15 People Who Tried To Look Like Celeb Moms

Everyone has dreamt of looking like a celebrity. They inspire people around the world in many ways, including how to look. The Angelina lips, the J.Lo curves, and the Kate Middleton nose are some of the popular demands when it comes to plastic surgery. But how far would you go to look like them? And how much would you spend on it? At what point it is unhealthy?

There are people who take it to another level and spend a small fortune to emulate their idol. There is nothing wrong with making changes to feel better in your own skin, but some names on this list made their dream to look like a celeb the most important thing in their lives. In some cases, their obsession brought problems with family and partners. Others risked their lives having several cosmetic surgeries in just one day. And probably the worst thing for them, some names on this list don’t look at all like their idol!

Some Celebs stepped in. Jessica Alba, for example, begged a girl not to change herself to look like her. We made a list of people who went the extra mile to look like Celeb mothers. Do you think they got it right?

15 Angelina Jolie Gone Wrong

Who doesn't want Angelina Jolie lips or eyes? But you probably don't know anyone who went so far to have Brad Pitt’s ex-wife as the Iranian Zahar Tabar. In November 2017, the 19-year-old girl shocked the world when she claimed that she went under 50 plastic surgeries to look like the Hollywood actress.

Sahar Tabar claimed that she "would do anything" to have Angie's looks. Besides the surgeries and lip fillers, she also wears grey blue lenses and weighs only 40 kgs. Despite her efforts, when her pictures went viral people started comparing her to a Zombie and not with Angelina Jolie.

But something that we can’t stop thinking is: where were the parents when she was a teenager and started having so many procedures?

14 SuperFan Spends Thousands To Become Britney Spears

Bryan Ray might look like any another Britney Spears fan - he went to see the singer in each single tours, learn all choreographies from her songs, followed each step she gave and even met her a few times. But unlike most fans, he spent US $80,000 to look like his idol. Bryan had more than 90 surgeries, including getting veneers, botox treatments, fat injections in his cheeks, laser hair removal, lip fillers, a nose job, and the list goes on…

His friends believe that was very well succeeded in the transformation and call him Britney now. "She was just the biggest star in the world, and I just gravitated toward her so much.”

We can’t say he really looks like Britney Spears after all that work, but if he is happy about it, good for him!

13 Kim Kardashian... But On Steroids

In 2014, a British make up artist named Jordan James Parker claimed that he had spent US$ 150,000 in plastic surgeries to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. He was obsessed with her since the first time he saw the reality star on television. Lip-fillers, Botox, eyebrow tattoos are some of the procedures he had.

“I love everything about Kim,” Parke told The Sun. “She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

Do you think he is the only one? Jennifer Pamplona, a 24-year-old model, spend US $200,000 to look like Kim. Among the procedures are implants and she also had four ribs removed! Not sure if she would be mistaken for a Kardashian sister, but according to the model, people often think she is the Kanye West’s wife. If she says so...

12 Woman Becomes Jessica Alba To Please Her Boyfriend

A Chinese girl named Xiaoqing tried hard to look like Jessica Alba, not because she was a fan, but because her boyfriend was obsessed with the actress.

"He was always telling me to do my makeup like Jessica does, even when I'm asleep," she told Daily Mail. "At Christmas time he gave me a blonde wig to wear and asked me to keep it on all the time."

And it was the wig that brought problems to her relationship. Since she had to wear it on the streets, she noticed people looking and laughing at her. She gave up on emulating Jessica Alba and her boyfriend broke up with her.

Xiaoqing wanted to win her boyfriend back and decided to go under plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba. The actress heard about it and got in touch with her, begging her to don’t to it.

11 $30,000 To Look Like Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson (who had several plastic surgeries herself) is one of the main sexy symbols from the 90’s and many women tried hard to look like her. But probably you won’t find someone who went as far as Carolyn Anderson. She spent $30,000 to have Pam’s look.

When she was 10 years old, her father mentioned that he could see similarities between his daughter and the Baywatch star. It was the trigger for the girl put each time more effort to look like her idol. She had eight boob jobs, botox injections and always dye her hair exactly like Pam. Spray tan is also part of her routine.

“Dad was always a bit dubious because I was smart and he wanted me to be a solicitor but it’s his fault for planting the idea in the first place.”

10 Man Turns Into Brad Pitt To Attract The Ladies

We had to include a Celeb father on this list! Probably most of the men would love to have Brad Pitt’s looks. The 19-year old twins Matt and Mike Schlepp, from Arizona, spent US$ 20,000 on cosmetic surgery to have similar looks to Brad Pitt.

During an interview, the thing they were most excited about was how it helped them to attract women:

'I would do it ten times over. It has definitely helped me get more girls. I'll walk and get that double-take from girls and hear the whispering that follows”, said Matt. 'I've had such a dramatic change that girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while couldn't stop staring, and said they wanted to cry! If that doesn't make you feel good, then what would?'

Mike added that he was never so happy as now and that he feels “at the top of the world”.

9 Miranda Kerr's Mini-Me

The Korean Model Hong Yuh Reum was a huge fan of the former Victoria Secret Model, Miranda Kerr. Her obsession with the model was so strong that she completely changed her face to look like Kerr.

“It really struck me when I first saw her in a magazine. She has a baby face, but she is very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her”, said.

And she did pursue her dream. Hong Yuh Reum had to change her eyes, so they could look bigger, and also her nose. She claims that her life changed after the cosmetic surgeries and her international model career finally took off after that.

Recently, Hong Yuh Reum was featured on a TV show in Japan called Alien Virus, that showed the danger of the procedures she did.

8 18 Reconstructions Later To Look Like Madonna

Adam Guerra, 29, spent 12 years of his life trying to look like Madonna. To emulate the Pop Queen, he had 18 surgeries and spent US$ 175.000 on it. He became Madonna’s fan when he was 15.

“She just spoke to my soul. I have an addiction to being Madonna. I feel respected when I am Madonna but I don't know who Adam is”, said,

He made a living impersonating Madonna, but his boyfriend wasn't happy about his obsession with the singer.

'I want to date a boy. I don't want to date a 56-year-old woman”, said him. He was also worried about Adam’s health and the risks he was taking each time he went under the knife.

7 Kate Winslet Fan Goes Under The Knife

Deborah Davenport, 44, claims that she has spent US$ 15,000 to look like Kate Winslet. The number is humble in comparison to other names on the list, but the results look more natural as well. Even if she doesn’t really look like the Oscar Winning actress, Deborah does look very good and the results also look a bit more natural compared to others on the list.

Before going under the knife, she claimed that “I know it sounds crazy, but I’d be happy being more like her. I wouldn’t miss how I look. She’s beautiful.'

Deborah had the cartilage shaved from her nose, fillers injected into her cheeks, and botox treatment around her forehead and eyes. Do you think she achieved her dream and looks like Kate?

6 Jessica Rabbit Wannabe

While many people dream about looking like celebs, this great-grandmother Annette Edwards just wanted to be just like Jessica Rabbit (yes, the cartoon. You didn’t read wrong). “I’ve always loved...the cartoon character. I just think she’s a very sexy cartoon or woman. With curves in the right places”, she said in an interview.

The 63-year-old spent $16,000 on cheek implants, chin implants, and a breast lift. She claims that she is able to keep the body just with diets and didn’t need to make major changes. Despite her efforts, Anette says that she just dresses up as Jessica Rabbit when she has a photoshoot.

“I’m only Jessica if I go on a shoot. I love being Jessica...my family thinks it’s a little crazy. It’s one of those things. I just love it. I’m not Jessica at home. I’m just a normal person.”

5 All I Want For Christmas Is Jennifer Lopez's Curves

In this case, the obsession with celeb runs in the family. When Jennifer Lopez, a teenager not the actress, became 15, she got an unusual present from her mother: a flight ticket to Colombia where she would have liposuction, breast implants, and buttock fillers, to look more like…. Jennifer Lopez! The procedures were all done in one day and cost more than $16.000.

“I felt like there was nothing about me — no boobs or bum, no defined figure. I just felt like a blob,” Lopez told The Sun. “Since having my surgery, I’ve had so much attention from men. I love it.”

Karen, her sister also had the same procedures and says that Jennifer’s body attracts much more looks now than before.

4 The 14-Year-Old Kylie Jenner

Kim is not the only Kardashian that inspires people to have a drastic change on their looks. A few years ago, many people ( most of them teenagers) did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, trying to have her looks.

However, a Korean girl took it to another level. She had double eyelid surgery, a nose job when she was 14-years-old. She saved the money while working on a fast food chain. To save more money, she never took the bus and always walked home.

In a TV show, she says she was inspired by the looks of Kylie Jenner to take the surgeries. “I have much pride. There’s none in Asia… There’s a foreigner named Kylie Jenner,” she said, “She has a hot figure and she looks exotic.”

3 Woman Spends Her Inheritance To Look Like Beyonce

When Laura Boaten’s mother passed away, she inherited US$42 thousand. It is a great amount to invest for the future, but in Laura case, it helped her to make an old dream come true: she wanted to look like Beyonce. But also look like Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy.

“Losing my mum really changed me,” she said. “It made me realize that I should do what makes me happy and for me, that’s plastic surgery.”

After I had my boob job, I felt like a real woman again,” she said. “Cosmetic surgery immediately became an addiction for me and I had to chase that high again.I love when the needle goes in or when I’m put to sleep,” she says. “It’s amazing knowing that when I wake up, I will look closer to my human cartoon fantasy.”

2 A Woman's Last Wish Is To Look Like Demi Moore

When Lisa Connell found out that she had brain cancer, she decided to use the money her mother saved for her wedding to fulfill her dream of looking like Demi Moore.

“I’ve always dreamed of looking like Demi Moore and I’m determined that when I die I will”, told her to The Mirror.  “People think I’m crazy for wanting to do this, but I know it will make my last months or years happier. I want to die beautiful. This is my way of getting the control back in my life.”

Demi stepped in, asked her to change her mind, but she did it anyway. The good news is that she lived to fulfill other dreams. In 2016 she had her first baby daughter named Ruby.

1 Changed Everything To Become Melania

Claudia Sierra, a 42-year-old mother from Texas, defines Melania as the most beautiful woman in the world. Looking like the first lady became an obsession to her and Claudia spent US$ 50 thousand to Melania.

'I definitely want to look like [her] the interior designer said during an interview. 'What is there not to like? She's perfect to me. This is the perfect woman.'

She enumerates the changes she had: 'I had a broken nose from domestic violence fixed, my cheeks pulled back, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, ab sculpt, Brazilian butt lift liposuction and more.

'Then hair extensions, blue eye contacts, my teeth fixed, a personal trainer, spray tan, my nails done, facials to tighten my pores and laser surgery to remove scarring it's a full transformation.'

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