15 Of The Most Disgusting Pics Parents Have Shared On Social Media

Are you one of those parents? One who dares to give the world way too much insight into how life is now that little ones are involved?  You know the ones we're referring to: the progenitors who have absolutely no filter whatsoever when it comes to what they share about their kids on social media.

Some have been labeled "mommy-jackers," and are guilty of hijacking the comments on other people's posts with nausea-inducing brag-fests about how amazing their own children are. "Sanctimommies" are another group guilty of oversharing. Their posts may include pics of their children covered in crap, crowning baby heads or artistic creations made out of their delivered placentas.

Blair Koenig is no stranger to the oversharing parents of the world. Her website, STFU, Parents, catalogues the worst of the worst offenders. She's also written a book entitled STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare.

According to Koenig, "Social media is the gateway drug to oversharing. Give people a Facebook or Twitter account and tell them to post whatever they want, and soon you will see a total devolution of acceptability. After all, you're behind a computer or on your phone, and you're almost tricked into thinking that what you post can simply be erased later. But in reality, once you post something online, it's there forever."

Included below are 15 of the most disgusting pictures parents have shared on social media: parental oversharing at its finest. Read on if you dare, and don't say we didn't warn you.

15 Spit-Up Selfie

Desirae Robles probably didn't realize how much love she'd get after she posted a pretty gross photo of herself covered from eyeballs to chin in baby spit-up on Twitter, inspiring other parents to share their own disgusting pictures of life with a newborn, and beyond.

After Desirae's 6-month old baby girl, Addelina, projectile vomited all over her face, she couldn't resist snapping a selfie covered in the partially digested muck before cleaning herself up. She thought her boyfriend would get a kick out of the pic, then later tweeted it to let other parents know they weren't alone. Before long, Robles was an internet sensation. The tweet has since received more than 132,000 likes and over 32,000 retweets.

Some might be completely grossed out if what happened to Desirae happened to them, but she's one mom who doesn't let the little things get to her. She shared of the incident, "It didn’t bother me. She’s my daughter."

14 The Poop Is Always Greener

We all poop. It's an unavoidable fact of life. Sure, when a baby's number 2 leaks out of her diaper, it's an event worth talking about. When infant excrement is all over the place, some parents laugh. Others cry.

However one reacts to this unfortunate occurrence, it's a little confusing why any mom or dad would think "You know what? I'll bet every single person I know from my boss to my co-workers to my old high school bestie probably want to see a picture of the literal sh** I'm dealing with right now." Maybe they want others to share in their misery, maybe they think they'll get sympathy or maybe they hope if they share something gross enough, the picture will go viral and make them some extra cash.

Here's the deal: want to take pictures of your baby's leaky, stinky, messy diapers? Great. Want to post it online? Don't. Doing so isn't going to make you any more friends, and, after posting poop pics, you might just lose a few.

13 Need A Hand? 

Oh, really?! Wonderful! Lucky you! Thank you ever so much for sharing this. Let me just slap some heart eye emojis in the comments real quick. Psyche. We don't care if it's poop or peanut butter or hummus on your arm right now. Whatever it is ... We. Don't. Want. To. See. It.

The baffling thing about this picture is the fact that the alleged parent in the shot is chilling with poop all the way up to her elbows, and has the wherewithal to take a freaking selfie before wiping it off. You can bet your bottom dollar that most folks would be jumping around screaming until they were wiped clean and had sanitized their entire body three or seven times if this happened to them.

If this poor parent is able to stay snuggled up on the couch with her tot, choosing filters for her sh** shot while covered in feces, she must have gone through so many instances of disgustingness that she's become desensitized to the gravity of the situation she's in. Someone get this gal a Clorox wipe ASAP.

12 Shampoop

The face of the mother pictured above with her young son and his sh***y hairstyle has been concealed. Most likely to protect her from angry peeps who have now been scarred for life after viewing the photo that, for some reason, she had no problem whatsoever posting on social media.

The caption of the photo reads, "He decided to put poop in his hair to get the same effect has poop on glass to grow!" We think the poster meant "grass", not "glass" but there's no need to split hairs here. No caption exists to make posting this picture okay.

One kind soul, Kelly, was brave enough to let the mom posing proudly with her toddler and a giant clump of poop know that she was not loving it. Kelly first asks "Does he have poop in his hair really??" To which the mother responds, "Yeah don't ask how either...Lol." Don't worry. No one was going to. Kelly then voices the sentiment that is most likely shared by nearly everyone unfortunate enough to have their retinas burned by the the photo above: "Ewwwwww."

11 Bubble Trouble 

It's a given that little ones will have runny noses sometimes. In some instances, when babies get upset, and they cry, their noses turn into little tiny faucets. This may sound cute, but it isn't. Ever. Especially when they breath in just the right way and create snot bubbles for the books.

Once again, if a mom or a dad wants to snap a pic of their child covered in nasal drainage, that's their prerogative. However, the rest of the world didn't ask to see your child's nose mucus. It's not funny or cute or even entertaining.

Let us reiterate that we know kids are going to have lots of runny noses in their lives. We aren't even mad if a parent chooses to stage a snotty photo shoot instead of wiping their child's nose. It's their right to do so if they see fit. This doesn't mean we need to see proof of said runny noses all over our social media feeds.

10 Not Cool, Dude

There is no telling where or when a baby will decide it's time to regurgitate his latest meal. Spit-up can spew out of an infant's mouth like a frothy, white volcanic eruption with little to no warning. There is not denying the person who snapped the shot above has impeccable timing. This doesn't mean we want to see it.

The other baby involved in this unfortunate incident does have the perfect expression, and this pic is pretty funny, but some people get squeamish when they see the contents of a another person's stomach being vomited back up. Just because a person is a tiny baby doesn't make a picture of him throwing up any less gag-inducing.

Want to make this picture the wallpaper on your phone? Knock yourself out. Want it to be your next Facebook profile picture? It might be best to re-think that decision over before committing to it.

9 Baby's Gross Back

The above photograph features a sweet little one in a floral onsie enjoying some tummy time...with a huge-as-can-be poop stain right in the middle of her back. The mother who posted this gem decided to caption it with the most-likely sarcastic statement, "Being a mom is so much fun."

For some strange and unexplained reason, she also chose to accentuate her caption with a freaking heart-eye emoji. We are glad she's loving every minute of being a mom, even the stinky and less-than-glamorous ones. However, we would all be better off never seeing this photo.

The fact that babies poop a lot has been firmly established. No one is mad that newborns produce number 2's just like the rest of us. We are in no way offended by the bathroom habits of infants, only by the pictures their parents post of their yuckiest moments. Please stop the madness!

8 Sitting Pretty

It isn't clear what exactly the adorable tot pictured above is covered in. It could be peas or beef stew...or something more sinister that we'd rather not specify. As is often the case, the devil is in the details, and we'd rather remain in the dark about what happened before this photo was snapped.

Messy babies are just the cutest. There is no denying that photos of babies post-meal slathered in spaghetti sauce or creamed corn are as sweet as they are funny. Everyone also loves a good picture of a baby who has mischievously covered herself in butter or flour. But, when a baby is coated in something that most definitely shouldn't be ingested, a photo can quickly transform from funny to frightening.

If the above child is, indeed, rocking the poop-covered look, it's concerning how close the stuff is to his smiling mouth. Just so we can all sleep tonight, let's tell ourselves he's simply smeared some sort of greenish vegetable all over himself.

7 Diaper Duty

Messy diapers are a part of new life. Many new parents have a hard time adjusting to the amount of stinky messes they are suddenly in charge of cleaning up.

Some may argue that mothers and fathers choose to post gross things like the photo above on social media as an act of service and good will. Maybe they feel they are helping other parents feel better about their own lives by sharing their worst experiences as parents, and not just their best. They may feel they are doing the world some good by reminding us all that sh** happens to every new parent.

Others disagree, and feel strongly that pictures involving bodily fluids or functions of any kind, even those of babies, don't belong on public forums. It's safe to assume that while a select few may appreciate the above picture, and see it as a reminder that they aren't the only one scrubbing poop out of the carpet, many others are not impressed when photos like the one above appear on their feed while they're attempting to eat dinner.

6 Let It Flow

The picture above is seriously adorable, except for one minor detail: the waterfall of spit-up cascading from the baby's mouth. His mom snapped a shot at the absolutely perfect moment, and captured a frozen memory of what parenthood is truly like.

We aren't arguing that moms and dads shouldn't be afraid to keep it real on social media. Only that there's a difference between posting a photo of tired eyes and saying, "I didn't sleep all night. Being a parent is hard," and posting a photo of a child puking or messing their diaper and saying "Lol." Just because one person thinks disgusting photos are funny and relatable doesn't mean others will agree.

A good rule to follow is this: think of your child as an adult. Then, before posting a pic of your precious baby, ask yourself whether or not they'd want the photo in question getting into the hands of their future crush or boss.

5 Leaky Little One

The photo above of a leaky baby bum staining the linens is not everyone's cup of tea, or something most people want to see while perusing social media with their morning cup of tea or coffee.

Parents aren't trying to be offensive when they share photos of their babies that aren't pretty. They are trying to relate to others, trying to share their struggles, or attempting to connect to the outside world that they may currently feel extremely disconnected from.

If a parent you know is posting photos you don't want to see, politely unfollow them or block their posts from coming up on your feed. Being a new parent is hard enough. No one needs to be dealing with internet haters while also dealing with puke and poop and such. So your friend just had a baby and won't stop posting gross pics? It may be time to head over and offer to help with diaper duty. Or maybe just bring her a Big Gulp or something. There are lots of ways to help new parents out without getting your hands dirty.

4 Shock And Awe

Every once in awhile, a disgusting photo is so cute, we can't help but adore it. The poor little guy pictured above is dealing with a splash of spit-up to the face, and it appears he can't decide whether to giggle or wail.

The emotions many new parents experience can be summed up quite well by the look on the above baby's face. He's horrified. He's humbled. He's still recovering from being pummeled in the mug by puke, but, just like moms and dads everywhere, he'll survive.

There's nothing a little soap, water and ice cream won't cure. Eventually, the tiny human in the pic above will grow up, and learn to throw up in areas that can be flushed or hosed off. He will no longer need the help of diapers. As previously mentioned, parents who want to document the disgusting parts of the first years of their child's lives are free to do so. They should also think twice before sharing them with the world.

3 They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Okay. This one is just too much. It's just so...yellow. What is this baby eating? Crayons? Will this couch ever be free of a yellowish tint? Probably not. The photo above is disturbing and nasty and stomach-churning, but let's try to focus on the positives.

First, amazingly, the pillow the baby is propped up against goes brilliantly with her florescent poop. Second, that Bambi onesie is just to die for. So sweet. Third, at least the mess is concentrated to one, very easy to wipe area. Sure, there may be a spot on this couch forevermore, but at least she hasn't rolled over and spread the mess around...yet.

Remember: you may not be able to unsee this photo, but at least you didn't have to clean that yellow cr** up. Having a bad day? It might help you feel better to look at the photo above and remind yourself you aren't having to dispose of what appears to be radioactive sh** at the moment. And, if you are, you aren't the only one.

2 "Category Five Sh** Storm"

Jesse Mab-Phea Hill from Omaha may have shared some pretty gross stuff on social media recently, but he did it in such a hilarious way, it's pretty hard not to love him -- and feel very, very sorry for him.

He discovered much too late that his daughter had decided to remove her poopy diaper and play with the stuff instead of taking a nap like she was supposed to be doing. Adding insult to injury, he was the lone parent home at the time of the incident, and had to deal with the mess all by himself.

He took to Facebook to share the sordid tale, and his post was so relatable to parents around the world, it's been shared over 107,000 times. The post reads: “I’m not talking a little poop here and there on her. I’m talking layered on globs of human faecal matter covering her arms, legs, face and HAIR. It's bad. It’s worse than any other time she decided to explore in her diaper.”

This poor, poor dad continues, "The walls, the toys, the windows, the curtains, the play bench, the floor, the baby piano, my hopes, all covered in cr**. It looked like a real category 5 sh**storm blew thru her room." So sorry, Jesse. You have our deepest sympathies.

1 Blood Bath

The mom pictured above is completely free to pose for a photo with her recently expanded family in a blow-up tub filled with her own afterbirth, but should the rest of us really have to see it?

Worried you may be a guilty of oversharing? Wondering how to know if it might be time to chill on the gross posts? Koenig wisely describes the difference between posting and oversharing. She says, "There are two kinds of people on social media: those who post too much information and those who don't. The ones who do aren't in the habit of considering their "audience" when they post. They just see social media as a digital scrapbook of their lives."

Koenig continues, "I see it as a way to connect and share relevant information, and I don't think a child's poop texture is of any relevance to people other than a child's parents. I also think there's a difference between crowdsourcing the best type of car seat to buy and crowdsourcing an toddler's mysterious, full-body rash."

Hope that helps.

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