15 One-Syllable Baby Names Hot Enough For Kim's Third Baby

Kim Kardashian-West has a type — in more ways than one. Today, we're going to talk about her baby naming type, since we all can't wait to learn what her newest little darling will be named.

Kim has been a trend-setter for a decade now, and she is leading the way as millennials become mothers. When she announced she was expecting her first baby with Kanye West, we had no idea what to expect from the baby name, and she shocked the world by naming her daughter North West. It sounded like a joke at first, but Kim talked about how much she loved the meaning of the name and it's definitely grown on us over the years.

Then the couple welcomed cute little Saint, a name that wasn't on anyone's radar, but we finally saw Kim's naming style. She likes names that are one-syllable, somewhat unisex and at least a little bit aspirational or inspirational. Of course, it's also got to be unique but hot. So we came up with a list for Kim and Kanye as they prepare to welcome a new baby girl soon via surrogate. Of course, Kim likes to surprise us, so she may go against type, but we think this would be great options for the new little member of the West family.

Here are 15 one-syllable baby names hot enough for Kim Kardashian West's third baby.


15 Lux

If there is one word that could describe the Kardashian lifestyle, it's luxurious. Even before they were the queens of their entire reality domain, Kim and her sisters lived a Beverly Hill lifestyle, with plenty of nice cars, beautiful clothes and incredible vacations. Things became even more opulent in the past decade, and just when we thought that they couldn't find any more accessories, they started having children. What better name for Kim K's latest little one than a shortened version of their lifestyle: Lux.

Kim also has a penchant for names that have higher meanings, and Lux actually means "light." It also fits Kim's criteria of being one-syllable and unisex. It's not unheard of, but it's also low on the popularity list at number 245 (at least for girls). North, Saint and Lux would be quite a squad, we think. This one definitely meets Kim's high standards, and we think Kanye would agree.

14 Peace


Speaking of amazing name meanings, this one is very literal, just like North and Saint. There are not many things that Kim and Kanye cannot buy for themselves, but peace is definitely something they desire that money cannot buy. It's something that their lives has certainly lacked in recent years, but that both have been striving for in the past year, especially since Kim's robbery scare and Kanye's breakdown, which made them realize the kinds of things that are most important in life.

It's possible that the couple could go with the Spanish word for peace, which is Pax or Paz, but we think that Peace is a more unusual and beautiful option. Peace hasn't made a notch on the popularity list yet, but that's certainly not something to stop Kim and Kanye. Peace would certainly be something that would complete the Kardashian-West family, in more ways than one, so we think it's a good option for baby No. 3.

13 Muse

Blue Ivy has inspired plenty of music for Beyonce and Jay-Z, and we're sure that North and Saint will appear in the next Kanye album. But the baby is usually just another source of inspiration for an artist, so we think it might be a good idea to name the baby after what her role will be in her father's art and may lead to the next chart-topping album.

This little girl is bound to be her daddy's Muse, so maybe that she be her name. In the past many people have used the names for goddesses to get that point across, but Kim and Kanye like the literal, so they may choose a name that means exactly what they want to say. If North is their guide and Saint is their spiritual direction, then Muse would be great for their creativity. It's something that both Kim and Kanye always appreciate in their lives.

12 Key


Key is another literal name that also provides an amazing image. Since Kim loved North so much for the imagery, we think that Key would also be an incredible choice. There is a key for unlocking any mystery, for understanding any riddle or for storing anything valuable. It's also a musical term, perfect for Kanye. The key is the answer to all that stands in our path, and so the image is something that could really appeal to Kim.

Kim's sisters call her Keeks, so Key is a way of naming the baby after herself, as well. It's unusual and undeniably understated yet meaningful. And if she wants one K name in the next generation, this could be her one shot. We believe that Key gives the drama without the arrogance, and we're not sure if there is a better choice to go with Kim and Kanye and add to their brood of North and Saint — one final K for the family.

11 Vale

Kim and Kanye seem to like word names, and we have one that has a melody to it that harkens back to long ago with a twist that makes it very modern. Vale rhymes with old favorites like Gayle and Dale, but it's much more 21st century. Vale means valley, and of course it is also a place name, as in the ski tourist town of Vale, Colorado.

Kim hasn't been afraid of a name just because another celebrity used it before — Pete Wentz named his baby Saint a year before she did — so she shouldn't be bothered by the fact that Savannah Guthrie has a little baby Vale at home. It's still a very rare and unique pick, and it isn't likely to spike after the baby's birth like Mason did when Kourtney used the moniker for her first born. Bonus: the name could remind her of the beautiful veil she wore at her wedding to Kanye.

10 Jett


As celebrities, Kanye and Kim are definitely used to a jet-setting lifestyle. Between the concerts, the fashion shows and the exotic vacations, these two spend as much of their life traveling as they do staying home. So we think they should definitely take their mile-high-club status as inspiration for the name of their new bundle of joy. Jett, with either one t or two, is a great choice for a family that spends so much time on a private plane.

The name has a unisex quality that has lead it to be a pick for John Travolta's late son and Lisa Ling's daughter. Of course, it also has the benefit of paying homage to rock legend Joan Jett, which might mean a lot to both Kanye, a music legend himself, and Kim. The name is powerful yet cool, which would fit right along with North and Saint. Plus, it's just a good a pun as North — Jett West.

9 Swan

There are quite a few nature names on our list, and that's because they are no longer reserved for the more hippy-dippy parents (which we all know that Kim and Kanye are not). Now, nature names are a part of nearly every millennial mom's baby name list, and bird names are practically always included. Names like Wren and Lark have become a little too trite for Kim K., but we thought of another that might be suit her: Swan.

A swan is one of the most majestic birds. It's known as a favorite for weddings, and it's synonymous with beauty. Kim and Kanye's baby will be no ugly duckling, so it would certainly be appropriate for her to be labeled a swan from the get-go. In pop culture, there have been a number of notables Swans, although most of them have the word as a last name, including in the Twilight series and Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It's a one-syllable beauty that is hot enough for Kim's newest kid.


8 Pink


A color name does seem appropriate for the next member of the West family. They have a directional name and a title name, so why not switch to a hue for a moniker for the new member of the family. There are plenty of options (of course Blue is taken, since it's the daughter of Kanye's former bestie Jay-Z). But we think one of the best for Kim's new baby girl is Pink.

We know, we know, there is already a singer who has the name Pink, but that's just her stage name, and it's not like she is Cher. There can be more than one Pink, right? The singer has worn the name well, which means that the word name has become synonymous with cool. It's not just a color but also an attitude, and that we could see Kanye's daughter, especially, carrying on the rock-n-roll swagger and tough girl temperament.

7 Ash

One of the most popular names of the 90s and 2000s was Ashley, and we think it's still beautiful. But these days, people like want to modernize some of their favorites from the last few decades. We think one of the coolest versions is taking it down to one syllable, which is perfect to go along with Kim's sib set. She should try Ash, a name still low on the popularity list but full of the cool factor. It was the name of the rocker porcupine in the movie sing, which connects it to her musician dad.

There are a lot of great names that Ash can be short for — Asher, Ashton and, as we've already mentioned Ashley. That makes it a unisex name that also evokes nature. There is an ash tree, and fire ashes are symbols of renewal. Plus, it's a pleasant but atypical choice. Ash would definitely be a great name for North's and Saint's baby sister.

6 Bay


OK, we don't think that this one is realistic, but we couldn't help but add it to the list. Most parents looking for a hot one-syllable name should definitely consider this one as an on-the-rise, modern moniker.

Like many others on this list, Bay is a nature/place name. It can pay homage to a number of mom's or dad's favorite places, such as San Francisco Bay or a number of other amazing hometowns and tourist locations. It's also unisex and can be short for names like Bailey. And of course, one letter could change it to the sweet pet name that is so trendy now, Bae.

For Kim and Kanye, though, we think that Bay will stay off their list because it's so close to Bey, as in Queen Bey or Beyonce. A few years ago, we think that they would be happy to name their baby after the pop queen, but their families have been on the outs lately, so Bay is likely off their list.

5 Snow

We hear the Kim and Kanye are expecting a winter baby, although the due date hasn't been confirmed. So we thought we should add a sweet seasonal favorite to the list. This one isn't hot — it's cold, ice cold — but it's definitely a name that is unique but gaining in popularity. They probably don't see this much in California, but we know they love ski vacations, so they must love Snow.

A moniker like Snow is short and sweet and brings a beautiful image to mind. Of course, it also brings to mind one of the hottest characters on TV, too, in Jon Snow and one of the favorite Disney princesses, Snow White. And it's a symbol of purity and peace. We think that this one-syllable darling would go great with her sister North especially, which makes us think of the North Pole this time of year. I'm sure that North and Saint would love to see  Snow this winter, so maybe they will cherish it as the name for their new sister.

4 True


Virtue names have been a part of culture for centuries, and that is because parents can't help but want their baby to embody the finest of those characteristics. But this is the 21st century, and we don't expect Kim and Kanye to go for a name like Hope or Faith or Charity. They are going to want something even more unique and personal to their story. That's why we like True.

Some people are going to think that with all the makeup and clothes the Kardashians are nothing but fake. But Kim was honest enough to talk about her month-long marriage to millions, and Kanye writes a lot of truths into his lyrics. They both do their best to be honest, even when it isn't pretty, and that's why we think that their baby should bear the name of one of the virtues they seek out so often. Little baby True would be a constant reminder of what they aspire to.

3 Reeve

We had to have at least one name on this list that you have never heard of, and we think that one of the prettiest that we have come across is Reeve. Sure, we remember the Reeve as a last name, but there have only been a handful with that first name, including Charles Lindbergh's youngest child.

The name meaning may not be great for a Kardashian-West, as Reeve means steward or bailiff, jobs that this mini-millionaire will never even consider in her life. But it's still evokes someone who is in charge. A baby Reeve is definitely graceful, elegant, unexpected and full of ambition, and we think that she would be able to handle her own against her older siblings North and Saint. And on top of that, the name choice would give Kim and Kanye another thing in common with one of the legendary rich eccentrics of the last generation.

2 France


Place names are one of the biggest trends of the past decade, and we know that there are a number of special places that could provide inspiration from Kim and Kanye's world travels. There have been many ups and downs for the couple in France, and some people might think that Kim's terrifying robbery would knock this off the list. But we think that she is braver than that, and she can see the positives more than the negatives.

Kim and Kanye consider France to be a special place in their relationship, as they fell in love at Paris Fashion Week. Their wedding party spent time in France before leaving for the big day in Italy because they wanted to pay ode to the country. So why not use a baby name to show their appreciation. France West would definitely be an interesting, unexpected name for the youngest member of the Kardashian-West family.

1 Di

We weren't sure whether we should go for Dee or Di for the last hot name on our last. Both follow the trend of using nicknames as the full moniker, which is definitely something that puts both on the edge of cool and sophisticated for Kim and Kanye. We wanted a D name that can pay homage to one of the most important people in Kanye's life — his late mother Donda.

While Dee has the unisex appeal that North had, we went with Di because it also paid tribute to Diana, the late woman known as the people's princess. Princess Di had the celeb appeal but also the virtue of philanthropy, as she brought attention to numerous causes during the last years of her life. Diana is a name on the rise as the recent royal weddings and babies have brought attention to the English monarchy. Di is a short and sweet ode to a stately, gracious woman with a great heart — which describes both Diana and Donda. And it could describe the newest member of the Kardashian-West clan.

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