15 of the Worst Places for Your Water to Break

It never happens the way it does in the movies, in TV shows and film, you get this big theatrical display of gushing water, being rushed to the hospital, and flying down the hall, at break neck speed, in a wheelchair. In reality, though, most of the time your water breaks only after you've already settled in at the hospital, since your water breaking usually means that baby's arrival is imminent. 

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who has to deal with her water breaking at what is seriously the most inopportune time, then you're certainly not alone, however few and far between these labor beginnings come. The worst part, besides being totally wet and incredibly uncomfortable, is that you can't control when it happens and when it does, you likely have a very small window of time to get to the birthing place of your choice. Instead of, hopefully, the side of the road. 

And believe us, there are some thoroughly unsavory and awful places to have your water break. As exciting of a time as this is for you, leading up to your estimated due date avoid any activities that aren't in close proximity to a hospital. Because these awful places for your water to break are just too real.

15 A Baseball Game

Imagine sitting in the stands, enjoying your third hotdog (you're eating for two, right? No big deal), and out of seemingly nowhere, you feel the water coming, rushing down your legs and puddling at your feet. Now, imagine getting up and trying your absolute hardest to walk out of the stadium, to your car in the lot, and to a hospital. Sounds fun, right? Yeah, not so much.

14  The Movies

We’re not joking. While going to the theater may seem like a nice, harmless, and totally low risk place to go as a pregnant woman, it would also be too awful to have your water break. Can't you just see all of the movie theater patrons shushing you as you hobble through the aisle?

13  A Wedding

If there are every times for the center of attention to be on you it is when you're in labor, or during your wedding. And when you're in labor at someone else's wedding, it doesn't bode well. If rain on someone's wedding day is deemed lucky, then maybe you can convince the newlyweds that your water breaking is even luckier for them?

12  Any Kind Of Boat

Of course we're talking about sail boats or paddle boats because, well, you have literally no engine to get you back to shore any faster than your arms or legs can get you there. And if you're paddling alone, it'd probably be ridiculously hard to pump those legs while going into active labor. And if you're considering a sunset cruise sort of ship, ditch that idea too. Anything that takes you too far from solid ground and hospitals is just a no-no.

11  The Community Pool

Granted, if your water were to break at the local pool, no one would probably even realize it, but that may include you too. Which, let's be honest here, is just a tad bit frightening, since giving birth in the chlorine-shocked city pool is probably not in your birth plan.

10  Target, Walmart, Or Pretty Much Any Department Store

We aren't saying it's never happened before, and shopping can be a relaxing sort of solo therapy, but having your water break while shopping could really soil (no pun intended) the place for you. You will forever link that particular store to your water suddenly breaking, and probably worry over being remembered for it.

9  A Restaurant

Having your water break while out to dinner is probably a lot less scary than having it break on a Bahamas cruise ship, but it doesn't take away the ick factor, or the fact that the entire restaurant will be stopping what they’re doing to watch the entire process, from the breaking water, to the ambulance eventually carting you away.

8  At Work

While some expectant mothers take advantage of any maternity leave they’re permitted, and leave work a solid week before their due date, others choose to work right up to the day of delivery. And, of course, others have no choice in the matter. Whichever the case may be, no one wants to be remembered as "that lady whose water broke in the break room."

7  Jury Duty

This sort of speaks for itself, but we must say, having your water break during jury duty is certainly the most amazing way to be excused from the responsibility all together. So, yeah, while it would be far from pleasant to have your water break in an entire courtroom full of people, that baby could be your get out of duty free card.

6  While Having Sex

Yes, nothing says you're in the mood quite like the feeling of urinating while you're in the middle of actual sex. And no, there is likely no way to "play it off" and "keep going." Your partner will kind of figure it out, and your sheets will do the rest.

5  During An Exam

Again, this could be a blessing in disguise, we will admit. What better way to get out of that mid-term you couldn't study for because you were too busy getting a bikini wax? Then again, you'll always - always - be remembered for it. And people just don't forget that sort of thing.

4  While Getting A Wax

As anyone who is or has ever been pregnant can attest to, trying to shave any part of your body during your third trimester is next to impossible. Or, you know, sometimes literally impossible. So naturally, a wax is the most reasonable solution. Except when your water breaks duringyour bikini wax. That's right - during.

3  An Elevator - With Other People Present

It's one thing to have your water break in an elevator when you're alone, enabling you to quickly exit it and never look back. But when you're stuck, shoulder-to-shoulder, and are suddenly sharing a sopping carpet with all of these strangers, the desire to be able to retract your head into a shell like a turtle is very strong.

2  At School

Whether it be high school or at college, waddling through the halls when you're nine months pregnant is hard enough without the possibility of actually going into labor at school. And the worst part is that you will eventually have to go back and see these same people, facing them after they watched your water break before you even knew what was happening. Yeah, no thank you.

1  On A Plane

To have your water break during a flight is just terrifying, regardless of how short it may be. True, you shouldn't even be traveling via plane so late in your pregnancy, but if somehow you find yourself on a plane and your water actually breaks, there is littler than can be done, short of finding that air Marshall to help deliver him or her! The moral of the story is to simply be cautious during the last leg of your final trimester. We aren't saying to resign yourself to the couch or force yourself into bed rest, but having your water break in the scariest, most inopportune, or just embarrassing places is not how you want to start the life of this new baby. Trust us.

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