15 Of This Year's Dumbest Toys You'll Be Duped Into Buying

Every holiday season it seems like there is a new toy on the market that every kid wants. Children everywhere write letters to Santa Clause asking for their dream gift. Unfortunately, some of these popular toys pose safety hazards for little ones. Year after year, we hear news reports of hoverboards going up in flames or kids falling off of them and cracking their head open. Yet, parents keep getting suckered into purchasing one for their kiddo.

Other toys are so dumb that it’s hard to believe that anyone would bother buying them. Trendy toys are often annoying and pointless. Some items can make a total mess or are made up potentially dangerous chemicals. Many of the products on this list have been deemed unsafe for children. From choking hazards to blunt force injuries, these toys just aren’t safe.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc (WATCH) recently released a list of the top 10 worst toys for 2017. Many of the nominees are popular toys that parents might be planning to purchase for their children this Christmas.

Have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of the most recent recalled toys so that you can be educated while shopping for your family this holiday season. I’ve also added items to this list that really aren’t worth the money, rather it be poor quality or just a stupid toy that you shouldn’t waste your money on. Please enjoy this list of 15 of this year’s dumbest/dangerous toys you’ll be duped into buying.

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15 Hand Fidgetz Spinners

Fidget Spinners took the world by storm in 2017. It seemed like every single child could be seen spinning those things and doing all kinds of finger tricks. I’m sure that many children will be asking Santa Clause to get them a fidget spinner for Christmas this year. It totally seems like it would be the perfect stocking stuffer. Well, parents might want to think twice before purchasing one for their kids.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc released a list of the worst gifts to help kids stay safe this holiday season and the Handz Fidget Spinners were nominated as one of the top 10 worst toys of 2017. It turns out that all the different tiny parts can be a choking hazard to kiddos. They are manufactured by Kipp Brothers and can be found at Walmart, Kippbrothers.com, and Bulktoystore.com. They are also sold in retail toy aisles.

14 Nerf Dreadbolt Crossbow

Kids love playing with Nerf guns. They run around and shoot each other with soft darts. The Nerf Zombie Strike Deadbolt Crossbow looks like it would be an awesome toy but it found itself on the W.A.T.C.H. list for the top 10 worst toys of 2017. So, even though it appears to be one of the toughest Nerf weapons on the market, you should use caution and purchase a different Nerf gun for your kiddo for Christmas. That is, unless you want to end up in the emergency room with an injured child.

It is manufactured by Hasbro and is sold at Kmart, Toysrus.com, Target.com, and Walmart.com. It retails for $49.49. The product does come with a warning that reads: “Do not aim or shoot at eyes or face of people or animals.” It seems that the force of the arrow launch could cause a potential eye and facial injuries.

13 Bunchems

Bunchems are a toy that is trending for the 2017 holidays. They seem like fun. The toy consists of little colored balls that have tiny hooks on them so they stick together. A kid can bunch them up into just about any shape that a kid can dream up. They come in bright colors so the packaging makes them look totally awesome. There’s just one problem. Kid’s keep getting them stuck in their hair.

They are like little plastic briers that embed themselves so deeply into the hair shaft that kid are having to get them cut off their noggins. Parents are leaving terrible reviews on Amazon.com. One user wrote: “Buy this toy for someone if you hate them or their child. They are the most incredible choking hazards on the planet. They bring pain and misery, tears, fighting, broken and ripped hair, and questions of one’s sanity in handling life in general.”

12 Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword

The movie Wonder Woman was a blockbuster sensation in the summer of 2017. Little girls everywhere want to be just like their favorite superhero and many of them might ask for a Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword. This toy features realistic sounds such as the sword swinging and blocking sounds. Any little girl who dreams of being an Amazon Princess will be begging for one of these to be waiting for them under the Christmas tree. They can save the world just like the comic book character.

Well, parents should be cautioned that this toy was listed on the top 10 most dangerous toys by W.A.T.C.H. The sword is a safety hazard and has the potential to cause blunt force injuries. The rigid plastic could cause facial or other impact injuries. It was manufactured by Mattel and is sold at Target, Walmart, and is also available online. It retails for $19.99

11 Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit

The Slackers Slackline Classics Series Kit is an example of a good idea gone bad. What kid wouldn’t want a tightrope in their backyard? You simply tie a tightrope-like device between two trees and let your kid pretend like they’re an acrobat in the circus. What could possibly go wrong? Well, according to W.A.T.C.H. it has the potential for strangulation and fall-related injuries. Sorry folks, I wouldn’t give this as a Christmas gift to my kiddos.

It was manufactured by Brand 44 and sold at Amazon.com, Dicks Sporting Goods, L.L. Bean, Home Depot, and Magic Beans. The age recommendation is age 5+ and is said to be safe for all ages. The Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit retails for $69.99. It comes with a warning that every parent should heed and reads: “CAUTION: Remember that Slackline can be a potentially dangerous piece of equipment and can cause serious injury or even death.”

10 Fashems And Mashems

Let’s talk about Mashems and Fashems, shall we? This toy should be on the top of the dumbest toys of 2017 list. They’re squishy collectibles of tiny animals and characters from various popular movies and television shows. They’re these tiny capsules filled with fluid and the kids are going completely nuts for them. I’m sure will be on almost every child’s Christmas list this year. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they are trending. They’re basically a cheap plastic toy that should cost a quarter and come out of a gum ball machine.

They can be found at Walmart, Amazon, and Toy R Us and retails for about $15 for a pack of four or so. They have a huge following on YouTube where kids film videos of themselves opening packages of the toys and then posting their reaction On-line. They just seem mindless and senseless.

9 Spider-Drone

The Spider-Man Spider-Drone is an “official movie edition” drone that looks like it would be a super technical toy that would be great to give a pre-teen for Christmas. It’s a remote controlled drone that is based on the popular comic book film, Spider-man Homecoming. This performance drone landed itself on the W.A.T.C.H list for one of the worst toys of 2017.

The drone is designed to launch into the air using it’s multiple rotor blades. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Those same blades move at a super high speed and pose a danger of injury. The product comes with a warning that says to “Keep spinning rotors away from fingers, eyes, hair, eyes, and other body parts.” So, kids should pretty much stay away from this toy. It was manufactured Marvel aand Skyrocket Toys LLC. It’s sold at Target, Best Buy, Toys r Us, Walmart, and retails for $89.99.

8 Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo is the wave of the future and it might be tempting to purchase one for your kid’s bedroom or playroom. It seems like you would get extra “cool parent” points but it’s one of those Christmas gifts that could be a potential parenting nightmare. The “smart home system” has unexpected consequences. Amazon doesn’t offer many parental controls and kids are causing all sorts of unintended trouble.

For example, a girl in Texas talked with Alexa about a $160 doll house and Alexa promptly ordered the toy after their conversation. When the local news reported on the incident, a local anchor said, “I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a doll house.’” Viewers who had an echo in their home found that the anchor’s remark triggered orders on their own devices. So, you may think that the Echo is a cool little trinket for your kiddo but it could prompt some unwanted purchases.

7 iLive Self-Balancing Scooter

Hoverboards are still all the rage and parents might be tempted to purchase one for their child. Even though they may seem like a perfectly acceptable Christmas gift, many hoverboards have been the target of a recent recall. Seven different models were recalled for being a potential fire hazard as the lithium-ion batteries can overheat.. Unless you want little Billy going up in flames, you might want to skip buying them one altogether.

The seven models that The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers about are LayZ Board, Dollar Mania Sonic Smart Wheels, Tech Drift, Digital Products iLive, iHoverspeed, Four Star Imports Go Wheels, Drone Nerds, and Salvage World. A LayZ Board actually started a fatal house fire in March of this year. So, it would be smart to grab your Christmas list and if you plan on purchasing a hoverboard, go ahead and scratch through it.

6 Jetts Heel Wheels

Jetts Heel Wheels are designed to be strapped to the heels of kid’s shoes so their kicks can be transformed into rear-wheeled roller skates. This particular model has “real sparking” that features skid pads that create sparks as your child leans back on them. It may sound fancy and seem like just the right Christmas gift for your little sport, but they’re potentially dangerous for kids. They were nominated to be on W.A.T.C.H.’s list of these worst toys of 2017 because the sparks can burn kids.

They were manufactured by Razor USA LLC and sold at Kmart, Walmart, Khol’s, and Target. They are recommended for children ages 8+ and pose a hazard of blunt impact and fire-related injuries. The Jetts Heel Wheels comes with a warning in the package that reads: “Keep sparks away from eyes, hair, exposed skin, and clothing.” I would heed their warning and not purchase these dangerous wheels.

5 Orbeeze

Orbeeze is another toy that should be added to the list of dumb toys for the 2017 holiday season. Kids love them but they just seem slightly strange and unnatural to me. They’re basically these little gel capsules that you soak in water then you can crush them to do various art projects. The little smooshy beads can be used in a variety of products made by Orbeeze. The little colorful balls grow right before your eyes and promptly make a mess all over your living room floor, if you’re not careful.

The manufacturers have designed a soothing foot spa so your daughter can soak her feet in these magical balls made of who knows what chemicals. They’re made by Maya Toys and can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, and other retailers. Don’t let yourself be suckered into buying this product for your kid this Christmas.

4 Brianna Baby Doll

The Brianna doll is marketed as a “soft” and “huggable” toy for babies as young as 18-months-old. I’ve got to admit that she looks pretty cute and that any little girl would want to grab that doll and give it a big ol’ hug. It would be tempting to buy this as a gift for your daughter. Not so fast! Brianna is on the list of W.A.T.C.H.’s most dangerous toys of 2017. The doll is designed for her clothes to be removed and changed but the pink rubber bands in her hair are also removable and can pose a risk of ingestion and possible choking.

It was manufactured by Melissa and Doug. Brianna can be purchased at Target.com and Toysrus.com. She retails for $20.99 and came with no warnings in it’s packaging. So, what may seem like a safe doll for your child might actually be putting them at risk.

3 Hallmark's "Itty Bittys" Stacking Toy

The Hallmark “Itty Bitties” Baby Stacking Toys is pretty adorable. It features a plush Disney-themed stacking toy sold with four rattles that feature Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. Disney lovers might be tempted to purchase this soft toy for their young child but should think twice before buying it for their little one for Christmas. The results could be potentially dangerous for your family.

Unfortunately, the toy was sold without any age recommendations or warnings and it is a potential choking hazard. W.A.T.C.H. also nominated this toy as one of the top 10 worst toys of 2017. It was manufactured and distributed by Hallmark Market Company LLC and was sold by eBay.com. It retails for $24.99. The Consumer Product Safety Administration recalled the item on August 31, 2017 citing that the fabric hats and bows could fall off and pose a choking hazard to small children.

2 Pull Along Pony


Tolo’s Pull Along Pony is a brightly colored toy that seems like it would be just the right present for your baby. It’s marketed for 12 months and up, so your little one will giggle with glee as they pull the pony behind them on a string. There’s just one problem. The rope that they use to pull it along doesn’t meet safety standards and poses a potential risk for strangulation and entanglement. WATCH added this toy to their list of worst toys for 2017.

Despite the fact that the industry’s standards require strings for baby toys to be less than 12 inches in length, the “Pull Along Pony” cord is 19 inches. They were manufactured by Tolo Toys Limited and sold at Magic Beans, Amazon.com, and Bonanza.com. It retails for $19.99 and has no warnings in it’s packages. Safe yourself the twenty bucks and buy something less risky for your baby.

1 Oval Xylophone


Parents who are musical lovers might be attracted to buy this Oval Xylophone for their baby this holiday season. It is marketed for babies as young as 12 months old and looks like little ones would have a blast playing this multi-colored instrument. Well, parents may want to think twice before purchasing this for their kiddo. The nine and half inch drum stick handle has the potential for a baby to put it in their mouth and choke on it.

The Xylophone was produced by Plan Toys, Inc and can be found at Target.com, Walmart.com, and Magic Beans. It retails for $24.99 and is pretty much a huge waste of money. The toy comes with no warnings or labels in the packaging so parents might not be aware that the instrument has the potential to harm their infant. Don’t let yourself be duped into purchasing this toy and pick something safer for your baby.

Sources: toysafety.org, amazon.com, cpsc.gov, fortune.com

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