15 of the Most Unforgettable Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements are getting more and more elaborate as the years go by. Gone are the days of simply inviting your friends and family over for tea or calling them up to let them know you have a bun in the oven.

With so many platforms on social media to share your announcement and so many ways to help put it together, the sky and your imagination are the limit when telling people you’re expecting. Here are some of the best ones that we have found:

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15 The One for the Geeks

This announcement is perfect if you’re expecting your second or third child. What’s cuter than dressing your child up in a super hero costume and telling the world that you’re pregnant?

Don’t have a chalkboard? Use some canvas, a movie poster, banners, whatever, to announce that your son or daughter needs a sidekick and will be expecting one soon!

14 For the Horror Movie Buffs

A great announcement for those that love horror movies and a play on words. The possibility that the pregnancy may have been an accident, and really was terrifying for a bit, only adds to the announcement.

Making up a movie poster to let everyone know that you're expecting is a very creative way to show everyone your whimsical side.

13 For The Coffee Addicts

Simple to make, and perfect for any Starbucks lover. Simply write your names on the cups a la Starbucks (except correctly this time), putting ‘baby’ on the smallest one, making it seem like it’s a new drink coming soon.

Bonus points: Try making the arriving cup look just like one of their new flavors for fall, winter, spring, or summer.

12 The One for the Fur Baby

Perfect for those who started off with a fur baby, only to graduate to a baby of their own. Who said sibling announcements had to be humans only?

This baby announcement is similar to those of the dog-shaming photos that are circling the internet, but much more adorable…and nicer. So easy to re-create and, as long as your animal stands still long enough. Great for those with pets!

11 Safety Pins, Anyone?

Safety pins are synonymous with babies, so it only makes sense that an announcement would incorporate some into their photos.

By far the cheapest way to go, easy to re-create, and so simple it’s like a beautiful art masterpiece that you could probably find in any modern art gallery around the world.

10 Washing Dirty Laundry In Public

A great idea! Besides, clotheslines are all things hip and cool right now in the hipster side of the world. Options include photo-shopping, or if you own your own clothesline, setting up some baby clothes to snap a few photos.

9 Double the Trouble!

Any teachers/mathematicians out there expecting twins and looking for a way to incorporate your career into a pregnancy announcement? Here it is!

Apart from the expectant father’s look of concern and uncertainty in this picture, it’s perfect! A great way to announce that you’re expecting twins; some people might do a double take when they realize their math doesn’t add up with just one bun in the oven.

8 Shout it Out to the Whole World!

Easy enough to re-create with any picture that you may have while pregnant, or if you have great math skills, you can take from your older collection before you even knew.

The look of excitement on the parents faces adds to the picture, and you don’t even recognize it as an announcement right away. A sneaky way to let someone know is to hang it on their fridge and see how long it takes for them to notice the words and what they truly mean.

7 The Sperm that Won

I didn’t know I could laugh so hard. This announcement is brought to you by crafting and humor at its best. The things that people come up with nowadays is beyond amazing and impressive.

You can do this, too, with only a little bit of crafting supplies and a heavy imagination….okay, so not that heavy, but still a good one!

6 The Literal Interpretation

Everyone says a ‘bun in the oven,’ but not many people actually use this term literally. This announcement is perfect to send to those who don’t live in the same city to let them know you’re expecting.

Once the ones who you want to know first have received theirs, you can use this announcement again by uploading a photo onto Instagram or Facebook!

5 For the Gamer Parents

For all those Super Mario lovers out there, this one is perfect for you! Having another child and love Super Mario? Or maybe your son or daughter loves Super Mario? This announcement is adorable and for those with love for Nintendo, both old school and new.

The attention to detail for this one is perfect, down to the Mario at ‘ready’ to the second player flashing their ‘press start’ (with the date adorably thrown in), and right down to the "?" Block …is it a coin, a 1up, a boy, a girl?

4 For the Amateur Movie Director

I love the movie poster announcements, as they’re hilarious and honestly look like they could be one of the thousand movies to do with unexpected pregnancies.

The expectant father reading with a freaked out look on his way, while his wife pigs out on every kind of stereotypical pregnancy craving shows the humorous side to pregnancy announcements.

3 The Hilarious Eviction Notice

This photo is simple, but one of the top ten. The best part of this photo is the child crying like she really is being evicted out of her home. Most likely she’s crying for a million other reasons, but the viewer doesn’t need to know that.

A lot of announcements are fun for us to see, but some are a little over the top and can get a little overwhelming from time to time. This one is funny, but doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard, which is a fresh take on pregnancy announcements.

2 Oops! I did It Again

Have you ever seen a more real portrait of a reaction to a pregnancy, especially a fourth child? Even if the children crying was a blooper, it fits perfectly into this announcement.

The look of terror in the fathers’ face, the tear-streaked faces of the two other siblings, the one just inwardly shaking her head and the mother taking it all in. What more can you say?

1 For the Parents of 4 Legged Babies

People love their fur babies, and this cute pregnancy announcement features two adorable pups playing the fur baby siblings. The look on the dogs’ faces just like they were told there was going to be someone else in the household to take attention away from them is perfect.

But at least they won’t have to share their toys! *winks*


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