15 Of The Weirdest Places Women Have Given Birth

Delivering a baby has been compared to kidney stones, being stabbed  and even dwelling on death's doorstep. Basically, not exactly the most pleasant of feelings. It's only natural that expectant mothers aspire to deliver their precious babies and endure this often harrowing ordeal in a place where they feel safe and secure.

Some pregnant women opt to have a hospital birth, while others feel best in a birthing center. There are also those who feel most comfortable delivering their baby in the peace and sanctity of their own home. No one option is best. What works for one lady may not be ideal for another.

Babies come when they are ready, which might not always be the best time for mom. Plans made may go out the window if baby is hell-bent on making his or her grand entrance. It is common for women to experience contractions for many hours before being ready to push, but sometimes, babies ain't got time for that and just want to get some fresh air already. When little ones want out, wherever moms find themselves at the time has to do. Read on for 15 of the strangest places women have given birth.

15 Dilation Check on Isle 7

A woman in Saskatchewan, Canada wasn't feeling well one day as she headed into Walmart. She had a fever and stomach cramps. She'd noticed herself gaining weight the last few weeks, but, according to her, pregnancy tests had turned up negative.

When stomach pains got worse, she headed to the bathroom. After feeling a strong urge to push, a baby slid into the toilet. The woman panicked and fled the scene. She was later apprehended after being identified on the store's video surveillance footage. She admitted to giving birth to the child, then getting frightened and abandoning the new baby boy. She claimed she had no idea she was pregnant.

Her 6 pound baby was found in time, taken to the hospital, and, despite suffering from a low body temperature and trouble breathing, was in perfect condition. He was placed in the care of the provincial Social Services Ministry. The mother has since been in contact with her son, and they are said to have a good relationship.

14 Tree-age Pregnancy

Pregnant women often wonder what they will do if labor strikes at an inopportune moment. For this reason, they are instructed not to travel too far from home in the last few months leading up to delivery. Unfortunately, some things can't be controlled no mater how careful a pregnant lady is. Some find themselves stuck in blizzards or impeded by traffic while attempting to get to the hospital. One pregnant lady about to pop found herself at the mercy of raging waters with a baby on the way and not willing to wait.

Flood waters in Mozambique, Africa forced expectant mother, Sofia Pedro to climb up into a tree to avoid being swept away. While clinging to branches and probably uttering a few choice words, Pedro gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named the baby Rosita.

Fortuitously, Sofia and Rosita were rescued by a South African helicopter crew minutes after the delivery. When rescuers found the mom and baby the cord was still attached. It's no doubt everyone was re-leafed when it was clear mom and baby were safe and sound and would recover.

13 Would You Like Fries With That Baby? 

An expectant mom in Newark, New Jersey gave in to her craving for some good old all-American fast food. She ended up getting a lot more than a Big Mac or a Happy Meal after entering a local McDonald's. Soon after her arrival at the establishment, she experienced contractions and knew her baby was on its way.

A heroic bystander rushed out of the restaurant and flagged down police officer, James Kneipp, who just happened to be driving by. At first, Kneipp thought he was being held up, but the citizen informed him there was a lady getting ready to deliver in the fast food chain's bathroom.

The officer rushed inside and was able to maneuver the baby safely into the world. It is unclear whether the mom enjoyed French fries or a Mcflurry before or after delivery, but one thing is for sure, this baby has good taste and we're lovin' it. It is also unconfirmed whether or not the mother chose to name her baby Ronald. Let's hope she did.

12 Shhhhhh!

Jennifer Wagner, a pastor's wife pregnant with her fourth child, was enjoying a nice Sunday service at a the Huntington Beach Library, when suddenly she began having contractions. Thinking things would surely take awhile, and not wanting to be disruptive to the evangelical Christian service, she went out for a walk to help move things along.

Shortly after her stroll began, her water broke. She hurried back to the library and into the lady's room. Labor progressed so quickly that her baby arrived in the stall. Luckily a few women came to her aid and caught her new baby boy. Paramedics rushed to the library and got there soon after the delivery. The child was named Titus Sebastian Wagner. By the grace of God, mom and baby are just fine.

Jennifer and her husband, Pastor Jerrod Wagner are undoubtedly thankful things turned out alright. They most likely feel their baby is heaven-sent and it's quite certain they can't wait to introduce him to the congregation. Hallelujah!

11 Shop 'til You Drop n' Pop Out a Baby

The mall is a great place to grab a soft pretzel or people watch. Many don't think of it as an ideal place to give birth, but an expectant mother browsing the shops at Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw Township wasn't given much of a choice. 19-year-old Chasity Davis was still three weeks from her due date when she started feeling some contractions. They had been slight earlier that morning, but Chasity didn't think they were strong enough to go to the hospital yet, and went about her day. While at the mall, her contractions suddenly got much stronger and she feared her baby was ready to arrive. Mother-of-three Stacy Farrell exited Sears and found Davis doubled over and moaning on a couch.

Luckily Farrell was there just in time to help. She was told by a Mobile Medical Response dispatcher to follow directions until help arrived. She delivered Chasity's baby boy with the help of a few other passers-by onto the mall floor. He wasn't breathing right away. Farrell cleared out his mouth and he started to cry just as paramedics arrived on the scene. One store donated blankets to cover the new mom and wrap the baby in. A nearby nail salon offered some rubber gloves for those assisting with the delivery.

Chasity named her son Devin Michael Davis. Thanks to the quick thinking of mall-goers, both mother and son came through the situation beautifully and have many blissful days of mall-strolling in their future.

10 The Baby Girl Almost Born On A Train

A baby girl arrived a bit ahead of schedule on the East Broadway F subway platform in Manhattan. She was born safe and sound thanks to the help of many good Samaritans that pitched in to lend a helping had in her delivery.

Francine Alfonte and her husband, Max boarded the F train with Bellevue Hospital as their intended destination after Francine experienced contractions and felt her baby's arrival was imminent. Not long after boarding the train, Francine felt strange. The conductor was informed and called for help to arrive at the next station.

Soon after Francine stepped off of the train and onto the platform, her water broke. People came to her assistance from all directions. A nurse exited the train with her to help out, and a man heading to work offered his brief case to be used as a pillow. Many gave pieces of clothing to help Alfonte be as comfortable as possible. One woman held Francine's hand and offered words of comfort. Paramedics arrived just in time to deliver the baby, named Soliel, which means "sun" in French. The new dad, Mr. Alfonte later reported that mom and baby are both doing well. Thanks to the help of many, this baby's delivery never went off of the rails.

9 Special Delivery

A pregnant mum in England entered the post office planning to get a mobile phone credit, then continue on with her day. While inside, she began experiencing contractions and knew she didn't have much time to get to a hospital. Her baby girl had other intentions and arrived post haste on the post office floor before the poor mama could even exit the establishment.

The post-master weighed the new baby on the scales and announced she weighed equivalent to a 8.22 pound parcel. The new arrival is most likely the cutest package this post office has or will ever encounter.

The baby and mom most certainly receive a stamp of approval from us for efficiency and bravery. We just hope the new mom still got her phone credit so she was able to call friends and family to share the good news.

8 Baby On Board

It became clear after 45 minutes in the car that a Texas woman with a little one on the way wasn't going to make it to the Bay Area Birthing Center, where she had originally intended to give birth. Before her baby arrived, she instructed her husband to keep driving. She was afraid of not having any help available if the baby experienced complications after delivery. He caught the whole thing on his Go-Pro while speeding down the road toward the birthing center and help.

The video taken of the mother, Lesia, has since gone viral. In the footage, she lets out several screams, then pulls her pants down and delivers her 10 pound son, Josiah, but all on her own.

After the baby arrived, the father pulled over to the side of the road. The couple gave each other a high five and, after confirming Josiah was breathing and seemed to be okay, continued on to the birthing center to get examined and cleaned up. Talk about life in the fast lane.

7 High In The Sky

Storks are known to bring babies down with them when they land. Looks like airplanes are joining the party. 23-year-old Feng Yu boarded a flight in China's Sichuan Province bound for Wuhan, approximately 2 hours away. She was close to her due date, but ignored medical advice not to fly after the 7 month mark in pregnancy.

She's a thin girl and dressed in large clothes so it was difficult to tell how far along she actually was. A little less than an hour after take-off, contractions began. Luckily, four crew members aboard the aircraft had some training in what to do when a baby wants a window seat.

Things got scary for a few seconds when the baby girl's head was delivered, but her body was stuck. Everyone remained calm and the youngest member of the flight arrived amid cheers from passengers a mere 7 minutes before the plane landed. The little flyer has been named Angel and both mom and baby are doing well now that they're safely back on solid ground. That's just "plane" wonderful.

6 Going Up? 

This birth story is bound to lift anyone's spirits. A woman attempting to reach the maternity ward at Tacoma Hospital was stopped short when the elevator transporting her to her intended destination suddenly ground to a halt. By a stroke of good luck, her midwife and a nurse were in the elevator with her.

The brave mother delivered a baby boy while the elevator was still stuck. Sadly, the boy's father was not present for the delivery. He was one floor above, probably pacing back and forth and wringing his hands.

The new dad was able to climb down into the bloody mess on the elevator floor to become acquainted with his new son and was even able to cut the cord. Every delivery has its ups and downs, but this one really pushes our buttons.

5 Strolling Into The World

Polly McCourt exited her Manhattan home after going into labor and feeling sure her baby wasn't going to wait much longer to enter the world. Her doorman helped her out into the chilly afternoon and began attempting to flag down a cab. One pulled to the curb, but an impatient bystander stepped in front of Polly and stole her cab!

At this point, McCourt could feel the head crowning and knew making it to the hospital was no longer an option. She sat down on the sidewalk and prepared for delivery. The doorman supported her back while bystanders assisted in delivering her new baby girl. Many offered articles of clothing to keep the new baby warm. One kind woman offered up her coat. Polly was so grateful for the generosity of this woman, that she named her baby Ila Isabella. The baby's middle name is after the lady who selflessly gave up her coat for a good cause.

Mom and baby made it to the hospital and recovered from the traumatic delivery without complications. Baby Ila arrived to a crowd of helpful strangers. These helpful people remind us that despite cab-stealers, this world is full of loving and helpful individuals.

4 Just Out For a Jog

Mom-to-be Ashley Paulson of Orem, Utah was scheduled for a C-section to deliver her fourth child and decided to make this delivery one for the books. She and four friends got up early to run nine miles to the hospital where she would deliver her little one. Her baby, Maximus, must have enjoyed the ride. He entered the world healthy and happy.

Ashley is a professional endurance athlete who didn't let her pregnancy with little Maximus get in the way of her passion for fitness. While pregnant with him, she completed nine marathons, five half-marathons, one Ironman, two half Ironman competitions, one sprint triathlon and one 5K. She made sure to check with her doctor before each race and had the green light to compete as long as she was careful. She wore a heart-rate monitor during races to make sure both she and her baby were in the safe zone.

Ashley is one super mom who is currently living in an RV and roaming the country searching for new adventures with her husband and four children.

3 The Happiest Baby on Earth

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on Earth, a land where fantasy becomes reality and dreams come true. What better place to bring a baby into the world than the location of life-sized mice and Dole Whip?

Margarita Grandos attended the Magic Kingdom one fine day in 1984. She was quite close to her expected date of delivery. The 20-year-old enjoyed the day with her husband, Juan until the operators of Space Mountain told her she wasn't allowed on the ride in her pregnant state. Mrs. Grandos was undoubtedly disappointed as she watched her husband continue on to whiz through the stars on one of the park's most popular rollercoasters.

While Juan was smiling and screaming with his hands in the air, Margarita screamed for a different reason entirely: her baby girl decided she was ready for launch. The baby was born before Mr. Grandos was finished riding the ride and they all lived happily ever after.

2 Champagne Wishes and Caviar Screams

Many women dream of a wedding fit for a queen, complete with flowers, expensive food and drinks and a beautiful gown. Another aspiration of ladies across the globe after finding Mr. Right is to settle down in a cute little home with a white picket fence and make beautiful babies together.

It seems one expectant bride couldn't wait to do either one, and managed to combine marriage and family into one big celebration extravaganza. We love it when a lady knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, guns blazing. You go, girl!

This woman brought a whole new sense of urgency to the term shot-gun wedding when she gave birth in a limousine soon after her nuptials had been finalized. The groom and bridesmaids assisted her in her delivery, bringing her lovely new baby into the world just in time to help cut the cake.

1 Birthday Suit

A pregnant Texas woman and her husband were en route to the hospital when her baby made it clear it was on its way out, medical assistance or not. Her husband pulled over in the nearest parking lot. It just happened to be a strip club. We can neither confirm nor deny that the man knew about this location from experience, or if he ended up there by pure happenstance.

Whatever led the couple to the Gentlemen's club, this is where the lady of the family popped out a healthy baby boy. The bouncers at the club kept nosy onlookers from getting too close and made sure the baby's first night in the world was a safe and peaceful one. Aw.

It doesn't matter so much where a baby is born as it does that they arrive safe and sound. At least this boy has an impressive story to tell his buddies in middle school. He's already a little stud. Kudos to the parents for knowing if they aren't going to make it to the hospital, they should at least make things memorable. Welcome to the world, little man.

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