15 Telling Photos Of Jill Duggar As A Mom And Wife

At this point, many people would agree that Jill Duggar is the breakout star of the Duggar family. While the focus has always been on her parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and the family they raised together, Jill has managed to steal the spotlight from them. Actually, make that Jill and her husband, Derick Dilard. They are the new generation of Duggars that are here to stay – and over-share everything about their lives on social media in the process.

With that being said, Jill gets a heap of criticism for the photos she does end up posting on Instagram. Now, whether these posts are carefully curated or not, one thing is for certain: Jill knows what she is doing. She is using her title as a celebrity mom to keep her name in the headlines. And as long as people are going to talk about her – whether it’s good or bad – she’ll continue to profit off of her stardom. Sure, being a mother is very important to her, but being a celebrity mom is part of her bread and butter.

That’s why we’ve got 15 very telling photos of Jill Duggar as a mom to her two kids. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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15 Her Kids Are Part Of Her Social Media Presence

A day doesn’t go by that Jill doesn't post a photo of either her and her husband Derick Dillard or her two small boys, Israel David and Samuel Scott. But does this really surprise anyone? Perhaps not. Jill basically grew up in the spotlight and she’s giving her children the same childhood she had: in front of the cameras. Her kids are part of her social media presence.

Without them, no one would really be paying much attention to her.

In one recent post, Jill shared a photo of her son Israel rubbing lotion on her legs. She captioned it with, “He came over while I was reading my Bible and said, “I was just gonna see if you want some lotion on your legs!” #sosweet #lovemyguys.”

Sure, Jill’s kids are utterly cute, but a lot of people have pointed out that Jill’s social media accounts revolve around every little thing they do at home. Clearly, Jill Duggar is the kind of celebrity mom that knows her children are all part of her image and the total package. Without them, she knows that her fans wouldn’t be checking in to see what she’s up to on her social media accounts.

14 Parenting With Derick

What is Derick Dillard doing these days? No one knows for sure. He used to have a great job at Wal Mart before he quit and moved his family to Central America. These days, it seems as though he is trying to profit off of being a full-time missionary. The only problem is, that’s not really a full-time job. In the interim, Derick seems to be co-parenting with Jill at home. But life hasn’t always been easy for them. Derick recently opened up about his battles with mental illness. Thankfully, things have been looking better.

Derick wrote on their family blog, “I was personally affected by depression at an early age. No, I did not suffer from it myself, but my great-grandfather was the closest person whom I had lost before the age of 18. He had been suffering from depression and took his own life as a result. Depression is also a burden that I have witnessed as it has taken its toll around me on the mission field. Everywhere I go people seem to be affected by depression. If you are dealing with depression or know someone who is, please consider what the word of God has to say.”

13 Their Personal Issues

From the outside, Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar look like they have the perfect marriage. They are madly in love, they have two adorable kids, and life couldn’t be any better for them. But everyone knows that no marriage is without any issues. As much as Jill wants to convince everyone that she’s the perfect mother and that she and Derick are made for each other, many critics know there’s more than what we see on their highlights reel.

The crying, the spills, the mess, the arguments, the late night bickering and the sleepless nights: that plus so much more is what is missing from Jill’s picture.

Derick wrote in their blog, “At this point, some might argue that nobody can be held personally responsible for all the pain in their life that causes worry. How can one be blamed when they don’t understand the way they were born? Or, how can a child be blamed for abandonment or the breakup of their parents? Are these difficulties the result of one’s own personal sins? No, these are examples of difficulties people face so that God might be shown powerful and receive glory by working in the power of His awesome might!”

12 Every Detail Is Shared

No one should be surprised that the Duggars love to share every little detail of their lives with their millions of fans on social media. After all, it’s what they have been taught by their parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. And Jill is no exception. The only life that she knows – or remembers for that matter – is the one in front of television cameras.

Jill wrote back in 2015, “I'm so excited to both be on this motherhood journey together! I pray our boys will love Jesus with their heart, soul, mind and strength and love others more than themselves! ...It will be so fun to see them experiencing things and going thru similar stages within a few months of each other.”

And while Jill may not be the big reality television star she was just a few short years ago, she’s still holding onto her celebrity status by posting about her life and her kids on social media. No detail is too small or too big to share with the world. Even if it might embarrass her kids one day, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is if people are talking about her and Derick and their family, regardless of what is being said.

11 She’s Often Criticized For Her Posts

When it comes to her social media posts, Jill Duggar just can’t catch a break, no matter what she does or what she says. In fact, many of her social media followers were quick to point out just how dangerous her umbrella stroller hack was on YouTube. In one clip Jill mentioned how she rests a car seat in an umbrella seat stroller, leaving many of her followers shocked. While Jill saw it as a hack that was like a portable option, many of her fans agreed that it was very unsafe and not something that Jill should be advocating for others to do in public.

"Neat idea?! I hope you are joking," wrote a critic (according to Romper). "That umbrella stroller is not meant to hold an infant car seat plus the added weight of the child. He is old enough to sit in the stroller WITHOUT the seat. The stroller can easily tip over, the child could suffocate from body positioning, the weight and force put on the handle of the infant seat is not safety tested either. This is an accident waiting to happen. The ONLY safe place for that car seat is on the floor, clicked into the appropriate stroller or use in a vehicle. This is irresponsible and disturbing."

10 She Doesn’t Always Do Everything Like Her Mother

And while there are a lot of similarities between Jill and her mother Michelle, there are plenty of differences between the two women as well. In fact, the more Jill spends time with her husband Derick and their two children, the more she realizes that the Duggar family rules don’t apply to her anymore. And while her faith is still very important to her, Jill wants to act locally, but think globally. In other words, she wants to explore the world and spread the word beyond her home state of Arkansas.

Back in 2016, Michelle said (via People Magazine): “We pray that as people watch our lives, they see that we are not a perfect family. We have challenges and struggles everyday. It is one of the reasons we treasure our faith so much because God’s kindness and goodness and forgiveness are extended to us – even though we are so underserving.”

If she were anything like Michelle, she would be content with just being a homemaker. But it’s pretty obvious that Jill and Derick have big plans for their future. It’s just that no one has an exact idea on how they plan on reaching out the way they want to.

9 But How Do They Support Their Kids?

A lot of people can’t help but wonder the same thing when it comes to the Duggar family: how in the world do they survive financially? Aside from Jim Bob Duggar, no one in the family has really had a stable, full-time job with basic benefits like health and dental insurance.

Well, apparently, Jill and Derick aren’t too bothered about the cost of health premiums or finding a company that will match their 401k savings. Instead, Jill wants to be a stay at home mom, just like her own mother Michelle. She wants to be there for every little moment and memory with her kids.

And while that’s a great goal to have, not everyone can afford to stay home and post photos of their kids on Instagram all day.

Jill shared this message on Israel’s birthday last year on her Instagram account, “It's so hard to believe our little Israel is already 2 years old! He loves playing play-dough, basketball, soccer, football, killing bugs, reading books, eating food and running with Daddy! Israel, we pray you will grow up to love Jesus and serve others! You are a sweet little guy and we love you so much!”

8 Instagram Mama Drama

A day doesn’t go by that Jill Duggar doesn’t get criticized for what she’s doing or not doing with her children. And because she posts so many photos of her boys Israel and Samuel, her Instagram trolls will always find a reason to nit-pick, even at the smallest little details. It’s Instagram Mama Drama, for lack of a better term. And it happens every single time she shares a post online.

Jill once told People Magazine, “There are a lot of things that seem different than I thought they would be. I have just asked my mom a lot of questions about what is normal and what to expect.”

But we have to give credit where credit is due: Jill has never, ever responded to her trolls on Instagram. Even though they have said every awful name in the book, have bullied her and her husband Derick and have said the worst things imaginable, Jill has remained quiet. She won’t let anyone tear her or her family down, and especially not on social media. She refuses to engage with her haters and instead, focuses on all of the positive aspects of her life. So far, it seems to be working to her advantage.

7 She Protects Her Kids

If there’s anything that Jill has learned in her life, it’s that you can never take chances. After all, she had Josh Duggar as an older brother. And because of her experiences with him, she’s done everything in her power to protect her sons Israel and Samuel. While she doesn’t mind sharing their lives on social media, there are certain things though that she would never reveal to the public.

Also, Jill has learned hard lessons on her own, too. Keeping Josh’s secret was not easy until, of course, the public found out about it. Before Jill knew it, her life came crashing down as all of the details of Josh’s behavior became public knowledge in an instant. There was nothing she could do at that point, as sweeping it all under the rug – like her parents often do – was just pointless.

“Since [the information] was already out, [Jill] wanted to speak out because so many stories were full of false and sensationalized information,” the close family source told People Magazine in 2015. “She wanted to tell the true story of what had happened to her, how she watched with admiration her parents’ thorough response, and how wrong it was for the records to be released to the public.”

6 Admitting To Mistakes

A lot of people have noticed that Jill Duggar definitely takes after her famous mom, Michelle Duggar. In fact, Jill is very careful not to make any missteps in public. And what’s more, she’s not the kind of person who would ever admit to making mistakes in an open forum either. She wants to appear as though she’s always in control, even during the moments in which she’s not. A quick glance at her Instagram account proves this point – every photo shows her life in perfect bliss and harmony.

Jill told People Magazine, “You learn things as you go along...We’re far from mastering any skill of parenting, but we do pick up on little tips here and there from Derick’s mom, my mom. We’re always asking questions of other people.”

When it comes to the Duggars, many fans have learned that they will almost never admit to being wrong. The same can be applied to Jill. Of course, every mother makes plenty of mistakes throughout her parenting journey. But just don’t expect a Duggar to share them with the world. They will be quick to point out your flaws before ever admitting to their own. It’s just not the Duggar way of doing things.

5 Will They Travel Again?

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar sparked a lot of controversies when they left their home in Arkansas to take on missionary work in Central America. This was mostly because they were headed towards one of the riskiest areas of the region. But that didn’t stop the couple from staying put for several months at a time. A lot of Duggar fans do believe that it will only be a matter of time before Derick and Jill pack up their bags and end up moving who knows where.

Derick wrote on their family blog, “Being in one’s home country, and especially the US, does not mean disengaging or failure to initiate engagement of the international population domestically. Twelve years ago I read Thomas Friedman’s The Lexus and the Olive Tree, and it’s now more apparent than ever to me that the system of globalization Friedman spoke of carries with it new implications as well as unique opportunities in the seemingly borderless world we now live in. Our world is becoming increasingly small, and it’s easier than ever to speak with someone from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia without ever leaving your home state or even your hometown, especially if it’s a college town.”

4 More Babies On The Way?

Are Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard planning children for the future? That’s what everyone wants to know. And while no one knows what is going on behind closed doors at the Dillards’ home, it does seem as though Jill has the same family goals that her parents Michelle and Jim Bob once had.

In other words, she wants to keep getting pregnant and having babies for as long as she physically can, God willing.

Jill told ABC News, “Both of us want as many kids as God will give us and we've talked about adoption...My parents have kept popping them out so we'll see how [our] fertility is!”

With two small children to take care of at home, there’s no doubt that Jill has her hands full. But at the same time, her fans wouldn’t be surprised if she did end up getting pregnant for the third time before the end of the year. After all, it’s the only way that the Duggars are getting attention these days. If it weren’t for the Duggar daughters and their pregnancies, the family would be long gone and in celebrity oblivion by now. Getting pregnant is the Duggar way of keeping relevant, mind you.

3 But They Still Need Support

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have done something that not many reality television stars in their position would ever dare do: and that’s reach out to their fans and ask for support. And we are not talking about emotional support here. In order for them to get where they need to go, Jill and Derick have often asked their fans for financial support, much to the ire of their critics.

It’s a move that has gotten them slammed by even their most supportive fans, especially since no one knows why on Earth they would be so desperate for cash.

One source said (via In Touch Weekly): “They are still collecting donations for their mission work while living back home in Arkansas. Initially, they were supposed to return to El Salvador after coming home for Jinger Duggar’s wedding but have since decided to stick around for the holidays. There is heavy criticism for the lack of transparency about where the donations are going and what they are being used for while they are back home.”

If that weren’t enough, the Duggars are also known for their pricey and lengthy public baby and wedding registers. Hey, someone’s got to pay for all of those diapers, right?

2 Does Jill Want Her Kids Back On TLC?

Jill’s husband Derick Dillard was let go from TLC after he made some controversial comments about fellow TLC and transgender star Jazz Jennings. He also made headlines for slamming celebrity designer Nate Berkus and his family after watching his show on the network.

“What a travesty of family,” Derick Dillard tweeted in response to TLC. “It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal.”

Clearly, Derick has a lot of opinions and those opinions have gotten him in trouble. Jill has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t always agree with her husband on the things he says in public. But with that being said, her fans can’t help but wonder if she’s worried about her future. After all, the plan was to always keep the money mill steadily running by appearing on TLC spin-off shows. But with Derick out of the picture, Jill can’t star on a show on her own with her two kids. She’s got a huge dilemma on her hands, thanks to her troublesome husband who just can’t keep his thoughts and tweets to himself.

1 No Matter What, The Dillards Refuse To Go Away

No matter what happens between them or how many controversies and scandals they might end up dealing with, one thing is for certain: Jill and Derick will never go away.

While there’s no doubt that the Duggars’ 15 minutes of fame is slowly but surely dwindling away, the Dillards will always find a way for their fans and critics to talks about them.

Jill’s mom Michelle once wrote on her official family blog, “There are going to be those times in your marriage where you might not always agree; you might not see things eye to eye and sometimes you may need a trusted third party to be a counsel for you in your marriage. Feel free to go to that trusted wise counsel that you both respect and get counsel when you need it. We have all been there.”

Through thick and thin, Jill and Derick will make things work, no matter what. And while no one knows what the future holds for them, we do know that they aren’t going away anytime soon. Derick will tweet until the sun goes down as long as there is at least one person paying attention to him. Watch this space. There’s much more to come.

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