15 Of The Most Fashionable Baby Names Of 2017

One of the biggest and most exciting parts of having a new baby is picking out their name. It can also be daunting knowing that whatever you pick will be their name for the rest of their lives. Couple that with a partner who may or may not agree with your taste in names, and the whole task can feel overwhelming.

In earlier times, parents would pick names that reflected their family heritage, often naming boys after their father or grandfather, and girls after mothers, aunts or grandmothers. Now we have the internet and unlimited access to the origin, history and meaning of names. We can choose names based off our preferences for things like nature, spirituality and historical context. We can follow naming trends and know how our favorite names stack up around the world.

We have even more options when we look to what the latest celeb baby name trends are, telling us what’s in fashion and what’s on the way out. When picking a name for your little model, you want only the most modern and unique names available, so we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest names on the block this year to give you the best choices for your little one!

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15 Jones

Jones comes from the English name “John” and has been a last name for centuries. It means “God is gracious” or “offspring of John”. Now as a first name, it’s been given fresh life. It’s more common than other names on this list, coming in at number 386 on nameberry.com, making it a good choice for more conservative parents who still want something fashionable for their son.

Former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback, Tony Romo and his wife welcomed their baby boy on August 23rd, naming him Jones McCoy Romo.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and you want to really spice things up with this name, use it as a girl’s name, where it ranks 8,752 in popularity. Nicknames that go well with Jones are Joni, Jonnie and Jonesy.

14 Violette

This is the original spelling from the Old French word, which is a variant of viole. The name traces its roots all the way back to the Latin word Viola, meaning a violet. Although Violet has been used for baby girls since the Middle Ages, it became a much more popular name in the mid 1900s when parents were naming their girls after flowers.

The variation on the spelling makes this name feel fresh and new, while still being a more familiar name for those who aren’t interested in going too crazy with uniqueness. It ranks at 1,329 on popularity lists compared to Violet which ranks at 52.

LOCASH’s Chris Lucas and his wife named their baby girl Violet Reid when she was born on September 3rd.

13 Nash

This name is traditionally used as a boy’s name, but I like it for either a boy or a girl. It was originally used as part of a Middle English phrase which meant “at the ash tree”, and was used as a surname for someone who lived in the vicinity of an ash tree. It only became a first name in the late 90s, so you won’t meet many people with this name. It’s ranked at 464 on the popularity lists, so if you’re looking for something more unique, then this is the name for you. Use it as a girl’s name and it’s even more rare!

If you’re a superfan of ‘NSYNC, you’ll love this name even more, since Chris Kirkpatrick and his wife named their son Nash Dylan.

12 Rome

Rome is a Biblical name that means “strength” and “power”, so if you believe your new bundle is going to be a tough cookie, then this might be a great name for them! It falls into the 1,616 spot on the popularity lists, so it’s rare, but because we all know the famous city of Rome, it’s not an unheard of name. Want to make it even cooler? Use it for your little girl, like the Young and the Restless star Jason Thomson, who welcomed his baby daughter, Rome Coco, on September 20th.

And if you’re into numerology, this falls as an 11, which means that people with this name have a desire to push others to a higher cause, and to share their deep-set views with those around them.

11 Kingston

This is a strong and beautiful boy’s name meaning “from the king’s town” or “king’s estate”. It is a variant of the name Kingstown. It has become somewhat popular in the last few years, sitting at number 136 on the popularity charts in America, and 90th on the charts in New Zealand.

Although it’s roots are English, many people know the name because of Kingston, Jamaica.

Gwen Stefani named her baby boy Kingston in 2006, which led to the rise in popularity of the name since then. In July of this year, actors Lesley-Ann Brandt and Chris Payne Gilbert named their new baby boy Kingston Payne.

If you want a further reason to pick this name, some cute nicknames for Kingston are King, Kingy, and Stone.

10 Everly

Whether you’re having a little boy or girl, a variation of this name might be perfect for you. It means “from the Boar Meadow” or “Grazing Meadow”, so this name might suit your growing family if you’re looking for something earthy and sweet.

It has become quite popular in the last few years, ranking at number 86 as a girl’s name this year. The Red Hot Chili Peppers member Anthony Keidis named his son Everly Bear, and Channing Tatum gave the name to his daughter in 2013. This year, Bachelor contestant Kacie Boguskie Gaston and her hubby gave the name Everly Sue to their baby girl on August 8th. There are several variations to the spelling, including Everleigh. It can also be used as a modern twist to the classic name Evelyn.

9 Kaspyan

An alternate spelling for Caspian, this name means “of the sea” and has geographical ties to the Caspian Sea, the largest sea in the world. It sits at 1,065 on the popularity list for boys, and at 15,673 on the popularity list for girls, making it a rare name for your daughter.

Dancing with the Stars alum, Anna Trebunksaya, and her boyfriend named their brand new baby boy Kaspyan after he was born on September 2nd.

Other famous Caspians/Kaspyans include Caspian Field, son of Neve Campbell, an actress who explained that she named her son Caspian because of its uniqueness.

And then there’s Prince Caspian from C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, so if you’re a fan of his work, this would be a great name for your little one!

8 Ada

Ada has a few backgrounds and different meanings, which makes it easily suited to a meaning that’s close to your heart. It has roots in Africa and America where it means “first daughter”. It can be traced back to the Hebrew meaning “ornament”. It also comes from the French word for “nobility”, so if you feel like you’re truly having a little princess, then this name hits the spot!

If numerology is your thing (of you just want a deeper meaning to the name), the name Ada is a number 2, which means that people with this name have a deep desire for companionship and for love. They also want to work with others to gain peace and harmony in the world around them.

Thomas Rhett and his wife named their little girl Ada James when she was born on August 12th.

7 Viggo

This boy’s name is on the rise in places like Denmark and Sweden (where it’s most often used), although it’s still rare in the States and other countries. It has Nordic roots and means “battle or fight” and is a great way to remind your little one that he is strong and powerful.

Probably the most famous Viggo in recent times would be actor Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Days of Our Lives actress, Nadia Bjorlin, had a baby boy on September 1st and named her new son Viggo Sebastian. Although this name doesn’t rank in the top 1000 on American baby name charts, it’s strong enough to be a smart and unique choice for your little boy!

6 Henley

Henley can be used for either a boy or girl, although it’s being used more and more in the States for girls. It’s gaining a lot of popularity, with ten times the number of babies given this name today than ten years ago. Last year it sat at 512 on the most popular names list for the US.

It means “high meadow” and finds its roots in the English language. Because of that, it’s very popular in the UK, but as a boy’s name. It ranked at 510 there only just last year.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from Married at First Sight decided on the name for their daughter, born on August 22nd. I love this name because of the nickname “Henny” which is super sweet for either a little boy or baby girl.

5 Arlo

Arlo began the first half of the 19th century as a popular boy’s name, but became less popular as the decades went on. It’s recently come back into the light and is now more popular than ever before, especially in places like the UK and New Zealand. Last year it ranked at 349th on the US popularity charts, and 95th in Australia, so it’s still a unique enough name that isn’t completely obsolete.

Arlo means “fortified hill” and is a great way to give your son a strong name, while steering clear of the overused ones.

This year, the former Sons of Anarchy star, Tony Romo and his wife named their brand new baby boy Arlo Benjamin when he was born on August 3rd.

4 Mayte

You may think this is a variation on “mate” but it’s actually a Spanish conjunctive name for Maria-Theresa. If the spelling puts you off, it has an alternate spelling of “Maite”. It also means beloved or loveable, so if you’re looking for a unique “love” name, this may just be the one for you! Perez Hilton named his daughter, Mayte Amor, doubling the emphasis on love. He welcomed his baby girl on October 4th via a surrogate. Need another celeb influence? One of Prince’s former wives was named Mayte Garcia.

Although this is technically a girl’s name, you could do a variation on the spelling and turn it into Mate for a boy, which would be a super cute name for your little buddy.

3 Albee

If you’re interested in literature, this may be the perfect name for your little one. Edward Albee was an American playwright born in 1928, and using his last name as your kiddo’s first name is the perfect way to showcase your love for the written word. And at number 8,616 on the popularity lists, you can be sure that your baby will have one of the most original names on the block.

If you need a little celeb influence to show you how fashionable this name really is, then look no further than Scandal star Katie Lowes, who named her son Albee on October 5th. Although this is considered a boy’s name, I’d say it’s more gender neutral and could be used as a girl’s name, too.

2 Clover

This is another great name for parents looking for something earthy, warm and organic. It’s a flower name, meaning clover flower, and has strong ties to good luck and prosperity, referencing the four leaf clover. It’s also the shamrock symbol for Ireland.

It’s become more popular in recent times with a few celebs using the name for their little girls. Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights gave this name to his baby girl when she was born on August 10th, calling her Clover Ash.

Nicknames for this adorably fashionable name include Clove and Chloe. And if you’re worried that it’s becoming too popular, it’s currently sitting at number 1,592 on the popularity lists, so it’s still unique enough for you and your lucky charm.

1 Bodhi

If you love all things spiritual or have any ties to Buddhism, then you’re going to love this name! Bodhi means “enlightenment” or “awakened”, and is part of the Buddhist concept of spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Not only that, it is also the name of the tree under which Buddha sat when he received his enlightenment.

If you’re a movie fan, Patrick Swayze played the character Bodhi in Point Break. And actors Reed and Ian Somerhalder named their daughter Bodhi Soleil when she was born on July 25th of this year.

It ranks at number 316 on popularity lists this year for a boy’s name, but becomes super rare when used as a girl’s name, coming in at number 5,339.

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