15 Photos That Prove Jinger Duggar Is The Rebel Sister

Jinger Duggar isn’t like the rest of the Duggar sisters. Yes, she is very dedicated to her faith and her Christian values. Yes, she got married to a man that her father pre-approved of first. And yes, she spent most of her life following her parents Michelle and Jim Bob and their very strict household rules. But we have a very strong feeling that Jinger is the rebel sister. Here’s why.

Jinger didn’t marry the same kind of guy that her other sisters married. She’s nothing like her mother Michelle and what’s more, she’s not in a rush to get pregnant and have 19 kids of her own. Even though she and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for well over a year now, she’s not pregnant and it doesn’t look like she wants to follow in her sisters Jill and Jessa’s footsteps. She’s got her own plans and from what we can tell, she wants to live a life that was nothing like her childhood.

And while we don’t know what Jinger does behind closed doors or what she is thinking for that matter, we know this: Jinger is her own women. You can tell by the way she acts and the way she even dresses. Here’s why.

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15 She’s Making Her Own Rules

After living with the Duggar family for so many years, Jinger Duggar is finally making her own rules. She’s not living under Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s roof anymore. She doesn’t have to help take care of her 18 brothers and sisters when all she wants to do is take a little time out for herself. She finally has her own home, her own husband, and her own privacy. And man, does it feel good.

We’ve always suspected that Jinger Duggar was the rebel Duggar sister. I mean, it didn’t take very long for her to make some drastic changes in her life after she got married to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. And from what many Duggar fans and observers can see, it’s Jeremy who is encouraging her to change her life.

14 Her Marriage

Unlike other Duggar husbands, Jeremy Vuolo is different. He’s in a league of his own. First off, he used to be a professional soccer player. He drank, he partied during long nights out and he had girlfriends. Also, he attended one of the biggest colleges in the country, Syracuse University. In other words, he did most common thinks that many average guys in their teens and twenties did during that time in his life.

Yet, Jeremy also turned his life around by turning to God. He wanted to turn his wrongs into rights and that’s why he decided to pick up the Bible and preach the word of God. Of course, that is one of the reasons why Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar allowed Jeremy to court their daughter Jinger. If it weren’t for his faith, he wouldn’t be where he is today. But at the same time, he does have a part. And he does have quite an influence on Jinger.

13 She’s Not As Close With The Duggars

The first thing a lot of people noticed right after Jinger married Jeremy is that she began to change. She doesn’t seem as close with her parents Michelle and Jim Bob and her siblings the same way she used to be. She just doesn’t have time for that.

And while we really don’t know how much time Jinger is spending with her parents these days, what we do know is that she’s not posting any moments with her family on social media. Or at least she’s not doing it as often as the other Duggar sisters. Instead, she’s spending each and every free weekend she has with her man Jeremy, as she should, right? She’s made it pretty clear that her priorities have shifted. She’s a wife now and a pretty dedicated one, too.

12 She’s Not In A Rush To Get Pregnant

Even though her sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar got pregnant almost immediately after they got married to their spouses, that hasn’t happened for Jinger. In fact, she and Jeremy have been married for well over a year now and it doesn’t look like they will be getting pregnant anytime soon. With that being said, fans want to know why and better yet, what is going on!

Plus, is there a reason why Jinger should rush getting pregnant and get on the baby express? We don’t think so. She’s spent so much of her life isolated at home that now is the time to discover everything. And that’s exactly what Jinger has been doing. She wants to go to the movies on a Monday afternoon and drink coffee and watch television before she starts making dem babies.

11 She Wants To Live In The City

Having spent her entire life living in a small town in Arkansas, Jinger has said that she now wants to live in a city. She wants to experience everything there is to see, know, smell and taste in big city life. And honestly, we don’t blame her.

And while Jinger has said that she wanted to move to New York City, her mother Michelle objected. Michelle said no way Jose would she move to the Big Apple. Instead, Jinger moved to Laredo, Texas with Jeremy after their wedding. It might not be NYC, but hey, at least it’s a step forward. There is just too much sin going on in a city like New York. And who knows, she might end up going west in the future. Since Jeremy is a Pastor, his job can take him just about anywhere.

10 Her Wardrobe

One of the biggest surprises about Jinger’s new lease on life is her wardrobe. She doesn’t wear the same long demin skirts that she used to wear all the time on the Duggar’s TLC reality television show. Instead, she now wears pants and jeans and not just when she wants to go skiing. She wears them all the time! In fact, a lot of people think that Jinger’s new wardrobe is sending the world a message: she’s not the same person that she used to be!

Now, a lot of people say that clothes define a woman. And in Jinger’s case, we have to believe it. By making her hemline shorter (and shorter) she’s telling us that she’s breaking the rules without even saying it. She’s also telling us that she’s in charge of her body and what she wears at all times. And can we say she's looking really cute here? Because she does.

9 Short Shorts

If that weren’t enough, Jinger Duggar was also seen recently wearing shorts. And not just any kind of shorts – short shorts! It prompted a lot of people to ask: what the heck is going on?!?! I mean, a lot of anti-Duggar critics are loving this bold move of hers, but on the other hand, Duggar fans are a little concerned. A Duggar sister showing skin (above the knee, too!) in public? What will Michelle Duggar have to say about this?

I mean, what’s next? Jinger Duggar wearing spaghetti straps? Jinger Duggar wearing a backless dress? Or better yet, Jinger Duggar in a bikini? You guys, it can definitely happen. In fact, we have a feeling that it might happen sooner rather than later. Jinger is the one Duggar sister who is actually living in the 21st century.

8 She’s Always Wanted An Education

Now, we don’t say that the Duggar family doesn’t believe in education. From what we can tell, Michelle did a pretty good job at home schooling all of her kids. They know how to read and write and express themselves. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like they encourage higher education. None of the Duggar sisters have ever gone to college, including Jinger.

Considering that her husband Jeremy is college educated, there is a chance that Jinger might want to start her own studies. Now, we don’t know that for sure but by being married to Jeremy, she probably sees the value of a college degree. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jinger took the first step and enrolled in a local community college. Watch this space.

7 She Wants To Travel

Jinger has made it no secret that she wants to see the world. She’s the one Duggar sister who has expressed an interest in traveling, and not just because she wants to spread the word of God. She wants to see the world for all it’s vast beauty and it’s differences. And the one and only person who can help her with her dream is of course her husband Jeremy Vuolo.

Little by little, Jeremy is showing Jinger the world one country at a time. They’ve already spent time in Australia, and given Jinger’s new love for everything Italian (including good coffee and cappuccinos!) we have a strong feeling that they might make their way to Italy. Girl, use that passport and see everything you can see! Jinger might not have as much time after she gets pregnant.

6 Her Social Media Habits

Unlike her sisters, Jinger Duggar doesn’t like to get all mushy or show too much PDA on her Instagram account. As many Duggar fans know, Duggar girls are not allowed to be on social media until after they are married. And just like her sisters Jill and Jessa, Jinger wasted no time on getting Instagram the moment she married Jeremy. In fact, we are pretty sure that she opened her account up while she was still on her honeymoon.

But unlike Jill and Jessa, she doesn’t post photos of her and Jeremy getting all up on each other’s faces. Oh no. Her posts are actually very conservative and rather tasteful. In fact, a lot of people have said that they actually prefer following Jinger over other members of her family.

5 Her Marriage Is The Real Deal

Unlike other celebrity couples that are in the spotlight, Jeremy and Jinger don’t have this constant need to show the world how happy they are or how in love they are at all times. Nope. Their marriage is the real deal. They hide all of that stuff for behind the scenes. They don’t try to showcase their marriage because they know there’s no point in it. They keep all of the intimate moments for themselves. And that’s probably why they are so happy together. I mean, you can’t hide authenticity like this.

It might have taken Jinger Duggar sometime to find a man like Jeremy, but he’s not like the other guys out there. He’s not in to her just because she’s a reality television star. Instead, he’s in to her for her personality, her love for God and her heart. ‘Nuff said.

4 Plus, Her Husband Is Hot

Let's face it: Jinger won the happy wife lottery because her husband is HOT. We will even go as far as saying that her husband is much hotter than Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard and that Jessa Duggar’s husband Ben Seewald isn’t in the same category. Jinger hold on to your man and don’t ever let go (unless you absolutely have to, that is). Ha!

Jeremy is everything many women look out for in a man. First off, he’s tall, dark and handsome. Second, he’s super athletic, given the fact that he played professional soccer for many years. And third, he’s educated, smart, funny, considerate, compassionate and well traveled. Best yet, he is devoted to Jinger. He loves her and he’s not afraid to scream it from the highest rooftops. You can’t get any better than Jeremy Vuolo.

3 He Introduced Her To Pop Culture

The best part of being married to a guy like Jeremy Vuolo? Getting to watch all of the epic and classic movies you missed out on while growing up in the Duggar house. That’s right! Jinger Duggar finally gets to catch up on all things pop culture with her man by her side. Rumor has it that they got to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy together and in order, too.

Could you just imagine cuddling up to your man on a cold Saturday morning, snuggling under your favorite blankets and watching movies while eating junk food in bed? That’s exactly the kind of life Jinger Duggar now has. No wonder she looks so damn happy all the time. Married life suits her! And yes, we are totally jealous, too.

2 Jeremy Is Going To Be A Great Dad

Even though Jeremy and Jinger don’t look like they are planning any babies in their immediate future, we have a strong feeling that Jeremy is going to be a great dad one day. He’s shown us plenty of times that he absolutely loves being around children. In fact, he’ll be the first person to pick up, spend time and play with children, especially when he and Jinger are visiting any one of her siblings and their families.

Plus, the moment Jeremy and Jinger announce that they are expecting a child together (no pressure, you kids), everyone is going to be excited, and not just the Duggar family. That’s because they are going to make one very good-looking baby. I mean, beautiful wife plus handsome hubby equals very gorgeous baby. They both have good genes on their side.

1 What’s Next For Jinger Duggar?

While no one knows what is really next for Jeremy and Jinger, we have a feeling that they are going to outpace everyone else in the Duggar family. They are doing things their way, regardless of what anyone has to say about it – including Jinger’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. Just because everyone else started poppin’ out babies right after their honeymoon, that doesn’t mean Jinger has to follow suit.

In fact, we have a feeling that Jeremy and Jinger want to enjoy their marriage before starting a family. And quite honestly, that sounds like an excellent idea. If they plan on being married for the rest of their lives, they know that they have time on their side before moving on to the next big step in their marriage. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.

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