15Cat Scratch Fever

Feeling itchy all over is a common symptom of pregnancy and affects almost 25% of all expectant mothers. This includes itchiness of intimate areas as well - sometimes caused by skin irritation, excessive vaginal discharge and even yeast or bacterial infections.

Suffice it to say that it was due to

one of the above-mentioned items that lead Mark L. to bear witness to some embarrassing and persistent scratching by his co-worker.

“I entered our staff lunchroom and saw a pregnant co-worker of mine scratching herself like it was going out of style. Let’s just say that men may get a bad rap for doing this sort of thing in public - but this lady had all of us beat! She didn’t notice me standing there in shock with my empty coffee mug in hand. So I slipped out of the room, waited a few seconds and walked back in . . . a bit more noisily this time!”

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