15It's Nice To Be Nice

This sub-topic is for people who are mean. And we’re not referring to parents who are declared mean by their children for not jumping when they snap their fingers. We mean mean - as in a generally angry person who loses their temper easily; who snaps, barks and pretty

much yells a lot; someone who feels they are surrounded by idiots and morons; who are routinely rude to waiters and shop staff.

For any parent who sees themselves (or their partner) in the above description - please take a deep breath, manage the vitriol and take some lessons in practicing basic human kindness. If not for themselves - then do it for the baby. After all, they are the ones who will witness this anger and frustration on a regular basis. And who will be absorbing, internalizing and suffering the impact of this negative behavior. Just because nastiness isn’t directed at a baby, they are still deeply affected and will suffer for it.

No one is immune to the odd bad day. But how we react to it is within our control. Reign it in, figure out the root cause - then work to change the pattern.

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