15Double Donation

Poor little Joe Lamont has gone through a lot — and so has his mom. Joe was diagnosed with two disorders before his first birthday, and one caused a big problem for his kidneys and the other was devastating his liver. Joe's kidneys were so large that they were crushing

his lungs, and they had to be removed when he was just a few days old. That meant he was on dialysis for years while waiting for a transplant.

When his liver caused even more health problems, his mom Sarah decided to become a live donor (you can donate a portion of your liver and it will regrow). After already giving so much, his mom realized that she should give one of her kidneys as well so her son could have a better quality of life. And Joe is thriving after the surgeries.

“I’m just so glad I was a match, because I think something would’ve happened if not. He could have died," Sarah said to The Independent. “Joe is doing amazingly. He’s grown a lot and has so much energy now. You wouldn’t recognise him."

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