15 Parents Who Turned Their Kids In

It's difficult for most parents to imagine a time in which they'd need to turn their child into police for doing something wrong. Granted, it's not something any parent wants to think about doing. But, it may happen more often than most moms and dads think.

Whether a parent has to turn in her teenager or grown son or daughter, the process can't be an easy one. She's tasked with the tough choice of doing the right thing by the law and for her child, or protecting her child from the law. If it was anyone else but her own child, the answer would probably be easy. But will a kid ever forgive and forget when it was his own parent who turned him in?

Maybe not, but in the case of the 15 parents in this article, they knew what they had to do, even if it meant that their children hated them for the rest of their lives. These brave parents took matters into their own hands when they found out that their children were doing things against the law. Some were conflicted, while others didn't hesitate to call the police. Either way, it couldn't have been a simple decision to make.

15 Caught On Video

Can you imagine catching your own child on camera doing something illegal? Such was the case for a North Carolina couple who saw an image of their own sons (yes, TWO) when they sat down to watch the local news one night. Plain as day, their sons' pictures showed up on the TV screen as part of video surveillance footage from a local electronics store.

The 14 and 16-year-old boys were taking high-price items, like laptops and cell phones, along with three other people. It only took a couple of hours for the parents to get both boys down to the police station, where they awaited several charges against them, like breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods. The owner of the store publicly thanked the parents for being so brave in turning in their own sons and doing the right thing.

14 Preventing Mass Casualties

A few years ago, Blaec Lammers was an 18-year-old with a scary past. He'd been in a mental hospital twice and was even picked up at the local Walmart by police after he scared several customers by wearing a mask and holding a butcher knife, telling his father later that he planned to follow someone into the bathroom. His parents tried everything they could to get him healthy.

One day, Blaec's mom was forced to call the police after finding a receipt for an assault rifle in his pants pocket. It was something that concerned his parents because of his mental health history. Once Blaec made it to the police station, he confessed to having a plan to start a mass shooting spree at the same Walmart and possible a nearby movie theater. His parents singlehandedly helped avert a would-be tragedy.

13 Too Close To Tragedy

Last year, a Utah couple helped prevent what could have been a school shooting, but their quick thinking led to their son's arrest before anything serious occurred. One morning, the teenager was acting particularly odd before leaving for his junior high school. His parents were concerned, but became terrified when they noticed two of their guns missing.

They immediately rushed to the school, where they found him in a classroom filled with his peers and a teacher. At that point, he had only fired a shot into the ceiling, and his parents were able to physically hold him and get the guns away from him. Thanks to the couple's intuition that something was off with their son and their quick thinking once they found their missing guns, a senseless tragedy was avoided.

12 Sending Harmful Images

What would you do if you found out your teen daughter was sending racy photos of herself to other people on her phone? One couple in Virginia decided to send her a solid message by turning her into the police. The girl was only 13 at the time, but her parents found several messages and photos extremely inappropriate for her age that she had sent to other boys.

But, it wasn't only her behavior that forced them to go to the police. They also found texts from an older teen to the girl who was asking her inappropriate questions. So, they took her to the police station so she could be questioned about the people she was talking and sending photos to. It was unclear if the girl would be facing charges related to her messages, but according to an article on the Huffington Post, it was a possibility.

11 Taxi Driver Attacks

An Australian couple recently helped turn their 20-year-old son in to police by physically taking him to the police station and convincing him to turn himself in. It all happened after the parents caught their son, Nick Spasojevic, on their local news station. His image was caught clearly on surveillance. Nick's crime? He was responsible for the robberies of nine taxi drivers in the area, all by knife-point.

The robberies took place in May and June of this year, and Nick escaped with cash from some of the drivers, but wasn't able to get any from others. Fortunately, Nick's parents were able to get him to turn himself in, leading to several charges connected to his crimes, including aggravated assault. Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of Nick's crimes, but we can't help but think about what his parents helped to possibly prevent in the future.

10 Pay The Price

In 2012, a Greenfield Wisconsin teenager was turned in by his parents when he stole one of his dad's guns. Not only did the parents turn him into police, but they also pressed charges related to the stolen item. The teenager later admitted to police that he stole it in exchange for marijuana, which is also illegal in Wisconsin. The police were even able to track down the teenager that he gave the gun to, who was charged with receiving stolen property and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Although this boy didn't admit to doing anything harmful with the gun, who knows about the hands it fell into. Plus, the situation also alerted the authorities to the teenager's use of drugs. It might have been a tough choice, but these brave parents definitely made a good one.

9 Plotting To End A Life

We've so far talked about several stories involving parents turning in their sons. What about daughters - don't they do anything wrong? Well, here's one. Earlier this year, Nichole Cevario had been plotting a massive killing spree at her school. Her dad found a journal that detailed the school's emergency plan, bomb materials, and writing about weapons. Nichole's dad immediately alerted police and she was pulled out of school that day.

Police searched the home and found several of the items Nichole detailed in her journal and believe that she had planned the huge attack for a long time. She even had a scheduled date of April 5th, which was only a couple of weeks from when her dad found her journal. The teenager was evaluated at a nearby hospital before being charged for her crimes.

8 Dad Finds Homemade Explosives

Just a little earlier this year, a father found tons of weapons and materials to create homemade weapons and explosives in his own basement. The culprit? His 17-year-old son, who was apparently making successful bombs that were designed to shoot shrapnel from them when they went off. In addition to admitting to making the explosives, the teenager also later admitted that he had stolen the things he needed to make them from his own home and his neighbors' homes.

In his home state of Missouri, 17-year-olds can be tried as adults. He was. His charges included unlawful possession of an illegal weapon and another charge related to all of the materials he stole. The teen didn't admit to having anything planned as to when or how to use the devices, but we're glad that his dad took it upon himself to stop any would-be disaster.

7 Bad Boy Break-Ins

In 2016, a mom turned her 15-year-old son into the police. She became suspicious of him during a parent-teacher conference when he began using a cell phone that she knew didn't belong to him. The mom, Lakesha, was able to track down the owner of the cell phone through her own investigating. Apparently, Lakesha's son, Chris, had broken into that man's truck and stole the cell phone, his wallet, and credit cards.

She later found receipts from stores and restaurants at which Chris made purchases with the stolen credit cards. She told the owner to call the police on her son because she didn't want him to go down the same path she once had - a path of substance use and theft. Chris was eventually charged with four counts of burglary related to his crimes.

6 Preventing ISIS From Growing

One father not only had to turn his son into the police, but he also had to face the terrible realization that his son desired to become a member of ISIS and planned to kill 1,000 people for the terrorist organization. Justin Sullivan planned to use an assault rifle and open fire at a location in North Carolina where many gathered at once, like a concert venue.

Fortunately, his father noticed warning signs about him before the event ever unfolded and alerted police to his behaviors, like covering the family religious statues in gasoline. Eventually, Justin was also found to be a suspect in a murder that happened in 2014, where Justin allegedly killed his neighbor and buried his body in the area. Upon searching Sullivan's home he shared with his parents, they found weapons they believe he was planning to use in the mass attack.

5 Viral Bullying

Michael Palomino already had ties to the local sheriff's department, as he was a deputy himself. But he never thought he'd need to use the department to turn in his own son. Michael made the choice after seeing a YouTube video that showed his son, who was 17 at the time, with a group of other teenagers, beating up another boy. His son was the only one to show his face to the camera and Michael immediately recognized him.

Michael's son was charged as an adult for the crime, which made Michael upset, believing that his son was being used as an example of what can happen when you bully others to this point. Although he believes his son deserved to get punished, he doesn't believe the other children involved had a fair punishment.

4 Keeping "Them" Out

In 2015, the police were called to the home of Debra London, where her 24-year-old son also lived. Debra had a feeling that her son was involved in illegal activity with drugs based on his erratic behaviors. Debra told her son she was going to call the police, and he eventually gave in. When they arrived and searched the home, they found that her son had been making methamphetamine in one of the rooms.

Debra's son asked for a hug from him mom before he got into the police car, almost like he was thanking her for getting him the help he needed. Debra was upset by the fact that she needed to go to such great lengths, but she remained hopeful that her son would be able to clean up his act after his arrest.

3 Bad Parenting, Good Grandparenting

Dave Hansen recently had to call the police about his daughter, a 26-year-old mom who once had a gorgeous face and a good life ahead of her. His daughter, Lacey, had four children, three of whom tested positive for illicit substances. Dave learned that Lacey and her husband had been doing drugs around their children, and he didn't hesitate to go to the police about it - not so much for the sake of the adults, but for the sake of the grandchildren. His bravery could have helped saved the lives of the four children.

One of the kids who tested positive was a newborn baby the couple had. Dave told KUTV, "As a grandparent, I felt like it was my obligation. You may call it tough love, tough love so be it. If they want to be mad at me or whatever so be it, I don't care."

2 Son's Face On The News

I's hard to imagine so many parents seeing their own children's faces on the news. But yet another story leads us there. This recent incident involved Brandon Smith, a man who was accused of robbing a number of women in Memphis, Tennessee. All of the alleged robberies occurred on one day in May of this year. Smith was able to get away with the crimes until his dad spotted his picture on the TV during a news broadcast.

Smith's dad brought him to the police station, where he turned himself in. Smith was charged with aggravated robbery after he took over $7000 worth of phones, debit cards, cash, and more from their purses. Thankfully, one dad's willingness to do what was right led to Smith getting the punishment he deserved for his crimes.

1 Little League Robbery

Earlier this month, a dad was tipped off about his teenage son getting into some illegal activity when he went through his cell phone and found messages to others about stealing items from the concession stand at the local Little League field, including candy and a laptop. The police had begun an investigation into the incident beforehand, but hadn't yet had a suspect named. Five laptops were taken and the robber had tried to get cash from the register.

After discovering the messages, the dad waited for his son to come home and then called the police to notify them. The teen did admit to the crime. Unfortunately, the police were only able to get back some of the laptops and other stolen goods. The boy sold one laptop on Craigslist for cash.

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