15 Often Forgotten Must-Dos In The First Trimester

When a woman becomes pregnant, it can very often be the result of a great deal of planning. Despite people’s fondest desires, babies do not always just happen no matter how much people may wish they did. No, for a woman to get pregnant, it can often take a great deal of planning. Of course, once a woman does get pregnant the planning does not stop. In many ways the planning is really just beginning. When a woman is pregnant she now has the task of planning for a baby that is coming in a few months. That means there is an awful lot to do and to get ready for. All that planning can, at times, be rather overwhelming for just about anyone.

As one can imagine, it is very difficult for a woman to plan and do everything when it comes to having a baby. This can especially be true during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. One could argue that there is never more to get ready for during a pregnancy than when it first begins. Especially if it's a woman’s first trimester of pregnancy, there is a lot for her to do, and it is not unreasonable for some woman to forget to do certain things, even if those thing are fairly important. Truth be told, there are at least 15 must-dos during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy that can often be forgotten about.

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15 Timing The Perfect Announcement

When a woman becomes pregnant there is little doubt that it is a monumental event. Few things in life are as significant as a pregnancy. It is understandable that when a woman becomes pregnant she will likely want to shout it from the rooftops. Of course shouting things from the roof tops is not really a valid option to announce a pregnancy.

Nevertheless, during her first trimester a woman will most likely want to announce she is pregnant. It is important to figure out how to announce a pregnancy, but it may be even more important to figure when to announce it. Announcing a pregnancy at the very beginning of a woman's first trimester has it’s advantages, such as a woman will not be required to hide her baby bump or pretend to not be pregnant at all. Nevertheless, miscarriages are most likely to happen early in the first trimester of a pregnancy, and some women may prefer to wait until their pregnancy enters a safer stage before telling the world about it.

14 Documenting The Baby Bump

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A women will want to announce to everyone about her pregnancy. Likewise, when a woman is pregnant she will very likely want to cherish the time. This cherishing can begin during the first trimester. A great way to cherish the time a woman is pregnant during the beginning of it is for her to document her emerging baby bump.

There are several ways to document a baby dump. A woman may simply choose to document the amount her stomach grows as time goes by. If a woman is looking for something a little more artistic she could document her baby bump on film via pictures or video. A woman may also consider keeping a baby bump journal. Whatever a woman decides to do she should be aware that making some kind of record of her baby bump is a very important consideration to make during the first trimester of pregnancy.

13 Going Shopping!

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When a woman is pregnant it is certain to be an exciting time for her. However, despite all the excitement a woman needs to keep in mind that a baby costs a lot of money. The thing is that the cost of a baby begins long before the baby is actually born. During the first trimester a woman needs to do a great deal of shopping to prepare for her pregnancy and upcoming baby.

There are several things that a woman needs to shop for during the first trimester of her pregnancy. One such thing is books dealing with pregnancy so that a woman will know what to expect down the line. Another thing a woman should shop for is new pants to accommodate the growing baby inside her along with her growing belly. Also a woman will want to be comfortable all during her pregnancy even at the beginning so she will also probably want new and comfortable under garments to wear as her body changes over time.

12 Pumping Up The Calories

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When a woman is pregnant, during her first trimester she has to become accustomed to the idea that there is a baby growing inside her. That means that a pregnant woman is no longer required to look after just her own health, but the health of her baby as well. It is for that reason that a pregnant woman must make sure that she eats plenty of nutritious food. A woman should begin eating healthy during the first trimester, if she hasn’t already done so even beforehand.

When it comes to eating healthy, a woman needs to assure she is getting all the nutrients she requires, which includes iron, fiber and zinc. A pregnant woman also needs to make sure she is getting all the Omega 3 fatty acids she needs. To assure that a woman is getting all the nutrients she needs she should eat nutrient rich foods such as yogurt and peanut butter. However, while it is important a woman makes sure she eats plenty of nutritious foods she must also make sure she does not overeat.

11 Getting (Gently) Active

It likely comes as no surprise that a woman should exercise in her first trimester of pregnancy. However, exercise is a pretty general statement that covers a large range of activities. Some pregnant women may be wondering about something more specific that they can do. For these women, one such thing women might consider doing is yoga.

That is not to say all forms of yoga should be openly embraced. There are some kinds of yoga that are not good for pregnant women. Bikram and hot yoga, should be avoided by women who are expecting a baby. Pregnant women should seek out yoga classes that are specifically designed for women that are about to become mothers. It is, however, important to point out that if a woman was not doing yoga before she became pregnant, she should consult her doctor before starting any yoga classes.

10 Delegating Tasks

When a baby is born, it is a lot of work to take care of oneself, one's partner, other children, the house and the new baby. It is safe to say that a baby is more work than one person can handle all of the time. Furthermore, if a woman conceives a child by traditional means then a partner was involved. If that partner remains in a woman's life he should help take care of their baby.

Sometime, however, that is easier said than done. It is important that a pregnant woman and her partner decide who is going to do what when it comes to the care of a child. Discussing who is going to do what helps each partner know what they will be expected to do and ensure neither partner will be disappointed in whatever parenting duties is assigned once the baby is born. A couple will likely not actually work out all the details of parenting duties until after the baby is actually born, but it is a good idea to discuss it early on.

9 Start Popping ASAP

Pregnancy means that a woman no longer has just her own health to deal with anymore. A pregnant woman must now take into consideration the health of the child she is carrying. It has been mentioned that a woman needs to make sure she eats plenty of nutritious foods. Likewise, a pregnant woman needs to begin taking prenatal vitamins during the first trimester of pregnancy. This will probably be suggested by her doctor.

Prenatal vitamins are an excellent way for a pregnant woman to get what she and her baby need to remain healthy. For example, prenatal vitamins are a good source of folic acid. Folic acid can greatly reduce the chances of certain birth defects such as spina bifida. A woman should definitely start taking prenatal vitamins during her first trimester as this is generally when all of the baby’s organs are developing. In fact, it is actually a good idea for women to start taking prenatal vitamins when they are trying to conceive, but even more important once a child is on the way.

8 Choosing The Perfect OB/GYN

There can be no doubt that when a woman is pregnant, health is a major concern of hers. The thing is that there is only so much that a woman can do on her own. When a woman becomes pregnant, is is important that she choose an OB/GYN if she doesn’t already have one, or perhaps even a midwife, that the woman trusts is essential. That is why it is important for a pregnant woman to choose a healthcare provider during her first trimester.

When it comes to choosing a healthcare provider it should not be just some random decision. This person is going to be a major part of a woman’s pregnancy so women need to do their homework when choosing someone. When choosing a healthcare provider women should ask their friends, family and just generally search around for someone that will be the perfect fit for them. A woman also needs to consider what health care provider will work best with her health insurance plan.

7 Finding Ways To Survive Morning Sickness

No matter what kind of health measure a pregnant woman may take there is still an excellent chance her pregnancy will make her sick. Specifically, her pregnancy will likely cause her morning sickness (but not always), which is essentially vomiting in the morning after waking up. Morning sickness is a pretty well-known symptom of pregnancy. What may be less known, however, is there are ways to get relief from it.

If a woman has a fairly mild case of morning sickness simply eating smaller meals and blander foods may provide relief from morning sickness. However, this may not be enough for all women. If a pregnant woman has a more serious case of morning sickness she may need to talk to her healthcare provider about vitamin B6 or some sort of anti-nausea medication. Both of these things are widely considered to be safe and effective while a woman is pregnant.

6 Learning About Pregnancy Superfoods

There is an old saying that people are what they eat. If a woman is pregnant she will most likely want her pregnancy to be as super as it possibly can be. It is for that reason the women who are pregnant should know about and, naturally, eat as many pregnancy superfoods as they can. As one might expect, superfoods are not regarded as such because they wear capes or anything like that.

Superfoods are considered super because they are particularly healthy for pregnant women and can provide them with a nutritional boost they need. Some examples of superfoods are colorful fruits and vegetables. That probably is not all that surprising. However, superfoods can also include things likes beans, walnuts, and eggs. These are just a few of the pregnancy superfoods that a woman needs to be aware of and try to eat because they provide great nutrition.

5 Visiting A Dentist

There can be little doubt that when it comes to the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy health is a major concern. That has been demonstrated already. A pregnant woman visiting her doctor is certainly something a pregnant woman should do. However, there may be one kind of doctor that a pregnant woman may not consider visiting. That kind of doctor is a dentist. A woman does not usually think of the dentist when she is pregnant.

The thing is that for a great while, a pregnant woman going to the dentist was not looked favorably on. It was believed that any kind of oral work done on a pregnant woman might cause bacteria to spread and lead to infections. Now, however, it is believed that is simply not true. That means it is perfectly fine for a woman to visit her dentist and maintain good oral health. Of course, if you are not a fan of the dentist, that probably is not the best of news. However, keeping up with dental health is just as important as all the other healthy things she does for herself and her baby.

4 Start Looking Up Pediatricians

Another health care decision to make is to at least begin to search for a pediatrician for the baby. It’s not a decision they have to made right away, of course, but starting early will give the parents plenty of time to find one that they are both comfortable with and feel they can trust their precious bundle with. Some pediatricians will be there in the hospital when the baby is born and will examine the baby right away, or may at least visit the baby before mom and baby go home.

Begin by talking to friends, family and coworkers who have children and ask them their feelings about their children’s doctor. Go online and read a lot of reviews, even visit several doctor’s offices until one is found that both parents are happy with. Is it important that the doctor is in a practice with several other doctors so there is always someone in the office, or maybe a single practice doctor is preferred so it is always known who the child will be seeing?

3 Starting Kegel Exercises Right Away!

Whenever it comes to a pregnant woman being healthy, her diet is only a part of it. For a pregnant woman to be perfectly healthy she must also exercise as already mentioned. However, not all exercises a pregnant woman should be doing are fairly obvious. It is a good idea for women to do kegel exercises as of the first trimester and continue throughout.

Kegel exercises can be accomplished, in short, by a woman imagining she is sitting on marble and trying to pull it up into her vagina. Kegels might sound a little crazy, but they strengthen the muscles of a woman’s pelvic floor, which can prevent various conditions. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can help make labor a bit easier, and make recovery easier as well. A woman should continue to do kegel exercises after she gives birth and even for the remainder of her life, because it is good to keep those muscles in good shape.

2 Scheduling The First Ultrasound

Although a first ultrasound doesn’t usually occur until the fifteenth week or so of pregnancy, past the first trimester, it doesn’t hurt to make an appointment far ahead of time. This will leave plenty of time for the parents to invite other family members if they want company for the first sight of their baby. While many couples want the experience to be theirs alone, many others want family there, such as the woman’s mother.

The first ultrasound can be extremely exciting as it will actually be the first time parents get a look at their baby. It also is apparently the time that many dads come to the realization that they are really going to be a father. Up until that time, when they see an image of the baby, it all seems rather surreal because there really aren’t many outward signs of the baby being a reality; maybe his wife just gained a few pounds.

1 Going Ahead And Get Busy

Once a woman becomes pregnant it is likely that she got that way due to having sex. Yes, some women become pregnant by non-traditional methods, but the majority become pregnant the old fashioned way. In some cases pregnancy could be result of a lot of trying a great deal of sex. However, once a woman actually gets pregnant that does not mean the sex needs to stop.

Granted when a woman is pregnant, especially during her first trimester, she may not feel quite up to actually doing it anymore. Nevertheless, whenever a pregnant woman is up for having sex there is no reason that she should not. For one thing, sex can be a great stress reliever and alleviating stress is something a pregnant woman should do. After all, she has a lot of new responsibilities and more to come. Of course, as a woman’s pregnancy progresses the positions required for having sex may change, but once again, there is no reason a woman cannot have sex while she is pregnant.

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