15 Of The Most Adorable Angry Babies

A crying baby can be challenging…really challenging. But there’s a moment at the beginning when the angry face appears. It’s adorable. It just so happens to get a little less adorable every minute the screaming and crying continues.

The adorable angry baby face has to be part of the master plan of the universe. Babies are so incredibly cute whether they are happy, crying, laughing, sleeping or just plain mad. It makes any parent able to stay up all night or keep their cool in tough situations because that face is just so cute!

When I see a baby start to get upset, I loved to take a moment (a quick moment) to enjoy the angry, upset face before helping to calm them down.

But then the crying and screaming sets in. It can be like nails on a chalk board to parents. Well, actually, if anyone tried to scratch a chalk board while a baby is screaming no one would notice—or care. So it’s something much worse than nails on a chalk board.

Best bet is to just enjoy the angry moment then hope it will pass…quickly. This list of adorable, angry baby faces has babies screaming, scorned, furious and ticked off. But while they’re each feeling varying levels of unhappiness they’re all incredibly adorable. Their grumpy faces will melt any heart.

Make sure to check out baby #1. He’s feeling the rage within come to the surface all over a little dinner mistake. He’s hilarious and adorable. Make sure to comment with the best one at the bottom.

15The Angry Banker Baby

Ah, the next angry banker. He’s showing his true colors very early. Before you know it, he’ll be berating the poor bank tellers around him.

“Yeah, I just spilled coffee on my new shirt. You think this is funny? I’m the banker here. I make the decisions about who’s going to get a new car or who will get a house. Someone’s going to pay for this!”

This is the dude you don’t want to make mad. You definitely don’t want to let him hear you giggle after he trips and spills a little joe on his fine new duds.

This guy takes names (and credit scores) and he doesn’t forget. The good news is there’s lot of banks. You better get out and start looking for a new one because he isn’t going to make your life easy any more (not that he was going to in the first place).

14Hey, This Isn't Real!

This little guy is angry and afraid. His sister doesn’t look too happy either. Who tried to trick these kids into thinking they were going to play at the beach? Clearly, this isn’t the beach.

It’s kind of cruel to get them all dressed up in their swim suits, then give them buckets and shovels only to put them on a blanket that barely resembles sand.

Do you know how much kids love to play in the sand? I think this photographer is going to have a coup soon.

It looks like the sister is thinking, “It’s one thing to disappoint me. Pretend like you’re going to let us play in the sand. But to do it to my little Bro? Not cool dude. He’s just a baby and you’re really setting him up. You better make this right.”

These siblings are going to have a riot if they’re tricked again.

13Quiet On The Surface, Angry Inside

Quiet on the surface, angry inside…this is the type of person you have to watch out for. They seem totally okay and calm but they have anger raging just below the surface.

This is the first sign that the “serenity now” mantra isn’t working and someone’s about to go postal.

If you meet this kid in school, make sure you’re nice to him. He’s the type of kid making lists and plans that you don’t want to be a part of.

“You’re tying me down to this car seat so we can go see Granny again?! You know the last time we were there everyone was in my face and wouldn’t put me down! This is what I think of you and your family that won’t just let me be at peace!!!”

I think it’s time to teach this baby a few more ways to handle his anger. Really honey, it isn’t healthy to keep things bottled up inside.

12I've Had Enough

This baby is making it clear that this is the last straw. Don’t try to pinch his cheeks, take more pictures or get him to giggle. He’s had enough of everyone in his face. Things are going to get really ugly really fast if people don’t start paying attention to his warnings.

Okay baby, okay. We hear you. It’s time for dim lights, quiet room and warm milk. A fresh diaper? Of course!

No more aunties. No more grannies. And definitely no more big sisters trying to carry you around like a baby doll. We see now that you’ve had enough. Let’s not take this to the next level.

This is the type of baby that rules the roost. He knows what he wants and he won’t back down. Someday he’ll make a great negotiator with his firm insistence and refusal to give up. Just like Teddy Roosevelt, he likes to speak softly and carry a big stick.

11The Future Bride-zilla

This future bride-zilla knows what she wants and won’t comprise. She’s pushy, opinionated and yet so adorable no one can tell her no.

Her parents (and future husband) should prepare for a lifetime of being bulldozed by her wants. Today it’s all about her dress, hat and the perfect temperature for her milk. Years from now it will be the cake, centerpieces and dinner choices.

You can’t fault the girl for knowing what she wants and making sure she gets it. She lives life the way she thinks she should and doesn’t let anyone get in her way. This bride-zilla is starting early at the ripe old age of 9 months.

Who would dare tell this darling no? One look at those chubby cheeks and your heart melts. Of course she can (and should!) get whatever she wants! Plus, that look lets you know you don’t want to cross her. She won’t give up!

10Too Much Plaid

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one speaks volumes. I don’t think this baby is just a little fussy waiting for nap time to begin. He looks deeply angry….by someone else’s apparent love of plaid.

He could maybe let it go with just the silly birthday shirt. A little plaid never hurt anyone, right? But then someone had to go way overboard. What baby wants to wear plaid every day?

For a gift, he was thinking a toy truck would be nice. Maybe a stuffed animal. Heck, he’d even settle for simple shape sorter. But did he get any of those obvious gifts for a 1 year old? Nope! Instead he got a pile of plaid shirts and plaid shorts.

He’s never going to be able to show his face at the sand box again. He’ll be decked in more plaid than a Ska band on St. Patty’s Day.

“Completely embarrassing Mom. Happy Birthday to me!”

9My Evil Plan

“Ha, ha, ha ha! You may have guessed that I was up to something. It’s my evil plan! You thought this baby thing would be easy? You will NEVER sleep again Mom and Dad! I LOVE to be up all night long! Remember quiet evenings? Never again! I’ll scream all evening! Just put me in new clothes? I’m going to cover them in bodily fluids you didn’t even know existed! I’m in charge now!”

What parent hasn’t wondered in the midst of a long, sleepless night that maybe they did birth the next wicked stepmom instead of angelic baby?

These eyebrows are perfect for the next Maleficent in training. At least you can add some humor to the 24 hours of care you’re now providing for another human being. Sometimes during those long days and nights you need a little humor to make it through. How long could you look at those eyebrows before actually believing your adorable baby is really plotting against you?

8Seize The Day

“Come close Mom, come close…That is the LAST time you will take my paci away from me. Do you understand me?”

This baby means business! He’s not the little guy you want to push too far.

Paci? You want it? Sure. I think this guy’s connections to the Mob run deep. Not the dude you want to upset over a little thing like a pacifier.

How often do you think he makes this face? Does he use it to intimidate other babies at the beach getting too close to his sand castle? What happens when the dog runs off with his stuffed animal?

Baby, you have to stop intimidating your parents. Yes, they’re bigger than you. But they’re afraid to say boo to you. It’s really not a good way to live. You’re going to have to let go of your anger. We’ll get you a fresh diaper and some milk and you’ll feel a ton better.

7No More Nice Guy

“Mom, Dad, I tried to be nice. I tried to ask politely. I tried to give you cues about what I wanted. No more nice guy. AHHHHHHHH! Baby attack!”

The moment when baby is pushed too far. He is going to scream until he gets what he wants. EXACTLY what he wants. The perfect assault.

What would happen if adults just started screaming nonstop when they didn’t get what they wanted?

I see the grocery store doesn’t have any grapes out. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

You’re going to raise my insurance rates? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

You’re giving me a ticket? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Okay, that one for sure is going to get you tased….or worse).

If we try this approach as adults, we’re sure to get some immediate attention. The outcome might not be what we were hoping for though. But when you’re a baby? Heck, you’re going to get what you want. And who wouldn’t want to give this adorable sweetie anything he whimpers for?

6The Ultimate Baby Attack

Attack!!! This baby is serious! She has the determination of a Spartan soldier. She is reaching a limit of intensity much higher than most babies do.

You definitely don’t want to push her too far. You’ll never win. You might as well tip toe around her and try to give her anything she pleases. At any sign of weakness she’s bound to leap forward and shriek.

Definitely don’t let her near the baby chair while watching basketball. She’ll toss it in a rage worse than Bob Knight.

If you don’t give her anything she wants, she’s bound to put together a baby assault of high pitch and determined screams like you’ve never heard before.

There isn’t even a bit of tears in her eyes. Just pure determination to stop whoever is not tending to her every desire. Clearly, she’s found that it’s best to strike first with a battle cry than to weep or kick around.

5Hard To Please

We’ve all met one of these in the adult form. Nothing is just right for her. She’s always got something to say about someone else’s recipe. Hard to please and just not very nice.

When you meet the grumpy faced woman at the craft auction, did you even think that she started out like that at just a few months old? I didn’t but this picture makes it seem all too clear that she did.

This baby doesn’t like how you boiled her sweet potatoes. She thinks your hair looks silly. Your shirt doesn’t match your skirt. And quite frankly, she just doesn’t think you’re very funny.

Lighten up Sugar Bun, life can be a lot more fun if you just enjoy yourself. My mom always told me if I twisted my face up like that it would stay that way. It just might if you’re always such a prude!

4Don't Try It

“Hey Dad, this is my warning face. I’m sitting here with Mom enjoying myself. Don’t even think you’re going to be “helpful” and change my diaper or do anything to take me away from her. This is my time with Mom, understand? You don’t want to see what will happen if I get mad.”

This baby is serious. What she says, she means. Mom’s her gal and she doesn’t want to be away from her. Who could blame the baby? Mom rocks! She’s sweet, fun, calm, gentle plus she’s got the milk supply. No wonder this baby girl is like Velcro to Mom’s side.

Sure, Dad is fun in his own time but right now Mom is where it’s at. Eventually baby will realize that Dad allows more sweets, more TV and in general breaks the rules more. But at 9 months baby doesn’t care about those things. Heck, she MAKES the rules right now.

3Who Put Broccoli In My Mouth?!?

“Dad, how could you!?! I thought you were my dude! We always get milkshakes together. You sneak me brownies when Mom isn’t looking. Here I thought I could trust you. Then you’re feeding me dinner like it’s nothing and you….you…you slip BROCCOLI in my mouth?! I’ll never look at you the same way again.”

A baby scorned by a bite of broccoli at dinner. His eyes say it all. He really looks like he’s been betrayed by someone. It looks like they tried to slip it in under the guise of cheese too. Nope, that didn’t work with this little guy. He’s on to them. The gig is up.

His parents are going to have to take hiding vegetables to the next level. Spinach in the pasta, squash in the muffins, beets in the brownies. They’ll really have to work at hiding the veggies in his food. Anything less will bring about this look of disgust.

2Who Snatched My Paci?!

“Who did it? WHO did it?! WHO DID IT?!?! I know it was one of you! I need that pacifier! It’s my comfort. You’re ruining my life!!!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa baby. Take it easy. No one is out to get your paci. Really, we want you to have it. Happily in your mouth. 24 hours a day. We don’t want you to be upset any more than you want to be upset.

You silly baby, it’s right beside you. It just popped out of your mouth while you were playing. I’ll get it for you baby. I know, it’s hard to find something that’s right next to your face. Shh…shh...shh…it will be alright.

Once you get a baby hooked on the pacifier it can be wonderful. You can use it anywhere, any time of the day to calm them down. But once it’s lost, the wheels come off. Everything in life grinds to a halt. You had better find that paci as quickly as possible. Having it lost for too long soon makes everyone in the house make the face as the baby in the picture.

1I Thought I Made It Clear...NO SQUASH!

“Really?! Really?! Does no one in this house listen to me? I thought I made it clear to EVERYONE. NO. SQUASH. EVER.”

Yikes, Mom really did it this time. She thought she’d try to introduce squash one more time. Don’t babies have to try things several times to give their taste buds a chance to get used to it? True. But you crossed a line with the squash here.

Not only does baby have an angry face over it, he has it smashed in his fist on the verge of a breakdown. If baby isn’t happy no one is happy. I don’t think Mom should even try to hide the squash in a muffin or a cookie. He would totally know.

Everyone, just back away from the squash. We’ll clean it off of your tray and not try this again. Just put the squash down and everyone will be okay.

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