15 People Reveal What It's Like Growing Up With A Twin

Twins have it rough.  They are jammed in the womb together.  When Mom and Dad get all excited to feel Baby A and Baby B's movements, guess who else is feeling it?  Twins are getting kicked and shoved by each other from before they are even born.  That sets the stage for there entire of their lives.  These sweet little babies have to learn to share at an early age. If they don't the other one will take what they want anyway.  While they are young and don't know any better they just accept that this is the way things are.

As they grow they are the lucky ones who have a built-in playmate.  There does come a time when enough is enough and these two playmates need some time apart.  For many twin parents, we keep our littles together out of necessity.  Twin Moms scout out anything and everything that will simplify our lives.  Every restaurant, grocery store, or pharmacy that has delivery becomes on our speed dial.  Separate the kids in daycare classes?  What are we crazy?  That would mean two separate drop-offs, two separate teachers to get to know and two separate goodbyes.  When they get older and head to kindergarten and beyond the separation means two different nightly homework assignments, two entire classes of kids to invite to parties, and two separate teachers to deal with.

While keeping twins together for as long as possible makes things easier for us there comes to a point in time when the twins need a break from the sound of each other's voices.  Here are some honest Whisper confessions from twins who were more than over the fact that they shared womb space with another human being.

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15 Her Reflection

We all have someone that we think of and cringe. Just seeing their face awakens a beast inside of us. What if we felt that way when we looked in the mirror? What if our identical twin was so awful that we couldn't even face ourselves. Bullies have a strong negative impact on people if they are not stopped and put in their place. This twin had to take the brunt of her sisters bullying and this must have been brutal since they most likely spent a lot of time together. Hopefully, as these two grow they will be able to work through their issues and both of them will be able to look themselves and each other in the eyes again.

14 Everything She's Not

No matter how hard we try it's challenging not to compare twins with each other. It has to take a toll on the self-esteem of the twin who is considered the less attractive one, the less popular one, and the less intelligent one. On top of all of that the pretty twin gets to have everything her way. On the other hand, the second twin feels that she is ugly and depressed. It doesn't feel good to be compared to others and know that we are being judged unfavorably. Maybe this girl isn't as pretty as her sister but she can choose other areas to excel in. She needs to focus on her strengths and grow into a woman who knows her value and doesn't rely on other people's opinions.

13 The Bad Twin

Ouch!  Everything about this relationship sounds like it hurts.  This nasty twin sister sounds like pure evil.  It would be hellish to have to live with her and be associated with her.  How anyone can treat their own flesh and blood in such disrespectful way is beyond me.  Sounds like this girl needs to distance herself from her twin and spend some time with people who will focus on the positive instead of bringing her down.  Hate is a strong word but these twins have a fairly sour relationship.  The sister who is getting hit, called names, and mistreated due to her weight has had to put up with a lot from her sister.  Family or not this type of treatment is disrespectful and we all deserve better.

12 The Thief

These two are in some serious competition.  Their entire lives they have been competing with each other.  Twins need to be taught to work together not against each other.  When we get to know someone through the deep connection of being a twin we could really accomplish a lot if we choose to work with each other.  We can also have a lot of fun.  Hey, when we are twins we are stuck with the other person.  We can make the most of it or make our lives a living nightmare.  Twins do have to share their lives more than other kids do but they also get to experience more at the same time.  We have to take the good with the bad.

11 Wouldn't Shed A Tear

We never know how we are going to react to someone's death until it actually happens. This guy can feel a deep hatred for his brother but if he were to lose him he never knows what feelings might bubble up from within him. Some of us have a love-hate relationship with someone. Although we may feel like we hate them on the surface, we could still have a love for them deep within. Something really bad must have happened between these two for this brother to say such an awful thing about his twin. It's an awful thing to say about anyone, especially a family member. He may want to think twice before he goes around spreading the hate.

10 One Of Three

How interesting that one twin could be completely tolerant of other people and the other twin could have so many hang-ups.  This girl has to spend a lot of time with a brother who sounds completely toxic.  These two were raised by the same parents and turned out so differently.  Their home life must be pretty uncomfortable.  Hopefully they can come up with some sort of resolution where they get agree to disagree on some topics.  That way the tolerant sister won't have to be subjected to the negativity that her brother is putting out there.  Family is family but some people make the choice to cut toxic family members out of their lives when they are older.  If that's not her style she can keep showing tolerance and hope that some of it will rub off on her brother.

9 Is It Her Right?

We can hate whomever we feel hatred towards.  It's too bad when we have an interpersonal conflict with a family member that drives us to this emotion.  Other people can't control the way we feel.  We are the ones who take charge of that.  If this twin's sister is a genuine terrible person then what more is there to say.  We don't know what makes her generally terrible.  All we know is that whatever it is, it must be pretty bad.  Whatever the terrible twin did it was bad enough to drive a wedge between these twins.  She has a right to her feelings but holding onto hate isn't healthy.  Hopefully she will find a way to forgive her sister someday.

8 The More Mature One

Many twins are nothing alike.  Just like brothers and sisters who aren't twins.  They have separate interests, separate IQ's, and separate maturity levels.  Each twin is unique in their own way.  Of course there are the twins who share a secret language and want to live together forever and have a deep bond that no one else gets.  That's cool but that is not the case with this brother and sister.  Sissy is growing up and maturing faster than her bro.  Many young women do mature before young men so this does make sense.  Twin brother is not ready to leave his childish side behind.  It may be one of the ways that he steals the attention away from his sister.

7 All For Herself

Some people are just selfish.  They don't even realize it.  We can point out that they are selfish but there's a chance they will be incapable of fully understanding what it means.  I think many of us are selfish to an extent up until we have children.  After we have kids, forget about it.  Is it even possible to be selfish and be a good Mama?  Having a selfish twin must be excruciating if we are the unselfish twin.  If only one of the pair learns to share, then that's going to throw off the balance of the relationship.  One person can't always be giving of herself and receiving nothing in return.  The opposite is true.  No one wants to continuously spend time with a taker.  No wonder this thoughtful twin can't stand her conceited sister.

6 Permanent Damage

What a mess! We have all heard the fun stories of twins pretending to be each other in school or on a date. What about the twins who impersonate each other to keep their own record clean? This is a cruel thing to do to a family member. Messing with someone's criminal record is not a joke. So many jobs run background checks these days before they hire anyone. This girl could be the gentlest woman in the world but when her background check was done that assault charge came up and it raised red flags. She just never got the callback. Luckily someone clued her in about the blemish on her record. Hopefully, she can have it cleared up.

5 Backseat Living

That has to be rough.  Siblings with health issues do get extra attention.  Even though it's not really the type of attention that we want.  All of the medical appointments and home care take up a lot of time.  Maybe if this girl talks to her parents about needing some extra time with them they will be open to it.  If she doesn't speak up things will never change.  I'm sure her brother would rather be in her shoes that have to deal with all of his health issues.  Maybe this twin should count her blessings and appreciate the fact that she does have her good health and she doesn't have to go through all of the medical treatments that her brother does.  Our health is something we take for granted until it goes downhill.

4 Her True Colors

That's a tough one.  Sounds like these two need some space.  It may be hard for the annoyed sister to pull that one off.  She's going to have to be careful not to hurt her sister's feelings while she clues her in on her desire to branch to on her own.  Even though the annoying twin says that she can't stand her sister we know she cares about her.  If she didn't she wouldn't let her sister keep believing that she is her best friend.  She would have kicked her to the curb by now, said something snotty, and ran off with her real best friend. It must be hard when a twin wants to spend a significant amount of time with someone that their twin doesn't like.  That could make things very awkward.

3 10 Years Isn't Long Enough

Ten years is a long time not to see a family member.  These ladies must have had enough of each other.  If these twins have been separated for ten years and it still hasn't been long enough there must be some major friction, there. I wouldn't want to be in the room if these two ladies accidentally ran into each other somewhere.  Maybe after spending every minute of every day together for the first part of their lives one or both of them went crazy and did something evil.  It could have been a one-time thing that her sister can't let go.  It also could be that the one twin is genuinely just pure evil and her sister knows it and wants nothing to do with her ever again.

2 With Her Own Bare Hands

"Crush his life with her own hands."  That is a little scary and is some extreme hate.  The twin who has been doling out the pain in the past must be a player who only thinks of himself.  His twin has had to take a backseat and watch his torture for all of these years and she has decided that she has had enough.  She will not tolerate it anymore.  He has most likely hurt her also.  Being there while our twin damages those that we care about can take a toll on our mental health.  This twin has snapped so although she wants to do some crushing let's hope she takes a deep breath and finds a different way to keep him from hurting anyone anymore.

1 It Makes No Difference To Her

This twin thinks that she can see the future.  She is predicting that she will not miss her sister at all once she moves.  I can imagine that competing with someone else for people's attention all of the time could get old.  I could imagine seeing the same person day in and day out and not having a choice about it can get old.  All brothers and sisters go through these things though.  I'm not saying that twins don't have their own set of challenges.  I know they do.  I just think that after spending every waking moment with someone we may miss them more than we think when they are gone.  Having our independence is good too.  Hopefully, once these ladies get a little space between them the hate will dissipate.

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