15 Physical Signs The Baby Is Ready To Come Out

The birth of a baby is such a wonderful miracle. As a matter of fact, everything that goes on inside of a woman right from the very day the pregnancy test is positive is a miracle. A woman's body goes through so many wonderful changes throughout her pregnancy.

Some women may think of it more like a curse, but everything that has to happen for this child to be born is truly awe-inspiring. Your body will let you know that the time is getting closer, and when it is actually time to get to the hospital.

Even though it really is a lot for a woman to have to go through, I believe that most women find it all worth it once they are holding their beautiful child. There is instantly so much love for that baby that at that time nothing else matters.

Below we are listing some of the signs that your body will give you to let you know that your baby is ready to join you in in this world. Your doctor may be very educated and able to tell you what is going on in your pregnancy at any given moment, but your body is the best thing to listen to.

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15  The Baby Drops

For women who have had a child before, the baby may drop just before birth, but for a woman who is having her first child, the baby may drop weeks before it is ready to come out. The baby will drop down to a lower, heads down position to prepare to enter the world.

As this happens the woman should notice that she can breathe a little easier because there is less pressure on her diaphragm, but at the same time there will be more pressure on her bladder and pelvis, and so she will feel like she has to go to the bathroom more frequently.

A woman may start to walk with a waddle at this point, and her belly will look lower and sticking out more, and this is a good thing because the baby is getting ready to come out.

14 The Contractions Will Intensify

All throughout a woman’s pregnancy, she will be experiencing contractions. Her Uterus is a muscle and so it must flex itself to prepare for the grand finale. Closer to the end of pregnancy these contractions will help to push your baby into a lower position, and eventually, they will get stronger and more frequent and help to push the baby out.

This is an unpleasant yet necessary step in giving birth. With true labor, you will have more intense contractions that will be less than five minutes apart. These contractions will start in the back and then work their way around to the front. Your abdomen will become rock hard and then relax. You are about to meet your child, as is this child about to meet his or her mother, such a beautiful moment.

13 Coming Out Of Every End

Some women experience vomiting and diarrhea during this time. Vomiting can begin very early on in pregnancy, sometimes even before the woman knows that she is pregnant, but for reasons not yet clear she can be experiencing both diarrhea and nausea at the same time and more frequently as the time for delivery gets closer.

A very unpleasant experience for sure, but you have gotten sick over much less important things before in your life. This sickness brings with it new life. I am sure a lot of women probably resent the fact that a man can enjoy making a baby and the delivery of a baby without any unpleasantries at all. And this is why I believe that women are so much stronger than men, both physically and emotionally.

12 Release The Plug!

The cervix is blocked by a mucus plug and as a woman’s body prepares for birth she may notice some red discharge or a pinkish or brownish discharge. This is because as the cervix begins to dilate, the mucus plug will loosen up and come out to open up the way for the baby to come out.

Try turning a bottle of wine upside down and filling your glass with the cork still in it, you can’t do it, but take that cork out and now you can pour. The same thing is true with the women’s mucus plug, this must first come out to open up a way for your baby. Even the grossest of things are absolutely necessary to bring on the most beautiful of things. And what is more beautiful than a baby?

11  More Back Pain And Cramping

Senior Airman Haylley Carlson, 28th Medical Operations Squadron physical therapy technician, applies kinesio tape on a patient’s ankle to reduce swelling and increase blood flow to the area at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Oct. 4, 2012. The different colored tapes signify whether the injured area is being treated with hot or cold treatment. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Alystria Maurer/Released)

During labor, you will feel a dull ache in your back, as well as in the pelvic and rectal area. I guess pregnancy is a good indicator that women really do have strong backs. Unfortunately for women, you will have to expect to be having back pain throughout your pregnancy with increasing pain as time goes on.

One thought you may want to keep in your head while you are going through this is, could my husband handle this? No, he would be whining like a sick child. So yes, you can at least be assured that you are proving the strength of the woman just by enduring all that you will be going through until the baby arrives. It is amazing how a woman goes through so much and yet a man might complain about the most trivial of things.

10 Water Breaks

Throughout pregnancy, your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid, which also helps to protect the baby. Sometimes a woman may leak fluid for a few days before delivery and sometimes it can be all at once. If you notice you are leaking fluids, call your doctor and give him a description of the color and odor of the fluid, because sometimes during pregnancy a woman will be leaking urine and may mistake it for amniotic fluid.

Usually, after your water breaks you still have plenty of time before the baby comes out but when it does break the baby is no longer protected by this fluid and could end up with an infection so the doctor will want to start delivery soon. It’s amazing how we start out surrounded by fluids and then come into the world and breath air.

9  The Cervix Dilates

Among all of the other parts of your body that are preparing for the birth of your child is your cervix. The closer you get to delivery the more your cervix will dilate (open up and thin out) So that the baby can fit through the birthing area.

Your doctor will do internal exams to see how far you have dilated. The speed in which this will happen will vary from person to person. This process happens in three stages. 3cm days to weeks before delivery, 7cm by active labor, and full labor is at 10cm. It is then time to start pushing.

Your body has an internal clock during pregnancy, and when the alarm goes off, it’s time to meet the little child you have been carrying around with you for so long.

8  Looser Joints

As you get closer and closer to your due date, you may notice yourself getting a little clumsier, this is because your body is getting ready for a very traumatic experience and in preparation for all that you have to go through your joints may start to feel looser and more relaxed, so as to allow your body to be able to handle the birth.

It goes without saying that with looser more relaxed joints comes a bit of clumsiness. Not to mention you may feel even more off balance because of that big belly playing tug of war with gravity. It’s all good though because if your body didn’t prepare itself the way it does, many women would not survive through delivery. Your body is the perfect machine for giving birth. So many parts much work together for this to happen.

7 Real Or Fake?

Braxton Hicks contraction may occur every 10-20 minutes but they won’t progress, whereas true contractions become much closer together and much more frequently. True labor pains tend to start in the back and work their way to the front, while false labor pains tend to be concentrated only in the front.

If you believe you are having true labor pains or your mucus plug comes out and you are under 37 weeks you need to contact your physician immediately because your baby may be coming premature and sometimes there are all sorts of complications with premature babies. Of course, every child is different and there are plenty of babies born prematurely who are perfectly healthy. So there is no reason to panic if you are not quite at term yet.

6 The Nesting Urge

Nesting is a natural instinct that mothers have in order to prepare the home for the homecoming of their new baby. Some women may even go to extremes and may even seem to have OCD during this time. Some women might start this very early on in labor and some much closer to the delivery date while yet others are somewhere in between.

It is so amazing how women are wired to take care of their own, and sometimes without any conscious thought about it, they just do it out of pure instinct. Those nesting instincts may diminish in time after the baby has been home for a while because at that point mom is busy taking care of him of her. I’ll bet many women wish that their husbands would have these same internal instincts.

5 A Change In Energy

As the big day approaches mom may be feeling either an increase in energy or a big decrease in energy. It all depends on the individual. It is hard to imagine a woman having more energy during pregnancy but it does happen.

Your body will do whatever it needs to do in order for you to be prepared to give birth. Sometimes a woman may feel much more relaxed to allow her body to go through the changes it needs to go through right before the delivery.

On the other hand, she may end up having an increase in energy so as to be able to get everything done that she needs to before going into the hospital. After all that mom does to prepare, I think she really deserves a couple of weeks with nothing but mother and child bonding, but of course, that means that dad needs to pick up the slack.

4 The Baby Will Start Moving (...Or Stop)

One sign that your baby may be getting ready to enter into the world is if he or she has a sudden change in movement. It can go either way, you may have a very active baby whos movements suddenly slow down or just the opposite, your baby may be one that hasn’t been moving very much and all of a sudden there is a lot of movement. Of course any time you notice a big decrease in activity you should consult your doctor.

Although, if your baby has been inactive and all of a sudden is very active then that is probably a good thing. No matter what kind of change it is you should keep your doctor informed either way when it comes to pregnancy every little detail is important.

3 Less Abdominal Pressure

Once you start feeling less pressure in your abdomen, it may be soon time to get to the hospital because usually, you get this feeling of less pressure as the baby drops, but at this time you could still have plenty of time. But, if this happens weeks before your due date you may be having your baby a little premature.

In one way it is a relief to have less pressure in your abdomen, but at the same time, that means that you are going to be having more pressure on your cervix and your bladder. But this should not last too long because your baby is on its ways. Until then you may be making frequent trips to the bathroom just to find out that you really don’t have to go.

2 More Trips To The Bathroom

Many women experience a time when their body will begin to cleanse itself in preparation for the baby’s arrival, and that means having loose stools and many trips to the restroom.

Prostaglandins released in early labor are the cause for your bathroom trips. It’s a lot better than having the runs in the delivery room, although some women still do.

If you are experiencing this type of body cleansing, you may be very close to delivery. Not the most pleasant way to be preparing for childbirth, but then again there really isn’t anything too pleasant about the whole pregnancy from day one.

This may be a little unsettling if it happens to be your first time at parenthood, but if you have been through it before you probably know what to expect.

1 Bearing Down

Bearing down is the baby’s final eviction notice. At this time you should be dilated 10cm and you will feel the need to push. Now you no your baby is coming. All those months of unpleasant moments, restless nights, trips to the bathroom, and everything else that goes along with being pregnant has all come down to this very moment, and it will soon be all over and you will be holding a little miracle.

There is no greater miracle than that of a little baby coming into the world. Everything is brand new. All of our future and hope lies in these little ones. A man may be needed to start the process, but only a woman can bring life into the world. I would like to end this article by saying thank you to all of the ladies out there for all that you do.

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