15 Of The Most Obnoxious Celeb Moms We Love To Hate

Okay, okay, before anyone gets all offended at the words “obnoxious celebs,” let’s take a look at what that really means. We don’t literally mean that these lovely ladies are really and truly obnoxious. Hey, super-stars are people too. But, these pregnant celebrities have all in some way grated on our nerves.

And, why? Well, some of them are just plain enviable. That’s right. Maybe they only gained a teeny tiny mini-basketball sized bump right on the belly during those nine months. Maybe they lost the baby weight in what seemed like minutes. Or, maybe they were such as boss during pregnancy we just couldn’t help but to hate them. Then there are the celebs who have those mega-outrageous baby showers, decadent designer nurseries and put together infant wardrobes that are worth more than most of our cars. That’s the green-eyed monster for you. It keeps us in a perpetual eye roll and makes us snarky beyond belief.

Of course, not all of these celebrity mamas-to-be were women we all envy. Nope. We love to hate some of them for many, many, many different reasons. Some of them are just so out there with their pregnancies, we can’t help but to obsessively hate them. So, hate is really overstating it. Maybe we just obsess over them.

Whatever you want to call it, we love to get the gossip on preggo stars. And, these celebs certainly provide plenty of it. Whether it’s what they’re doing, what they’re wearing or how they’re parenting, we just can’t seem to stop our celebrity mama addiction.

15 Kim Kardashian

Come on. Pretty much everyone loves to hate on Kim. After all, her family’s reality show totally set her up for major public scrutiny. And then she became a mom. Yeah, everyone is going to put the spotlight on her.

So, she’s kind of got everything. Then add two adorable kids to it, and the public goes wild. During both pregnancies Kim had her fair share of haters. Even though it seems like everyone took to social media, blasting Kardashian for her weight gain, maternity-wear choices and just about anything else they could think of, this celeb actually had some real pregnancy problems.

During her first pregnancy Kim suffered from preeclampsia. One of the symptoms of this pregnancy-induced condition is extreme swelling of the face, hands and feet. Not only is this issue super-dangerous, but it may have accounted for some of Kim’s pregnancy weight gain. With everything Kim went through to have two healthy children, maybe we should all lighten up on her. Right?

14 Gwyneth Paltrow

Yep, she can come off as perfectly pretentious. And, that’s what sets most people off when it comes to Paltrow. Heck, she even got first place for her apparent obnoxious antics. In 2013 she got top honors (not that you really want to call it an honor) from Star magazine, winning first place in their “most hated celebrity” poll. Yikes!

Not only do people love to hate the actress almost every day, but maybe even more when she’s preggo. Hey, should we all love a pregnant woman? Not so when it’s Gwyneth’s turn. Some of the hate came from the fact that she just looked so darn good while pregnant. But, then there’s Gwyneth’s not so popular pregnancy advice. Okay, okay, so it’s not really come from her. It’s coming from her website, Goop. You’ve probably already heard all about those jade eggs that Paltrow’s site advocated for. Um, that’s putting them in your hoo-ha – not ever during pregnancy, of course. When it comes to pregnancy, Goop has gotten some equally unfavorable press.

When Paltrow’s site ran a ways to have a “pain-free” pregnancy, plenty of haters spoke up against the advice. From no lower back massages to massaging your breasts with almond oil, it seems like this article really struck a chord with many mamas out there. We suppose that Paltrow is controversial whether she’s pregnant or just running a site that hands out pregnancy info!

13 Chrissy Teigen

Hmm. This one is tricky. Honestly, Teigen seems like the kind of BFF we’d all want to have. She might be over-the-top, crazy-beautiful, but she still does things that us regular ol’ folk do – like eat. Oh, and she’s not exactly obnoxious. Maybe she’s more of obnoxiously amazing (yep, again there’s that jealousy thing we have).

Even though Teigen isn’t one of those ultra-annoying, showy celebs, she’s still someone who people love to hate – sometimes. When Teigen announced that she and husband John Legend chose the sex of their daughter, the hate cycle of the love-hate relationship that many had with this celeb started. The couple went through IVF and had the option to choose whether they wanted a boy or a girl. They chose a girl. And, the Internet decided they were wrong.

No, no one thought she should have had a boy. Instead, the haters were all over the fact that she made a choice. Even though this was Teigen and Legend’s choice, she became a not so well-liked pregnant mama. That’s okay. We’re still in the love part of our mom crush on the super-mama supermodel.

12 Halle Berry

She’s gorgeous, talented and hot pregnant at 46. Seriously? Women who are 35 and over are considered to be of “advanced maternal age.” So, that makes Berry a senior citizen of the expectant mama group. Roughly one-third of women over 36 have fertility problems, according to the U.S. Office on Women’s Health. Getting pregnant naturally at age 46 is almost unheard of. Almost.

Berry was 41 when she had her first child. And, that kind of annoyed people. Okay, so we should all be happy for the actress. After all, she had a healthy baby girl at 41. That’s cause for celebration. But, we all tend to hate what we can’t have. And, with so many older (not old, older) women unable to conceive, it’s no wonder Berry gets hate instead of love – at least, sometimes.

Of course, when you add on that second pregnancy at an absolutely astounding age of 46 and that she looked more 20something than 40something and you definitely have a recipe for a celeb that everyone loves to hate. If we could only be so lucky!

11 Gisele Bundchen

As if being one of the hottest supermodels in the world isn’t enough, after giving birth to son Benjamin this mama admitted that she really didn’t feel any pain giving birth. Um, what?

You know the drill. You start contracting, maybe your water breaks and your S.O. rushes you to the hospital. When you finally arrive, they check you in as you start screaming in agony. You’re in pain. Not just normal pain. But, soul-wrenching pain. You labor and labor and labor some more. Just when you feel like the marathon that is childbirth will never be over, the doc says it’s time to push. Which you do – with even more pain.

Oh, but not for Gisele. In an interview with the Brazilian TV show “Fantastico” the model said that childbirth, “wasn’t painful, not even a little bit.” She went on to add that she was so focused on the contractions that she didn’t really even feel the pain. Hmm.

But, that’s not all. After Bundchen delivered her baby boy at home (she had a water birth), she said she was up and walking around. Wait. Not only was she walking around, she was doing dishes and making pancakes. Yeah, why we love to hate this easy-delivery mama isn’t really a major mystery.

10 Alessandra Ambrosio

Yes, again we have another model who we love to hate. To start with, we kind of all love to hate a model. They tend to be genetic freaks who are effortlessly perfect. Back in 2011 the then-30-year-old model actually walked the runway at a VS show. It’s not like wearing lingerie isn’t tough enough, but add in the fact that the model was two-months pregnant and you can kind of see why some fans became haters. Um, jealousy!

As it turns out Ambrosio wasn’t the only “angel” to walk the runway that year. VS model Lily Aldridge was also expecting.

Not only did Ambrosio look model thin as ever during the show (her belly was covered), but she lost that baby eight in record time. Well, maybe not record time. But, the model certainly snapped back into shape. She also claimed that her body is even better now that she’s had kids than it was before. Ugh!

9 Rachel Zoe

Before the stylist headed off to the hospital to deliver her first child she said (on her reality show), “If I’m going to be a mess, I’m going to be a glamorous mess.” And, that’s probably why she packed her bag full of runway-worthy designer clothes.

Childbirth is messy. We all know that. At least, hopefully you know it. Plenty of first-time mama’s to be buy those fancy pj’s, thinking they’ll wear them during delivery. But, then things get gooey and it’s all hospital gowns.

Well, Zoe didn’t want anything to do with the generic, hospital-issued gowns. Hey, we admire her optimism. But, we also kind of love to hate her overindulgence in fashion. While most of us would need to do some serious saving just to finance a fraction of the stylist’s wardrobe, she actually brought it to one of the messiest experiences of a woman’s life. Ah, to have such luxuries!

8 Lauren Conrad

LC’s pregnant and apparently it’s major news. Kind of. The now-designer made a name for herself on the reality-ish teen show “Laguna Beach.” Actually, she made such as name for herself that MTV went on to give her a show of her very own, “The Hills.” We watched her work. We watched her hang. We watched her cry. And cry. And cry. We watched her wear pretty dresses, have cute hair and have mostly imaginary relationships with impossibly handsome reality star boys. Then things got real. The show ended.

Okay, so Lauren actually left before the official departure of “The Hills.” But, we’d kind of had enough of her poor little rich girl routine by then. Unlike many teen reality stars, this one left her TV stardom and forged an actual career. So, now instead of loving to hate her because she’s an insipid teen on a fake reality show, we love to hate her because she kind of has it all. She’s got an awesomely amazing career, adorable husband (and this relationship is totally real) and now a baby. A baby? Yep. We just can’t help but to envy the blond beauty.

7 Kourtney Kardashian

Well, we can’t talk celeb pregnancies without including this Kardashian too. She might not get as much of the spotlight as her sister does, but Kourt is still a mama that it seems like everyone loves to hate.

With three babies already, this often-preggo reality star has certainly been the center of gossip one or two times. Okay, so probably that number is much higher. So, why do we love to hate her? First, there’s her baby daddy – Scott Disick. Yeah, yeah, we know, we shouldn’t hate on her just because her dude is a dud. Actually, he’s kind of why some of us might feel kind of bad for Kourt during her pregnancies. The sometimes sweet, sometimes drunk, sometimes possibly philandering Disick was more of the obnoxious one out of the pair.

Aside from her inability to ditch Disick (which she later did), we may have harbored a secret resentment for Kardashian when it came to her fab pregnancy style. Even though she might be part of one the most highly regarded ‘obnoxious’ clans out there, we have to admit she always looked entirely fab during each pregnancy. Grr. If only every mama-to-be could have her maternity closet!

6 Kristen Cavallari

Ah yes, another “Laguna Beach” alum. She took over LC’s starring role on “The Hills” and eventually became a designer too. Hmm. As a teen and young 20something we loved to hate on Kristen. She was the mean girl in high school, and kept right on playing the villain. She was ‘that’ girl. You know, the girl who you wanted to punch in high school but couldn’t, for fear that no one would ever speak to you again. She was ultra-obnoxious, and we all loved to hate her.

Of course we loved to hate her, that’s exactly what her ‘character’ called for. Kristen got plenty of hate later on, during her second pregnancy. She spoke out about her choice not to vaccinate her then-18-month-old son. The backlash was swift. But, that’s not all. The anti-vaxxer also copped to making her own baby formula.

The former-villain, anti-vaxxer, formula-maker combo brought out haters galore. If only we could just go back to those simple “Laguna Beach” days. Back to a simpler time when Cavallari just had to have fake relationships with boys – and not end up all over the media for her parenting practices.

5 Heidi Montag

While we’re on the subject of “The Hills” we might as well include Heidi. Right? She may have started out as LC’s BFF, but after boyfriend (now husband) Spencer Pratt came along, Heidi was almost always on the outs with the girls of the so-called reality show.

It’s not exactly a surprise that Heidi would be considered an obnoxious celeb that we love to hate. She was cast as the somewhat obnoxious friend back in her reality TV days. Between the tears, the fights and all of the other drama we loved to tune in every week and hate on Heidi – well, it was more like hate on Speidi. Without Pratt around we probably wouldn’t have found Montag nearly as unbearable.

The pair left the limelight following the end of “The Hills,” and we really haven’t heard much since. That is, until now. After announcing their pregnancy, the two have suddenly started popping up on tabloid covers and on gossip sites.

4 Snooki

Okay, so we secretly love the “Jersey Shore” alum. The reality star is all about being herself, and that’s rad. But, we get it – some people thing her antics are kind of obnoxious. Considering her biggest claim to fame is being a drunk part girl on reality TV, we can see why people tend to love to hate her. But, we’re still completely on her side.

So, what did pregnant Snooki do to make the haters hate? Well, she wrote a book about pregnancy. When celebs think their pregnancy is special enough that they deserve to write an entire book about becoming a mama, it tends to annoy the general public. Yes, even if the book is interesting, good or otherwise worthwhile.

Snooki also tended to overshare when it came to pregnancy interviews. It was all TMI on her podcast, Naturally Nicole. Yeah, all pregnant mommies experience the gas, the out of control peeing and all of the other not-so-fun stuff that comes along with expecting. But, we don’t always need to hear about it.

3 Mila Kunis

Sure, she’s beautiful. And famous. And Ashton Kutcher is her baby daddy. Okay, so we hate her already – without the pregnancy stuff. Maybe we don’t exactly hate Kunis. Like some of those other super-fab celebs, we’re more jealous than anything else.

And then, she had the baby. Well, she’s had two. Of course, she went from pregnant mama size to super-slim in what seems like mere minutes. Okay, it probably took longer than minutes. After claiming that breastfeeding did it for her when it came to the weight loss, some fans were – well, not really fans anymore. As if it’s not tough enough for most of us to lose that baby weight, post-pregnancy Mila told Craig Ferguson on the “Late, Late Show”, “Breastfeeding’s a great workout!”

Hmm. We all wish that breastfeeding was a real workout. Wouldn’t that solve the baby weight dilemma? And, you wouldn’t ever have to set foot in the gym again. Perfect!

2 Tori Spelling

Oh, Tori. How the media has made a point of loving to hate her – for decades. We loved to hate her when she scored a lead role on her daddy’s show and we loved to hate her when her posh celeb life turned up on a reality show.

With five kiddos and a husband who hasn’t been the greatest, Spelling has certainly been in the spotlight as a high-drama mama. It seems like her need to be in the spotlight has brought out the haters. Oh, and apparently that includes hubby Dean McDermott. During her most recent pregnancy, McDermott was spotted looking rather annoyed at Spelling while at the premiere of “Moana” in L.A.

Like some of the other ‘love to hate’ celebs, part of Spelling’s problem may just be her S.O. Or, it might be that we’re all more than a little bit envious of her 90210-esque life.

1 Alicia Silverstone

We loved her when she was “Clueless.” But, when she started saying things such as describing breastfeeding as, “sensual, adorable, satisfying, empowering, and at times, insanely funny” (from her book Kind Mama), she brought out some of the haters.

Oh, but that’s not the only controversy Silverstone’s book (or actions) brought. There was pre-chewing her baby’s food, the belief that potty training could happen at 6-months and the idea that a vegan diet improves fertility. Well, apparently the last one worked for Silverstone – because she got pregnant!

Maybe it’s her totally healthy lifestyle, or maybe it’s the mama and baby bird style feeding, but it seems like Silverstone is a celeb that people love to hate. Um, hate is probably way too strong of a word. Maybe some of us are kind of jealous at her ability to be a naturally awesome pregnant mommy. And, maybe some of us are just grossed out by her post-pregnancy baby feeding ideas.

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