15 Parenting Trends Celebs Are Setting For Regular Moms

With social media so prevalent today, we know just about everything there is to know about celebrities. That includes all of their relationships as well as their pregnancies, babies and children. So much so that we feel like we know them all personally. This is partly because the celebrities themselves share everything on social media. The other reason is because the general public is so obsessed with what these celebrities are up to. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because we like to live vicariously through them. Our lives must seem so boring and dull in comparison. Some of us enjoy copying this celebrity style, others find their style to be just a little outrageous. Either way the details of their lives they share with the general public are very entertaining. To a certain extent.

Even though we may be entertained by the outrageous things celebrities do, especially with and for their children, some things are just over the top. From having babies when they are barely more than babies themselves to genetically designing their babies and everything in between. Here are a just a few of these wacky things that go a little too far.

15 Genetically Design Their Baby

Modern technology and science are wonderful, sometimes. Other times they go way over the top in terms of ridiculousness, at least in terms of how some people use it. The progress of the technology involved in helping couples conceive and carry babies has been amazing. Some people might even call it miraculous, especially if they have been trying unsuccessfully to have a family.

Where the problem lies is when this amazing technology is used for genetic selection and/or modification of human embryos. Currently, invitro fertilization (IVF) techniques include embryo selection, meaning mothers can choose the embryo(s) they wish to be implanted with. Or, in the case of surrogacy, where a couple can choose the embryo they want their surrogate to be implanted with. This is how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their last child. Her eggs and his sperm created embryos invitro (outside her body) then one embryo (from many possible) was implanted in their surrogate's uterus. In this case, Kim and Kanye decided they wanted another daughter, so chose a female embryo. It's anybody's guess as to whatever else they screened the embryos for.

In the very near future, anyone with lots of money will be able to select the best traits for their children, including their height, skin and eye colour, athleticism, etc. Where is the ethical line that should not be crossed?

14 Time Baby's Arrival For Maximum Attention

Timing your baby's arrival is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course there are exceptions and extremes to every situation. Some parents do it because their work or careers are seasonal. For example, teachers with the summer off. I know several couples where (at least) one parent is a teacher and so they planned their family to expand every second summer. Nothing wrong with that, in fact very clever. The same theory applies for professional athletes (hockey, basketball, baseball players etc) that schedule their children's arrival on their off season. Makes perfect sense.

The extreme scenarios start when Cesarean sections are scheduled for a specific date or holiday. That only happens for the celebrities that can afford to book (bribe) a doctor to indulge their whims. The rest of us get whoever is on duty when we go into labour.

13 Take Extended Vacations Without Their Children

Now this might sound like sour grapes, or terribly judgemental, but parents with young children should be prepared to share their vacations. Leaving the children behind for parents to take extended vacations seems a little self indulgent. The cost of including the children, especially when they are very young, does not increase that much. Family vacations can create so many memories to be cherished for years to come.

Date nights or even a weekend away without their kids is perfectly acceptable, assuming appropriate child care is available. These activities can actually be healthy and beneficial for both parents and children, especially if grandparents are chosen as the child care option.

Any longer than a weekend might raise eyebrows (to those of us eating the sour grapes), however. If the children are still babies (too young to talk) their behaviour may be affected by their mother's long absence. If the children are old enough to talk, they will most likely voice their own opinion.

12 Encourage Their Children To Wear Makeup


Like many other things, celebrity moms generally allow their kids to do things much earlier than other, not so famous moms. Wearing makeup is no exception. Perhaps because celebrity children are in the spotlight more so than your average child. Some celebrity children (and their parents) live in a fish bowl environment where photographers (aka paparazzi) lurk around every corner.

Many celebrities have recently taken the flack for allowing their (very) young daughters to wear makeup. At what age is make up appropriate for children? Most would agree that girls under the age of 10 do not have much use for makeup. Even 10 is young, depending on the child and the circumstances. The main reason against wearing makeup at a young age is the fact that makeup makes these young girls appear much older than they really are. No one, no matter how famous, wants their daughters growing up faster than they have to.

11 Wax Baby's Eyebrows

Hollywood Life

Who waxes their children's eyebrows? How ridiculous does that sound? Apparently, not too ridiculous for some celebrities. Kim Kardashian has been accused of waxing her first child North's eyebrows when she was just six months old after someone (probably a sibling) referred to the brows as a unibrow. In Washington state a few moms claimed daycare workers waxed their children's eyebrows. True or not, these stories are very suspicious as the world, thanks to social media, is obsessed with eyebrows (and appearances in general) these days.

So what is the appropriate age for a parent to wax their children's eyebrows or moustaches? Probably when the children themselves are old enough to understand (and request) the concept. Mind you, children raised in an environment where looks are mega important, defining who you are as a person, (how sad is that?) will most likely be much more aware much sooner than those raised in a non-celebrity environment.

10 Extravagant Baby Showers And Sip 'N' Sees

Only celebrities can afford to host ultra extravagant, over the top, baby showers for hundreds of their closest friends and family members. The decorations, settings and party favours are so extravagant, one can only wonder at the gifts they must receive for their newborn babies. The rest of us that host a baby shower for a friend or family member do so in our own homes, finding twenty guests plenty enough.

Sip 'n' Sees are the new thing to do today. They are similar to baby showers in that you are expected to bring another gift for the baby. The difference is that these sip 'n' sees are held after the baby is born so guests can see the new baby while sipping whatever the host is serving. They could be as simple as a get together with the new mom hosting a few friends, but one can easily imagine how outrageously extravagant this type of event could become.

9 Dress Kids In Designer Labels

Some might say dressing kids in designer labels is not that outrageous. There is the theory that if celebrities can afford to purchase expensive clothing that their kids are going to wear for such a short period of time, it's their money to waste. Others complain parents that do this are teaching their children bad (if not super stylish) habits. On a global perspective, with so many other children (and adults too) living in conditions of poverty, this extravagance could seem disrespectful, even irresponsible.

When is the right time to teach your children about the value of money? Children are very smart and quick to catch on to how their parents spend (waste) or save money. Somehow I doubt teaching their children the value of money is on the parenting to do list of celebrity parents. After all, it is hard (hypocritical) to preach what you don't practice!

8 Babies Having Babies


For some reason celebrities do not seem to think there is anything out of the ordinary with having children when they are still children themselves. Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's little sister, had a baby at 16. Beyonce's sister Solange had a child at 18 and Kylie Jenner reached the ripe age of 20 before she had her daughter.

The reasons for having babies young is different for celebrities too. Many of them have successful careers at a very young age. Most have travelled the world and have their own homes. They have “done it all” before the age of twenty. Having a baby is just one more thing to do for them. The celebrities have the support system (wealthy parents and siblings) to afford a baby. Teenagers that do not have the luxury of a celebrity status can barely (rarely) support themselves let alone a child. They usually get pregnant because their birth control failed (if they used it) or because they mistakenly feel a baby would love them when no one else does. How mature is that?

7 Where Do They Find The Weird Baby Names?


Celebrities are notorious for choosing the weirdest names for their newborn babies these days. Case in point would include pretty much all of the next generation of Kardashian babies. Names like North West, Saint West, Chicago West, Reign Disick, Dream Kardashian, and Stormi Webster are indeed unique. All are gender neutral as well which appears to be another trend in baby names. Soon to arrive, Khloe's baby is sure not to disappoint in the name category. These kids will definitely not have to worry about sharing their names with anyone else in the world.

For some reason the need to provide their children with unique names seems to be more trendy among celebrities. Instead of traditional names chosen to honor a loved one, the weirder the better seems to be the norm in this crowd. Just when we think we've seen the worst, another strange baby name is born.

6 Blended Families At a Whole New Level

Daily Mirror

Blended families have been around for a long time, but it appears they are at a whole new level these days. Some situations going on today were previously only seen on TV soap operas. It used to be that blended families were created when a parent passed away and the remaining parent remarried to help out with the children. Divorce was rare and moms with multiple baby daddies or dads with multiple baby mamas was even rarer. Or perhaps those lifestyles were around, but just not so publicized the way they are today on social media.

For example, the rapper Future has four children with four different baby mommas. At least one of these baby mommas is suing him for child support, which means he is probably not paying any of the four baby mommas child support. Who knows if any of these four children get to hang out with their siblings. What a shame (for them) if they don't, but how awkward (for their mamas) if they do.

Then you have the whole Rob Kardashian scenario. He has a baby with Blac Chyna although they are not together any longer. She has a baby with Tyga who just happens to be Rob's half sister Kylie Jenner's former boyfriend. Confused? Just imagine if Tyga was Kylie's baby daddy!

5 Experimental Parenting Skills

Some of the parenting techniques reported to be used by some celebrities are just plain weird, almost neurotic. For example, Madonna's kids have complained publicly about how strict of a mother she is. They follow a macrobiotic diet which is Asian-themed and based on the yin-yang philosophy where health and vitality are balanced. That doesn't sound too bad, in fact Madonna herself is proof it might work, but making your children adhere to your diets might be a problem. Especially when sweets are never allowed. How boring! Not to mention, most parents know what happens when you forbid your children to do something.

Then we have the parents that rush their child's toilet training procedure by starting much too young. Have you heard anything more ridiculous of holding a six month old baby over a toilet when you think they are about to have a bowel movement?

4 Mouth Feeding

This could of been included in the sketchy parenting skills category, but is considered so outrageous that it has a section all to itself. Mouth feeding is the practice of chewing food in your own mouth before transferring it to your babies mouth. Much like a mother bird does with her babies in their nest. Why a human would want to do that and consider it acceptable is beyond comprehension.

First of all, if a child cannot chew the food you are feeding them properly, they are too young for said food. There is a reason children develop their teeth when they do, one or a few at a time. Food should be introduced slowly starting with soft, bland foods and progressing to chewier, harder foods much later. Also an important fact to consider is that the digestive tracts of babies are not mature enough to handle solid, complex foods that require excessive chewing.

3 Glamorous Gender Reveals

Once again, this is taking any reason for an extravagant party to a new level. These gender reveal parties are for parents who cannot wait until their baby is born to find out and share the news whether they are having a boy or a girl. They are usually the first baby themed party within a pregnancy, before the baby shower and sip and see mentioned above.

Genetic testing to determine the gender can be done as early as ten weeks gestation. It works by detecting the absence or presence of a Y chromosome. Males have an X and a Y chromosome while females have two X chromosomes and no Y chromosome. Y chromosomes are the ones responsible for sperm production in males.

Ultrasound may show the presence of a male organ around twenty weeks gestation giving the secret away too, but is not a guarantee. Genetic testing will accurately (99%) tell you your baby's gender if you must know.

2 Raise Children In Sketchy Organizations

The Underground Bunker

Believing in, following or belonging to a sketchy organization is one thing for yourself, but raising your children that way is often deemed inappropriate. For some strange reason, many celebrities are Scientology followers, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstey Alley, Beck, Elisabeth Moss, Jenna Elfman and Catherine Bell.

In a controversial television series, former Scientology member Leah Remini has spoken up recently about the negative impact Scientology has on its members, especially children. Apparently, children's lives are extensively (excessively) controlled, from the people they are allowed to have contact with to the subjects they are taught in school. Ethics officers question children on a regular basis starting at age six.

Is it coincidental that Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise when their daughter Suri was six years old? Tom wanted his daughter raised within the Scientology regime, but Katie would not allow it. That's a huge irreconcilable difference.

1 Consume Baby's Byproducts

Human bodies are remarkable, no more so than during pregnancy. Placentas are organs that form very early in a pregnancy, shared between the mother and her growing baby. It is true that placentas are full of nutrients, but these nutrients are to nurture the babies for nine months, not the mothers (or fathers) after the birth. Reports that consuming placenta can raise energy levels, prevent postpartum depression and increase the supply of breast milk have never been confirmed as true.

Fried up with onions, dried to make pills and smoothies, or eaten raw in the delivery room, this practice is outrageous and has the potential to be downright dangerous. So dangerous in fact that potentially lethal infections have been reported to be spread from placenta consuming, breastfeeding mothers to their newborn children. Much too risky, not to mention gross!

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