party For One

Here is another video that most moms can relate to, because it's hard to catch a break when you have kids. This mom, Ashley Gardner from Utah, became a mother of quadruplets in December 2014. She delivered two sets of identical twin girls and documents their funny life on Facebook. This video captures a moment when the dad is out shoveling the driveway and she needs some alone time with a treat. Her favorite choice is twizzlers, but if she ate it out in public or her living room, she would obviously have to share. The funnies part of the whole video is when she scans down to the floor and catching one of her four girls laying on the ground peeking under the door trying to see what she is doing. This video became super popular after she posted it, and she was invited to make a guest appearance on many shows including The Today Show.

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