15 Of The Most Insane Demands Made By Pregnant Celebs

Pregnant women have certain needs that must be met. There are cravings, insecurities, anxieties and the like that make the need for control a comfort. But imagine being a pregnant celebrity—someone who has all of the money and connections to make their wildest pregnancy dreams come true—what would these requests look like? What sort of wild and crazy things does someone who is pregnant AND rich ask for?

Some of the demands make sense; a celebrity is constantly followed by the paparazzi, so taking precautions to ensure privacy are very necessary. Protecting the safety of the baby is on the forefront of parents’ consciousness and celebs have a much higher risk. But what does that security entail? What specific requests would someone in that position make?

Other demands may seem over the top and ridiculous to us regular folks. Our pregnancy fantasies are met with the reality of work, school, other children and responsibilities. We don’t have the luxury of getting what we want. But if we could, would our demands look anything like theirs?

Don’t worry, we found out the scoop. Prepare to be surprised by some of the outrageous demands that were made—and met—by the following celebrity mamas.

15 Mariah Carey

Of course, Mariah Carey is on this list. She is American’s favorite diva and you know there was no way she was going to make it through pregnancy without making some crazy demands.

Apparently, while pregnant with twins Morocco and Monroe, Carey made sure that every detail of her babies’ birth was planned. She insisted that the entire hospital be shut down to ensure her privacy. But the best request (in a move that only Mariah Carey could think of) that she made sure of was that her twins were brought into the world listening to their mother’s music. Her song “Fantasy” was blasted in the delivery room. At least it wasn’t “Dream Lover” or “Touch My Body."

Yas, Queen.

14 Beyoncé

Queen Bey is so fierce that it probably comes as no surprise that she made the list. Beyonce recently gave birth to her twins, Sir and Rumi, and allegedly sent the hospital a list of demands.

This list included that all security cameras be removed from the hospital for their privacy, that there were two sets of doctors to cause confusion for the paparazzi, and that their food be catered. All of the aforementioned were reported as being “demanding” and too “diva.”

Give Bey a break—she needed privacy because the last thing that any woman wants is paparazzi sneaking in and taking a picture of her hoo ha, and then posting them on the internet. And she wanted catered food? If I had money, I’d ask for that too! Why wouldn’t you?

13 Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is popular because people love to hate her. She comes off as spoiled and it didn’t help her image that she ended up with Rob Kardashian. It was leaked that Chyna had demands during her pregnancy and one specific list was shared. This list included Red Bull, champagne, and a really suspicious over the counter medication that the medical community refers to as Tylenol.

The world was appalled—everyone knows that pregnant women can’t have ANY of those things. But did everyone forget about Rob? That sounds a lot like a hangover cure for a soon-to-be dad. I guess Chyna needs to be more careful when she asks an assistant for groceries, that way the rest of us can breathe a little easier.

12 Kim Kardashian

Anyone who lives in this century could have predicted that Kim Kardashian would make this list. She was known for being demanding before she had children, so it is pretty easy to see how her demands increased when she was pregnant.

She has been open about the fact that her pregnancies were difficult, especially her second with son Saint. She apparently made her assistant carry around an assortment of things so that she could always have what she needed within arm’s reach.

These items included fairly normal things like a pair of sneakers, clothes, and food. But the most ridiculous demand was that her assistant bring a chair around everywhere they went, lest she needed to sit. It may be outrageous but I have to side with Kim on this one—that’s really not a bad idea.

11 Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra may come off as a laidback tomboy but she apparently lost all of her small town charm when she was pregnant, by making demands of those around her. Anyone who has watched her on TV knows that she eats like a first-year-frat-boy, so you can only imagine what she asked her staff for.

Wait for it.

Salad. Yeah, I know, couldn’t she have picked something easier? But not only did she require salad but she also specified that it had to be fresh. Seriously? Seriously Kendra? So if your assistant found dumpster salad that had a tiny bit of brown on it—you’re saying you are too good for that?

Celebrities these days are spoiled. This world is going downhill. Fast.

10 Celine Dion

Celine Dion is known to be a diva—but not usually in a bad way. It’s because her voice is as big as the sky and as smooth as butter. But she made everyone’s sh*t list when she had her twins in 2010, due to the fact that she had some particular birthing demands.

Get this—rumor mills said that Celine tried to reserve an entire hospital floor just for her. Now, there was no confirmation of this actually happening. Her rep denied emphatically that this ever happened saying, “At no time did Ms. Dion or her husband make any special demands or requests of the hospital. She is not scheduled at any predetermined date for her delivery. She has not requested or selected any particular staff or accommodations not available to other patients.”

9 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis comes off as the girl next door; she is casual, beautiful, and funny. The public may have thought that they knew her but her true colors really emerged when she was pregnant. She had one express demand that she needed to be met. And it was RIDICULOUS.

Mexican food.

Listen, Mila. You live in Southern California. You want your staff to go out and try to wrestle you up a carne asada burrito at noon on a Tuesday? What are you going to ask for next—three tacos with extra guacamole? Five enchiladas with the normal amount of red sauce? Pregnancy is not an excuse for women to just make demands and expect people to get them things. Especially, if that pregnant woman is going to have the audacity to pay her staff like it's their job.

8 Kate Middleton

Some people are making a big fuss over the fact that Kate Middleton had constant demands when she was pregnant. But for God’s sake--- SHE IS A PRINCESS. She is literally one of the few people in the world whose title basically ensures that she gets whatever she asks for.

But what was it that Kate’s heart so desired? Food. Like any pregnant woman. Rumor has it that she asked for all the best carbs during her pregnancy—muffins, cupcakes and scones. She apparently also asked for raspberry ripple ice cream.

For being a princess, I assumed she’d ask for something really crazy—like a baby elephant to calm her nerves or an ex-boy band member to brush her hair. The poor woman just wanted something to quell her horrible morning sickness.

7 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez used to be from the block but rumor has it that she is not that nice to the folks that work for her. The Daily Star reported, “She has made it clear that if any of the contractors, drivers or domestic help made eye contact or speak to her she will not be impressed.”

Oh, good Lord, is somebody really expecting her to be impressed with them?

Poor J-Lo has a reputation for being demanding when she is pregnant and when she isn’t-- but for some reason most women in Hollywood do. There aren’t many of her male counterparts out there that are being accused of being a “diva.” In fact, most of the time when a man makes the same requests he’s called something with a positive connotation like “powerful” or “determined.”

6 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aquilera has a reputation for being taxing to those around her because she has specific requests of her staff. Paparazzi coverage of the star’s pregnancy implied that she was even needier while she was pregnant. In fact, someone said on the set of The Voice that she wouldn’t take direction. Whoa. Wouldn’t take direction? Does that mean that she had, gasps, an opinion?

It is also whispered that she hired her own makeup team instead of using the one that was provided. Personally, I cannot BELIEVE that a pregnant woman would care enough about her looks on national television that she would want her own stylist. That is super cray-cray and demanding.

Shame on you, Christina. You know you aren’t allowed to be beautiful AND know what you want.

5 Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s name implies that she likes nice things. And this is true—if you’ve ever watched an episode of one of her shows then you will see that she has high standards and good taste. And it is her taste, apparently, that got her placed on this list.

Kourtney admitted publically that she craved New York bagels during her pregnancy. And this ridiculous demand was not only insane but unusual too—according to many tabloids.

Oh, wait. No. A pregnant woman saying that she craved a bagel, even a specific one, is just about the most basic, mundane thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe. But wait, there’s more. She also craved cookies. And a sandwich that had pickles on it.

Whaaaattttt? Kourtney, girlfriend, you need to get yo' self in check.

4 Madonna

It would be hard to write a list about demanding Hollywood divas and not include Madonna, right? Her Madjesty has pulled just about every diva trick in the book. So of course, her pregnancies were no exception.

She actually had the nerve to ask for French fries. But not just any fries—they had to be from McDonald’s. Now everyone knows how hard McDonald’s stores are to find. It isn’t like they are placed strategically every half mile, in every single country in the world. And you don’t even get to go inside sometimes, you have to sit in your car and drive up the window!

Yeesh, the demands of the rich and famous are frankly insane. Who do these people think they are?

3 Whitney Houston

Whitney was a legend and she was known for being demanding. But her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, wrote a memoir that explained in detail just how much of a diva Whitney was during her “pregnancy."

Bobby claimed that Whitney was so desperate for attention that she faked a miscarriage while filming The BodyGuard. He said, “As a matter of fact she was back to filming just a couple of days after it had happened. I never saw any evidence of her pregnancy or her miscarriage, so I started to think that the entire story was a ruse created by her PR team.”

Maybe someone should explain to Bobby that pregnancy isn’t evident in the beginning, doctors don’t send women home with “evidence” from their miscarriages, and that women (just like men) return to work after a tragedy.

2 Angelina Jolie

Angelina is too beautiful and smart for her own good. She makes other women jealous. But maybe her poise could be cracked during pregnancy—no one can remain perfect through that experience.

It is said that Jolie had ridiculous demands when she had her twins in Nice, France. A staff member at the hospital admitted that she was very polite but that she had crying fits. Wait—so are we to understand that she cried during her labor? That IS ridiculous. What woman would be so selfish that she wouldn’t choose to hold in her pain and her emotions for the sake of the hospital staff?

I don’t know about you but I am really incensed right now, for doctors and nurses everywhere.

1 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek made headlines across the United States when she was quoted as calling her body “completely disfigured” during pregnancy. News stands stated that she was too demanding about her pregnancy weight gain and that she clearly didn’t understand what a woman’s body went through.

That sounds pretty diva-ish and demanding.

Research, however, unearths the entirety of that quote which actually reads, “I gained so much weight, I got an opportunity to see myself completely disfigured in many different ways — for a very good reason — and I don’t regret it for a second.”

In context, maybe Salma was not really demanding of anything. She was just misunderstood by the general public due to misinformation and poor journalistic integrity.

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