15 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Cry During Pregnancy

Pregnant women cry during pregnancy. A lot. All of which are perfectly acceptable reasons, I might add. But before we get into all the odd reasons why pregnant women cry and how hilarious it all is, let’s talk about science. Yes, some of the reasons pregnant women cry are extremely amusing, but she can’t help herself — literally. The culprit is always hormones. For example, a woman will produce more estrogen during one pregnancy than throughout her entire life when not pregnant. That’s a lot of estrogen. Although estrogen has many important roles such as regulating the production of other key hormones and triggering the development of baby’s organs.

I definitely cried a lot while I was pregnant. However, the most memorable one just happens to be the most embarrassing story, of course. My husband and I went to our favorite breakfast spot and I was going to order the same thing I always order — eggs benedict, and sub the side of hash browns for toast. Except we had a new waitress and when I ordered, she told me they weren’t allowed to substitute those items. I was looking forward to eating this breakfast all morning, and had my heart set on my eggs benedict and toast. Of course I started crying, and my husband started laughing. I was absolutely mortified that I was crying in a restaurant, but I had no control over it!

Along with not being able to get your favorite breakfast, here are 15 other reasons that pregnant women cry, all of which are perfectly acceptable.

15 Someone Ate The Leftovers

Maybe it’s because I really love food even when I’m not pregnant, but this one really resonates with me. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve cried over this reason before. I can just picture the scenario now. She was probably so excited to make this particular dish the first time around. She ate it and loved it, and was already dreaming about having leftovers the next day. She wakes up the next day excited for the leftovers that are waiting for her. She goes to eat the leftovers, only to realize that someone else ate them. This is where the crying begins.

Just remember that the culprit is always hormones and that this is a perfectly acceptable reason to cry. I happen to believe that someone eating the leftovers you had your heart set on is a perfectly acceptable reason to cry even if you’re not pregnant!

14 A Sappy Commercial

There should be absolutely no surprise when a pregnant woman cries over a commercial. Happy or sad commercials, ones with small kids or babies, and especially diaper commercials. A woman is all in her feels during pregnancy, which allows her to really connect with other people, or with actors on television. Add in cute animals, and I don’t know how a pregnant woman will make it through the entire commercial without a single tear. One specific commercial that comes to mind is that Cheerios commercial. Oh you know which one. It’s with the little girl and her mom eating Cheerios, obviously. The little girl asks her mom if she used to eat Cheerios with her mom, and then replies in the cutest voice ever, “it’s like we’re eating with grandma.” So adorable and sappy. Try betting a pregnant woman not to cry after watching that commercial. You will win every time.

13 Not Knowing What To Eat

I know I’ve already said that food is my particular downfall, but I think most pregnant woman can relate to this one. If you aren’t pregnant and have never been pregnant, you don’t understand what it’s like to be hungry. When a pregnant woman is hungry, she needs to eat right this minute. It’s possible that she can even get nauseous if she doesn’t get food soon enough. It’s also possible that she needs a certain type of food to satisfy her and to keep her from getting nauseous again.

Food is not something you trifle with when you’re around a pregnant woman. So imagine that you need to eat right now, you’re starting to get nauseous, and you don’t know what to eat. That’s enough to make anyone a little upset. Add in all the hormones that accompany a pregnant woman, and it’s the perfect storm. Crying because you don’t know what to eat is definitely a perfectly acceptable reason to cry.

12 Over An Animal

15 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Cry During Pregnancy

I have the absolute worst story about seeing a dead animal while I was pregnant. Don’t want to ruin the story, but it’s ends with me crying. I was playing with my first son and my dog when I was eight months pregnant. My dog always digs up our entire yard, so I didn’t think anything when he concentrated in one spot and started digging. Soon after, I started hearing the tiniest little yelping and I see my dog with something in his mouth. He ended up finding a nest of the tiniest ground squirrels and he dug them up and was throwing them around the yard. I start bawling my eyes out and tried to grab my dog to tell him to stop which didn’t work at all. Long story short, it’s perfectly acceptable to cry over any kind of dead animal. Hitting a bird or squirrel while you’re driving also counts.

11 When The Nursery Is Finished

A pregnant woman spends so much time planning the perfect nursery that will be the perfect room for her tiny baby. Then she puts all her time and effort into making sure it’s perfect. Or she has someone else doing it while she supervises. Either way, she’s still a big part of the process. Once the nursery is finished, it’s totally okay for a pregnant woman to cry. It could be because she’s finally glad it’s done and she doesn’t have to do anymore work. The more probable reason is that she can really picture where her baby will be living. She can see herself changing her baby’s diaper and putting her baby to sleep, if her baby decides he likes to sleep. It’s almost as if it’s okay for the baby to come out now. A woman carries her baby inside of her for so long that it’s weird to think of the baby not being in there anymore.

10 Because Life Is Hard

Life is hard sometimes when you have to be an adult all the time. Life is even harder when you are pregnant and have to be a grown up. With all the pregnancy hormones coursing through a woman’s body, it’s not hard to feel like you are going through puberty again. Well not exactly like puberty, but it does make your emotions go crazy. It’s also a reminder that you are getting older and are required to do adult things. Like buy a crib and make sure your baby’s room is put together. Or get up and go to work in the morning even when you are nauseous.

Life is also hard when you don’t feel like cleaning or making dinner because growing another life is exhausting and makes you want to sleep all the time. And sometimes when a pregnant woman realizes all of that, it makes them cry. And that’s okay.

9 Because Of Nothing

I’m not sure if men ever experience this, but sometimes women just feel like crying. I’m not even talking about pregnant women — I’m referencing all women in general. Sometimes, it’s just time for a good cry and there’s not much we can do about it. Now add in growing a human life and all that pregnancy entails and that feeling of just needing to cry is now multiplied. Sometimes pregnant woman cry for no reason at all, and it’s perfectly acceptable.

It might start out as a little cry. If you come across a pregnant woman crying, my suggestion is to not ask why. If you ask her why she’s crying and she doesn’t know why, her realization that she’s crying because of nothing is probably going to make her cry more. Also, try not to laugh either, that might make her cry more too — and it’s perfectly fine for her to do just that.

8 Someone Being Nice

There are a lot of nice people in the world, and then there are even more people who are not so nice. Often times you will see a person in the store and they will be courteous or kind. I have found that people tend to be a little nicer to you when you are pregnant or even if you have small children. When I am alone in the grocery store, not many people move to the side to let me pass or let me go in front of them in the check out line.

However, when I was pregnant or when I bring my two kids under two, people act differently just out of respect. But when you meet someone and they are genuinely really nice or do something really thoughtful, it can be enough to make a pregnant woman cry. If you are friends with a pregnant woman and you do something really nice, that might make them cry, too.

7 Baby Clothes

15 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Cry During Pregnancy

Baby clothes are the cutest. They are tiny and come in the prettiest colors. Baby clothes also have the sweetest designs and sayings on them. A normal person can’t pass through an aisle of baby clothes and not say anything. It’s simply the allure of baby clothes. When a pregnant woman sees those tiny, adorable baby clothes, it’s triggers different thoughts and feelings in her. A normal person sees baby clothes and thinks that they are cute and adorable.

A pregnant woman sees baby clothes and she thinks about her future baby wearing them. She is so close to being able to actually utilize those precious baby clothes, that she can’t separate the baby clothes from her own baby. Those cute pajamas aren’t just a pair of clothing — those pajamas might be worn by the baby she is carrying inside of her and the baby she is sacrificing so much for.

6 Trying To Get Comfy

If you have never been pregnant, you can never ever know the pain of trying to get comfy while pregnant. It’s not awful when you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy. However, once her belly get bigger and the baby starts putting himself in uncomfortable places, the game changes completely. You ever wonder why they make those giant pregnancy pillows that go completely around a woman’s body? It’s because it’s impossible to get comfy any other way. When I was pregnant I slept with a body pillow on one side and a pillow on the other side. Part of the night I would need to sleep with a heating pad on my ribs because my son thought that was an acceptable place to keep his feet. And then there’s the matter of needing to use the bathroom every couple of hours. So I would say that it’s quite alright to cry over trying to get comfy.

5 A Song On The Radio

Those sad songs on the radio are the absolute worst. And by worst I mean they’re amazing, but also awful because they make me cry all the time — and no I'm not pregnant. At least when pregnant women cry over songs on the radio they have an excuse. There’s this one song titled, “From The Ground Up.” It’s a very sappy love song and at one point the lyrics say, “Ten little toes, a painted pink room. Our beautiful baby looks just like you.” And all the pregnant women cry.

The ones about little babies are definitely going to start the water works, but it can be a song about many different things. Those wedding songs or love songs make pregnant women reminisce about the past. Then there are those songs that talk about kids growing up and how fast life goes by. There’s nothing worse than a pregnant woman thinking about her baby growing up.

4 A Pet Won't Cuddle

Before a woman has her human baby, her pets can be like babies to her. While women who already have children are going on and on about their babies, they talk about their fur-babies just the same. When they finally have a human baby, those feelings may change a little, but their pet will always be their first baby. A pet is actually a lot like a baby — just a little less needy.

When they are smaller, they still wake you up at all hours of the night because they need to use the bathroom. They also whine if they don’t get their way and they always want your attention. If a pet won’t cuddle you, that’s a great reason to cry. If your pet prefers to go to someone else instead of you, that’s also a great reason to cry. Or even if your pet is being cute, go ahead and cry.

3 Not Having Any Clothes Fit

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she knows that her belly is going to get bigger, and maybe even other parts of her body, too. She realizes that she will need to buy maternity clothes. Most of the time, pregnant women even get excited about seeing their belly get bigger and bigger because they know it’s all for their little baby. However, what most pregnant women don’t realize, is that there will come a time when their belly is going to get so big, that even the maternity clothes they bought to cover their growing belly are no longer going to fit.

There aren’t many things more depressing than that. And the fact that this will be when they are nine months pregnant and ready to get the baby out doesn’t help matters. So if a pregnant women tries to put on their clothes and realize they no longer fit, it’s okay to cry, and cry some more.

2 Not Being In Labor Yet

If there are any pregnant women here, don’t get mad at what I’m about to say. Both of my children naturally came before their due date, so I don’t know the exact feeling of being overdue. With my first, I went in for my appointment on a Friday and my doctor did her checkup and told me she would see me for my next appointment in a week. My son was born that Monday — one week early. I went in for my weekly appointment a couple days before my due date and made my doctor schedule an induction because I was miserable.

She said I wasn’t going to make it to an induction and she was right. My daughter was born on her due date. Now I don’t know what it feels like being past your due date, but I know what it feels like being nine months pregnant and wanting the baby out, and it’s definitely okay if you want to cry when you realize you’re still not in labor.

1 Being In Labor

After all that time spent crying over not being in labor yet, it can be surprising when you realize you’re actually in labor. It’s exciting, scary, wonderful, and amazing all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time being in labor or your fifth time, those feelings never go away. All these thoughts are running through your mind. Is the labor going to be smooth or will there be complications? Am I going to be able to deliver naturally or will I have to have a c-section.

Maybe you already have a c-section scheduled because it’s not safe for you to deliver naturally. When you realize you’re in labor, it’s perfectly acceptable to cry all you want. You can cry when you get to the hospital, you can cry if your contractions hurt, and you can cry when you are finally able to hold your baby in your arms for the first time.

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