15 Parents Who Believe They Were Haunted By Their Deceased Child

Ghosts, whether people believe in them or not, can still send a chill down people's spines whenever anyone mentions them. There’s energy out there that we can’t deny, but we also can’t quite explain, and when it comes to loved ones, we want to believe they still visit us even after they pass.

The stories you’ll read today are all about children haunting their families and others who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether they be spirits with unfinished business, spirits missing their families, or spirits that simply don’t know they’ve passed on, they have created quite the dilemma for the living as they try to move on from a tragedy they can’t seem to escape.

Some may argue these families are just seeing what they want to see or that grief can manifest in many different ways, but these families are adamant in what they saw and some of them have evidence they wish to share with the world, so that they know with complete certainty that their loved ones are still here, even if it’s not in a material sense. The people in the 15 hauntings you’re about to read are looking for answers, they’re looking for closure, something which some of them find and some of them continue to search for.

15 Seeking Nanny For Ghost Children

It is hard to believe that a job posting such as this actually exists, but here we are, and yes it does! Many thought it was a hoax at first, but the family was very serious about finding a nanny for their interesting situation ASAP! This family in Scotland posted an ad seeking a nanny for their haunted home after 5 nannies quit! The job pays well, about $55,000 a year, and all you would have to do is look after cooking, light cleaning, tending to 2 living children, oh, and watch out for a bunch of supernatural incidents along the way!

Sounds absolutely terrifying, yet after going viral, the couple has received well over 3000 messages! Some of those incidents involved flying glasses and moving furniture. Hopefully they're flexible on that "live-in" position thing, although the nanny suite sounds lovely.

14 A Non-Human Baby In The Crib

What parent with a baby monitor hasn't seen something freaky at one time or another? It seems those monitors like to play tricks on parents who are just looking for some peace of mind! These particular parents from Devon noticed something very odd going on in little Sebastian's crib one night and they decided to record what they saw. The baby monitor appears to show another baby sleeping in the crib with their 18 month old son.

Dean, Sebastian's father went upstairs to investigate the image, thinking it was most likely a teddy bear. What he found was that there was nothing in the crib at all, when he went back to looking at the moinitor with his wife Laura the figure was still there and even began moving positions like a baby that couldn't get comfortable.

13 Dear David...

Buzzfeed writer Adam Ellis is known for his witty articles and Tweets, but one thing he didn't intend on sharing was a ghost story of his very own! He admits that he thinks his apartment is being haunted by the ghost of a small child and off he goes to investigate with the help of the internet. Adam admits that the ghost had been terrorizing him for months and that he turned to the internet for help.

Although Adam spins the tale with some humour there is definitely legitimate terror as he writes about what he's experienced in his home. He says the boy appeared to him while he was experiencing sleep paralysis and that you can ask Dear David 2 questions, but never a third or he'll kill you. Well Adam Ellis dared ask a 3rd question and now he's feeling more than a little on edge.

12 An Unexpected Visitor

Coronation Street actress and sometimes host on U.K talk show Loose Women, Kym Marsh was perfectly candid on the show when they began to discuss the supernatural. She decided to come forward with a rather intense confession pertaining to a very personal tragedy, the loss of her son, Archie, at only 18 months old. The tragedy hit her hard and clearly still haunts her as she tears up talking about it on live television.

She began by stating that she noticed a "presence" in her home, she began hearing noises, most of them coming from her daughters room. The noises would come at the exact time every night and Kym soon noticed the significance of that time, it was the time her son Archie was born. Her children have also noticed sounds of someone jumping upstairs as the chandelier below shakes, yet no one is ever there.

11 Reaching For Her Daughter

While driving her daughter to a beauty pageant, mom Melissa Kurtz saw her daughter Harper snapping this quick selfie and thought nothing of it. Later on when she reviewed the snap she saw something completely horrifying reaching towards her daughter. Knowing there was no one else in the car with them at the time, it's hard to explain why there's the face of a young boy clearly sitting behind Harper.

Melissa later researched the stretch of road they had been driving along when the photo had been snapped and what Melissa found would leave her with chills running down her spine. The spot where the picture had been snapped had been the location of a terrible accident, one where a little boy had passed away. Mom states that Harper is a beacon for paranormal activity and that this particular ghost serves as a warning for all to wear their seatbelts as Harper was not wearing hers in the snap.

10 The Twin Is Still Here

Mother of 4 Karen Ewart was elated to be carrying twin girls, but sadly miscarried one of the twins early on in her pregnancy. Daughter Sadie was born, but Karen never stopped thinking about the twin that could have been. For Sadie’s 7th birthday, Karen decided to have the backyard redone and create a little play area for Sadie. A friend of the family documented the cute new space, but something unexpected appeared in the photo. You’ll notice an incomplete figure seeming to sit upon the edge of the play area.

It looks like the legs of a little girl wearing pink leggings. Although Karen was a little freaked out by the image initially, she later found it comforting knowing that Sadie’s twin perhaps still visited everyone and very much wanted to be a part of the festivities.

9 Living With The Haunting

A family in Clarksville, Tennessee was haunted by the ghost of a child for years and years. I don't know about you, but one sighting would have been enough for me to bolt! The Gutierrez family lived there with their son and two daughters and soon started to sense something was different about their home. Omar Gutierrez was only in fifth grade when he first saw the ghost, he described it as a young girl and explained that he first thought it was his sister Eileen playing tricks on him, but after a few more encounters he realized this wasn't Eileen, her clothing was far too old fashioned.

No one seemed to believe Omar, who now slept in his parent’s room, terrified the ghost girl would appear again. It wasn't until his sister saw the ghost that their mother finally confessed that she had seen her too, also mistaking her for Eileen the first time. After everyone in the house had seen the ghost, they finally decided to move.

8 A Lurking Presence

A New Jersey dad and his children were being haunted by something, but they didn't realize it was someone very close to them until after many different interactions with the "ghost." Father, Doug Jackson began to notice strange happenings, such as chills in the air, almost feeling as though the presence was a jealous one. Doors and cabinets began to slam; televisions would turn on by themselves. Doug believed that the home was so haunted that he actually decided on having a séance to see if they could help the lost spirit in their home.

In a hilarious twist to the story, his middle daughter Kaitlyn confesses during the séance that all the “strange happenings” were her, and that she was really just seeking attention. The family had a good laugh and promised to try and noticed her “presence” in the home more often.

7 Child Haunted By Soldier's Ghost

Virginia Beach Mom, Michelle Lucas believes there is a very serious ghost problem in her home, but the ghost isn't living in her home, it's living inside her 4 year old son, Andrew. Michelle began to notice something odd about Andrew when he began to speak of things beyond his years and life experience. He would talk about dying in a fire about explosions; he would wake up crying, terrified of a death that wasn't his.

Michelle thought them night terrors until Andrew was able to give her an address that he said he used to live at, which prompted Michelle to do some research. What she found was a former Marine by the name of Val Lewis, a Sergeant that was killed during a terrorist bomb attack. Michelle can’t seem to find a way to help Andrew forget this past life, she fears her son or her house is haunted by this spirit.

6 Daycare Haunting

This particular daycare was haunted by the ghost of a little boy who loved to play tricks on the staff and families that went there. When it was time for the children to go home, the little ghost would appear amongst the children outside waiting for their parents, confusing the staff with their headcounts and the parents who thought the ghost was their child, until they approached of course.

One couple decided to help the daycare with an open house. That night the husband noticed a little boy outside the window, but when he called out to him the little boy wouldn't respond. When he told the staff about the boy, they all thought him crazy. Later when the daycare installed cameras, they noticed the daycares doors opening and closing on their own with no one there. This should have triggered the alarm, but it never did!

5 Something Creeping In The School

Older schools already look creepy enough; add a few ghosts and you really have something terrifying! This haunted school can be found in the Australian Outback. In her 9th year at the school, Deb was taking part in a school sleepover where she was placed on food duty. While prepping the food Deb could hear a dog barking, but knew there were no dogs at the school. She followed the barks and found a small Jack Russell Terrier; following it slowly she noticed that the dog ran right through a wall! When she told the teachers about it they all nodded knowingly, the confessed the school was haunted, but not by a dog. Others began to hear the barking and followed the sounds, what they found was half a ghost dog appearing to jut out through the wall.

A green orb soon floated by and the ghost dog followed it. Many others would see the orbs over the years, but no one really knows what's haunting the school and why.

4 Poltergeist In A Boarding School

It seems like selecting a boarding school for the setting of a story or film immediately links it to a ghostly tale, perhaps it has a little to do with the age of the schools or perhaps many of them are haunted just like this one! While Christina was attending a boarding school in Arizona she soon made friends with girls who would tell her of the many hauntings that happened on campus.

The dorms had been used as a hospital for the very ill and dying many years before it had ever been a school, so many of the girls attributed the hauntings to the school's very dreary past. Her dorm-mates told her of a young boy who would visit the dorms and that they could hear him giggling from time to time. Cristina finally had her own encounter with the boy when she was leaving the showers one day. Clearly this little boy ghost was a mischievous one.

3 Channeling Erik

After losing her 20 year old son Erik, physician Elisa Medhus began journaling her grief as a means to cope with it, but she as well as other family members and friends began to feel Erik's presence and even claim to have communicated with him after his passing. This was a game changer for the previous non-believer Elisa. It was her husband that first felt Erik's presence through a dream, a similar experience soon occurred with Erik's grandfather, and then Erik's good friend Kelly.

This is what began Elisa's transition into believing that her son was trying to connect with them from the other side, trying to let them know that he was fine now. The dreams left Elisa envious to have her own visions of Erik and they would soon come. You can read about Elisa's experiences on her blog.

2 A Sign From Above

When Jack Robinson left this world at only 4 years old from a brain tumor, his mother was shattered as was his entire family. His mother spent years trying to move forward from the grief; and on the 3rd anniversary of Jack's death she desperately asked for a sign from above, any sign at all that would bring her some comfort in knowing that her son was somewhere better, somewhere where he could still hear her.

Her prayers were answered.

Upon visiting her son's grave she found a small robin sitting by his headstone. This may not seem like a sign from above, after all it's just a bird, but what happened next shocked Marie. The robin jumped around happily, not showing any fear, the bird looked at her and landed on her several times, almost as if it knew her to be its mother.

1 He Doesn't Know He's Gone

On a site that allows you to share your paranormal experiences with the world, one girl by the name of Hannah came forward with the sneaking suspicion that her sibling had been trying to contact her. 16 year old Hannah first tells us of her brother's tragic passing from a fatal car accident when he was only 27 years old. She admits that at night, she senses his presence, but one night it was a little more than a feeling. One night when Hannah found it difficult to sleep, she took a walk around the house and when she passed the urn where her brother’s ashes were held, she noticed a man sitting next to them.

When she called out to him he turned his head as if to listen, but once she turned the lights on he was gone. Hannah feels it is her brother that visits. She fears he’s lost, that he doesn’t understand that he’s passed on.

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