15 Of The Most Popular Baby Traits Moms Want in 2017

With so much buzz going around about designer babies (aka the upcoming likelihood of being able to select embryos based on physical characteristics), one simple question is circulating the web:

If you could pre-select your baby’s physical traits, would you?

Regardless of where you stand on this ethical debate, a lot of women spend a lot of time wondering what their babies will look like.

At one point or another, every pregnant women has uttered the words, “as long as my baby is healthy, I'll be happy" - and ultimately, this couldn't be more true. But most moms-to-be also secretly hope there little ones will turn out to be as adorable as they envision them to be. In a world obsessed with looks, it’s completely normal to want healthy, happy AND good looking kids.

From time to time, a baby is born flawless, but most of the time babies look weird straight out of the womb and no one can blame them (you wouldn't look your best either if you soaked in a tub for nine months). But every mom hopes that underneath the swelling and placenta juice, lies the cutest thing they ever did see.

Here is a list of 15 Of The Most Popular Baby Traits Moms Want in 2017... and just to be clear, we're talking physical. Don’t get me wrong - we need to raise our children not to judge people by their looks, and good character traits like kindness, compassionate and honesty should be the goal. But its okay to hope that your child with get a combo of the best features from you and your partner and be blessed with your favorite baby traits.

15 Curly Doos

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Many women fight with their natural curls with blow-dryers, flat irons and expensive treatments, but curly hair deserves to be celebrated for what it is - voluminous, bouncy locks that all us spaghetti-straight hair girls can only dream of. Fortunately - curly hair is making a comeback and more girls are letting their textured hair roam free.

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with curly hair, everyone goes gogo-gaga when teeny tiny curls start emerging from a baby’s head. From waves to full on fros, little boys and little girls with curly-doos are among the cutest little creatures to walk on this planet.

From countless ads to Kim K’s little North, the world is embracing natural hair. If you’re little one is blessed with curls, teach them to own their curls like a champ. Let’s make sure the next generation of curly haired beauties love their curls, so they can bounce free with happiness and pride.

14 Light Eyes


OMG, those eyes! From light shades of blue, green and grey, there's just something about light eyes that make people drool with envy.

Dark eyes are beautiful, but since brown is the most common eye color in the world, light eyes will always stand out ...And when light eyes are paired with the contrast of dark skin, beauty is off the charts.

Newborns are born with blueish eyes because of a lack of pigment on the front of their iris. As they grow, pigment slowly appears and many moms wait with anticipation for their baby’s true eye color to shine through. Most changes happen within the first six months, but it can take up to twelve months and sometimes longer for eye color to stay permanent.

Although genes give a good guess of what to expect, sometimes babies can be born with any eye color regardless of what runs in the family. Light eyes are often just the luck of the draw.

13 Long Lashes

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No one can deny how adorable long lashes are on both boys and girls.

Long lashes have always been desired, but it seems like now more than ever, people are obsessed with them. From countless beauty hacks to grow eyelashes naturally, to the new eyelash extension craze, more people are doing whatever it takes to get the luscious-lashes look.

Many will also argue that mascara is the only beauty item you need. As a busy mom, I call it a good day if I was able to take a shower and brush my teeth, but when I have 30 seconds to apply some make-up, mascara is my go-to beauty item to at least pretend I care.

Eyes will always be a symbol of beauty and long lashes enhance eyes by making them appear wider and more open. Like long hair, long lashes will always create a dramatic effect, so when little ones are naturally born with perfect eyelashes, everyone is filled with envy.

12 Blond Locks


Oh hello there surfer baby.

There’s just something about baby boys with blond hair that make me want to squeeze them tight and never let go.

Regardless of overdone-not-funny-anymore blonde jokes, the world is filled with blonde envy. Since many natural blondes even dye their hair a lighter shade, I would bet that blonde hair is the most popular dye color requested in salons. 

Like blue eyes, blond hair is a symbol of beauty because it stands out from the majority. Unlike eye color (once it’s set), hair color isn’t permanent and many blond kids go dark later in life.

As a kid, my family lived in Malaysia and all the locals were obsessed with my brother’s curly, blond hair. He stood out like a white daisy on a mowed lawn, but today he’s got brown hair and no one cares (sorry bro).

Whether it stays or goes, everyone awes over kids with blonde hair and many moms hopes their babies will be born with blonde locks. 

11 Big Eyes


People are drawn to big eyes. That’s why Disney princesses and many other cartoon characters are created with abnormally large eyes. Just like babies in the animal kingdom, newborns with big eyes are absolutely adorable.

Many people believe that babies have big eyes because eyes are the only part of our bodies that are full sized at birth. This is actually not true and eyes continue to grow until the age of 7 or 8. But in proportion to their little heads, eyes are still a prominent feature on many babies, which is also why big eyes are widely associated with youth and innocence.

Newborns sleep a lot (except for when you want them to) and in the first few days of their life, they usually keep their eyes shut. But every time a baby opens their eyes and looks around, no one can help but feel the love. Regardless of the size of a baby’s eyes, they will be adored, but big eyes always enhance already adorable baby features.

10 Little Hands… And Little Fingers

This one is a given, but for many, baby hands and baby fingers will always be a favorite baby trait. I am one of those people.

There is just something so intriguing about a babies’ little hands. One of the best parts about being a mom is watching your children grow and learn new things, and the progression of hand movements is one of the most interesting thing to watch. From the moment they are born, babies comfort themselves with their hands and it’s just about the cutest thing to see. As they grow, fine motor skills begin to develop and before you know it, they are able to reach and grab just about everything in sight.

At nine months old, my baby just learned how to wave and clap his hands and every time I see him practicing his new moves by himself, my heart explodes.

Bottom line is baby hands and baby fingers are simply a delicacy that parents can’t get enough of.

9 Chubby Cheeks


Most people hide after getting their wisdom teeth pulled out because of swollen cheek embarrassment, but is there anything cuter than a baby with chubby cheeks?

Just like the absolutely adorable image of a chipmunk eating nuts, babies with chubby cheeks are too cute to handle. There’s just something about a baby with big cheeks that makes everyone want to kiss, pinch and grab them grandma-style.

One of the reason babies have chubby cheeks is to help them drink their mother’s milk. In comparison to the rest of their face, babies have large tongues to help them slurp down milk easier, so chubby cheeks are essentially just fat cushions that help keep their tongues in place while they drink their precious milk.

Most of the time, chubby cheeks go away as a baby grows up and some babies never have them at all, but regardless of the reason why they have them, everyone agrees that chubby cheeks are the most squishable parts of a baby's face.

8 Kissable Lips


Every little inch of a baby is kissable, but a baby’s lips scream for smooches.

Babies make the funniest faces and their lips are a prominent feature in their many expressions. From smiling to puckering up and my personal favorite – yawning, lips are one of the most popular baby traits that moms go crazy for. Even when they are sleeping, babies make little sucking movements with their lips, which probably means hungry cries are coming soon, but it’s still one of the cutest things in the world.

I kiss my baby boy on the lips a million times a day - he finds it funny and I find it adorable, so I just want to shout out a reminder to every mom out there – one day your kid will grow up and lip-to-lip kissing will no longer be cool, so be sure to plant a life-time worth of kisses on your baby’s precious lips while you can get away with it.

7 Dark Features


Blue eyes and blond hair will always stand out, but many moms wish and hope to have a baby with adorable dark features.

From dark eyes to dark hair and beautiful dark skin, people with dark features have an exotic beauty that many people are attracted to. Personally, babies with dark features are my weakness and a baby with tanned skin and brown locks will instantly grab my heart.

For the many beach bum moms out there, many hope their babies will have dark features for the simple advantage of being able to stay out in the sun for longer with less fear of sunburns (of course, regardless of your babies’ skin type, still sunscreen them up in the sun).

At the end of the day, babies are beautiful because they are diverse. Hair, eyes and skin come in many gorgeous colors, but dark features have a special place in many mama’s hearts.

6 Dimples


There is only one word to describe dimples: ADORABLE. Babies' smiles are already heart melting, but when a baby smiles and prominent dimples suddenly appear on their cheeks, no one can help but fall deeply in love.

The funny thing about lovable, cute dimples is that they are actually birth defects. Dimples are a genetic defect that happens when someone is born with muscles in their cheeks that are not long enough. But who cares, they are cute as a button and a great example of how imperfection is beauty.

Dimples are genetic, so if dimples run in your family, there’s more chance your little one will have them too. Although most people with dimples have them on both cheeks, some people have them only on one side… which is arguably even more precious. But enough about the fun facts, a baby with dimples is cute as a button and no one can deny it.

5 Michelin Rolls


Chubby dog breeds and Michelin babies fall under the same category of extreme cuteness and many moms can't get enough of them rolls.

Even though the media idolizes thin people and views them as the beauty standard, different body types are slowly becoming more accepted and admired. For babies though, chubby is always cute.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, a chubby baby is not more likely to be heavier when they are grow up. Although health recommendations should always be followed, experts say that parents should not worry about their baby’s weight under the age of two.

From double chins to excess baby fat, flaunt your chubby baby and celebrate the cuteness that every roll has to offer. After all, a chubby baby just means more to love, kiss and squeeze.

My baby has been tall and skinny since birth, but I’m surrounded by cute, chubby babies and I love every second of it.

4 Soft Skin


Is there anything gentler than the soft feeling of a newborn’s skin? The answer is no.

Newborns have naturally soft skin, which explains why people are obsessed with stroking their little faces.

Moms want their babies to be comfy in their own skin (literally speaking), but sensitive skin is vulnerable to problems. Rashes, baby acne and dry skin are some of the many irritations that babies face.

Even though we all want our babies to be squeaky clean, I have found that the best way to battle dry skin is to cut back on my baby's bath time to only a few times a week. You should do whatever you can to keep your baby’s skin healthy and hydrated, but it’s best to talk to your child's pediatrician for the best way to care for your baby's skin.

By handling your baby’s skin with special care, you can help it stay as soft and pure as it’s meant to be.

3 Scrumptious Feet


What is about babies’ feet that makes them so kissable?

Unless you have a foot fetish (no judgement), feet are one of the least desirable parts of the human body, but babies’ feet are the exception. I stay far away from my hubby’s feet, but I kiss my baby’s feet all day long.

Babies are cute because everything about them is small and baby feet are the epitome of small. There’s nothing more precious than tiny feet that can fit in the palm of your hands. Add ten teeny tiny toes to that and baby feet reach too-cute-to-handle level.

Then there are baby shoes. It’s physically impossible not to pass by a miniature version of an adult shoe at a store, pick them up and show someone how adorable they are.

Like little hands, this one is pretty much a given, but scrumptious feet will always be a favorite baby trait adored by many.

2 Button Noses


Like every other baby feature, cute, little noses are so squishable and delicious and moms can’t get enough of them.

Noses comes in all shapes and sizes, but all noses are adorable in miniature (even baby Whos from The Grinch have cute noses).

Babies all seem to be born with similar cute button shaped noses, and there’s actually a reason for it. Babies have small, flat shaped noses so they can comfortably drink from their mother’s breasts. It also helps them to latch on better and breathe easier.

Breastfed babies spend the majority of their time smooshed up against their mother’s milk-filled boobs, so it makes sense why they wouldn’t have big noses to get in the way of their precious milk. Unfortunately, babies grow up and so do their noses, but many moms secretly hope that their baby’s nose will stay small and cute forever (a mama can dream, can't she?).

1 Happy Smiles


Babies come in all shapes and sizes and they are all uniquely beautiful in their own way. At the end of the day, the only baby traits that all moms really want is a happy smile.

As a new mom, I can’t even count how many times I went from overwhelmed to overjoyed just because my baby laughed or smiled. No matter how little sleep you get, or how hard it seems, happy smiles are the perfect pick-me-up that all moms needs.

Filled with pure joy, a baby’s smile is so contagious. In fact, people who do not smile after a baby smiles at them are proven to have heart made out of stone.

In the end, all babies are cute. Even the ugly ones are cute. You know those dog breeds, like pugs for example, that are so ugly, they're cute? Well the same is true for babies. Jokes aside though, every baby deserves to be loved regardless of the traits they were born with ...but these 15 traits will always be adored.

Sources: MedicalDail

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