15 Parenting Lessons Moms Will Learn The Hard Way, Based On Her Zodiac

Parenting is tough! There is no denial about that. And good moms who truly love their kids will do their best, but they are human and will make many mistakes. This is not a judgment. It is a fact, that you would agree with. Lord knows that I have made some very bad mistakes during my parenting journey. It is the toughest task on earth!

And moms are unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses- like any other human beings! The first thing that people who are interested in learning more about their horoscopes want to know about is what their sun sign says about their own strengths and weaknesses.

Even though someone’s personal horoscope consists more than just the sun sign alone- there is still some truth to what the sun sign says about you. For instance, those who have a sun in Aries will have some sort of an energetic disposition. But because the sun sign only makes up a fraction of your horoscope (though a significant one), not all people who have Arian suns will be the same. And impatience is one Arian vice. There will be some very patient people who have a sun in Aries, and there will be others who live up to most of what their sun sign is about which includes being impatient.

Therefore, let’s look and see what moms of each sun sign will most likely struggle with. However, like I said before, anyone’s personal horoscope is more complex so don’t take it as the gospel. Instead, let’s examine for fun what 15 parenting lessons these moms will learn the hard way based on her zodiac.

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15 Aries - Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That Her Child’s Needs Always Come First

Those who have a sun in Aries are excellent starters, and they are incredibly passionate and energetic. However, they are also known to be impatient and very self-centered. Therefore, a mom who has a sun in Aries will have a hard time putting her child’s needs ahead of her own.

It is not because she doesn’t care about her child. She most definitely does and will be an amazing advocate for her child whenever there is a need! However, because of the self-serving nature of Aries, she may hear her baby cry- and not tend to the baby until she finishes her snack. The less she makes tending to her kids’ needs a priority, the more insecure they will become. Therefore, if the Arian mom is tending to her own needs before her child’s, there will be consequences. Something will make her learn the hard way that her needs come last whenever it comes to her child that is legitimately in need.

14 Taurus - Mom Will Learn The Hard Way That They Can’t Keep Their Kids As Babies Forever


Those who have a sun in Taurus are very stable and have a love for materialistic items and food. They are loyal and have a need to stay in the same routine. However, they are also very stubborn and are terrified to let go.

Taurean moms are nurturing and are always there to tend to their children’s immediate needs. However, they have a hard time evolving as their children grow and evolve. They will have a difficult time transitioning their kids from a bottle, then to a sippy cup. If they get around to doing that, they will have a hard time moving towards giving them a regular cup to drink from. Or they will have a hard time moving them beyond pacifiers and would allow them to suck on those at 7 years old. Or worse- they would be prone to not potty training their kids at an age where they should be potty trained.

Not to mention, most schools will not accept kindergarteners who are still in diapers that do not have special needs. The Taurean mom will learn the hard way if she is afraid to potty train her typical 5-year-old. A Taurus mom will certainly struggle with letting go of phases that their kids will naturally grow out of- however, if they don’t work through the struggle and keep their kids behind due to fear, the consequences will be bad and they will find out the hard way.

13 Gemini - Mom Will Learn The Hard Way That They Must Listen To Their Kids

Those who have a sun in Gemini are very curious, are talkative and hate to stay in one place. However, they blow hot and cold and can be very poor listeners. Therefore, a struggle that Gemini moms constantly face is the fact that they are not listening to their kids the way they should be- especially when it comes to important information that involves school.

For instance, if a child of a Gemini mom is going to go on a field trip, he or she would bring the permission slip home to be signed. And the child will tell mom that the lunch has to be packed in biodegradable packaging, but mom did not hear that part. So mom ended up packing the lunch in Ziploc bags that are non-recyclable. Therefore, the child would have been wrongfully scolded by the teacher for not telling mom about the important rule for the field trip- even though the child did tell mom about that, but mom did not listen.

Once she finds that out, she will be guilt-ridden and she will learn the hard way from that. But unfortunately, the Gemini mom will likely fail to listen in the future and keep feeling guilty for not listening! Eventually, it will click and one would hope it would not take something more serious than failing to package the child’s lunch in biodegradable wrapping.

12 Cancer - Mom Will Learn The Hard Way That Not Being Calm Causes More Harm Than Good


Those who have a sun in Cancer are incredibly nurturing, emotional and motherly. However, their downfall is that they can be too emotional. And when a Cancer mom is upset, it can be comparable to the intensity of a tidal wave.

It doesn’t take much for a Cancer mom to get upset and overly emotional. If the child slips on the ground and ends up with a mild scrape- the mother will become more upset than the child! If the child swallows a drink the wrong way and coughs, then mom will overreact and ask over and over again if the child is okay, and not in a calm way.

The more mom freaks out over minor scrapes, bruises and discomfort that the child encounters, the more fearful the child will become in general. Mom will learn the hard way when her child is not willing to take risks! No mother wants her child to be fearful in life, especially a nurturing one like the one who has a Cancer sun.

11 Leo - Mom Will Discover That Her Child Is Not The Center Of the Universe


Those who have a sun in Leo are creative, child-like and playful. However, they can be self-centered, dramatic and egocentric. And a mom who has a sun in Leo will have a belief that her child will always be the center of the Universe.

Whereas the Aries mom will be prone to putting her needs before her own kids, the Leo mom will put her child’s needs above anyone else’s- because her child’s happiness comes before anyone else’s needs. Yes, she genuinely cares about her child’s happiness, however, the idea of her baby being upset with her terrifies her. Therefore, in that sense, there is a similarity between the Leo mom and the Arian mom in regards to needing to fulfill her own needs.

For instance, if there is a no nut or no peanut policy at her child’s school and yet she packs her child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because that will make her child happy- she will find out the hard way that if she doesn’t pack her child a lunch that is free of nuts or peanuts her child will go hungry! And, her child will be very angry with her if that happens. The Leo mom’s child is not the center of the Universe, and more importantly, the child must never grow up having a mentality like that where he or she feels entitled to everything.

10 Virgo - Mom Will Find Out That She Has To Let Her Kids Get Dirty

Those who have a sun in Virgo are very service oriented and health conscious. They are also very analytical and can be quite obsessive. Especially when it comes to germs, considering that they are very health conscious. That being said, can you imagine how they would react when they see that their kids have played outside and not washed their hands as soon as they come back into the home?

Virgo moms will certainly flip out if their kids have dirt on their hands and they ended up getting something to eat before washing them. Even though kids must learn to stay clean before eating anything and putting anything in their mouths- it is incredibly important for kids to get dirty so they build their immune systems. This way they will get sick a lot less as they get older.

However, if mom is always sanitizing their hands before leaving the house, and freaking out every time there is a spec of dirt on them- she is not allowing her kids to be exposed to germs. Therefore, if they don’t have a chance to build their immunities up because mom freaks out over a little bit of dirt- then they end up getting sick with a common cold- they will be hit very hard. That will be bad for everyone involved, and mom will freak out more. Kids need to get dirty in order to keep their health in check.

9 Libra - Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That She Needs To Work On Her Decision-Making Techniques


Those who have a sun in Libra are known to be fair, balanced and are very non-confrontational. They also have a difficult time making decisions, especially the important ones. And that is where a mom who has a sun in Libra can get into trouble.

Whenever you have kids, you have to be the one to make important decisions based on what is best for their needs. Libra moms will struggle with this. It is not because she doesn’t care about the needs of her children. It is because she doesn’t trust her own judgment, and as a result has a difficult time making any important decisions for her kids.

For instance, a Libra mom will be told by her kids’ teachers that they suspect that the child has a learning disability and needs to have an individualized IEP set up. Even though as parents, we are not experts in what will specifically work for our kids in regards to our education. But we will speak up if a suggestion is made that doesn’t seem right, and will advocate for our kids. The Libra mom will leave it to others to make huge decisions such as changes to an educational plan which may, in the end, be the worst kind of change for the child. Therefore, the child will end up struggling more and end up falling even further behind- because mom did not properly advocate for her child due to the fact that she left it to others to make all of the decisions which were the wrong ones.

8 Scorpio- Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That She Can’t Be Possessive and Controlling


Those who have a sun in Scorpio are known to be very intense, and passionate. They can either be your best friend and fierce protector- or your worst nightmare to come alive. That depends on your relationship. However, either way, Scorpios can be incredibly possessive.

That means moms who have a sun in Scorpio are most likely to become helicopter moms, and not allow their kids to leave their own lives and independently like they need to in order to flourish and properly grow. Therefore, if mom is not allowing her kids not to see their friends because she doesn’t like them even though they have never given mom a reason to make her believe that they are a bad influence- she is holding her child back from having a life because she is too possessive, that will only create resentment on the kids’ end.

When the kids are no longer wanting anything to do with mom as soon as they turn 18- then she will learn the hard way that being a possessive helicopter shot her in the foot.

7 Sagittarius- Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That Her Kid Must Be On A Set Routine


Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be very curious, adventurous, and have a joy for traveling. They are also known to be quite optimistic. Therefore, moms who have a sun in Sagittarius are going to be the types to take their kids to different places, have unique outings, and will travel with them. That is all fine and good, and it is good for kids to explore different places so they can gain new experiences.

However, moms who have a sun in Sagittarius will take this to the extreme. They will be prone to taking their kids to new places and allow them to have new experiences even during weekday evenings- after a long day at school.

It is good for kids to have some extracurricular activities but at the same time, they need a set routine as well at home. Kids can’t be hauled away from their routines to go to different places all the time because mom keeps pushing for it. Kids that don’t have a set routine to fall back on will grow up to become very insecure and have a fear of the unknown- more so than the average person does. Therefore, mom will learn the hard way when she sees that her kids are not feeling secure about their futures and are anxious as a result! It is just as important for kids to have a set routine as it is for them to gain new experiences by traveling to new places.

6 Capricorn- Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That Kids Need To Have Fun


Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to be very industrious, level-headed, stable but at the same time cold and have a lack of sense of humor. Therefore, you can bet that moms that have Capricorn suns will make sure that their kids not only have a set routine but are always finishing their homework on time.

They will also not allow them to have too much fun. At most, they may allow them to listen to some music to wind down or watch educational television shows, or read educational novels. They may even strictly limit their time for social activities because work always comes first before play of any kind.

The fact of the matter is that kids need to have a balance of work, fun and engaging in social activities. If mom is only stressing that their kids must have a perfect work ethic and that is it- then she is not allowing them to become well-rounded individuals. She is going to be facing extremely rebellious and angry teenagers if she keeps this strict way of parenting up.

Kids NEED to have fun because fun and play is a critical part of their development as developing a strong work ethic.

5 Aquarius- Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way To Take Her Kid More Seriously


Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be innovative, unique, friendly but detached, charitable, however, can be condescending. Therefore, they may not take anyone or anything seriously. They only believe what they want to believe, and are definitely the type to march to their own drummer.

Unfortunately, Aquarian moms may not take anything that their kid says all that seriously. However, if the child was dealing with a bully at school or was having problems at school- mom would take those complaints seriously. Mom would end up sitting the bully down to lecture about tolerance.

However, the Aquarian mom would not take her kid seriously if he or she said dinner didn’t taste good, or if there was a stray cat around the backyard- or a spider in the room. She would think that her child has an active imagination (and in regards to dinner, she would believe it would be a manipulation tactic). Well, if the child ends up with a spider bite, and has to be taken to the ER- that is when mom will have to learn the hard way that maybe her kid doesn’t have an active imagination and was telling the truth all along.

4 Pisces - Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That She Needs To Be Realistic

Those who have a sun in Pisces are most definitely dreamy, emotional, intuitive and unfortunately are not in touch with reality. As parents, we have dreams for our kids. Sometimes if your child has some profound special needs, those dreams do get shattered. I, unfortunately, know this because I have lived through it.

However, there are other times when we have the dreams that we never were able to fulfill and try to encourage our kids to go after our failed dreams instead. And many times, kids have very different dreams or no dreams of their own at all- and are not at all interested in going after a dream that the parents were not able to turn into reality.

Moms who have their sun in Pisces would be most definitely prone to this. For instance, if one Piscean mom is making herself believe that her child will become an actor, but the child has no interest in acting, and is into sciences instead- she won’t accept that. In fact, she will continue to force her dream of her child becoming an actor anyway- until the child clearly has had enough and becomes angry, rebellious or clearly tells mom that it will never happen.

Mom will have her hopes dashed because she put too much emotion into it, and deluded herself at the same time. She will also keep pushing her kids away if she keeps this up instead of being realistic about what they can accomplish, and what they want to accomplish.

3 Mom Will Find Out That Being Impatient Solves Nothing


As parents, we can all agree that kids have taught us one important life skill and that is patience. Kids will act up in settings where it is less than ideal such as throwing a tantrum at a restaurant. Kids will also develop at their own pace, which will be too slow for mom.

Therefore, if mom wanted to have her child potty trained by the age of three, and the toddler is nowhere near ready to even start- that would be upsetting to mom. However, she will have no choice but to wait until she knows for a fact that the child is ready.

The sun signs that can scream impatience are Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Therefore, moms with these sun signs are more likely to be impatient with their kids for one reason or another. Their kids will keep trying their patience, and mom will eventually see that being impatient and angry with her kids will just achieve nothing and create more frustration.

2 Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That Not Having a Sense of Humor Won’t Get Her Far


Life is hard, and being a parent makes life that much harder. In order to get through the tough times while keeping your sanity- you need to have a sense of humor. I have found that one out the hard way myself. If you take every little thing too seriously, you will be miserable. I know this because I have been there! You really do have to laugh at most things in life.

Moms who have sun signs in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn are most likely the ones to take every little challenge too seriously- and fail to see the humor in anything. Whenever they face a true crisis, that is when they will learn that they will have to lighten up when it comes to the everyday mundane stresses that can be annoying- but not so serious. So if this is fitting to you, the next time you are sitting at a very long red light, roll your eyes and laugh about it instead of getting upset over something that is out of your control.

1 Mom Will Find Out The Hard Way That She Must Take Her Kids’ Food Intake Seriously

As parents, we want to make sure our kids are fed well and are happy. That also means that we can be easily tempted with bribing them with sweets in order to make them feel better after they have a rough day. We just want to see our kids happy.

And even if we aren’t giving them too many sweets, it is easy to give them very large portions of dinner. Especially if these dinners involve large amounts of pasta, potatoes, French fries and other carbs. And when the child is taken for his or her checkup and the pediatrician is not happy about the amount of weight gained- it can be a tough pill to swallow if the doctor is upset about the child being overfed and is overweight as a result!

Moms who have signs in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces are most likely to overfeed their kids- out of love and kindness of course but ignore the fact that they are not doing their kids any favors by giving them mounds of food all of the time.

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