14Hammer Time

via: http://swns.com/news/women-filmed-hitting-baby-bump-claw-hammer-flees-home-furious-public-backlash-40602/

British mom-to-be, Heather Thorpe was caught on video in 2012 hitting her pregnant belly twice with a hammer. The controversial recording was taken by her then-husband Sean Hanlon. According to his claim, he grabbed his phone and started filming when she went to his toolbox and stated: “My baby is

hard as anything - just watch.” In the short video, she proceeds to lift up her shirt, grab a hammer and hit it twice against her pregnant stomach.

Thankfully, Heather went on to give birth to a healthy boy. Yet there’s more to this twisted saga - shorty after their son’s birth, the couple split up. When Heather accused Sean of domestic abuse, he revealed this previously taped footage in his defence - apparently he wanted to show the world what a nut-job the mother of his child was.

Despite the recording being shown to police as well as social services, no charges have been pressed against her.

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