15 Parents You Have To Follow On Twitter ASAP

Parenting is a lovely gig, but it can also be quite a lonely one. Many new moms and dads find that along with their new addition comes much less time for interaction with other adults. Friendships don't end, but may change, as happy hour meet-ups and spa days take a back seat to cleaning sippy cups and scrubbing spit-up out of one's hair.

The good news is that, despite the isolation parenting sometimes creates, social media offers a way for worn out moms and pops to connect with others around the world who  know exactly how difficult parenting can be. Many parents have used various social media outlets to assist them in getting through the terrible times, as well as the wonderful ones, by laughing instead of crying.

Twitter is a unique platform where moms and dads have just 140 characters or less to share their day-to-day parenting struggles with the world. Many progenitors are keeping it real with tweets that are absolutely hilarious. Perhaps it's because what they share is so relatable. The honesty on Twitter may help a worn out mama or papa to remember that, although parenting is rough, it's also extremely rewarding. The moments with little ones are fleeting, and won't last forever.

Parents who love a good one-liner, or enjoy the realization that they aren't the only ones on the verge of insanity, should consider following the 15 hilarious parents on the list below A.S.A.P. Their honesty, humor and take on one of the hardest jobs out there may be a ray of sunshine on a particularly difficult day spent in the realm of poopy diapers and toy-related injuries.

15 @OneFunnyMummy

This gorgeous mom has over 44,000 followers on Twitter, and it isn't difficult to see why. She's honest, witty, and, most importantly, she's absolutely hilarious. It's been said that laughter is the best medicine. This has never been more true than when spoken about parenthood, and this gal will have you giggling in no time.

A recent tweet by @OneFunnyMummy sums up why she's just the best:

"My 3 moods: 1. I'm too tired for this sh**. 2. I'm too old for this sh**. 3. I'm too sober for this sh**."

Can we get a slow clap for this tweet? Any parent who can relate to her musings should follow her right away. We promise you won't regret it. We'll leave you with one more pearl of wisdom from this wise mama:

"The joy of a kid on Christmas morning ain't got nothing on the joy of a parent on Back to School morning."

14 @simoncholland

This dapper dad knows a thing or two about parenting. Plus, he isn't at all afraid to tell it like it is. His sense of humor is dry and sarcastic, and has resulted in nearly 27,000 followers on Twitter. Enjoy an example of his eloquently-put thoughts on parenting shared in the following tweet:

"One of the hardest parts of teaching your kids to be independent is watching them tie their shoes for 8 minutes."

So deep, and so, so true. Simon doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to sharing his experiences in Dad-land. He's light-hearted and cheeky about the day-to-day grind of fatherhood. His takes on all-things parenting, and life in general, will lift your spirits and help you remember you aren't the only one who gets super annoyed sometimes.

Another gem from @simonchollad: "I had to park in the farthest spot at the gym this morning because I didn't want anyone to see me finishing my McMuffin."

13 @HonestToddler

Bunmi Laditan is the successful mother behind the Twitter handle @HonestToddler. This hilarious mama not only has over 325,000 followers enjoying her hilarious tweets, she's the author of a two books. Reviewers of her first book, The Honest Toddler, have described it as "realistic", "heart-touching", "unforgettably funny" and "practical-minded."

Her second book came out in 2015, and is entitled Toddlers Are A**holes. Nice. Her tweets are often written from the perspective of a toddler. This creative approach makes every one a side-splitting peek into the life of a parent lucky enough to have a child between the difficult ages of 2 and 4.

One particularly awesome tweet shared by Laditan will resonate with any parents of children currently enamored with the Paw Patrol pups:


12 @IbecameMyDad

The man behind this account is named Barmy Rootstock, and his tweets are down-right rib-tickling. He's not only spot-on when describing the ups and downs of parenting, he's also a talented cartoonist. His comics bring to life the bizarro-world many parents feel they are living in, and his Twitter feed is full of so many good ones. His drawings can also be found on his blog: IveBecomeMyParents.com, where he goes more in-depth about the daily struggles and hysterical experiences that come along with being a father.

Along with his genius depictions, his short and snappy takes on different aspects of parenting are the icing on the cake to this Twitter dad. Rootstock has a little over 2,500 followers. He's currently flying a bit under the radar, but trust us, you want to follow this guy. Why? We'll let a few of his witty tweets, found below, speak for themselves.

"So I hear this banging downstairs and call down to my son to ask what's happening. His answer: 'Don't worry.' NOW I'm worried."

"COLD AND FLU: a popular trading game played by children all day at school."

11 @LurkAtHomeMom

@LurkAtHomeMom, a.k.a. Lurkin' Mom, is one of those tweeters who just gets it. She's a writer with a satirical take on the world of parenting that shouldn't be missed. With over 26,000 followers and an eye for the details that make mothering laughable, she's simply a Twitter gem.

One example of her quality quips, found below, shows just how down-to-earth she is.

"Just showed up at Walmart in an outfit I bought at Target like some kind of movie star."

Nailed it. This mom will give you something to smile about, even on the toughest parenting days. She will also help you remember that no parent is perfect, and all parents are just doing the best they can despite their many mistakes.

Another tweet that perfectly sums up how funny this moms is?

"I'm the reason the cashier hesitates a little before asking you how you're doing."

10 @Mom101

Liz Gumbinner keeps her musings on twitter real and relatable, helping moms and dads around the globe breath a sigh of relief and realize they aren't the only ones who struggle sometimes. Parents perusing her account with smile to themselves at her wit and honesty, or may full-on laugh out loud. She has over 56,000 followers, and it isn't difficult to understand why. Her tweets are descriptive, to the point and totally funny. One example?

"Parenting: Getting into bed to discover 3 seashells, a Beanie Boo, and a whole banana, and thinking nothing of it."

Yep, that sounds about right. Liz also isn't afraid to share her take on politics and world issues. She keeps things light with her humor while also commenting on important topics. Her tweets often invoke deep thought and advocate change. Thanks for keeping it real, Liz! We appreciate your take on the wild world of wrangling children and feel many other parents out there will as well.

9 @FatherWithTwins

Robert Knop is a dashing father with over 15,000 Twitter followers. He has those lucky enough to read his account rolling on the floor laughing on a near-daily basis. He's obviously the father of twins, 7-year-old girls, which makes his job all-the-more challenging and all-the-more entertaining for the rest of us.

His tweets often play out in a script-like format, and never disappoint. One on Christmas presents is sure to strike a chord with many parents:

"Kids: Get Legos for Christmas

Parents: Put together

Kids: Never play w/Legos again

Kids: Beg for Legos for Christmas

Kids: Get Legos..."

Knop has been featured on many websites that deal with parenting including HuffingtonPost.com and BuzzFeed.com. One more from this witty dad that's just too good not to share:

"Me to dog: Sorry, this toast has raisins and those are bad for doggies7yo: Ugh, dad, she can't understand that. She still wants the raisins"

8 @UrbanMommies

Jill Amery is a Twitter mom who knows her sh**. She tweets fashion advice and money-saving tips regularly with over 15,000 followers. She doesn't stop there, also sharing her thoughts on bullying and violence against women. Not everything she tweets is funny, but it's all valuable information for moms and dads to have. Her take on the parenting world is always real and relatable.

She shares delicious and healthy recipes, fun activities to do with kids and her thoughts on what is taking place in the world at large. She's motivating and interesting every time she takes to Twitter. One example of her encouraging and realistic style is found below.

"Healthy-ish is a great start #HealthyEating"

Thank you, Jill! What mom doesn't need a little chocolate now and again? Healthy-ish should be a word in every mother's vocabulary. Follow Jill to discover great advice on virtually every parenting topic.

7 @FunnyisFamily

Amy Flory is a Connecticut mom with over 10,000 followers. She was named one of Mashable.com's 17 Funny Moms On Twitter and is one of Parenting.com's 10 Handles to  Follow. She also has a website, FunnyisFamily.com, filled with delicious and easy recipe ideas. It also contains Flory's take on pretty much everything, from how to handle the first day of school to motherhood as a whole.

Amy has a way of inviting her followers into her world like an old friend. She's the mom BFF every mother wishes she had. She admits to being less-than-ideal in many areas and doesn't apologize for it. One of her recent tweets may be one we can all relate to just a little bit:

"Decides to get healthy.Purchases chia seeds.Looks up chia seeds on Pinterest.Pins a lava cake recipe.Eats a candy bar."

Not convinced yet? We'll leave you with one more example of Flory's Twitter gold.

"My favorite thing about winter is how the forgotten laundry in the washer stays fresh for days."

6 @XplodingUnicorn

James Breakwell is a comedy writer with nearly 700,000 followers. His Twitter following exploded after he was featured in a piece on BuzzFeed.com. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor that only makes us love him more. One of his latest tweets is an example of his rip-roaring take on all-things fatherhood.

"My 2-year-old still can't figure out the toilet. It took her 30 seconds to master Netflix. At least she's got her priorities straight."

Breakwell's website, ExplodingUnicorn.com, links to his uproariously funny blog, along with articles he's written and information about his book, Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Please enjoy another of Breakwell's totally awesome tweets.

"4-year-old: *walks in with an empty sleeve and an arm tucked inside her shirt*

Me: What happened to you?

4: Lightsaber."

Breakwell's recent fame in the viral world is no accident. Follow him now. We see big things in his future, and we promise he'll make you laugh out loud anytime you read something he's written.

5 @ResourcefulMom

Amy Lupold Bair is a clever and quick-witted Twitter mama with over 305,000 followers. In addition to sharing her parenting journey with the world, she tweets about sports, pop culture and politics.

Her tweets are often connected with Instagram photos, giving those who follow her an inside view into her crazy world. One of her tweets, shared at the close of 2016, is an example of how she ties current events in with her humorous thoughts:

"2016, you cannot have Carrie Fisher.


Bair also has a website, ResourcefulMommyMedia.com, that links to her successful blog and explains many of Amy's other accomplishments, which include coming up with the idea for Twitter Parties and the Global Influence Network, which Amy helped found. She is a former English teacher who shares her wisdom regularly on her blog.

Another of Amy's tweets, found below, reveals her ability to stay positive, even on rough days.

"The world has gone mad.

Going to watch The Force Awakens and bake Christmas cookies."

4 @Dadpression

@Dadpression is a writer and father based in Los Angeles, California. He has over 15,000 followers and is also the proud creator of over 24,000 very funny vine loops. His tweets are always unexpected, and sure to make you chuckle, if not belly laugh. Two examples of the hilarious comedy gold he so generously shares with the world are found below:

"Before I had a child, I never knew that quietly disposing of a balloon could feel so much like a murder."

"When your kid never eats, it's fine if he's willing to eat noodles with pliers."

@Dadpression's handle name is reason enough to follow him, but his takes on all-things toddler seal the deal. He knows how to take the every day things parents deal with and describe them in dismal, moody way that is just hilarious. It seems like all of his tweets should be read in the voice of Eeyore (from the Winnie the Pooh books and cartoons). Before we move on, enjoy one more from this guy.

"Our kid just ate an entire bowl of cheese puffs and then fell asleep....must be nice."

3 @mommy_cusses

This mom is not to be missed. She's raucous, she's unapologetic and her crass takes on parenting are the best of the best. Mommy Cusses currently has over 11,000 Twitter followers, and her rants on life in the parenting lane never disappoint. Her website, MommyCusses.com is a barrel of laughs and then some. This mom doesn't sugar-coat anything, and we love her for it.

Allow us to bless your life with one of this rebellious mom's irreverent tweets:

"*Friend opening iPad I gave her for her baby shower*Her: But screen-time is-Me: -ShhHer: Not until they're 2-Me: *smothering her* Shhhhhh"

We told you. She's a freaking badass. Her pearls of wisdom always come with a little bit of an edge, and what parent doesn't want to read scintillating content instead of folding laundry? One more? We thought you'd never ask.

"Resting bitch face? That's cute. I have severely un-rested mom face."

Now go follow her.

2 @Mr_Kapowski

@Mr_Kapowski, or Zack, has over 24,000 Twitter followers and his tweet game is strong. He's charming, witty, a little edgy and totally cool. This guy is yet another parent on Twitter full of one-liners for the books. Think of them as bed-time stories for moms and dads. Reading one of his tweets before bed, or first thing in the morning, will remind you that every parent out there is stressed, tired and a little cranky. Enjoy a sampling of some of @Mr_Kapowski's brilliance below.

"The breakfast of champions ends at 10:30am

The breakfast of participation ribbon recipients starts at 1pm"

What a wise, wise fellow. We love his devil-may-care delivery of apropos content. One more for the road:

"My 8 year old wanted to play War with cards with the wife and myself tonight

I went out first so I think we all know who the winner is here"

1 @PetrickSara

This stay-at-home-mom from Michigan always keeps it real, resulting in nearly 10,000 followers undoubtedly laughing along with her clever descriptions of the unglamorous lives parents lead. One tweet she composed over the holidays shows just how funny this mama is:

"[Married Pillow Talk]

Husband: Tell me what you wantMe: I want you to move the elf tonight."

So romantic. This mom's Twitter amazingness isn't to be missed. Follow her today! Here's another example of her wit and charm:

"Everyone I know seems to be getting pregnant, but I'm just over here growing my food-baby."

Amen, sister. This was followed up by another on point tweet.

"Who wants a stupid name like Apple for their baby?Lovingly decides my food-baby will be Tiramisu."

The 15 parents on the list above are just like the rest of us: plodding along day after day, doing their best and trying to enjoy the journey. The funny ways they view the world of parenting are sure to brighten even the darkest of parenting days. You won't regret adding them to the list of people you've deemed worthy of getting a follow from you on Twitter.

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