15 Parents Who Got More Than They Asked For

Anyone who has ever become a parent will feel like they got way more than they ever asked for at one time or another. I mean, think about it. One minute, it’s just you or just you and your partner, and the next, there’s a tiny human being there (or more than one!) demanding your attention 24/7. It doesn’t matter that you are given 9 months to prepare yourself for this moment. You can never really be prepared, even if this is not baby number 1 (especially, if it’s not baby number 1)!

It’s a shell-shock for everyone. Parenting is no joke and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Have you ever been there to witness a toddler discovering the true definition of the word “poop”? It’s not pretty.

But, there are some folks who took this to a whole other level—I mean, talk about raising the bar! Once you read about what these parents got that they were never expecting, you’ll probably have an entirely new perspective on your own situation. From being charged to hold your child, to having your child under the most insane circumstances, this list covers the top 15 times that parents got way more than they ever asked for.

15 Twins? What Do You Mean Twins?

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Meet Chloe Wilson, mom of one son already, Buzz. She had gone through such an ordeal with her first pregnancy with the medical professionals, that she decided if she ever were to get pregnant again, she was going to do everything by herself. So, that means, she never got an ultrasound and never saw what surprise was in store for her. Chloe dismissed some odd signs during her pregnancy like the insane amount of activity she felt going on and the fact that when one close friend thought she saw the head of the baby in one place, Chloe thought she saw it in another. Strange, right?

Well, when she went into labor 6 weeks early, she found out exactly what was going on in there. She tried to deliver the babies herself, but once she felt that the head was not coming out first, she rushed herself to the hospital. And there they were, her twins! Talk about beating expectations!

14 Two Babies, Two Baby Daddy's

Twins are already hard to handle and arguably more than any parent asks for, just ask any mom of multiples that’s trying to find a shopping cart at the grocery store that will fit her two humans. But this Texas Woman takes her twin story to another level. Why? Because she had two babies, and two different baby daddies. Ah, the woman’s body is certainly a place for miracles and this one is certainly no less. So, how can this happen?

Well, as it turns out, sperm can live for up to 5 days just waiting for an egg to go attack. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson sheds some light on this unique situation by explaining that if a woman were to be physically intimate with two different partners within that 5-day period, it is definitely possible to have this outcome. Our only question for Mia? How are you going to explain this to your twin boys?

13 A DNA Trifecta

We’ve read about genetic engineering and gene modification in science fiction and now, we know that some of these theories and practices are being actualized with modern science and technology. Alana Saarinen is a beautiful young woman who just so happened to be a result of a newer infertility treatment for people who were unable to conceive on their own. So, how exactly did she get DNA from three people?

This infertility treatment involved a process known as cytoplasmic transfer. The theory was that there was a structure within the cytoplasm which wasn’t functioning properly and the doctors believed that a major player was the mitochondria. The process involved the transfer of mitochondria from one woman into the mother’s egg and the hope was that she would be able to develop her own child. And in the case of Alana Saarinen, it worked! The FDA eventually closed down these clinics due to health and ethical concerns, but there are still a few children, like Alana, who technically have the DNA of three people!

12 Surprise Mom!

Becoming a parent is a shock all on its own, even when you have the 9 months to try and get yourself prepared for what’s about to come. Stephanie Jaegers never even got that time—or rather, she didn’t know she had that time. One day, she was suffering from severe abdominal pains and she told her husband that she might be passing kidney stones, so he took her to the hospital. The doctors asked her if she might be pregnant and she said no. Why? Earlier

that year, she was told she was going through pre-menopause and wouldn’t be able to have any more children. She had not had any weight changes. She had not missed a period. She did not have any pregnancy symptoms at all. But as it turns out, she was wrong. Very wrong. 30 minutes after going to the hospital, Stephanie was holding her newborn son. His first words will be, “Surprise, mommy!”

11 The Price Of Having A Baby

When we find out that we are going to become parents, there is a pretty wild roller coaster ride of emotions waiting for us and we all hope that the baby comes once that ride ends. For Ryan Grassley, there was only a brief pause in his trip! He had readied himself as best as he could for becoming a parent and, included in his preparations was his own version of researching what to expect, but no one had prepared him for this. Grassley knew it was important to provide skin to skin contact for his newborn, especially as a father since it is the first time your child really gets to know you by touch and smell.

What he didn’t know, however, was that the hospital would charge him for this. After the family returned home and they were adjusting to their new lives, Grassley received an itemized bill from the hospital and sure enough, his little interaction with his baby was on there for $40. Grassley laughed it off, but we all know he was probably too tired to respond how he wanted to. Talk about an unwelcome surprise!

10 Surprise Visitors

Definitely one of the most endearing stories on our list! After you have a baby, your head is in a fog of happiness and exhaustion and elation and exhaustion. For Georgia parents, they got another sweet surprise following the birth of their newborn bundle of joy. A family member of the new parents had started a group message to keep the other family members and friends updated on the progress of the birth, only when they sent the message to the group, there was one number that didn’t belong!

That number belonged to Dennis and Deorick Williams and while they were happy for the couple, they did admit that the messages were probably not intended for them. But it didn’t stop there! The brothers, caught up in this family’s celebration, actually went to the hospital to visit the new parents and brought gifts! This might be more than what these parents expected, but it was definitely a moment to remember.

9 Field Trip To Remember

This young girl giving birth at 12 years old is definitely more than her own mother could have asked for, but that’s not even the whole story. Nor is this girl’s mother the one who got more than she ever expected. This 12-year-old Dutch girl did not even know she was pregnant! There were no symptoms at all and she was not showing any physical signs of carrying a baby—you know, like, having a stomach to fit the child in??

So she went on with her everyday activities and one day, she was riding on the school bus for a field trip. She started complaining of having a serious stomach ache, so the chaperones called emergency services to rush right over. When they arrived, everyone, including the girl, received the shock of the lifetime once the respondent told her she was about to have a baby. I guess the real field trip for her was only just beginning!

8 End Of Vacation For You

I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a theme going on here with some of these women. When you’re pregnant, you feel every muscle in your body, mainly because it takes every muscle in your body to get you up to move. Even your toes are tired by 10:00 am. But somehow, this woman went through 9 months of pregnancy without noticing a thing!

It was on vacation with her husband that she woke up one day feeling a pain in her stomach. The pain grew worse throughout the day, so her husband convinced her to go to the hospital to get everything checked out. He waited for the news of his wife in the waiting room, and when the doctor returned to update him, he got way more than he was expecting. Congratulations! You’re going to be a father! Like…now. They left that vacation with much more than a souvenir.

7 A New Definition Of Labor Day

New moms go through a lot of trouble to make sure that their children get everything they need. But from day one, Joanna Kryztonek had to go above and beyond for her children. Kryztonek was not having just one baby, or just two babies, no, she was having three! Pregnant with her triplets, Kryztonek did everything within her power to ensure their safety. When she went into labor early, one of her babies was born and did not make it.

To keep her other two babies safe, she spent the remaining two and half months in the hospital bed, laying perfectly still with her feet up to keep the other two inside. She spent 75 days in labor for her little ones. Now here’s a momma that just took the bar and threw it out the window for the rest of us.

6 Her Baby Is Fly

Most of us dedicate a lot of time coming up with our perfect birth plans to welcome our new potatoes into this world. We decide where we want to have the baby, how we want to have them, who will be with us, whether we want to use drugs or not, etc. It’s a pretty tedious process, but no one would have ever planned to have their baby in a plane while flying over the ocean. And that is exactly what happened to Aida Alamillo.

She consulted with her doctors prior to leaving the country to visit her home in the Philippines, and everyone told her she had nothing to worry about. Well, 5 hours before they could land, she started worrying because she was having strong stomach pains. Luckily, with the help of several flight attendants and two on-board nurses, Alamillo gave birth to her healthy son in less than 15 minutes! Now, that’s what I call one fly baby!

5 That's A Big Boy

As a pregnant parent, we have plenty of things to worry about for our future newborn baby. We spend a lot of time and money preparing a room for them and making sure that they have everything they could possibly need. But above all, we really just hope and pray that they are healthy. For Kendall Stewardson, there is no doubting that her baby boy was a healthy one!

She was in labor for over 6 hours with her second son and refused pain medication the entire time. And the end was well worth the means as the nurse handed Kendall her newborn 13-pound 12 ounce son. To put that into perspective, that’s like trying to get a watermelon through a small hole in your shirt. Sure, the shirt may stretch some, but at some point, something might rip. Needless to say, this woman is a hero for sure!

4 Oh Boy! Here Comes Trouble

Every dad that has a daughter knows the unique love he shares with his baby girl. For one dad in Akron, Ohio, he had been blessed with 5 times the love and was standing in the surgery room during his wife’s c-section anticipating a 6th installment of daddy-daughter dances and wedding give-away’s in his future. But what happened gave him a shock for sure. As the doctor completed the incision and pulled out the newest addition to the family, it was announced that they had a beautiful, healthy, baby boy!

Naturally the father was so overcome with emotions that he did what any dad might have done in that moment—he reached over and pulled the oxygen mask from his wife’s face and put it over his own! Talk about a surprise of a lifetime.

3 A Baby's First Natural Disaster

In today’s time, it seems like natural disasters are happening every other day. Mother Nature must be mad at us about something! But most people try to focus on the positives of these situations and shed some light on the good things which can come from troubled times. Sofia Pedro is no different. This mom from Mozambique was pregnant in 2000 when they were hit with the worst flash flood they hadn't seen in over 50 years. She was unable to make it to a local shelter for safety and was forced to find refuge in a tree. She was there for three days without food, shelter, drinkable water and if that wasn’t bad enough, she went into labor.

Sofia successfully gave birth to her child, while in a tree, and waited for the rescue helicopter to retrieve them. Now that is definitely more than any parent could ever ask for!

2 Now This Is A Real Water Birth

For some young girls and young women, getting pregnant out of wedlock or at a young age is frowned upon by their families, arguably that’s the case in most families. So, they go through extensive efforts to try and hide their secret, and while most are caught at one point or another, Biggs almost made it to the finish line. When she woke up one morning, it was clear that she needed to go to the hospital, so she got into her car and headed in that direction.

Unfortunately, she was seized by a bout of severe contractions and ran her car right off the road and into a lake! Luckily for her, a local deputy was on his way into work and noticed the car in the lake. Upon investigating the scene, he found not only Kennyetta Biggs in the driver’s seat, but also her newborn baby girl. I guess she really just wanted to make sure her baby was born without too much shock…

1 Come On, Ride A Train

I bet if you are a parent, you are starting to feel a little better about your so-called average situation as far as your kids go. As far as we are concerned, if you knew you were pregnant, weren’t charged for hugging your baby, or didn’t give birth in a lake or on a plane, you’re in pretty good shape. But, we certainly saved the best story for last on this list. While on a train in India, expectant mother Bhuri Kalbi went into the restroom to do her business. Bathrooms on trains in India do not have the most advanced plumbing technology—as a matter of fact, there is no plumbing involved at all.

So when Bhuri pushed a little too hard and out popped her baby, the newborn was sent straight through the hole to the train tracks beneath. The new mom passed out immediately after, but once she regained consciousness, she informed everyone of what happened and they formed a search party for the newborn. Miraculously, they found her baby and rushed them over to the hospital. Both mom and baby ended up safe and sound. Ah, we do love our happy endings.

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