15 Parents Who Experienced The Worst Vacation Nightmares

It is a word that everyone loves: VACATION! It is a chance to get away with the family, maybe to a back-packing trip across Europe, or a chance to go and lie on the beach. No matter the destination, all that matters is that you are with your family and just enjoying life. It is always good to go somewhere and reset, especially when you have children, to relax and recharge your batteries.

What happens when your relaxing and recharging vacation turns into an absolute nightmare? When you end up feeling like you need another vacation to recover from the one you just went on? This is never a good situation, but it happens to a lot of us! Now the definition of a vacation nightmare is subjective, we all have different definitions of what a nightmare would be. One person may think losing their beach read is just the worst that could have happened. Others, think when they lose a kid is a little bit worse.

Millions of people take millions of vacations all over the world, and on any given day. So, when you are reading this, there are tons of families on vacation right now (kind of makes you jealous, doesn’t it?). There are people in Italy on a good old trip, and people laying on a beach in Jamaica. While it may be easy to get jealous and envious of all thee people, after reading some of these stories, you may think differently. Here are 15 parents who suffered just about the worst vacation nightmare possible.

15 Little Prankster

Like I said earlier, what some consider a nightmare is different than other, so some of these stories may be more ‘tame’ than others. One family decided to take a little family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is a resort type of retreat, that is catered to families and their children. They have a lot of great activities and a huge indoor waterpark. It is a great place to take your family.

One family decided this was the place for them, as it was not too far away and a cheaper alternative. It would feel like they were thousands of miles away, when in reality they were not. They decided to take their children along with their nephew. What started out as a great vacay turned into a bit of a nightmare, as the police soon arrived to their hotel room door. The presence of police at your door on vacation is enough to unsettle everyone. The reason they were there? Their nephew had gotten his hands on a phone and repeatedly dialed 911! I am sure the adults got a stern talking to by an officer.

14 Questionable Lodging

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One family was very fond of taking weekend road trips, just a quick little getaway that required them to stay in a motel for a couple of nights. This vacation took place a while ago, before cell phones were popular. They did not have a reservation at a motel, but that had never been a problem before. This family, along with their children were driving when they came across a motel. They were shocked when they had no vacancies, but were told that there was another one 10 minutes down the road and they always had open rooms.

The family quickly found out why, the motel was attached to a strip club. It was almost midnight at this point, so the family had no choice but to stay at this particular place of lodging. Mom and dad urged their children not too tough the walls or anything. The mom was concerned, because the sign for the motel (attached to a strip club) stated that hourly rates were available. Awkward.

13 Oh Grandma!

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When you take a vacation with your elderly grandparents, it could either be the best time of your life or a complete nightmare. Unfortunately, for this family it was a bit of both. A nice family made their annual trip from the Midwest to Miami to visit family. They did this every year. The night before they were expected to leave they had a large dinner at another relatives house, then they loaded up and where on their way.

This family drive also included the grandmother of the family, and after about an hour of driving, grandma says she does not feel so good. She then started throwing up in the car. The car was full, so the family pulled over so that poor granny could use the bathroom. While grandma was in the bathroom, mom and the two daughters were cleaning the inside of the car. All of a sudden, grandma comes running out of the bathroom yelling for them all to “run!” When they got in the car, grandma (probably out of breath at this point) went on to tell them that she had food poisoning and had just had diarrhea that got everywhere. “On the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling.” The family never did find out how it got on the ceiling.

12 Ruined Right From The Start!

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When you take a vacation as a family, it is always a gamble. When you take a vacation with toddlers and babies, you can be pretty assured that something will happen. Some form of disaster will befall you, and it is all in how you roll with it. When you become a parent, you get pretty accustomed to rolling with the punches and taking this as they come, this lesson will serve you well when vacationing with young babies.

One family was on one such vacation with their three children. They drove about 400 miles, and 15-minutes from the hotel, the 2-year old proceeded to throw up chocolate milk all over the minivan. Now, milk when being thrown up is never a good thing. It smells, and it is a pain to clean up. What I don’t know is if the family turned around to go back to the hotel, or if they just carried on.

11 Uh-Oh!

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Medical issues are never good when you are on vacation, especially if you are in a country not your own. One mom, who was travelling with her husband, 13-month old son and was herself 4-months pregnant, found herself needed medical help in the worst way. Two days into the vacation, the pregnant mama found herself with some blisters on her butt. She went to a clinic because she had assumed she had gotten bit by something. The clinic told her to go directly to the ER.

After being seen by medical staff at the hospital, she was told she better talk to her husband, because she had Herpes! She was shocked as she had no other sexual partners. She was relieved when another doctor came running into the room and stating she did not have Herpes, she had Herpes Zoster, or Shingles, as we commonly know it. She was soon worried again, as she was told that shingles had most likely ended her pregnancy. Thankfully, the story ends well as the pregnancy was fine and she was safely treated for the shingles.

10 Maybe Not A ‘Nightmare’

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OK, this one may not be a vacation nightmare, but it is too funny not too add to this list. We all love the men in our lives, but when it comes to driving and directions they are very stubborn. One family (mom, dad and two kids) where on a little road trip, and the dad was having a hard time navigating while driving. The mom insisted that she should just hold the directions and offer some assistance. You can all guess where this went.

The dad insisted that he put the directions on the visor, this turned out to be a not so smart move. He was driving at full speed, with the sun roof of the car open. What happened next consisted of the directions getting sucked out of the sun roof. Since they were travelling on a highway at full speed, there was no chance of pulling over and getting them back. Mom and the kids had a good laugh, while dad did not find it funny at all!

9 Happiest Place On Earth?

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Some say that Disney world is the happiest place on earth, and that you can’t help but be filled with joy whenever you are at one of their parks. I, wouldn’t know as I have never been, as I say sadly. That’s just what I hear. It is also one of the most popular vacation spots for families with young children. A lot of couples go on vacation to try and escape life, this may be a good idea, but the problems will always be waiting for you when you get back. One family sure brought all their problems with them.

One family went on a vacation to Disney world for a week, and on the second day of their vacation, the mom and dad decided that wanted to get into a huge fight and get a divorce. If this wasn’t bad enough, this all happened in front of their young children who just wanted to have a fun time with Mickey and Goofy.

8 Well, That’s Just Great!

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Again, we are back to taking trips with small, little toddlers. These little devil children can sure be a handful, but goodness we love them. When you travel with a baby or a toddler there is always a lot more stuff you have to bring than normal. It is probably the equivalent of like 10 diaper bags. One mom learned the hard way when travelling with a toddler that you can never have too much stuff.

A mom took her toddler on a 7-hour flight. I know, that seems enough to make this vacation a nightmare, but it gets worse. Just 3 hours into the flight, the mom ran out of diapers. She probably had more in her luggage, or was just going to restock at the local store upon arrival. She just ran out from her carry on. The nightmare is that her toddler decided that was the moment to come down with some explosive diarrhea. I don’t even know what she did, except maybe order an inflight alcoholic drink.

7 This May Be The Worst One

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Some families choose to take vacation in more ‘safer’ places. They stay close to home, or go to a five-star resort and relax. Some families choose to go on a more adventurous trip and go a bit further from home. One family, consisting of parents and their son decided to go to South Africa. They stayed in a resort near the city Durban. What happened next was nothing short of an absolute nightmare.

The dad became deathly ill and needed emergency medical treatment, their son choked on a massive fish bone and nearly died and the mom was cooking when the gas stove she was using exploded! Being the nightmare this trip was, it was nothing short of a miracle when none of the firing glass shards hit any of them! It is definitely a trip none of them will forget, or repeat too quickly.

6 Everyone Got Sick

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We have had a lot of entries so far that have involved children and grandmothers getting sick. Or next one may take the cake for vacation illnesses. One family got together with about 30 people every year and rented a cottage for a week. The group arrived, and spend the first night comfortably relaxing. The next day, they were out doing normal tourist activities when their two-year old daughter gets sick. No one seemed alarmed, just figured the little girl ate something or had a little bug

The next day, the group eats dinner and then it happened. One by one every single person was coming down with one of the most intense stomach viruses which included vomiting and diarrhea. That means that 26 people were violently ill and the cabin only had three bathrooms. You can imagine the disaster that came along with it, I don’t need to describe it.

5 Adult Only

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Adults are adults, even when we become parents, we still have needs and urges. Whatever we choose to do in the bedroom is our business alone, until it isn’t. One mom’s parents generously rented a vacation home for her, her husband and their daughter. They went and had a good time, and then returned home.

After a few days of being at home, the mom realized that she had left her vibrator at the rental property. Her fear was confirmed when she received a call from her own mother stating she had left it there. Her mother had been the point of contact for the rental property as she was the one who rented the room. How horrifying, for your own mother to tell you that you that you left your vibrator behind.

4 When Raccoons Attack

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Camping is a popular (and cost-effective) vacation destination. It is a great place to un-plug and get back to nature, and a lot of parents take their children camping. One such family decided to take their two young sons camping. There are certain safety precautions one should take when camping, especially when it comes to food. Most people tie them up into a tree.

This family decided to place their cooler and groceries inside their closed tents and went for a good, long hike. When they returned, their campsite looked like a murder scene, the tent was absolutely demolished and raccoons had gotten into all of their supplies. Apparently, the family found out, raccoons could beat a tent.

3 Trip With Dad

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It may seem like a great chance for some daughter-father bonding time. What happens when this becomes a nightmare for both father and daughter. One father decided to take his 11-year old daughter to San Diego for a little vacation. While the trip was commencing, the daughter had the worst case of bad timing; she got her first period.

Of course, she was mortified and scared. She didn’t realize at first that it was her period, and she thought she was going to bleed to death (this is when a girl really needs her mom). The daughter saved her father from an awkward situation and did not say anything until she got home and told her mom what happened and that she was dying. Of course, mom thought it was hilarious.

2 Mugged

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Any type of violent crime is not something anyone wants to endure on their vacation, sadly, there are some places where this happens quite frequently. One family was on a trip to Columbia, which is one of those places that is not known for their safety, but they do have some pretty good coffee. The two children were ahead of their parents, when they suddenly heard their mom scream.

They ran back just in time to see their mom swing her bag at her attacking who was attempting to mug her. They thank their large camera for their safety, as being hit by one of those things must hurt or at least make you back down. The important thing is that no one was hurt.

1 Bullied In France

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A lot of people dream of going to Paris, France. It is a spot that is very popular for singles, couples and families to go. What happens when your dream vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world turns into a nightmare? One couple took their two young children on a family vacation to Paris. They were sitting in a garden eating a picnic lunch. They were, of course, speaking English to each other which upset some people.

All of a sudden some French teenagers heard them from an above balcony and started throwing rocks at the family below and yelling insults. The older daughter had to cover her 2-year old sister who was very scared and upset. They ended up having to pack up and leave, as none of the other adults would offer any assistance.

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