15 Of The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 Revealed

Happy New Year mamas! What’s on tap for baby names in 2017? With each New Year comes a new crop of names. While some stay the same (come on, we know that there will always be tons of Emma’s out there), we’ll also get treated to a buffet of brand new ones.

Okay, so we’re not exactly way into the year yet. So, we can’t do a retrospective round up and look at the stats for all of the babies born in 2017. Even though we’re not going to see the popular names that mommies and daddies have already chose, we can take a look at what’s up and coming. These predictions might not be as scientific as the Farmer’s Almanac’s (maybe weather isn’t the best comparison). That’s fine. There’s really no science to baby names anyway.

Well, maybe there is some science. Looking ahead at what’s tending in terms of name “themes” and what’s carrying over from last year can add up to a list of the most probable possibilities. Keep in mind, major events (um, Donald Trump), popular culture and celeb picks all influence what the top names might end up being.

What’s in store? Don't expect or plan to hear these baby name trends for 2017 include a mega mix sometime soon. For the last 6 decades paretns have been influenced by TV (hmm, maybe that’s more Netflix now) and movies for some of the top picks.

So are power names (from powerful or political figures), those that are ‘in memoriam’, gender-neutral names and those that come from the animal kingdom! And, here it is! The soon-to-be most popular baby names for 2017.

15 Odin

Ah, the supreme Norse god of art, culture, wisdom and law. If that’s not the total package, consider that he was also rumored to be handsome and charming too. Who wouldn’t want those things for their son?

Why is Odin hot for 2017? Major power players are totally in. That means gods and goddesses are names that you’ll probably start seeing pop up. While Odin might not be as well-recognized as Thor (um, wasn’t he a Hemsworth), it’s slightly more interesting to say.

If you’re not into Odin, the god was also known by several other names. Actually, he has 200 other monikers. These include Sigfodr, Alfodr and the English Woden. Hmm, maybe Odin is the best of these.

Not only is Odin an awesome mythological option, but he’s also a strong-sounding Viking name too. Going along with the power figures, Viking names are hit, and are nothing short of hot, hot for the year 2017.

14 Hillary

Do we really need to explain this one. With power names poised for a breakout in 2017, Secretary Clinton’s first name is certainly one that comes with a show of strength. No, this isn’t on the god and goddess level. But, it’s a name that evokes a sense of leadership and much, much more.

As the first woman to get oh-so-close to the presidency, Hillary embodies strength and power. Keep in mind, less than a century ago women didn’t even have the full right to vote. The Nineteenth Amendment (which granted women in the U.S. the full right to vote) wasn’t passed until 1920.

From not being able to vote for the president to running to be the president, Hillary shows us all just how far women have come since then.

If you were “with her” in 2016, then choosing Hillary as a baby name may be for you. Even though she didn’t get the win, her name still evokes feelings of strength and confidence.

13 Bowie

2016 was a sad year for many. There are plenty of “in memoriam” names that are cropping up for 2017. David Bowie fans can memorialize the iconic singer and performer by turning his last name into their child’s first.

Not only is this a popular pick for baby boys, but this name could easily turn into a girl’s name too (adding even more interest). Going with this famed name does more than salute a superstar. It’s also a moniker that stands out with style. It’s edgy, it’s hip and it’s cool enough to go from the baby days throughout your child’s entire life.

For those moms and dads that aren’t sold on Bowie (as a name), but are still major fans – there’s always “Ziggy.” The singer’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust might not really offer up a last name to use. But, the first is a standout option for both boys and girls.

12 Maeve

Hello Westworld! HBO’s 2016 sci-fi hit (based on the 1973 movie of the same name) bent minds with the almost perfectly human robots that populated its Wild West themed grown-up amusement park. Along with the other awesomely amazing androids, Thandie Newton’s madam Maeve became an instant hit.

Okay, so Maeve is a man-made prostitute (from the Old West, of course). But, she’s also one of the more human-esque ones on the show. She’s completely clever, stunningly smart and beautiful too. Actually, the meaning of this Irish name is “she who intoxicates.” So, beauty really is part of this name.

While Maeve’s name number rank hasn’t gotten anywhere even near the top 100 in the past few years, it’s an up and coming pick that evokes an old school feel. Like the West World character (who was built to be old fashioned, but wants so much to become part of the future), this name is classic with a hint of contemporary class.

11 Riot

The New Year is all about power. Aggressive-sounding names that stand out from the pack are perfect picks in 2017. Riot isn’t exactly the type of biceps bursting macho name of the past (think Biff or Rocky). Instead, it’s completely cool with an in-your-face type of feel.

It’s short, not so sweet and kind of just rolls of the tongue. Plus, what mom or dad doesn’t want to scream, “Riot!” in the middle of the playground?

Not that you want your little one to eventually “riot.” After all, you’re all for a calm kiddo. This name isn’t about your child’s actions. It’s more a tribute to being bold and confident. It’s about independence with a splash of sass. If you’re as daring as this name is, try using it for your baby daughter!

That’s right. Riot can just as easily be a girl’s name as it is a boy’s (that’s the sassiness speaking up here). Yeah, it’s masculine. But, in a strong way – not an all-out ‘boy’ way.

10 Lilith

Sure, Lilith may bring up memories of Sarah McLachlan and her fair of traveling female musicians. Even if you were never into chick rock of any kind, this name still stands out. Like the other power names for 2017, Lilith was a major mythological figure.

Distinctively demonic, the name comes from the Sumerian word for wind spirits (or demons). As a mythological figure, she’s represented chaos and seduction. When it comes down to it, Lilith was no goodie-goodie. Even though her origins are mostly evil, Lilith is a powerful name (and a powerful figure in mythology – across many different cultures).

Going with the power-driven names of ’17, Lilith takes one of the top spots as a new name for the New Year. It’s similar to Lily, which took the number 11 spot of “most popular baby names” in 2016. But, it’s much edgier.

Chances are that while there could be four or five Lily’s in your child’s kindergarten class, she’ll be the one and only Lilith.

9 Jackson

This is a hold-over from last year. Jackson topped the charts in 2016, earning it the number one place. As the most popular baby name for boys of the year, it’s not going to just fade away. Along with being the most popular name of 2016, this pick was also the winner in 2015.

Sorry, Aiden, Luca, Liam and Noah. You’ll have to stand for second (or third, fourth or fifth) picks. Does it have the power or eternal hipness of some of the newer names? Um, no. Jackson is fairly tame. But, it’s also classically cute.

It’s packed with charm and is a more interesting alternative to John or Jack (unless you go with the nickname). Originally meaning “son of Jack” (as if you couldn’t figure that out on your own) this is a pick if you’re a fan of some of the famous Jacksons – such as Michael or Andrew.

It’s also an artistic option for paint-loving Jackson Pollock groupies.

8 Jaguar

Animal names are all the rage. Or, at least they will be in 2017. New names, such as Jaguar, take the cake over those kind of blah domesticated creature ones (such as “Cat” or “Bunny”). Jaguar is exotic and interesting, in a way that says, “Hey, I’m an individual.”

This isn’t just a name for animal lovers. It’s also an awesomely imaginative option for car fiends too! If you’re all about luxury autos, naming your baby girl (or boy?) after the famous Jag is a salute to a favorite ride.

We’re pretty sure that you’ve already guessed that choosing Jaguar isn’t anything like going with Emily or Luke. It doesn’t exactly have a history of being one of the most-used names. It’s popularity for 2016 was way off from the number one spot (by much more than a thousand).

But, that doesn’t mean this name won’t totally take off in 2017.

7 Pandora

Greek for “All gifted,” this girl’s name is perfect for your pretty little present. Beyond that, she was the first woman on Earth! Okay, so not really. But, Pandora was the mythological figure who supposedly was that very first female.

If you don’t remember your mythology, she’s the one who opened the box. Yes, that’s right – Pandora’s box. In doing so, she unleashed evils galore into the world.

So, Pandora may have let her curiosity get the best of her and unknowingly let all kinds of big ol’ bad things loose. Hey, should we really keep blaming her after all of these years? After all, she was just curious – right?

This mythical name is unusual, in a totally interesting way. Your child will stand out with this sweet sounding name. And don’t worry about her unleashing evils in your home, it’s myth (um, and a name) and not your reality.

6 Silas

From the Latin for “wood or forest,” this boy’s name isn’t exactly a Tom, Bob or Harry. Yep, it’s got some true interest to it. This is ideal for nature-lovers (with the forest meaning) who don’t want to opt for something over-the-top obvious.

In 2015 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel named their little boy Silas, propelling it into the public spotlight. Even though that was almost two years ago, the name has only gained in popularity. Sometimes it takes a celebrity to make a not so of-the-norm name okay.

In 2016 this name made it to 117 on the most popular baby names list. Even though that’s not exactly a first place winner, it is up five spots from the previous year. Yay Silas! In 2017 the name is set to climb even higher, making it a preferred projection for the future.

Instead of getting stuck in the past, look ahead and see this stand-out name.

5 True

Blue might have been all the rage when Beyoncé had her baby. But, now it’s True’s turn! When Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian named their baby Dream, they set a new standard. “Dreamy” names are feminine, fun and fanciful! True is straightforward, yet whimsical.

It stands out, but isn’t an in your face option. This makes it ideal for a sweetly shy child.

True typifies positive virtues to the max. This ethereal-sounding first name is inspirational – to your child and those around her. It sets a precedent for your kiddo, starting her off on the right foot (or, at least with the right name). Think of all of the teaching potential that this name holds.

Popular 2017 baby names, such as True, are likely to fall under this positive-sounding umbrella. Instead of focusing on the negative (hasn’t there been enough of that in 2016 anyway?), staying “true” in the New Year is a popular way to be.

4 Bear

In 2011 Alicia Silverstone seemed wild and wacky when she names her baby boy Bear Blu. In 2013 Kate Winslet gave birth to Bear Blaze. Both Anthony Kiedis and Jamie Oliver choose Bear as middle names for their babies too.

Setting the standard again, it seems like the celebs are acting as examples when to creative baby-naming practices.

Even though the name seemed offbeat a few years ago, in 2017 it’s another awesome animal option. It’s a rugged pick that is a natural for nature lovers! This one-syllable creature choice is also an easy fit with a longer last name.

You might turn heads with in the same way the Silverstone did a few years ago, but your friends and family will definitely take notice. When your child’s in playgroup or starts school, it’s not likely that there will be dozens of kids who also have this soon-to-be totally popular pick too.

3 Matilda

Literary names are all the rage in 2017. So, Shakespeare and Thoreau are still a bit out there when it comes to first name picks. While those aren’t exactly in, character names are! Matilda is an old-fashioned name that also doubles as a childhood literary favorite.

The main character of the Roald Dahl favorite may even make you think about your own younger years. Using a character from a children’s book as inspiration for your baby’s name is an age-appropriate way to celebrate literature – without seeming oh-so-serious or greatly grown-up.

It’s youthful and completely cute!

From the German meaning “battle-mighty,” this is another powerful name for 2017. Even though the meaning behind the name is literally mighty, Matilda itself is sweet and soft sounding.

If you want to stretch this book-based name into an eccentric or super-sized standout name, you can always shorten it to Tilda (just like the actress).

2 Milo

What’s a popular letter for 2017? Um yes, there are actually popular letters. So, this year “O” is making a comeback. But, it’s not just a first letter. Sure, Olivia, Olive, Oscar and Owen are popular picks. And, Oliver – well, Oliver was number nine on last year’s top 10 baby names list (and it’s probably going to climb higher in 2017).

The letter “O” is also finding fame at the end of baby names. That’s where Milo comes in. Adding that “O” makes this moniker a trending choice that’s just getting more popular. It may sound a lot like Miles. But, it goes a step farther and has a contemporary twist (with the “O” ending).

If you’re wondering what it means, Milo is Latin or Old German for “soldier or merciful.” History buffs might also get into the backstory of this modern-sounding (yet, very old) name. Milo of Croton was a wrestler in 6th century BC Greece. Not only was he a totally winning athlete, but he was also a military leader.

1 Cora

It’s oh so British sounding. Right? You shed a tear because Downton Abbey ended. That’s okay. You can keep the excitement going with one of 2017’s hottest new names. Well, that’s new if “new” means completely classic and pretty old fashioned. C

The Greek for “maiden,” Cora is a simple, sophisticated and quietly refined name. Even though it may seem like a Brit fave, this name is actually ancient (meaning from ancient mythology). Cora was Zeus’s daughter!

If it seems grandma-esque, it really isn’t. Yes, it’s been used for years. But, it’s also a contemporary pick. Well over a century ago, Cora enjoyed favor in the baby name world. In the 1880’s this name ranked among the top 20. Fast forward 100 years, and the name tanked at 876.

Yikes! With the popularity of Downton Abbey, this formal first name is making a comeback of sorts. Look for it to rise in use during the next year.

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