15 Older Moms Who Are Hotter Than Ariel Winter

In Modern Family, she plays the role of Alex Dunphy, the smart and sassy middle child.

Hollywood is full of beautiful people; the glitz and glam lifestyle is full of beautiful women. Of course, these women have tons of beauty products and gurus at their fingertips which always helps. There is an up and coming young star who is quickly making a name for herself as one of the most beautiful women out there. Her name is Ariel Winter, and you may know her from the popular show Modern Family. In Modern Family, she plays the role of Alex Dunphy, the smart and sassy middle child.

She looks drastically different in real life than in her character form, as you can see in any quick Google search, or as in the picture here:

I think most of us can agree that she is beautiful, but is she really the most beautiful? Reading this, as a mother of a toddler who may or may not have brushed her hair today, I can assure you she is looking a lot better than I am right now. Sorry ladies, I am sure she is looking a lot better than a lot of mom’s out there. It isn’t that hard to do, moms are busy caring for other little people, so we kind of get cut some slack in the appearance section.

The truth is, there are also a lot of mothers in Hollywood, mom’s who are a lot older that Ariel, who is a young 19-years old. They are also all beautiful, and in a lot of instances they are even more beautiful than Ariel. We have found 15 older Hollywood moms who are much hotter than Ariel.

15Halle Berry

I don’t think we could have this list without Miss. Halle Berry. This woman just does not age at all, and seems to get more beautiful with age. It is hard to believe that Berry is 52-years old, and all I can say is I hope that I look that good when I am that age. She also has one child with her third (now ex) husband. Berry also grew up a very normal life, with a father who has a hospital attendant and a mother who was a psychiatric nurse.

In 1985 (which is the year I was born), Berry won the Miss Teen All-American pageant, representing her home state of Ohio. Just a year later, she was the runner-up in the Miss U.S.A Pageant. She then went on to be a model, then actress and then mother. If anyone makes being a mother look good, it is this woman. A fun fact about Berry that not a lot of people may know, is that she is a type 1 diabetic.

14Jennifer Lopez

Who doesn’t love Jenny from the block? Lopez was born in 1969, making her 49-years old now, she is also the mother of twins. Lopez is from Puerto Rico, and looks like a Latino goddess most of the time. She started her Hollywood career as a singer with nothing but number 1’s hitting the track. She has since proven herself as a triple threat, as she can sing, dance and act.

She has always had a place in the spotlight, both for her career and her relationships. Before setting out on her own, Lopez was a dancer for the one and only Janet Jackson. So, we can see why she is so successful. I hate to break it to Ariel Winter, but another Latino may have edged her out on being the most beautiful celebrity. Lopez also has a very sexy attitude, never forgetting her roots from the Bronx, New York. She sure doesn’t let anyone get away with anything, maybe I feel bad for her children.

13Geri Halliwell

Here is where we will find out how many of our readers are 90’s gals. Geri Halliwell was also known as Ginger Spice, the sassy Spice Girl. Her and her girl pals were one of the first all girl bands that rocked the pop music world. She was definitely considered one of the most attractive girls. At age 41, she still is very stunning and saucy. Ginger spice is also a mom, her and her husband have one child together, and she is showing the world how good mom’s can look.

Halliwell is from England, and the sexy British accent only helps in her sex appeal. She has many beauty and style trademarks that she is known for. She has always flaunted red hair, sometimes with blonde streaks. She is also known for wearing a sparkly union jack dress at the 1997 Brit Awards.

12Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is known for being an actress, mother and spouse to Ben Affleck. She is also known for being incredibly beautiful and down-to-earth. She is one of the few celebrity women who has seemingly remained grounded among all the publicity. She has filed for divorce from her husband, Mr. Affleck, but the pair has three beautiful children together.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Jennifer so beautiful. It could be due to her innocent and childlike voice, or her long brown hair and large brown eyes. Or, it could also be the fact that at the heart she is a sweet, Texan girl. She also carries a certain level of class with her that can only come with age and experience. She has this advantage over Ariel, as Jennifer is 41-years old. This means that when Ariel was born, Jennifer was already 22-years old.

11Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle may be one of the oldest women on our list, at age 60, but she will always be considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Ask any man. No matter her age, she has this sort of classic beauty that you are just born with. It can not be reproduced. One of her first roles that earned her the spot in every man’s mind is when she played Catwoman in an older Batman movie. This role put her on the map.

She is also a mother, her and her current husband have two children together. One of her children is adopted, which means she has a heart of gold as well. She has also been found on many different media’s lists of most beautiful women. Ariel Winter may never live up to be the legend that is Michelle Pfieffer. I don’t even think she should try.

10Sandra Bullock

Some of the best movies I have seen have all had one thing in common; they star Sandra Bullock as the lead. She has been in some of the best movies out there, and has always been considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Coming in at 57-years old, she is proof that sometimes things do get better with age, not that they were ever bad.

Bullock has an adopted son name Louis, but was also a step-mother to her ex-husband’s children. She is another star who is beyond beautiful in a dignified and classy type of way. She is one of the few stars who were able to stay out of the negative side of Hollywood. The only ‘scandal’ she was involved in was the affair her husband, Jesse James, had with his tattoo artist. What was he thinking!

9Gwyneth Paltrow

On September 27th, Gwyneth will turn 45, and I do not think she looks a day over 25. This could all be due to the fact that she does have a vigorous exercise regime and trainer. Her trainer has even stated that Paltrow looks better now than when she was 20, about the same age Ariel Winter is now. It is not uncommon knowledge that Paltrow was at one point, married to Chris Martin of Coldplay. Together, they have two children, another thing hard to forget when one of them is named Apple.

Unfortunately, there are some rumours that she is not the nicest celebrity. In 1998, she was voted the “most tuck-up” by Movieline magazine. Ouch. She has also had some boyfriends with rather large presences in Hollywood. She dated Ben Affleck, and was engaged to Brad Pitt at one point. Another little fun fact about Paltrow, is that she met with James Cameron for the lead in Titanic.

8Catherine Zeta-Jones

Yet another older celebrity mom who is way hotter than Ariel Winter. Catherine Zeta-Jones is just about to turn 48-years old and she has 2 children with her husband Michael Douglas. While she definitely does have some sort of exotic look to her, both her parents were from Wales, Ireland and England. I don’t know what it is about Zeta-Jones, the dark hair, the perfect body or the near angelic face. She definitely makes being a mom look super easy and good.

She is a trained singer and dancer as well as being a phenomenal actress. Her marriage to Douglas has been one of the few Hollywood marriages to last the test of time. In 1998, she was selected by people magazine as one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her and her husband are both older parents, Michael is 25 years older than Catherine.

7Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has a lot of things going for her, including being married to a Whalberg! McCarthy will be 45 this year, and has one child with her first husband. It is not easy to forget that she is a mother, as she has taken quite a stand on the controversial debate on vaccinating our children. With all that aside, she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is known for her curvy body, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes! She also has an endearing lisp when she speaks.

When McCarthy first burst onto the scene, it was in Playboy. She was a bunny and was Miss October in 1993. She is another one of the mom’s who seems to just get better with age. Ariel Winters has a long road ahead of her to age like some of the women on this list. I want to wish her all the luck in the world, it won’t be easy.

6Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts first stole our hearts as a charming prostitute in Pretty Woman, alongside Richard Gere, and it doesn’t look like she is giving them back any time soon. It is undeniable how smoking hot this woman is. This is the year that Julia Roberts will turn the big 5-0, and she looks better than ever. She has three children with her current husband, Daniel Moder. Julia is known for her gentle voice, and her over the top smile. You also can not forget her laugh, it is a laugh that is known all over the world.

What makes this woman even more beautiful is she has great sense of giving back. She is heavily involved with UNICEF and is frequently making visits to many different countries to promote goodwill. Even at 50, she continues to be one of the most sought after actresses to star in movies.

5Heather Locklear

I don’t know how we could have this list without legend Heather Locklear on it. At almost 56-years old she is another one on our list that is on the older side. She also has a child with her current husband. Heather is most known for her role on Melrose Place, where she stole the heart of almost everyone. This is another woman, that Ariel may not be able to catch up with. She may be one that she aspires to be, but they are some pretty large shoes to fill.

Heather’s most recent husband, was Richie Sambora, who was a member of Bon Jovi! When you have been married to a rock star, that will always make you hot! She has always been asked what her secret is to keeping her youthful appearance, her answer always makes me laugh. She states that the secret elixir for young and healthy skin is to put semen on it. I don’t know if I am willing to try this, but I am curious if it works.

4Salma Hayek

She is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Hollywood stars, and is way hotter than Ariel Winter. Hayek just had her 51st birthday on September 2nd. She also has one child with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. Hayek was born in Mexico, and that has provided her with that beautiful, exotic look that we all love. You also can not deny how attractive an exotic accent is.

A lot of the women on our list have been on People’s list of most beautiful people once. Salma has held that title on three different occasions in 1996, 2003 and 2008. If this does not prove she is only getting more attractive, I don’t know what does. A fun fact you may not know about Hayek, is that she is dyslexic and also has ADHD.

3Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is another legendary name in Hollywood, and is defiantly an ounce hotter than Ariel. Stone had her 58th birthday this past March. You can also probably guess that she is a mother. She has one child with her most recent husband, Phil Bronstein. The couple has divorced in 2004. She is known for many things, her blonde hair, blue eyes, wonderful figure and her voice. She has a deep voice that a lot of people find very attractive.

This may not be a surprise to anyone, but Stone was another Hollywood star that started her career in modeling. She has also found herself on many media lists as the most beautiful woman. While all the mom’s on our list are older, they have many things going for them. They are very classy ladies, that have not succumbed to the world of the younger Hollywood stars. They also have life experience and that is sexy as hell!

2Sofia Vergara

We thought we would start this list with one of Ariel’s co-stars. None other than Sofia Vergara, the beauty from Colombia. Vergara will be 46-years old this year and she has a child from her first marriage. She is definitely what the boys (and some girls) would call a MILF. Vergara grew up in her native Colombia and was a normal young adult until she was discovered on a beach. This discovery threw her right into the modeling world, and her career never slowed down.

Vergara has aged nicely, and is considered one of the hottest celebrities over the age of 40 by US Weekly. I think I would have to agree. Whether it is her seemingly flawless face, perfectly toned body or that lovely Latino accent, I think this star takes the cake. Sorry Ariel.

1Heidi Klum

We can not end our list with anyone other than Heidi Klum. Klum is everyone’s favourite model from Germany, and has a very fun nickname, the body. With a nickname like that how can you NOT be hotter than Ariel Winters. While she does not look a day over 25, Klum has just celebrated her 44th birthday in June. Now, besides the obvious, Klum is also known for her marriage (and divorce) to the singer Seal. Together, they have four children. How a woman can birth four children and come out looking that good, I will never know.

Klum knows how to protect her assets, and has had her legs insured for two million dollars. One of the more creepy facts about Klum is that she carries around a bag full of teeth she lost as a child as a sort of good luck charm. Somehow, Klum gets away with it. When you look that good, you can probably get away with everything.


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