15 Of The Nastiest Things Pregnant Women Got Caught Doing

Everyone’s guilty of it - doing something in private that they wouldn’t necessarily showcase out in public. And expectant mothers are no different in this respect. The list to follow offers up a wide range of some light-hearted “caught-in-the-act” embarrassing moments that many readers may be able to relate to. However, it also exposes some women who definitely weren’t employing their better judgment. In fact, a few of the preggos within this article have even crossed the line into morally questionable and downright criminal activities that could potentially harm their unborn babies.

As varied as the sub-topics below may be, there is a common thread running through all the incidents mentioned. They all happened to real, live pregnant women. So for anyone hoping for a bit of a break from informative articles offering up lists of dos and don’ts or how-tos - then look no further. This one will provide readers with some voyeuristic entertainment that perhaps they can relate to...or maybe not.

Sit back and enjoy some true tales revolving around 15 of the nastiest things pregnant women got caught doing. And just be thankful they happened to someone else!

15 Cat Scratch Fever

Feeling itchy all over is a common symptom of pregnancy and affects almost 25% of all expectant mothers. This includes itchiness of intimate areas as well - sometimes caused by skin irritation, excessive vaginal discharge and even yeast or bacterial infections.

Suffice it to say that it was due to one of the above-mentioned items that lead Mark L. to bear witness to some embarrassing and persistent scratching by his co-worker.

“I entered our staff lunchroom and saw a pregnant co-worker of mine scratching herself like it was going out of style. Let’s just say that men may get a bad rap for doing this sort of thing in public - but this lady had all of us beat! She didn’t notice me standing there in shock with my empty coffee mug in hand. So I slipped out of the room, waited a few seconds and walked back in . . . a bit more noisily this time!”

14 Hammer Time

British mom-to-be, Heather Thorpe was caught on video in 2012 hitting her pregnant belly twice with a hammer. The controversial recording was taken by her then-husband Sean Hanlon. According to his claim, he grabbed his phone and started filming when she went to his toolbox and stated: “My baby is hard as anything - just watch.” In the short video, she proceeds to lift up her shirt, grab a hammer and hit it twice against her pregnant stomach.

Thankfully, Heather went on to give birth to a healthy boy. Yet there’s more to this twisted saga - shorty after their son’s birth, the couple split up. When Heather accused Sean of domestic abuse, he revealed this previously taped footage in his defence - apparently he wanted to show the world what a nut-job the mother of his child was.

Despite the recording being shown to police as well as social services, no charges have been pressed against her.

13 Heroine Or Heroin?

Stephanie Creech was 29 and six months pregnant when she was caught in a dangerous, not to mention criminal position along with her boyfriend. This story starts with police responding to a lunch time call about a shoplifting in progress at a Wisconsin area Piggly Wiggly in 2016. When officers entered the women’s washroom, they found Stephanie injecting herself with an unknown substance believed to be heroin.

Also discovered in the bathroom were several stolen items as well as some capped needles, a burned spoon wrapped in foil, plastic baggies, tweezers and what police believed to be heroin and heroin residue. After further testing, it was indeed determined to be heroin.

Despite being sluggish, lethargic and slow to react to police, Stephanie admitted she was an addict and claimed to be trying her best to give up her criminal habit for the sake of her unborn baby. Let’s hope she’s since made good on that promise!

12 Pregnancy XXX

This may come as a surprise to some readers - but pregnancy fetishism is a niche area of pornography catering to individuals who view preggos as highly sensual and erotic. As a result, there is actually a market cornered with pregnant women starring in photographs, magazines and even pornographic films!

A New York mother of one recalls catching one of her long-ago co-workers in a compromising situation. The two women had briefly worked together as exotic dancers before eventually going their separate ways. The New York woman finished college, quit the industry altogether, got married and took up a more family-centred lifestyle.

One of her friends (who happened to be an ex dancer as well) emailed her some graphic shots of the other woman found on a pregnancy fetish website. Apparently, another mutual acquaintance had stumbled upon the pictures and they were passed along through the internet grapevine.

Here’s hoping the model in question chose to spend her maternity leave a bit more restfully and took some time off work after the birth of her baby!

11 Passing The Sniff Test

Yet another wacky symptom of pregnancy can be the super power of scent. And this isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s actually believed that this extremely heightened sensitivity to smell is a contributing factor behind morning sickness.

Sita* wasn’t caught in the act of behaving inappropriately, but she does admit that her super scent sensitivity lead her to some extremely paranoid actions. “This sensitivity to smell thing was by far the worst of my pregnancy symptoms. I couldn’t stop obsessing that I stank! I would shower in the morning and then again mid-day because I smelled bad to myself and was convinced that everyone around me noticed as well. My husband told me I was overreacting but of course this did nothing to help me.

“I knew that heightened sensitivity to smell was common during pregnancy but I was still paranoid. My all-time low was when I found myself sitting on the toilet sniffing at my underwear. I was absolutely certain that everyone around me was gossiping about how unhygienic I was!”

10 A Tasteless Fiasco

Mathilda* was eight months pregnant and stepping out of the shower when she noticed a drop of what she (at first) believed to be cream on her nipple. She mentioned it at her next pregnancy check-up later that week and was assured that nothing was wrong. That it was most likely colostrum, a high-protein creamy substance produced by a lactating woman prior to actual milk production. The next time this occurred, she was prepared for it.

“I figured that if I planned on feeding the stuff to my newborn, the least I could do was try it myself. Bad idea - it was extremely salty. But that’s not what did me in - it was the slimy consistency that got my gag reflex going. My boyfriend heard me throwing up and rushed into the bathroom to make sure I was okay. I had to come clean about what had caused it in the first place.”

9 Twerking Under Water

A recording of a pregnant woman cleaning, then dancing went viral after capturing her nasty moves that eventually lead to her water breaking on film. It was January 2015 when a father-to-be filmed his heavily pregnant wife as she mopped the kitchen floor. He can be heard chiding her for not relaxing with her feet up - guess this guy hasn’t heard of “nesting”? At her insistence, he put on the song “No Ordinary Love” by Sade and it’s clear this woman’s got some serious rhythm!

She proceeds to use the mop as dance partner and begins lip-synching and gyrating to her husband’s amusement (and also to the amusement of eventually more than 18 million viewers!) The woman gets down low with her twerking when her water suddenly breaks. So what began as some nesting turned into silly dancing becomes a bit more serious. Her husband rushes over to ensure she’s okay and long story short - they ended up welcoming a healthy baby boy soon after . . . as well as turning into a full-blown viral sensation!

8 Please Give

The year was 2014 when this pregnant panhandler was called out on her possibly fraudulent money-making scheme. The noticeably pregnant woman would park herself outside a San Diego shopping plaza with her young son in tow (and sometimes her boyfriend) on weekends. She had a sign up describing their financial plight and asking good samaritans to donate money toward her cause.

One day, passerby Michelle Smith noticed the woman, her boyfriend and young son getting out of a Mercedes Benz (which they parked far from their panhandling location). Michelle pulled out her phone and began to photograph them when the pregnant woman turned on her - threatening her with a large rock. Another witness to the fracas quickly phoned authorities and the panhandling family fled the scene. Their license plate was traced to a nearby suburban residence but by the time reporters caught wind of the story and turned up for photos and comments, the family had moved on.

Appearances can be deceiving - and driving a luxury car doesn’t mean the family is flush with cash and opportunities. Yet if they are capable of driving, they are most likely capable of earning a living like most other citizens - through decent work.

7 Poisonous Fumes

Behind the graceful veneer of pregnancy lurks a dark side consisting of unpleasant and embarrassing side effects. One such symptom is the extra gas an expectant mother may experience. Progesterone may be the root cause as while this hormone supports the pregnancy, it also relaxes a preggo’s intestines. This results in slower digestion and more gas build-up.

Marie N. caught one woman red-handed . . . and red-faced when she thought she’d have the elevator to herself. “I asked her to hold the door and was wondering why this woman actually seemed to be trying to shut the door on me. I ended up catching it and lugging the door open to find this extremely pregnant woman in a cloud of methane. I played it cool because I could see she was mortified - and just held my breath until the ground floor!”

Stacie J. figured she was safe to let one rip - it was the middle of the night and she was tucked in bed. “My husband surprised me by pulling back the covers to get up and the poison was out. I could only laugh as he gasped for air.”

6 A Nasty Surprise Ending

While still on the topic of nasty side effects of pregnancy, sharting takes things to a whole other level of mortification. A combination of the words sh** and fart, this occurs when a person believes they are about to pass a bit of harmless gas and end up getting more than they bargained for!

A Philadelphia mother pregnant with her third child got caught in a humiliating moment by a male colleague. She was parked in front of her children’s daycare, waiting to pick up her two boys when she passed a long, disgusting bout of wind. Her friend startled her by opening the passenger door while she was in mid-toot - and he was also witness to the nasty surprise ending as well.

The poor woman waddled to the nearest bathroom to clean herself up the best she could before collecting her boys. There’s a lesson to be learned from this: when pregnant - never trust a fart . . . especially in public!

5 Mouth-Watering Clippings

When it comes to the strange and unusual cravings of pregnancy, they can be as run-of-the-mill as wanting ice cream at midnight to hankering for inedible items like rubber or matches. According to a survey conducted, some of the most bizarre yet common pregnancy cravings include: coal, toothpaste, sponge, mud and chalk.

But here’s one that didn’t make the list - and when caught red-footed, Joanna*, pregnant mother of one, had some serious explaining to do!

“For some reason, when I was pregnant with my daughter (but not my son born two years previously), my mouth watered whenever I looked at my fingernails. Once they were gnawed down to the quick, my craving was still going strong - so I did the next logical thing and turned to my toenails.

“While my belly prevented me from getting my foot directly into my mouth, that didn’t stop me. I’d pick at the nails, then pop them into my mouth. I was sitting there enjoying my snack for a few minutes when my husband cleared his throat. I know it's gross - but they were delicious at the time!”

4 Take Matters In Hand

Sometimes eating all the fibre in the world and drinking a gallon of water just won’t make a dent in an expectant mother’s constipation - and then matters have to be taken into her own hands...literally. This Atlanta mother of three knows all about this predicament.

“I was sitting on the toilet for a good hour when I got to the point of no return. I wasn’t leaving until that turd was out or I was dead - whichever came first. Unfortunately, my husband walked in on me kneeling on a towel on the floor, pulling the sucker out with my bare hands. The poor guy - he’s knocked first ever since!”

The main culprits behind this plague of pregnancy are hormones which cause the bowel muscles to relax. Also as the uterus expands, it begins to encroach on room once allotted to the bowel. And since many prenatal vitamins contain iron, this can also be blamed for the pregnancy clog.

3 An Affair To Remember

It’s definitely more common to hear about men cheating on their pregnant wives yet the tables are turned in this next story. Larry* was married for five years with a two-year-old son and another baby on the way when he made a shocking discovery. His extremely pregnant (30 weeks along!) wife was having an affair with her married co-worker.

Larry stumbled upon their back-and-forth text conversation by accident and was appalled at what he was reading. The discussion, while a bit flirtatious, began innocently enough then headed into dangerous territory as it took a turn for the raunchy. He confronted his wife who immediately broke off the affair and begged for forgiveness. This proved difficult for him considering she had even made reference to her pregnancy (within the text conversation) as being the perfect situation - as no birth control or pregnancy worries would hinder the affair!

Still together, the couple is in therapy attempting to piece together their shattered lives for the sake of their two children.

2 A Little Mary Jane

Florida stay-at-home mom, Stacey claims to have steered clear of alcohol as well as cigarette smoking during her pregnancy. But what she does admit to is taking a few puffs of marijuana during the first three months of her pregnancy in order to combat her severe morning sickness.

Later on, when her sciatica made it nearly impossible to stand (which she was required to do for work), she would discreetly vape marijuana oil during her breaks. According to Stacey, she felt her marijuana usage was a necessity and believed it to be safe for her unborn baby as long as she kept it in moderation.

When it comes to marijuana usage during pregnancy, the American Medical Association begs to differ. According to their research, if marijuana crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus (which is highly likely to occur), it can cause irreparable damage to the baby’s brain development, cognitive abilities and also lead to the baby being born under weight.

1 Reflecting On The Past

Any woman in the know is aware that pregnancy and childbirth can do a number on her lady bits. Hormones alone can ramp up the natural bacteria causing discharge as well as itchiness. And increased blood flow to the area can result in swelling as well as color changes.

Mother of two, Jenny J. readily admits to using a hand held mirror in order to document the distinctive changes her nether regions went through during pregnancy and afterward.

“I’m a bit neurotic by nature. After the excitement of the positive pregnancy test wore off, I started to worry - and top of mind for me was What’s going to happen to my vagina?! I admit it - I took a look from time to time to see how my girl was handling all the pressure. And to basically say goodbye!”

The good news is that the vagina is made for childbirth - its natural elasticity gives it both the power to expand and shrink back afterward. There are also many exercises, nutritional tips and even surgical procedures a woman can undergo in order to strengthen her vaginal muscles after childbirth. So what Jenny hadn’t realized was that it was never really 'goodbye' . . . just more of a 'see you soon'.

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