15 Parent Situations That Are Too Funny

Awkward moments are unavoidable in life, especially when it's between parents and their kids. It happens unexpectedly and moms and dads end up losing their dignity. Some incidents can be so embarrassing that we wish they had never occurred in our lives.

At least, once in your life, you will have experienced such an incident that you wish to be forgotten forever by all that witnessed the same. However, the circumstance becomes further awkward when it involves our parents or our children.

Often, parents become the miserable victims of awkward moments and the culprit behind it will definitely be their innocent and harmless kids, especially the toddlers who are fond of catching other’s acknowledgment and attention. Why? They pronounce the silliest and rudest words, and consider themselves all-knowing, which is ultimately embarrassing to the dear parents. The parents themselves have a unique capability to transform a normal incident into embarrassing and awkward ones for their children, especially for teenagers.

Here is an anthology of 20 awkward situations, involving parents, which is shared by them, their kids, or their close relatives. Before reading more, be warned that majority of them are amusing and thought-provoking while some of them are downright hilarious. To escape from this humdrum of life, such funny moments are essential.

15 "Mine Is Bigger Than Yours"

Once you hear this embarrassing story, you will either laugh or be pleased that you are not the one in such a situation. On one particular day, a mother by the named of Monica took her son out for a playdate date with one of her friends and her friend's son. At one point during their playdate, both moms had to change their sons' diapers (at the same time). Sounds totally normal, right? Wrong!

After the two moms were done cleaning their boys and for them dressed in new diapers, Monica's 3-year-old proclaimed in a serious manner, “You have a small [one], I have a bigger [one], and my daddy has the biggest [weiner].” It was really embarrassing and yet so funny at the same time.

14 "Mom, What's That String?"

Today’s kids are always observant and spot on. This story is about a mom named Natalie. She has a 3-year-old son that loves playing with yo-yos. One day, she was getting her son ready for a bath and decided to use the toilet, while the bathtub was filling up with water.

After pulling her pants down, Natalie's son glanced up and asked innocently, “Is that a strand coming out of your bum?” She was freaked out, but tried to conceal her embarrassment by replying “Yes” and nothing more. What else should she explain to him?

How can you discuss tampons with a toddler? His next question was hilarious “Is it a yo-yo, mummy?” Natalie burst out laughing though it was a really awkward situation.

13 "I Spy Hairy Tatas"

At times, it is wise to spend time with your kids. This can not only cheer them up, but also reduces your workday stress levels. One day, Ellen and her husband were playing a game of “I spy” with 2 of their adorable kids in a public pool. They were exuberant and pleased with the entertaining game.

The parents were also relishing the experience and having fun with their kids. It was then that her 3-year-old little tyke bellowed, “I spy hairy boobs!” Ellen was absolutely shocked and looked down at her boobs. Many changes had happened to her body after her pregnancy. To her relief, she realized that her son was actually pointing towards her husband. No one else was actually looking at her chest.

12 "It Hurts, It Hurts"

At times, kids want more attention and they certainly ensure they gain it one way or another. The incident happened when Rebecca's daughter was 4 years old.

On that particular day, her daughter may have had an itch down her body. Her husband's colleague, Don, visited their home at breakfast time to drop off some paperwork. As they were all busy chatting, she tried to get his attention. Grabbing an opportunity, she announced, “Hey Don, my V is hurting!”. They all paused awkwardly and he courteously avoided the topic.

But she did not let him off the hook and informed him over and over “Don, can’t you hear me. My V hurts!” All she wanted was his acknowledgment, while they were all red with embarrassment.

11 The Bird And The Bees

When do you have the 'birds and bees' talk with your child, at 10, 12 15 years? 15 sounds more ideal. But a 12-year-old also needs to know some basics.

Sasha was 12 when her friend brought a rubber to school. The girl gang was giggling over it, so she asked what's so funny about this balloon. They all laughed at her and she couldn't get the joke. They asked her to blow up the balloon, so she tried. She got home and told her mom about it, who just blushed and changed the topic.

She was 19 by the time they attempted to give her the "talk." They were a little too late by then and it was a really awkward situation. Sasha felt disappointed and frustrated at the memory of how she was made a fool before her friends back in her school days.

10 Innocent Or Ignorant?

When a child finds a rubber and plays with it or an older child wants to know what it is, it can be quite an awkward scenario. The child learning the truth may feel even more embarrassed than the parent who is trying to explain the matter in a delicate way.

Emily was just 11 when this happened. One day, she and her mom were discussing random matters and they were in a wonderful mood. At this time, she asked her mom in a frivolous manner, “What's a rubber for, I saw one in your purse”.

Her mother hesitated and then decided, it was time to talk about the birds and the bees. She elaborated its purpose and how it works. Emily was sitting dumbfounded by the lecture and she says “my face went a dark shade of red” and hence to hide this awkward moment, she asked the idiotic question, “How do you know about it?” Her mother replied awkwardly, “Your father and I used them”.

Emily excused herself quickly so she could hide her reddened face away from her mom. Since her parents were divorced, it never crossed her mind that they ever had sex.

9 The Accidental Flash

Being a mother is indeed a horrible task at times. You should feed your kids, clean them, change the diapers, prepare food for kids and other family members, reach the job site on time, wash clothes, and attend the door. All this can get so overwhelming at times that moms get really absent minded.

Nancy had three children under the age of five. Her youngest daughter is just 5 months old. She describes one of her most embarrassing incidents: "Once I was feeding my daughter and all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I quickly picked up my daughter and dashed towards the door to meet the delivery man.

He kept sneaking glances at my chest and I thought it's because they were noticeably enlarged due to the pregnancy and feeding. I was only after closing the door that I realized I had forgotten to button up my blouse. My breast was literally hanging out. Needless to say, I was mortified!"

8 The Grocery Store Mishap

At times, kids display horrible tantrums, irrespective of the location, whether it is a mall, a shop, or any other public venue. All they require is attention from others, no matter how silly their actions are.

One day Ruth was in a small supermarket and was busy with the purchase of household items. It was during this time, her daughter had a desire to strip off her clothes and everything else that she wore at the moment.

However, Ruth was absolutely unaware of this mishap, until a considerate lady bothered to tap her on the shoulder and inform her, “Excuse me, my dear lady, your kid is swaying naked beside the potatoes” Ruth rushed to the location as swiftly as she could to retrieve her little attention seeker.

7 The Unexpected Response

Jessica was a very proud parent. Her kid had a good vocabulary and could talk more fluently than other kids his age. The incident happened on a hot summer day. Her son who was then 5 years old attended his first Kung Fu lesson.

After the challenging class was over, the coach approached Jessica and appreciated that her son was exceptionally good at following instructions. He bowed before her as he complimented her on raising such a well-behaved child. Jessica was overwhelmed with pride and asked her kid, “How was it, my sweetheart?" But his reply almost knocked off her boots. He retorted, “I was sweating my balls off”.

6 Don't Take The Kids To Work

Kids are unpredictable. At times, they spill out the secrets to the last person you ever want it shared with and embarrass you in front of everyone. This will certainly provide a warning that the next time you share a concern or complaint, ensure your kids aren't listening.

The bad act was done by Wendy's 5-year-old son. Her husband took the child along when he went to meet his boss to hand over some documents. Without sensing the danger that awaited him, her husband introduced their kid to his boss. Can you imagine what the little tyke said? “My daddy says that you are a son of a gun”. And the daddy in question stood rooted to the spot as the child smiled innocently at him.

5 Wrong Choice Of Words

Brenda, mother to 2-year-old daughter Amy described an awkward parent moment in her life. "I had a habit of teaching my kids new and sophisticated words for enhancing their vocabulary. I considered that it was wise to educate them right from the toddler stage. For instance, I taught her the word ‘behold’ instead of ‘look’. One day, my daughter who was then 2 years old accompanied us to a nearby grocery store.

To my surprise, she pointed out everything that caught her interest with “Daddy, behold”. My husband stared at her with mouth agape and I gazed him uncomfortably, fully embarrassed. Initially, I was amused, but as she dramatically kept repeating it over and over again, it got awkward. People were staring at us and frankly, it was embarrassing."

4 Potty Mouth

Kids at times act as adults and babble serious matters in a matter-of-fact tone. Such an instance happened recently in Ruby's life also as she was travelling to San Francisco with her son, who was 5 years old. To their surprise and fear, the plane had an unusually rough landing. For a moment, every passenger remained silent with shock.

Taking advantage of the silence, her son screamed aloud, “What the f***? Is that driver crazy?” As his mother stared at him with her mouth agape, most people in the plane laughed as it released the tension from what was going on. However, there were some people who frowned at this boy's choice of words and looked at the mother accusingly.

3 Caught In The Act By Mom

Priya came from a very conservative background. They usually had arranged marriages and romantic relations are frowned upon by her Indian community, though they lived in the US.

College life! You can imagine how wicked and distracted you become, once you enter the college campus. There is no one to scold and control. One word defines your college life perfectly- ‘Freedom’. Similar to other students, Priya also had a boyfriend. Obviously her family had no idea about it.

One day, her caring mummy awarded her a shocking surprise. She paid a visit at Priya's hostel without any notice. To worsen the situation, her boyfriend was there with her in the room... Nevertheless, he realized the complexity of the situation and didn’t utter a word. Yes, it was a super awkward moment.

Priya tried to explain that they were just studying together and her mother seemed to believe her. But Priya never allowed him to visit her room again as mamma dear made sure she dropped in as frequently as she could.

2 Kids Say The Darndest Things

4-year-olds can be unexpectedly rude and discourteous. I suppose most kids do that at some time or the other. Such an instance happened while Michelle was at the airport. She overheard her son talking to a complete stranger. He said, “you are a comical little man, but I fancy your hat.” Michelle hurried up to yank her child away from the person who was, in fact, wearing a cowboy hat.

But the man’s reply surprised her. “Thank you. And you are a funny little man too!” The man was extraordinary, even though her son insulted him; he overlooked it and handled the situation effortlessly. This eased the awkward atmosphere as numerous people chuckled at his wise reply. Kids really do say the darndest things.

1 Her First Date

It was Linda's first date with her big crush in college, that too a senior. You can imagine the amount of confusion, excitement, and nervousness involved. But it turned out to be an embarrassing nightmare. Along with her crush, she had other uninvited guests. Guess who? Her parents!

In fact, that night her parents unexpectedly visited her apartment and once they saw her low cut, sexy dress, they got what she was up to. Instead of gracefully bowing out, they waited for the arrival of her date wanting to ensure he was not the kind to take advantage of their precious, innocent daughter. Once they got a look at him, they insisted on joining the young couple for dinner. Obviously, he never asked Linda out again.

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