15 Of The Most Fabulous Costume Ideas For Moms And Babies

It’s the time of year when the days get shorter and the night gets colder, which means Halloween is upon us. The 31st of October used to be known as All Hallow’s Eve. In ancient times, people would light bonfires and don costumes to ward off spirits. Over time, the day became known as Halloween—a community-centered holiday when little kids and not-so-little kids dress up in costumes to collect candy.

There’re lots of things to consider when dressing up for Halloween. Store-bought costumes are easier to find but they’re not always cheap. Homemade ensembles can look just as good as pre-made costumes, and DIY projects don’t come with a hefty price tag, either. They do, however, require a little more preparation time. Now is a good time to start to get ready for the annual festivities.

Dressing up for Halloween should be fun. A better time will be had by all if the clothes are easy to put on and comfortable. Also, trick-or-treating from door-to-door will require a costume with easy mobility. So, whether mom prefers scary and gory or funny and clever, the possibilities are endless.

When thinking about baby-and-me costumes, adorable is definitely the way to go, and there are a number of cute suits that fit the bill. We’ve selected 15 creative and clever costumes that are perfect for a new mom and her baby. These getups are easy to assemble. Plus, they do not require coughing up serious cash. And if there’s a best costume contest in the neighborhood, these selections just may help in taking first prize!

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15 Rainbow And Sunshine

We’re pretty sure almost everyone knows the song, “You Are My Sunshine”. Well, even if the skies are gray on Halloween night, these costumes will make a mama happy.

Households with newborns or infants already know that babies are, without a doubt, pocketfuls of sunshine. They have a built-in magnetism that can soften even the coldest heart. With or without teeth, their smiles are literally infectious, as Swedish researchers have found. Because they’re filled with pure sunshine, the sun is a perfect costume for a little one. For the baby, simply dress him or her in a yellow onesie. Then, glue petals made of felt onto a yellow or orange hat.

And what goes best with the sun? A beautiful rainbow. And this is an easy look that a mom can pull off. All she needs is a white top—to simulate clouds—and six strips of color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Simply cut the six colors out of felt, and glue them onto a shirt in an arch. Or, buy some washable paint at the dollar store and paint a rainbow on a white shirt.

14 Queen Bee And Blue Ivy

For those with an appreciation for wordplay, pun-based Halloween costumes are where it’s at. And who doesn’t enjoy making others laugh? These types of costumes show a good sense of humor while exhibiting a crafty side. Taking the clever route with a pun-tastic costume has its benefits.

Enter, Queen Bee and Blue Ivy. This bee refers to the queen of R&B and pop music, Beyonce, and her daughter, Blue Ivy. Mom doesn’t have to dress like ‘Yonce; a yellow dress, bumble bee wings, and a crown will do it. A baby dressed in blue with blue ivy petals completes this two-person costume.

To really make this outfit come to life, mom can sing songs like “If I Were A Bee” or “The Best Thing I Ever Stung”. Punny Bee-yonce and Baby Blue Ivy would easily take the prize for best costume. In fact, consider the award in the bag.

13 Sriracha And Taco

When you hear someone say, “I just want to eat him up,” chances are, they are talking about a baby. Imagine what they will say when they see an adorable baby dressed as a taco. Their little sausage arms and legs already look good enough to eat, so a taco baby is bound to melt a heart or two. And what’s the perfect pairing for a tiny tortilla? Hot Sriracha sauce to beef up the banquet. Talk about a hot dish!

Although these clothing pieces can be bought as a pre-packaged costume, they will not need a boatload of cash. And with a glue gun, various colors of felt or foam to simulate the lettuce and all of the fixings, and craft supplies, the taco can be made at home.

Since mom will be looking hot, hot, hot, and the baby will be looking like a sweet and savory bundle of joy, this couple costume idea will certainly spice up Halloween. Get ready for a delicious time!

12 Popcorn Vendor And Bag Of Popcorn

Looking for a costume that is perfectly made for a newborn? Consider the popcorn vendor and popcorn as a couple’s costume idea. It’s safe, affordable, and the young one will feel comfy and cozy next to mom in this adorable number.

Dressing a baby as a bucket of popcorn is guaranteed to draw a collective aww. And mom can show the baby the way dressed as a popcorn vendor. As long as she has a white top, black bottoms, and a baby carrier, her outfit is complete. The baby’s costume only needs red and white felt, popped popcorn, and a hat. It’s the cutest treat that's good enough to eat.

New moms need as much help as they can get, and making this costume will help save time and a ton of money. Mom will pay next to nothing, but what she’ll gain is a bucket full of compliments. This costume is also simple to create at the last minute.

11 Cop And Donut

When we see a police officer scarfing down a donut, it’s funny. The donut-eating cop is a bad stereotype, but the general thinking is that police officers and donuts go hand in hand. So, why not create a mama cop-slash-baby donut costume? It’s bound to give everyone a chuckle—everyone, that is, except for the cops.

Again, this insanely clever costume is ideal for moms and babies. A black jacket and pants are the base for the suit. Then, all mom will need are police office accessories, such as a hat and a badge. And the baby will be looking sweeter than a Krispy Kreme is his onesie and donut combo. The three-dimensional costume stuffed with batting will keep the little one comfy and entertained all night.

A mom can keep her financial prowess as sharp as her Halloween costume by creating these getups at home. Just make sure the batteries are charged because with this cop + donut costume, there will be a zillion photos taken that night.

10 Beehive And Honeybee

Mom and baby will certainly be the buzz all around the Halloween party with these creations. This time, the baby can be the honey bee, and mom can be the hive. When you think about it, the mom is the queen bee who runs the hive, otherwise known as her household. And babies do keep buzzing around. So, these costumes make perfect sense.

All the baby will need is black and yellow striped outfit, and some delicate wings to match. Mom's outfit will require a little more work. Since Halloween is fast approaching, the hive costume will need to fly into action quickly. This can be achieved with stacked layers of yellow pool noodles cut in half lengthwise. Pool noodles will make the costume not only comfy, but also light.

This costume may look complex, but it’s easy to make. Nevertheless, mom will definitely get points for the effort. As a beehive and honeybee, any mom and baby duo can go trick-or-treating on Halloween night feeling super confident.

9 Mufasa And Simba

Some people take their Halloween costume inspiration from movies. As just one of the film-inspired costumes on this list, this is another genius idea that will allow mom and baby to play king for a day.

In the 1994 animated film The Lion King, Mufasa is the ruler of Pride Rock. His only son, Simba, is the future king. Costumes inspired by The Lion King can help show off a wild side. Talk about being a party animal!

Lion Halloween costumes are easy to find. But, with enough time, a DIY lion costume is easy to execute at home. Simply wear brown or tan pants, a brown or tan hoodie, and use brown felt cut into strips for a mane. Makeup isn’t necessary, but an upside-down, triangle cat nose and whiskers will complete the lion look. Since it’s fun for all ages, it not only works for a mom, but also her little cub who will someday be king.

8 Curious George And The Woman In The Yellow Hat

The bestselling Curious George books are some of the most beloved children’s stories of all time. George is a curious little monkey who lives with the man in the yellow hat. These characters can easily be adapted into mom + baby Halloween costumes.

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby monkey has to be a contender. Since her baby is probably a mischievous little monkey, this getup for baby is fitting. It’s one the crowds will ooh and aah over.

The baby’s outfit is another animal costume that will need brown and tan fabric. It can be crafted at home with only a few materials. And all mom needs is a bright yellow dress and matching hat. The burst of color is sure to brighten everyone’s evening.

The monkey-slash-woman in the yellow hat costume goes together like birds of a feather. They are picture-perfect, and guaranteed to wow the crowd.

7 Jessie And Buzz Lightyear

Here are two more Disney-inspired costumes. This time, they’re from the animated Toy Story movie franchise. Two of the beloved characters from this film series are Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.

The baby’s Buzz Lightyear costume features pops of color, including a white jumpsuit, a green vest, a purple hat, and red buttons. The wings are optional. This costume can be found at the Disney store. Or, if mom can set aside some time to make it from scratch, a DIY project will save her a couple of bucks.

The character of Jessie doesn’t appear until the 1999 sequel Toy Story 2, but mom will have fun embracing her inner cowgirl. All she will need is a red cowboy hat, a white shirt with a yellow strip across the shoulders, and a pair of jeans.

With a range of characters to choose from, mom and baby have other options if Jessie and Buzz aren’t their favorites. Whichever Toy Story characters are chosen, they will be a hit at the Halloween party and beyond!

6 Lightning And Thunder

Next on our list are two more amazing DIY options. Take a gander at these totally original Halloween costumes.

Mom dressed as lightning and baby dressed as thunder could be called the perfect storm. Since moms usually have to move fast and a baby’s cry can sound as startling as a thunderclap, the thunder and lightning duo is an appropriate costume for a mom and her baby.

Mom’s outfit is probably one of the easiest costumes to create on this list. Simply cut out a lightning bolt in a piece of cardboard. Then, position the cardboard over the article of clothing, apply gold fabric paint to the cutout area, and sprinkle gold glitter while the paint is still wet.

For the baby, stick cotton balls onto blue pajamas using a glue gun. That’s it. It’s simple, it won’t break the bank, and these costumes are sure to set mom and baby apart from the rest of the trick-or-treating crowd.

5 Dorothy And Lion

From the roar of thunder to the roar of a lion. And these are, yet again, movie-inspired Halloween costumes—this time from, arguably, one of the most popular films in the world.

The 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz was based on a book written by L. Frank Baum. Dorothy Gale is a teenage girl searching for her home after getting lost in a tornado. The Cowardly Lion is one of the first friends she meets on her adventure. These magical characters have become all-time classic costumes for Halloween. It’s the perfect mixture of scary and sweet.

To pull off this look, mom with need gingham blue and white checked fabric to make a dress, a white blouse, white socks, and red shoes (or any colored shoes covered in red glitter.) Hair parted down the middle and one braid on each side will complete Dorothy’s look. Again, a lion costume (as described in the Mufasa and Simba section) will be needed for the baby. When mom and baby make their debut, onlookers will enjoy another memory down the yellow brick road.

4 Princess Peach And Toad

Fans of video games may recognize this mother-baby Halloween costume combo. From Super Mario Bros. come the characters, Princess Peach and Toad. Not only are they fun heroes to play in the Mario Kart video game, but they’re also cute characters to play on Halloween.

Princess Peach requires a pink dress, a yellow wig, and a crown. Toad will need a white hat, white pants, a blue tank top, and some red and yellow felt to dress up the outfit. Most of these items can be purchased at a reasonable price if you visit a thrift store or buy the fabric and make the costumes at home. The rest of the materials needed can be found at a craft or dollar store.

There’s something incredibly adorable about bringing cartoon characters to life. The Princess Peach and Toad costumes are a colorful throwback that will be remembered even after all of the Halloween candy is finished.

3 Max And A Wild Thing

Maurice Sendak’s 1963 book Where The Wild Things Are is the basis for this next mom + baby costume. The beloved children’s book inspired a film, and an opera, not to mention the imaginations of people from all over the world.

Max, the title character, is a wee lad in a wolf’s costume. On his adventure, he comes across beasts known as the Wild Things, which are tamed by Max. These lovable characters can be easily adapted into Halloween costumes.

A white, furry jumpsuit with a hood is the base of the baby Max costume. A shiny crown with a brown, furry headband, and a brown, furry tail completes the look. For mom, the Wild Thing getup consists of a striped top, a furry hat with horns, and ripped pants.

Although this book is a classic and a favorite among many, they are not Halloween costumes that are regularly seen. For the Max and a Wild Thing costume combo, they’re not only cute, but they’re also original. Isn’t make believe fun?

2 Web And Spider

Bug Halloween costumes are creative and cute. This itsy-bitsy spider costume for a baby is spooktacular! What’s not to love? The all-black outfit is easy to assemble. The not-so-creepy eight tentacles are adorable. Plus, the spider’s plush legs are soft and safe.

Mom requires minimal effort to prepare her outfit. All she needs is a white top, a white bottom, and black wool to simulate a spider’s web. Simply pin the wool to the clothing in a web formation. The baby’s outfit will require a little more preparation. For the spider’s leg, black pool noodles can be used. Mom can also stuff eight arm lengths of black polyester with batting to simulate legs. This costume is a perfect choice for colder climates.

Although this bug is a creepy crawler in real life, it’s the cutest insect you’ll ever see. It’s sweet and spooky at once. Just make the baby doesn’t climb the water spout.

1 Ariel And Sebastian

The last mom + baby costume is again inspired by a Disney film. The 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid is based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a young mermaid. Disney’s version names her Ariel, a 16-year-old princess who falls in love with a prince. Her trusty Jamaican sidekick Sebastian the crab helps Ariel along the way.

Luckily for moms, mermaid costumes don’t require waddling around like penguins. The skirt does not need to be sewn closed at the feet. A green skirt with a mermaid silhouette provides the same effect while being comfortable to wear. Top it off with a purple bandeau or tank top and a long, red wig to look like Ariel.

Sebastian the baby crab can simply wear a red onesie and a red headband with red pipe cleaners and googly eyes attached. No claws or swimming is needed. Now the only thing left to do is to have some fun. Happy Halloween!

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