15 Physical Ways The Baby Will Probably Be Like Mom (And 5 Ways They'll Look Like Dad)

When a girl first understands where babies come from, most of them dream of the day they will have their own children. Then a time comes when one realizes that the biological clock is ticking and she starts to daydream of her babies and husband, not to mention their home together. It is this girl who will dream of a little girl who looks just like her, whose hair she can braid and dress in frilly outfits. She dreams of a handsome boy who looks just like the man she loves, who will be so dapper in a three-piece suit or that pair of dungarees. According to Vancouver Sun, “Do babies really not look much like their dads? And do mothers really assert that they do? The answer to both of these questions is yes.”

After the pains of labor, women are often disappointed to find out that the person they carried for nine months looks nothing like them and did not favor her, not even by the way they smile. A very plain woman can have a doll-like girl with all perfect features and a traffic stopper while a very pretty woman gives birth to a baby who turns no one's head. While most people dream of what their babies will look like, there are ways to have a vague idea as to who the baby will favor just by considering her father's features as well as mom's. According to Living and Loving, all mothers wonder what their children will look like once they are born.

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20 Mom - Hair Color and Type

Do you have luscious locks that are the envy of every woman in the office and is your hair easy to maintain and bouncy? Is a trip to the salon unnecessary because your hair is easy to maintain? If you get a baby girl then she will be the luckiest girl in the world because her hair too will be the envy of many.

According to HealthLine, the dominant gene is what determines the baby’s hair color. A baby's hair type is inherited from the mother and so is the hair color. The bouncy hair you have will be duplicated on your baby's head and a blond mom gets a blond baby. She can get a redhead, but the probability is quite low.

19 Dad – Lips

The lips define a person’s beauty, not that we all go around thinking about our lips or our baby’s lips. There are those of us who are blessed with plump and full luscious lips while others have thin looking lips that we do not give a second thought to.

There are those little girls who pout so well with the help of their full lips and wide eyes that we all get a pang to have a little girl of our own. If you want to know if your girl will have those luscious lips, just look at dad and you will know exactly what she will inherit.

18 Mom - Sugar Levels

Mothers with diabetes have a hard pregnancy as they try to keep it in check and have a healthy pregnancy. Some women develop diabetes in pregnancy but if a mother had diabetes prior to pregnancy, there is a likelihood that the child will be born with the disease.

In this case, it is likely that the baby will be born quite large or with congenital disabilities. In the event the mother has diabetes, she is advised to keep the levels of her blood sugar low to ensure she gets a healthy baby. Mothers with type 1 diabetes are likely to get a baby who has low blood sugar.

17 Dad – Dimples

Growing up, we were led to believe that the most beautiful people are those who have dimples on their cheeks. Dimples appear either on one cheek or on both and greatly enhance a person’s looks to no end. The little dents may be characterized as a facial deformity but having them adds value to a person’s aesthetic beauty.

Little girls with girls and dimples are truly adorable and a boy with a cheeky grin and dimples will be a heartbreaker. For those who are bestowed with this gift, they have their father to thank for it and what a lovely gift!

16 Mom - Left-Handedness

Left-handed babies are said to be a lot more creative and intuitive than right-handed babies. Whether that is true or not, the chances of getting a left-handed baby increase significantly if one of the parents is left handed. If dad is left-handed, the chances of the baby being left-handed are quite high, but if the mother is left-handed, the chances go even higher, which effectively points to the fact that if the baby is left handed, we, to a large extent have the mom to thank for that. If both the parents are left handed, then it is correct to assume that baby too will be left-handed.

15 Mom - Intelligence

If as a mom you consider yourself intelligent and the phrase “smarty pants” has been thrown at you quite often, chances are, your little one will take after you.

According to Prima, “it looks like you probably got your brains from mum, not dad. A large study by researchers from Glasgow's Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit looked at over 12,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 22 to determine which factors affect intelligence, including socio-economic status and education and, lo and behold, the best predictor of intelligence was found to be their mother's IQ: in fact, the participants' IQs only varied by an average of 15 points from their mums.”

14 Dad – Curled Toes

Having curled toes is a form of deformity in the toe muscles as well as the bone structure and is inherited. For a young child, having curled toes is not a big deal and they do not cause any harm or discomfort to the little one.

The reprieve is short-lived as in later years, the child will need to undergo surgery to right the toes as the joints get a lot fixed as they age. If your man has curled toes, chances are, your child will inherit this trait either on one of her feet or on both.

13 Mom - size

Mothers influence their baby's weight while they are in the womb. If a mother has diabetes or is overweight, the chances of her having an overweight baby more than double. Pregnant mothers are advised to gain the recommended amount of weight as excessive weight gain may lead to an overweight baby.

According to Parents, ”Many factors can influence size at first, including a mom-to-be's diet and health conditions such as gestational diabetes.” Remaining active and eating a healthy, balanced diet will ensure that mom does not gain too much weight and that she does not transfer the same to her baby. A mothers eating habits during pregnancy also greatly influences the child’s eating habits in later years. Research now shows that overweight mothers are prone to get overweight babies. These babies are also prone to type I diabetes.

12 Dad – Clubbed Thumb

A clubbed thumb is an anomaly that occurs more in people with light skin that it does with those of a darker skin. The anomaly is a genetic trait that is inherited from one's father. Dad may not have a clubbed thumb, but if this anomaly is in his genes then the baby will have the anomaly.

A clubbed thumb takes on a flattering look at the top because the upper bone of the thumb is a lot shorter than average. A club thumb also has a shorter looking nail, but the appearance is not as gross as it sounds with most people sporting a clubbed thumb without notice.

11 Mom - Sleeping Patterns

For the insomniac mothers who have a really hard time getting even one hour of sleep then I have bad news. Babies tend to inherit the bad sleeping habits of their mothers and this will be the reason a baby will turn and toss at night and the reason he will eternally resist the afternoon nap.

If mom is big on sleeping and takes all those naps throughout the day then the good news is that as she naps the baby does too and he inherits this nice habit from mom and will carry it even when he is born. Which means mom will not have to deal with sleep regression.

10 Dad - Facial Symmetry

Looking into the mirror reflects what we want to see, but if what you see in the mirror pleases you then thank dad for it. Some of us have an oval and unassuming face while others are endowed with a heart-shaped face that makes winning a beauty pageant a no-brainer.

If your man has the kind of facial symmetry that would make for a male model then chances are your little bundle of joy will be a crowd stopper before he or she is out of nappies. If your man has no facial symmetry then it means your baby won’t be much to talk of but then again, we all love our babies and all babies are beautiful.

9 Mom - Mutations

Mothers come with a superpower and they can easily give the baby a mixture of blue and green eyes, making her eyes sparkle like a clear crystal. It is mom's’ genes that will aid the baby in taking up baby’s looks and it will still be her genes that may help baby develop totally new mutations that none of them have.

If mom is a blond and dad is too, mom’s abilities can mutate the baby's hair into a brunette or a redhead. If the baby looks nothing like you, do not blame the father, it is mom’s genes that help the baby take up dads looks.

8 Mom - Bad Habits

Most of us know and have read about the negative effects of alcohol and smoking on an unborn baby. Smoking and drinking expose the baby to toxins and that glass of wine the mother drinks goes straight to the child via the mother's bloodstream.

Studies have shown that a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy does not harm the baby, but it is better to be safe than sorry, especially in the last trimester. Most of the addictions mother had when the baby was in the womb are inherited by the baby and mothers are therefore advised to keep off drugs, alcohol and cigarettes for the good of the child.

7 Mom - The Virus

HIV is a transmitted disease that can be transmitted to the baby in utero but with the advent of technology and breakthroughs in medicine, mothers this days can have a successful pregnancy without infecting their baby. In this case, medical interventions are encouraged during birth to prevent transmission of the virus to the baby.

A mother with HIV is also advised not to breastfeed and to ensure that she does not exchange any bodily fluids with the infant to prevent transmission. Even though the disease is not new, most people still know nothing about it and that is why it is imperative to screen for HIV during pregnancy.

6 Mom - certain sores

As is customary with every STD, the mother is likely to pass the infection to the baby. Genital herpes as an STD causes genital sores, a lowered immune system and mouth sores. A baby whose mother had herpes may not be born with any of the above symptoms of herpes but they may be born carriers of the disease.

There are those babies who may be born with impaired vision or hearing while others are born with problems with the reproductive system, especially if left untreated for long. If mom has the herpes disease, the baby will inherit more than her hair and this is why mothers are screened for herpes to try and counter the transfer from mother to baby at birth.

5 Mom - Tick-Borne Diseases

For those who work on a farm or have some animals, then they may want to ensure that their animals do not carry ticks. Ticks are very bad and are capable of infecting a person with Lyme disease. If Lyme disease infects a pregnant woman then it can be deadly for the baby.

Lyme disease will be passed on to the baby by the mother but can also be passed on to the baby by the father at conception. Unfortunately, once a baby is infected with Lyme disease, little or nothing can be done to reverse the situation and that is why pregnant mothers are requested to take extra precautions especially in rural areas.

4 Mom - Hepatitis

Pregnant women face the risk of various infections but none is as opportunistic and as sneaky as the hepatitis virus. A woman may be infected with hepatitis and have no clue that she is infected because the disease sometimes does not show any symptoms.

Hepatitis B is transferred to the baby at birth but if it does not, breastfeeding will not infect him. Hepatitis C is easily transferred to the baby depending on the levels of infections in mom’s body and depending on whether she also has HIV. A mother with Hepatitis C can still breastfeed with no risk to the baby.

3 Mom - Huntington's

If mom has Huntington's, the baby will probably be just like her. The disease is passed through the mother's genes to her child. The disorder is quite deadly as it causes a breakdown of the nervous system over time. This will result in deterioration of the child’s mental and motor functions over time.

This disease is mainly passed on from mother to child, but can also be inherited from the father through his genes. To lower the risks of Huntington’s it is imperative that a mother avoids ingesting any form of toxins when she is pregnant as this can increase the probability of the child getting developmental problems fairly early.

2 Mom - Cytomegalovirus

The disease with a big name is a common virus that infects a lot of people yearly. The disease is quite unassuming and can go unnoticed in most people who are infected. For pregnant women, the disease can be problematic as a pregnant woman has a lowered immune system.

This disease can be deadly to the newborn. Due to the fact that the baby has no immunity at this age, mothers are advised to keep themselves free of any infections in order to avoid passing on some of these infections to the baby. For children with this disease, close observation of the child by the doctor should be adhered to.

1 Mom - Hashimoto's Disease

Most of us want to pass the cutest part of ourselves to our little bundle of joy. For most who are affected, they may wind up passing the Hashimoto disease to their offspring. This is a disease of the thyroid that can bring a bunch of problems for the infected person. The disease is passed from mother to child and makes the thyroid slow down.

The disease goes silent in the child for a long time but it will manifest when the child is middle-aged or even a lot earlier. For the moms who have members on their maternal side with this disease, chances of them passing the disease to their children are high.

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