15 Of The Most Horrible Times Parents Shamed Their Kids

Kid shaming isn’t funny. Then again, there are two sides to every story.

Since kid shaming exploded in popularity a couple of years ago, the internet now seems to have pretty much done away with it. With this being said, there are still plenty of terrible kid shaming pictures on the web.

Parenting isn’t easy. It’s arguably one of the toughest things that we can go through in life. Over the past couple of years, plenty of parents have used public humiliation as a way to discipline and teach their kids lessons – be it for lying, stealing, sneaking boys at 3am or even for voting for Trump!

This is mostly due to the numerous articles that came out chastising parents for shaming their children, arguing that posting shameful pictures and videos of kids online can have lasting negatives consequences. According to psychologists, kid shaming can lead to the parent-child trust being broken and it can also cause an increase in anxiety for the child.

Nonetheless, many parents who have decided to punish their kids by publicly humiliating them have justified their actions by claiming that they either did it as a last resort to correct a behavior or to ensure that the kid never did something again.

Here’s are compilation of some of the worst instances of parents shaming their kids. They serve as a great reminder that when it comes to teaching kids a lesson, guiding them is best instead of bullying and publicly humiliating them.

15Kicked Out For Being A Trump Supporter

Ever since the US election and even more since Trump got elected, there has been an immeasurable amount of controversy with regards to “Trump supporters”.

But a mom in Texas definitely took things too far when she decided to punish her seven-year old son. That’s right, the poor little boy in the video is just seven.

In a video that’s just under 3 minutes long, the mom is heard telling her little boy to leave the house for voting for Trump in a mock election at school. After she kicks him out of the house, she asks why he voted for Trump, he answers: “’Cause I see him on TV a lot”, to which, she replies: “Well I hope you find another TV to see him on because this is going to be your new home”, referencing outside.

After she leaves him on the curb with a sign saying that he’s been kicked out for voting for Trump, she walks away saying “You can go be with him, Donald Trump lover”.

Talk about a crazy way to teach your kid a lesson! Although the mother was investigated, no wrongdoing was found.

14Just Some 3AM Fun

Can there be anything more mortifying than what Jasmine had to do? If standing in the middle of an intersection with a sign saying that she sneaks boys into her room during the night wasn't enough, this poor girl’s name was also written in big bold letters on the sign: “Jasmine”.

The only good thing about this one is that she’s hiding her face in all the pictures. It seems her parents thought that public humiliation would be the best way to correct her behavioral problems, which apparently all begun when she started high school a couple of months prior to this “punishment”.

The parents maintained that they had tried everything beforehand, like taking away her phone, TV and computer, but that nothing helped. They figured that they needed to straighten her out before anything worse happened and she ended up in prison. There’s been no word as to whether their disciplinary methods worked, but here’s to hoping that the sneaking in did stop!

13Signing Your Life Away

If signing documents while inebriated can be argued as being invalid, then signing any kind of document while being underage should surely count for something, too!

Although Mia is all smiles in the picture, there’s a pretty good chance that she’ll be absolutely mortified once her high school senior year rolls around given that she has apparently signed away the right for her parents to use this picture in it.

Her age aside, there’s a good chance that she didn’t even know what she was signing since she probably didn’t even know how to read yet.

Either way, this is another case of parents awfully shaming their kid. At least this one won’t be recognizable as an adult and hopefully, she won’t be affected by this little hiccup in her past when she applies for jobs. Plus, the situation could have been so much worse. She could have pooped in her crib and then smeared it around like most kids do at least once during their toddlerhood.

12Learning To Untwerk On The Street

Back when twerking exploded in popularity, a mother took her punishment to the extreme by deciding to shame her daughter.

Despite being forbidden from doing so, Jamie, who was 11 years old at the time, twerked at a school dance. To teach her a lesson, her mother had her hold up a sign at a busy Californian intersection. The sign read: “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance”.

Many people asked the mother if she went too far with her punishment and her response was that: “every parenting is different”.

Unlike other kids who are seen crying while holding up their signs, Jamie just seemed embarrassed to be there. Luckily, the news crew didn’t show her face either.

Meanwhile, the mother claimed that she was planning on taking a more “active role” at her daughter’s school. Perhaps since we haven’t heard more of Jamie’s twerking, it’s safe to assume that her mother made good on her resolution.

11He Will Steal From You

This next story from 2011 is borderline odd. Not only did an Australian 10-year old boy have to wear a sign as punishment for stealing, but according to several witnesses, he also had to wear a pair of Shrek ears. Meanwhile, his parents ate lunch nearby.

Even more shockingly is that when the boy took the Shrek ears off for a moment, a passerby heard his mother say: “Put them back on or I'll smack your head in”. Seems like public humiliation may have been the least of the boy’s worries.

According to witnesses, the whole situation was carefully thought out as well. Along with the Shrek ears, the boy also had to wear a sign on both the front and back of his shirt. What's more is that the sign was even laminated!

The threat of physical violence may certainly have been an empty one, but either way, it doesn’t make the sad situation any better.

10Bye Bye Facebook

Nothing like getting your kid to stop posting on social media by posting their punishment online, right? That’s exactly what American author, ReShonda Tate Billingsley figured when she caught her 12-year old posting pictures online of herself holding liquor.

As punishment, she posted a picture of her daughter holding a sign saying that she obviously wasn’t ready for social media. And the worst part? Her mother stated to ABC News that: “She actually asked for a spanking instead; she was begging for a spanking”. Wow, I’m speechless.

Ignoring her daughter’s pleas, Billingsley went ahead and posted the picture on her own official Facebook page, where it has since been shared over 12,000 times. It’s one thing to have the girl post it on her own profile for her friends to see, but having thousands of strangers see and share it? Ouch…

No doubt her parenting style isn’t unique as plenty of parents have employed kid shaming tactics in an effort to get their rebellious children to listen, but what’s interesting about this case is that the mother, Billingsley, has actually written a book entitled “Help! I’ve Turned Into My Mother”, as well as another book called “Motherhood Diaries”. It’s pretty ironic for sure, but let’s just hope that there haven’t been any more incidences.

9Week-Long Punishment

Her crime? Coming home late past curfew. Her punishment? Having to wear a t-shirt with her dad’s mean-looking face plastered on the front for an entire week.

Technically, it’s a unique kind of punishment that has certainly received a lot of attention, especially since the picture of the unhappy girl and her grinning father went wild on Reddit, and on the web thereafter. But in all practically, it’s not like the girl couldn’t have easily changed out of the shirt once she got to school.

The only outcome of this punishment has inevitably been public shaming and worse even than just being confined to the girl’s school. Even public humiliation on a school level would have been bad, but it’s that much worse given that her identity was put on full display when the picture went viral.

8School Bully

Clearly, if your kid is a bully at school, then the best way to get him to stop is by bullying him as well.

It’s under this kind of logic that this kid’s parents seemed to have operated. There aren’t very many details surrounding this picture. All that is known is that a kid was forced to hold up a sign outside the school’s ground that read: “I was sent to school to get an education, NOT to be a bully… I was not raised this way!!!!”.

The best is the multiple exclamation points at the end. They really serve to drive the point in. Unfortunately, there haven’t been additional reports as to whether the kid stopped bullying, but here’s to hoping that his public shaming days are safely behind him at this point, especially since this picture was first posted back in 2013.

7Learning His Lesson At The Mall

What better way to learn your lesson than to walk around with a huge sign strapped to your back, right?

Not much is known on this situation either, but it is clear that the boy had to walk around what looks to be a mall with a sign that said: “I stole money from my mom’s friend”.

This isn’t the first time that a kid has had to wear such a sign in punishment for stealing as the web is full of kids holding up signs saying that they stole money (often from their parents), and that holding that sign in a public place was their punishment.

Although it used to be more rampant, still now, at least once per year, we hear of a kid shaming situation on the news. The problem with using such forms of humiliation to counteract the behavior of stealing, according to psychologists, is that it teaches kids that they shouldn’t do it for fear of what might happen to them, as opposed to not doing it so as not to hurt someone.

6Standing For Cussing

Here’s another case of a kid having to stand on the street corner. According to the elaborately made sign, the boy was being punished for cussing out the teacher.

It’s pretty clear that the parents went to some effort to make the sign given that it wasn’t written by hand.

This image has been making its round on the internet for numerous years now, but it’s the boy’s facial expression that is the biggest sign that this form of punishment may not be the most effective. His look is that of defiance. A kind of looking that says: “I hate that you’re making me do this and you just wait until the next thing I do”.

His defiant look is a great testament to the claim that experts and child psychologists have been putting forth ever since the craze of kid shaming has reached the news. According to them, parents shaming kids as punishment serves to break the fragile trust being a child and his parent.

5Not So Funny Anymore

Just like the kid who had to hold a sign as punishment for being an alleged bully at school, this kid was forced to wear a sign for acting like the class clown.

While the front of his sandwich board read: “Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?”, the back said: “I’m in the 7th grade and got 3 F’s. Blow your horn if there’s something wrong with that.”

According to reports, the message seemed to have been getting through to the seventh-grader, but at what cost? It may seem easy to place a kid on the street corner with a sign as punishment, but many argue that it’s actually an abuse of power. The logic behind this argument is that instead of encouraging the child to be better and change their ways on their own, their forced instead into doing what the parent wants.

4It’s Called Art

Although not as bad as some of the previous ones, what makes this next instance of kid shaming worse are the little girl’s eyes.

If you look closely, it’s pretty clear that the young girl had cried a lot prior to being forced to take this picture and all because she colored her Uggs. Sure, taking a purple marker to your boots is bad, but the question here is if the little girl was even old enough to realize the cost of the boots.

Even if we put the boots’ cost aside, there’s still the fact that she probably didn’t even realize that the she was using a permanent market. So whose fault is it? The child’s for trying to creatively change the color of her boots, or the parents for not putting the markers in a safe place?

Like many of the images online of kids coloring their own faces and walls, it’s another one of those kid shaming tactics that maybe should be dealt with in a different manner. Let’s face it, would this little girl even learn from having to hold that sign? Probably not.

3Some Kids Develop Slower

For nearly all parents, socks are the one baby accessory that can cause a great deal of frustration. Those little things just won’t stay on!

Now I can understand the frustration of always losing a sock, especially one from the same foot each time. But the problem with this baby shaming picture is the allusion at how at nearly four months old, the baby still isn’t rolling over or grabbing objects.

Just saying that the baby loses his left sock in particular every time they go out would be enough and would be plenty funny. However, the fact that the parents felt the need to add that at almost four months old, the baby still hadn’t achieved certain developmental milestones, can be argued that it’s pushing the shaming too far.

It's important to remember that all babies develop differently. Some may only start crawling at eight months, while others may already be walking by six months!

2Caught Smoking Pot

With the increased legalization of weed in both the United States and Canada, there is no doubt that we’re going to be hearing a lot more of kids getting caught smoking pot.

For thirteen year old Brandon from South Carolina, smoking pot lead to some awful public shaming. As punishment, his parents deemed it necessary for him to walk along the road a couple times per week with a sign that read: “Smoked pot, got caught. Don’t I look cool? Not”.

The boy claimed to have learned his lesson but it’s this situation in particular that demonstrates the problem with using public humiliation as punishment. The sign implies that the biggest problem with the boy smoking pot was that he got caught. There’s a good chance that in the future, he’ll just make sure to not get caught again to avoid having to parade around with another sign!

His mother even claimed that this form of punishment was served because: “time outs and taking things away just doesn’t work anymore”. Kind of makes you wonder about the use of time outs on a 13-year old and how many times his things have already been confiscated to no avail prior to this situation.

1Lying To Dad Is Not Recommended

Oh boy. This last one has actually been posted a lot across the web under many funny parenting moments with top captions like “Dad Is Not Happy”, “Parenting Done Right” and “Quality Parenting”.

Dad certainly isn’t happy but surely, there must have been a better way to teach his daughter not to lie to him? The worst part about this one is that we don’t even know how she lied to him. It can be argued that a “lie is a lie” and that the circumstances don’t matter, but a more complete picture may just swing this one all the way into the awful parenting category.

As great of an idea as it can sound to think that your child will learn his or her lesson from holding a crudely spray painted sign in a parking lot, ultimately all it does is contribute towards a vicious cycle that can be seen as emotional abuse towards the child.

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