15 Outdoor Toys That Make Going To The Park Fun For You Too

As parents we can’t wait for the spring to arrive and our kids can finally stop running around inside the house. But once you have them out in the fresh air what do you do with them? Of course, you can take them to the park where they can play on the playground but there only so much standing around a parent can do before their bored watching their children play. So why not bring some fun games to play with your child?

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15 Bubbles

These are the easiest to take anywhere, not just the park, and provide so much entertainment for kids. Bubbles can be bought anywhere, even your local dollar store sells them. Why not stock up on a few bottles, maybe even some fun large wands. Children regardless of the age love to play with bubbles which promises a great day.

14 Kites and Flyers

Kite flying has been a kids staple outdoor activity for generations. Who doesn’t remember trying to fly a kite for the first time? Today, kite flying has become even more popular with endless colors, characters and styles. Parents and kids love going to the park on a breezy day and trying to get a kite to fly. If it’s not a windy day, buying two remote flyers is also a great way for both a parent and child to each have their own device to fly without the necessity for windy weather conditions.

13 Bicycles

Bike riding is a wonderful activity to do with your child. It’s not only amazing way to exercise it is something large and small families can do together. There are so many options for this activity regardless of your child’s age. Each parent can have their own bike, or even attach a bike seat or bike trailer to have the kids sit in while you bike. Bikes are a fun way for parents and children to be physically activity together. A day at the park that keeps the kids and parents healthy and happy.

12 Fun Balls

Who hasn’t brought a ball to the park before? Parents can set up a to picnic eat with the kids and play catch, soccer, kickball or even football. This is such a fun and endless activity. For the creative family, you can even make up your own game. So the next time you’re running out the door to the park, just toss a ball in your trunk and leave it there. This way your children always have something to amuse you and them.

11 Indoor/Outdoor Bowling

Indoor/ Outdoor bowling is a fun year round game. This toy usually comes in a great carry bag and is light weight which makes it easy to transport anywhere. You can play with as little as two people or set up two teams and take turns while keeping score. No matter how you play both parents and child are guaranteed to be laughing, high-fiving and even shouting from all the fun. 

10 Water Blasters

On a hot summer day what child would turn down a water blaster fight! There are so many hot days during the summer buying one or two inexpensive water blasters is worth it. These toys are an excellent way to keep you and the kids cool while giving you endless memories to think back on. Water blasters come in numerous sizes and colors making them appealing to all age groups!

9 Skateboarding

So even I will admit skateboarding can sound scary. The chances are parents will make a complete fool of themselves in front of their child and strangers. But who cares, the memories and laughter you will have with your kid will be completely worth it. 

Skateboarding is a fun way for kids to get around and the more advanced skateboarder will even be able to do a trick or two. Skateboards vary in price and style so you and your child can each have one that reflects your personality while engaging in a great outdoor activity. 

8 Explorer Set

What child doesn’t like catching bugs and exploring nature? Taking your child to the park is the perfect place to bring an explorer set and have your children study leaves, snails, worms and ants. You can even catch an insect and take it home to study further. It’s an exceptional way to teach your child about the different creatures found in nature. As parents, we get to recreate the time in our childhood where bugs weren’t gross but cool!

7 Paddle Catch

Paddle Catch is a game that might remind most parents of their childhood. So why not introduce it to your own children? Paddle Catch is an inexpensive and easy to travel with game that is great for one on one time. This toy can help children work on their throwing and catching skills. 

6 Sidewalk Chalk

Even as an adult we love sidewalk chalk. It’s so much fun to draw a hopscotch board, play hangman or just draw. Children are imaginative little people who jump at the chance to draw outside. Leaving a package of sidewalk chalk in our car makes it easy to have something fun to do with your kids outside when they’re tired of playing on the playground.

5 Outdoor Game Set

It’s a great investment to purchase an outdoor game set. They often come with at least three games such as volleyball, tennis and badminton. This gives you and the children endless entertainment. These sets have everything you need to have a memorable time with friends and family.

4 Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss is a game that has been present in a majority of outdoor parties whether in your backyard, at the park or even the beach. It’s such a fun activity to play one on one, or even with multiple people. This game is a way for kids to practice their tossing skills and aim as well. While this game varies in price and size you can buy a pop up version or even children’s one which is easy to take to anywhere.

3 Rollerblading

Rollerblading is an activity that tends to be forgotten. Years ago there used to be roller rinks everywhere just so you could roller-skate. Children these days don’t usually know what rollerblading is. Which makes it the perfect parent and child activity to engage in. Buying two pairs of inexpensive skates along with the proper protective gear (helmet, knee and elbow pads) which you may already own and you’re on your way to rollerblading!

2 Binoculars for Bird Watching

Not every family is the athletic kind but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a day outside with your child. For those families bird watching can be a lot of fun while educational. The first thing a parent must purchase to bird watch are two pairs binoculars. 

Children binoculars are easy to purchase and inexpensive. To add to the experience buying a bird book can be to the fun by identifying and learning about each bird with your kid bird watching can not only teach your child but you as well.

1 T-Ball Set

T-Ball is a game that is helpful to have around when you have children that are toddler age or older. This activity allows a beginner to a more advanced hitter to participate. The game itself is a great way to teach kids about the game of baseball and how to hit a ball with a bat without the pressure of a pitcher.

So the next time you are heading to the park with your children thinking about how bored you’re going to be watching them on the playground, remember how much fun you can have too!

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